Shhhh, Mommy Will Hear You


Chapter 1.

It can be said that circumstances lead to debauchery. That would be my excuse. First I would like to introduce all of the parties involved. It’s important to note the word “All,” it’s an intricate part of this story.

Megan and I (John) have been married many years. On the day my story begins, our daughter Lexi was 11 years old. Megan and I were both Professors at a local University. Because we were anticipating many changes in our personal lives, I decided to take a sabbatical. The first of those “changes” was that we expected to close escrow on a new home. As a result, Lexi was to begin attending 7th grade at a new Junior High School. Yes, eleven years is very young to be entering 7th grade, but she was advanced in 2nd grade.

I remember that day, as it was life changing. It was 7:30 in the morning when I dropped Lexi off in front of the Administrative building. She gave me the obligatory kiss on the cheek. I couldn’t help but notice she was much smaller than many of the kids in the crowd; however, soon she disappeared into a sea of kids. Just as I was pulling out of the parking lot my cell phone rang. It was our real estate agent informing me that the home we were expecting to move into had burnt to the ground . Authorities suspected arson because of an ongoing labor dispute with the builder.

Here we were, completely packed and ready to move within the week. The sale of our existing home was due to close escrow in 10 days. We were legally homeless. My mind was spinning as I tried to determine multiple options to present to Megan. I didn’t want to burden her with this distressing news at work, so I decided to wait until the evening to drop this bombshell.

I had to see for myself how bad the damage was, so I drove over and it couldn’t have been worse. The only thing standing were the two fireplaces. The neighborhood was still filled with fire trucks, police and nosey neighbors. I located one of the detectives and he confirmed what my agent had told me. Two evenings prior another of this construction companies sites were struck. In those cases, little damage had been done. I guess practice makes perfect, even for arsonists.

When I went to pick up Lexi from school, I notice she had been crying. She wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, but in the interest of understanding the progression of this story, I will tell you now so that we can move forward. Later that night I learned that Lexi, being almost two years younger than most of her classmates, was embarrassed and made fun of in gym class. More specifically, the showers. It’s not necessary to go into details, we all have been on, either the giving end, or most likely receiving end, of this type of taunting. The rest of the day for Lexi was met with continued harassment and telling her she should go back to kindergarten.

Lexi dropped her boxes on the floor of the entry foyer and ran to her bedroom ignoring me. She punched and dodged between all of the packed moving boxes. I guess she used them to get out some of the anger she was feeling. I just fell into my chair. It wasn’t really a chair, more of a loveseat for two; however, the macho in me insists on calling it my “chair.” It is high-backed and covered in real leather. Most importantly, it reclines. A perfect place to sit in the evening after a long day and read one of the many books from our private library while imbibing a nice shot of whiskey or bourbon.

I just sat there staring into space, debating our options. We could probably stall the closing of the sale of this home. Who would be so cruel as to get “legal” with someone who just lost the home they were suppose to move into. We could rent an apartment, or other home while waiting for our home to be rebuilt. That seemed the most likely option, but living out of boxes for six months wouldn’t be appealing to Megan or Lexi. Maybe we should look to buy an existing home. It wasn’t long before I dozed off.

Time quickly passed and when I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 5:30 and Megan was 30 minutes late. It was only because she was always prompt did I even take notice. At the very least, she would call to let me know she was going to be late. I called her cell and I got a recording that said, “this number is temporarily out of service.” My heart jumped. We were on the same mobile plan, so why wasn’t her phone working? I hung up and started to call the University when my phone rang. It was campus security informing me that Megan had been the victim of a car jacking. She was alright, but they managed to get her purse and cell phone.

“Oh John, I am so sorry. They took my keys, they have our address and house keys…..” She cried into the phone. I did my best to calm her, but she wouldn’t listen to anything I said. Finally I convinced her to put the Security Director back on the phone. He agreed to send a car to the house to protect it while Lexi and I came to pick Megan up.

The next 24 hours was a nightmare. I won’t bother you with the details of changing locks and canceling credit cards. The bottom line is that Megan and I decided we’d had enough of “civilization,” gaziantep minyon escort bayan if you wanted to call it that. We decided to move to some remote community in the Northwest. We didn’t know where yet, but somewhere we could live in peace and quiet.

