She Wrote, I Wrote, and Then We Met

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This is my first submission. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I’ve always enjoyed erotic stories. I thought I’d try my hand at it. I hope you enjoy–I welcome comments.


My fingers were trailing softly up and down the inside of your arm. I was enjoying the silky softness, the almost imperceptible down of the hairs. My eyes were fixed on yours. Both of us hyper-aware of each other, our smiles, our expressions, our tone of voice. And why wouldn’t we be that way? It was our first meeting. The waitress who came by and took our order thought we were out for an anniversary or some such occasion that lovers mark. When she asked….well, I can’t remember what we said, but we mumbled something, and she shook her head and smiled and said, “Man, I wish my boyfriend looked at me like that when we went out.”

Was I your boyfriend? Was this actually our first meeting? I mean, we had been talking for weeks. Actually a couple of months. We’d met each other in a chat room. I’d been lonely and bored and popped over to one one evening. We had flirted a bit and shared email addresses. We kept in touch daily after that. At first it was morning greetings. I remember you starting your notes “Good Morning, Sunshine.” This was at a pretty gray period in my life, and your bright notes were the high-point of my day. We began sharing more and more about each other. Our sharing became more and more personal and private… good friends sharing our feelings in late night notes. One night, after a couple more meetings in a chat room, both of us, seeming to take a chance, began talking about relationships and sex….and soon we were….well, not having sex….but a close approximation of it. Afterwards, my heart still beating fast….I felt the oddness of the situation. I wanted to hold you close, kiss you…continue our love making…yet I hadn’t even met or touched you. We spoke that night on the phone for the first time, and once again…experienced…what can you call it? “near-sex”?….It was amazing, and I felt so close to you…but still so far away. We made a date. You Ataşehir Escort lived about 50 miles away, and that’s what led to our meeting at the restaurant.

I told you that you were even prettier in person than you were in the cute picture you’d emailed me. (You’d described yourself as….how did you put it in our first chat? ‘ Not tall in person, but full of delight and soft in all the right places.’ You blushed when I reminded you of this, laughed and said, “Hey, I’m a good salesman!”) You looked gorgeous. Cute and sexy. Your brown hair hung down to your shoulders just touching your loose gypsy-style blouse which was pulled tight at top by your breasts which were large on your small frame. Your blue eyes alternating between looking and smiling into mine from the moment I stepped up to you where you waited outside the restaurant . We shared a quick peck of a kiss and a hug and then walked into the dining room.

I had already arranged our room in the hotel adjacent to the restaurant as we’d planned. We shared a glass of wine as our hands rested on each other’s hands, knees. I touched your cheek softly. We kissed gently once more. When the waitress brought our glasses, I told her we were staying here and could we take the bottle up to our room. And then we were walking down the hall, half enraptured in our anticipation of our lovemaking, and half self-conscious feeling like kids getting away with something. Two lovers, arms wrapped around each other carrying glasses of wine and me swinging the bottle in my free hand.

When we got into the room, I set the bottle down, and for the first time, we stopped, realized we were alone, wrapped our arms around one another, held on tight and started what must have been the most amorous kiss of my life. We were so hungry for one another. The kiss went on and on. Our hands slid up and down each other’s back. My hand reached under your blouse., found your breasts and began caressing them through your bra, feeling their softness where they spilled over the top. I reached around, and found the clasp, Kadıköy Escort and with just a little fumbling, freed them as I kissed your neck. Our breathing was becoming deeper and heavier. I began undoing the buttons of your shirt as my mouth kissed down your throat and the softness between your breasts. Thinking back, I wish I could’ve slowed down and teased and enjoyed every moment, but after these weeks of build up, we were too hungry…almost out of control. My mouth found a nipple and sucked softly as your hands ran through my hair. Though we were still entangled one with another, we somehow managed to walk towards the bed and fell onto it. I was above you. Your shirt and bra were off and somewhere along the path you’d taken my shirt off as well. Our mouths found one another again and we kissed hungrily as we enjoyed the feeling of skin-against-skin with my chest up against the softness of your beautiful breasts. I stood up, my eyes still fixed on yours as I pulled my pants off and you your skirt. My cock was pressed against my briefs wanting to be let out, but we laid together for a moment–both of us still with that one bit of clothing still on, and kissed some more. My hands cupped your behind and yours mine.

I kept fighting between two urges: the urge to slow down and make each step of the way delicious, and the urge to join with you as completely and quickly as I could. I pulled myself away from our fervent kissing and began kissing down your stomach until my kisses reached the edge of your panties. I kissed around the edges. My lips and tongue played around your inner thighs so close to the edge of your sex. I could see through the material that you were wet. I began to slip your panties off and, in your excitement to speed the process, you reached down to help . My mouth then pressed into your sweet and fragrant center. My tongue lapped and slid deep inside you. Your hips moved up in rhythm against me. I thought you were going to come for me right then and there, but you called out to me, “Baby, I want you inside of me.”

I pulled Bostancı Escort up. You pulled my briefs down and off . Your legs hugged around me as my hardened cock slipped easily into your heat. We began rocking together, grasping and gasping and calling out in soft sounds of pleasure. I knew that after all this build up that I would come soon. “Yes baby, come for me,” you said in such a sexy voice that I could feel the pulses beginning. I pushed in as deep as I could and held you as close as I could, and the waves of pleasure seethed through me. As my strokes slowed, you said in your now-breathless voice. “Here honey, let me on top.”

We rolled over. You placed herself over me, guided me back inside, and began grinding over me. The sight itself was enough to lead me towards another climax: your breasts swinging above me, your face the picture of pleasure with you eyes closed and your full lips slightly parted. You guided my hand to your clit and said, “Touch me here.” I softly massaged you there as you pushed harder and faster against me. You called out, “Oh, I’m gonna come.” I could feel my own climax about to begin . My thumb still moving circles over your clit, you called out “Yes, don’t stop.” My other hand holding onto one ass cheek as you continued to push against me. You was just coming down from your climax as mine shot off for the second time and then we collapsed. Our hearts were pounding but our faces were smiling freely as we tried to catch our breath and hug one another close.

Your cheek lay against my cheek now and I softly played my fingers through your hair. “‘Not tall in person, but full of delight and soft in all the right places,'” I quoted.

You laughed, “And?”

“Well, that’s truth in advertising.”

“Yes, you better speak nice to me….I do have you in a very delicate position,” you reached down and grasped my now exhausted penis in a mock menacing way. “Oh, the poor little guy is tired. I think I have something that might get him to regain interest.” You rolled off of me and reached over the edge of the bed to search through the purse you had lain there. You pulled out a small vial of massage oil. “For ‘Round Two’, we take our time,” you said with a mischievous twinkle in your eye.

“You might need to add ‘well-prepared’ in that self-description of yours.”

We kissed.

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