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She stood at the window of her room for a few minutes enjoying the cool breeze that gently lifted the pale lavender sheers to each side. In the weeks to come, the breezes would change to the hot draughts of summer or would still to nothing at all. She wanted enjoy the caress of the soft flowing air on her naked body before attending to the afternoon’s business. Today began the new search, an annual event she both enjoyed and dreaded. Sometimes the single week seemed not enough and other times she was forced to continue the interviews for days after finding her choice.

She sighed and turned back to the room. Her robes were laid out on the end of her bed. The maid must have done this for her while she was in the ceremonial baths. More than an hour had passed while she had been soaped and rinsed, oiled and perfumed. Another half hour was spent in solitary meditation. Now it was time to prepare to meet the men who had garnered appointments over the next seven days.

She took up the triangle of black silk and tied the thin strings that held it in place over her genitals. Few of the men would be allowed to remove that garment. Usually, in their hurry to please, the supplicants erred enough that she dismissed them summarily. Only those men who cared more for her pleasure and for the rise of the kundalini energy would be allowed to reach the point of touching her private places and a touch was all they were allowed. She slipped the thin black shift over her head and allowed it to drift into place, the hem reaching to just above her knees.

She turned to look at her reflection in the tall looking glass that stood in its ornate frame to one corner of the room. She was definitely not the young woman who had stood here shivering in anticipation thirty years ago. She had long since taken on the form of the older Matron Goddess and was starting to show signs of becoming a Crone Priestess. This would be her last year as the High Priestess. Young Celene would step into that role right after next year’s Great Rite. She would have liked it to be this year but Celene had claimed to need one more year as the Maiden High Priestess. Another glance in the mirror told her that her breasts were still full if slightly closer to her waist than once was. Her legs, thighs and buttocks were still shapely but the waistline was much thicker. She sighed at the cadence of time; it had moved much faster than her concept of self.

She moved to the small wooden door at the back of her room and rapped twice. A preparatory gorukle escort maid entered with bowed head carrying the special oil on a tray inlaid with gold and silver symbols. She could not remember ever seeing this cloistered servant before. The young woman set the tray on the ground before her and knelt expectantly. She could not read if the young maid was anxious about performing the necessary functions or was anticipating the act. She reached over and cupped the woman’s chin and lifted the face to look at her. The young woman’s gaze showed delight at the honor of looking fully upon the face of the High Priestess. Anticipation it was then. She would allow the woman to perform her duty even though she often preferred to massage her own body into pleasurable submission. Her body must be fully pleasured before meeting any of the men so that she could be as objective as possible during the trials. As well, the lingering scent of sex would test the endurance and control of the supplicants.

She leaned in and kissed the maid fully on the mouth. That signal sent a shiver of pleasure through the young woman. Satisfied with her decision, she climbed past the robes on the end of the bed and lay down with eyes closed for the young woman to proceed. The flick of a tongue on her toes was surprising. Far too many of the preparatory maids were like the men, in too much of a haste, which was why she preferred to pleasure herself. This start suggested something better this time. The young woman’s tongue continued up the inside of her calf, drawing lazy circles on the skin. At her knees, there was shift of position and the young woman caressed both calves until the sensation of jellied muscles occluded any sense of being solid. The massage slid above the knees and her thighs began to melt as well. The first flick of tongue on her inner thigh was electric. Caresses and kisses continued to climb her upper legs until reaching the edges of the black silk.

She felt the bed supports shift as the young woman moved to her side. A soft delicate hand slid beneath the shift and cupped her right breast. Thumb and forefinger pinched the nipple lightly and rolled it gently. The spark of passion that had begun in her loins during the leg massage was fanned to a flame for a moment. The woman’s hand continued to massage her breast and nipple while the other hand slipped under the shift to copy the movements on her other breast. A soft kiss sounded on the edge of her ear and then the lobe was caught gently between even altıparmak eskort bayan teeth. She pulled her breath in sharply only to be answered with a withdrawl of sensation.