Chapter 2.

We drove several hundred miles, and then several hundred more, before we reached a small town of about 30,000 people. It was late in the evening, so we checked into a nice little motel and went out to dinner. As we settled into our room for the evening, Lexi went to take a shower. Megan began taking off her clothes getting ready for bed. She always wore the sexiest bras and thong panties. Although at that time it had been over 15 years since we had married, she still got me hard just looking at her.

Megan is a fitness “nut.” To this day she works out regularly. She is 5′-3″ weighs around 105 pounds with barely any fat on her body. Because of that, she had breast enhancement after giving birth to Lexi. She went from a 32B to a 36D. If her breasts didn’t turn heads, her biceps and triceps did. Even though she was almost 40 years old at that time, she looked 15 years younger. Combine that with her skin tone of being middle eastern decent, dark hair and eyes. Little else needs to be said, she is beautiful. I pushed Megan back on the bed as she tried to dissuade me by reminding me Lexi was there.

“Yea, but you know how long it takes her to take a shower, we could do it twice in that amount of time,” I grinned an fake evil grin at her.

“Ok, but when we hear that shower shut off, you are done whether you are or not. Get my drift?” She said. I had my head between her legs before she could finish her sentence.

“Ohhhhh gawd John, that feels so fuckin’ good.” she moaned. “I didn’t realize how much I needed this after our long drive today. DAMN!”

Megan always keeps her pussy mound waxed. I love that I can go down on her and enjoy her juices without getting little hairs in my mouth. I looked up and her bra was still in place holding her boobs in a position that defied gravity. Just as she was on the edge of her first orgasm I pulled back and climbed on top of her. My cock easily slipped into her wet and ready pussy. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and continued hard and fast thrusts. With each thrust she reacted with contorted facial expressions. I was aware of our limited time and there was no way I’d be deprived at this point. With one hand I unsnapped the front clasp of her lacy bra. Her breasts sprang forth and I began pinching her dark nipples causing them to become erect, which only encouraged more pulling and pinching. It always worked as Megan turned her head away from me, eyes rolling back in her head, body tensing in painful, yet extreme pleasurable orgasm. I shot stream after stream of cum into her slick pussy causing her to cum once again. Wave after wave of pleasure, her taught ab muscles contracting.

Just then we heard the shower shut off. “Get off me, get off me,” Megan pleaded. Her strength for her petite size always amazes me. I rolled off her and she quickly covered her body with the sheet. I slipped on my boxer shorts just as Lexi opened the bathroom door. My semi hard cock, covered in sticky pussy juice wasn’t cooperating, so I sat down on the bed and put a pillow in my lap. We couldn’t see her around the corner in the bathroom, but she said, in her usual bubbly voice, “It’s steamy in here making me all hot and sweaty. What are you guys doing?”

We just laughed and said in unison, “Nothing.”

Lexi settled into her bed and we turned on the TV for a couple of hours. Finally Lexi and Megan both seemed to have drifted off to sleep, so I shut off the TV and turned off the light next to my side of the bed. As always, I was hard and horny. After all, it had been almost two hours since my cock had been satisfied. Not really expected to get her cooperation; nonetheless, I spooned Megan reaching underneath her pajama top to fondle her breasts. Although her nipples said otherwise, she pushed my hand away with no need to explain. Yes, Lexi was in the bed next to us, but she was asleep. I just wanted to cop a feel before I jerked off. Teasing, I whispered into her ear, “I want some grapefruit.” I thought I had said it quietly, but obviously not quiet enough, that is when we realized Lexi was still awake. The silence of the night was broken. “Daddy, you can’t have grapefruit now, you have to wait until breakfast,” Lexi giggled.

I realized that jerking off wasn’t going to be an option tonight. I wasn’t one to go into the bathroom to “take care of business.” Instead, I turned over onto my stomach forcing my hard cock into my belly. I thought of humping one of the pillows, but decided that would be even more obvious. I turned my mind from my groin to what we might find when we explore what could potentially become our new home. Eventually I fell into a deep sleep.

Not one to change her routine, even though she didn’t have to be at work, I felt Megan get out of bed. I looked at nizip escort bayan the clock on the nightstand, it was 4:30. I decided that if I was going to get any pussy today, this would be my only opportunity. I was very quiet to get up, not wanting to wake Lexi, I waited until I heard the shower turn on and slipped into the bathroom.

“What took you so long?” Megan laughed.

“I hope you didn’t start without me?” I tried to pretend I was kidding, but actually I was hoping she had. What we needed right now was a quickie, and although I always try to be a gentleman, sometimes there just isn’t time.

“I started last night after you fell asleep. I’ve been playing with my pussy off and on for almost six hours,” She said as I soaped and massaged her beautiful firm boobs. No husband should ever tell his wife that her boobs are too small, so I was happy when she decided on her own to get the plastic surgery. Every time I saw them I thought to myself, these are every teenage boy’s wetdream.

“Ok, turn around and bend over,” I commanded pushing her in a way to hasten her movement into position. She did as I commanded and with one thrust I was completely inside her. She gasped as the tip of my cock hit her cervix. I reached around and continued to massage her ample breasts as she moaned. I enjoyed the feeling of my cock being completely enveloped. The muscles of her pussy constricting in an attempt to keep me from withdrawing, only to be thrust into again causing those same muscles to retreat.

Megan began rubbing her clit, occasionally massaging my balls. I felt her body tense and experience taught me that I’d better hold her around her waist or she might slip and fall in the shower. I could hold it no longer and thrust one final time spewing my cum deep inside her. Feeling the warmth of my cum, she let out a muffled “Oh fuckin’ gawd holy shit” and began to cum. I couldn’t help but laugh as she started slipping around the shower as her orgasm overtook her body, her knees buckling. I pulled my cock out with the sound of a plop. I gently lowered her to the floor of the shower where she could sit and enjoy the waves of her orgasms. I stood in front of the shower head to keep it from hitting her in the face.

When she finally smiled at me with a look of satisfaction, I handed her the tiny bar of soap. “I think your pussy made a mess on my cock. Don’t you think you should clean it up?” I mocked sternness.

“We need to conserve this tiny bar of soap. I think my mouth should clean it up, don’t you?” She said, opening her mouth wide. As Megan took my semi-hard cock into her mouth, she played with my balls. Soon, I was hard again. Now my knees were beginning to buckle so a sat on the edge of the tub, legs spread apart. I held the back of Megan’s head and her mouth swallowed me completely. It took a while since I had already shot one load into a Megan’s pussy, but within a couple of minutes I shot what little bit I had left into her mouth.

“Worth the wait?” She smiled and winked.

I didn’t reply vocally, instead I showed her. I kissed her deeply tasting my own cum as I sucked on her tongue. By now, water from the shower was going everywhere. We hadn’t noticed. “Now I have to finish my shower. Can you clean up that water sweetie?” she said pulling back the shower curtain. How could I refuse the love of my life, I thought to myself.

After drying off and putting my robe back on, I quietly entered the room. To my surprise, Lexi was awake watching cartoons. She was snacking on a cookie leftover from the night before. I crawled back into bed, completely satisfied and drifted off to sleep. Before I knew it, Megan was asking me if I wanted to get up. It was a rhetorical question, I knew full well. “What time is it?” I asked.

“Almost 7. And Lexi said she’s hungry.” Like that’s a big surprise, Megan rolled her eyes so that Lexi couldn’t see her. I got up, went to the bathroom and threw on some clothes. Being a guy, it only took me five minutes. I didn’t bother to shave. As we walked out the door of the motel room, Lexi looked up at me and asked if I was still wanting grapefruit like I did the night before. Megan and I laughed. “Probably not,” I told her.

After a satisfying breakfast, we went to meet the real estate agent I spoke to on the phone. We made all of the necessary introductions. Because the property we were going to look at was over 40 mountainous miles outside of town, the agent was lazy and just gave us the key. If you aren’t back by 4, I’ll send someone up to look for you. That caused Megan to look at me, eyes squinting in disbelief that we would be going so far into the wilderness that the need to dispatch a search party was a real possibility.

Chapter 3.