She opened her eyes and reached out for the young woman, pulling her into a deep kiss. She allowed her tongue to slip between the young woman’s lips and felt a response in the other body. She thought for a moment and decided she had the time to spend. Lifting the young woman’s hands from her breasts, she pulled herself up to a sitting position. Let the goddesses be horrified and tradition be damned, she wanted her body available to this woman’s touch without interference. She pulled the shift over her head and tossed it to one side. The triangle of silk at her crotch would stay but the woman could now have an open playground. The sharp intake of breath from the other woman reminded her that this decision was beyond the norm.

She reached up and caught the young woman by the back of the head, pulling her into another deep kiss. As their lips separated, her own were nipped lightly, bringing another flame of heat to her groin. The soft hands once again caressed her breasts, stopping only to lightly pull or twist her nipples. Slowly one hand worked its way down her body caressing and massaging as it went. The tongue joined the hands, alternating between sucking and nipping her breasts and making designs on her torso. As the young woman reached her pubis, the hand slipped under the triangle and cupped her mound. One finger traced along the line between the lips of her labia. Without warning, a moan escaped from her. The finger and hand withdrew.

A sifting of weight on the bed made her want to open her eyes again but this ritual was about meeting her body’s sensual needs. She would trust in the obvious expertise of this lover. As this thought raced through her mind, soft kisses descended on her eyelids while fingers traced the outlines of her face. The kisses moved to the tip of her nose and then to her lips. The tongue tenuously parted her lips, demanding to be allowed within. She answered the flicker with her own. Tongue played with tongue darting in and out of both mouths. As she settled into enjoying the kisses, the hand reappeared on her genitals.

Deft fingers slipped under the silk and teased the edges of her labia. She could feel the entrance of her vagina become moist. She moaned and pressed hard against the hand, begging for more intimacy. The hand again disappeared. nilüfer eskort bayan She almost cried out at the loss of touch. The kisses were now upon her nipples, bringing them to an erection that was as painful as pleasurable. Teeth raked the nipples sending sharp needles of desire straight to her loins. She wanted to grab the woman’s hands and press them into her cave of carnality. As the wish formed in her mind, two fingers glided between her labia, feathered over her clit, and found the entrance. A harsh sigh of anticipation broke free from her.

As quickly as the fingers entered her private spaces, they left. Before she could react, the fingers returned, moving over her clit and going slightly more within. Each return went slightly deeper, driving her to the point of begging for more. Instead the fingers circled and teased her clit until it became hard. Now the two fingers became three, which started the dance again from the beginning. When four fingers began to move in and out, she thought she would lose all sense of control. At this moment the young woman could ask for the moon and stars and she would attempt to fly into the heavens. As it was, the young woman was making her feel weightless with her movements.

The fingers found her most sensitive spot on the front of her vaginal wall. She thrust her hips up both to allow better access and to give herself momentary release from the intense sensation. She felt the first spasm radiate from her groin to the tip of every nerve in her body. A flicking of a tongue descended onto her hard clit. She let out a short howl before biting it off. The pain on her lip only added to the sensations that now crashed like waves on a beach. Over and over, the young woman brought her to climax until she was completely spent. Then she was brought back down from the peak with soft kisses on her clit and labia lips. Finally the young woman brought the kisses to her lips and she tasted her own sex.

They lay side by side for a few minutes, not moving. She decided to let the appointees wait a little longer. She rolled over and began to repeat the young woman’s actions. Surprise showed on the maid’s face but she submitted to the caresses and kisses, joining in when she could. Together they brought one another to the top of the mountain again. They continued to share loving touches and embraces long after their needs had been thoroughly met. A soft knock on the door reminded her that she had a duty to perform. She exacted a promise of a daily return from her new lover. She had never known such complete satisfaction in the past. She was aware that she had also never before accomplished such complete control of her body’s reactions. She felt sincere disappointment that she must now meet with the men who would be required to compete with what she had just experienced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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