We unlocked the gate at, what we assumed, was the end of the road. Instead, it was the beginning of a mile long driveway up the side of a mountain. The real estate agent in town told us the structure was on the mild side of the mountain, meaning it was shielded from the harsh winter winds.

It looked like an old nurdağı escort bayan house and Megan laughed asking if we were going to change the name to “Green Acres.” Reminiscent of the 70’s sitcom about a big city couple who move into a run down, falling down farmhouse. I couldn’t help but laugh. We jumped out of the truck and were amazed at how clean and crisp the air felt. The view from there was breath-taking. My research prior to arriving told me that we were approximately 6,500 feet in elevation. I would guess we could see 100 miles.

The “house” was a converted barn; although there was no evidence of any other structures ever being located on the site. The website said it was 40 feet x 60 feet in length with a loft on one end. Although very rustic, the massive frame and timber construction created an openness of the area had a lot of appeal. A place where family members could communicate without going room to room looking for each other. The floors were laid used brick. Very esthetically appealing.

Running from here to there, Lexi was exploring every inch of the house. As she started to climb the steps to the loft Megan shouted, “STOP!” Startling both Lexi and me. “Let Daddy make sure those steps and loft are safe,” she added more calmly. As I looked them over, they appeared to be newly constructed from old material. I deemed them perfectly safe, and we all proceeded to the top.

I asked Lexi if she would like that to be her new bedroom. Overlooking the rest of the house, it’s romantic appearance would enchant child and adult alike. It ran the width of the house and was about 20 feet across. She squealed at the prospect telling us where she would put her bed, and…. Just then she stopped in mid-sentence. “Where’s the closet?” She asked in naively.

“There isn’t one. I’ll have to put up a bar for you to hang your cloths on,” I told her.

“Cool. Then I don’t have to mess with doors anymore,” she smiled smugly with her hands on her hips.

“Where’s the bathroom?” Megan asked, looking around.

“Well, maybe behind that door,” I offered in suggestion. It was the only other door in the structure. The bathroom was small, but appeared to have the basic necessities, water and a flushing toilet. A claw foot bathtub sat on raised platform on one side.

The house was filled with building materials. Ceramic tile, drywall, paint and in the corner were a set of the Architectural blueprints. The plans had the seller’s name on them. A name recognizable by anyone who had turned on a television in the last 20 years. They were very fancy, but it made me wonder why you would take a rustic house like this and try to turn it into a “silk purse.” Why not just appreciate it for the beauty it holds within.

There was an old rock fireplace in the middle of the room and nearby was a very old black cast iron cooking stove. There were several small old wood tables scattered about. Sitting on one was an old CB radio and Shortwave Radio. They were plugged into an electric socket, so I walked around the outside of the house and located a small enclosed area with an electric generator. About 100 feet away was a propane tank. An old windmill turned slowly in the breeze. It supplied the well and 2000 gallon storage tank with pressure tank.

On the way back into town we discussed our options. Of course, Lexi was 100% behind the adventure. “It’s so cool” were her exact words. Megan repeated her previous concerns. Mainly the logistics of it all. Once again, I reassured her that it would all work out and only the details needed to be worked out. When we got to the real estate office at 3:45 the agent seemed relieved that we made it back.

“So, what did you think?” He asked.

“Very nice. We have some concerns about the septic, well and generator, but I’m sure that can all be worked out. Let’s write an offer. Do you mind if I borrow these blueprints? I will make copies when I get home and mail these back to you. I want to see what the seller intended to do to the place.”

“No problem. I’m sure they have copies. So what would you like to offer?” He seemed very happy to be writing an offer.

After a few minutes of studying the plans I came to understand why they were finishing the home so much. It had to do with energy conservation. There was a need to insulate against the extreme cold, as well as install solar panels for electricity. Until that work was completed, there would be plenty of hardwood burning in the fireplace and cast iron stove. Thankfully, there was more than an adequate supply of cut wood in a storage shed on the property.

After reviewing the plans in more detail, I made a major decision to wrap the outside of the house with insulation, thus keeping the rustic look on the interior. I didn’t really care what the exterior of the home looked like as long as we attained our objective of energy conservation.

Chapter 4.

Within a few weeks we were living in the middle of nowhere, or should I say, 40 miles outside of the middle of nowhere. I found the perfect place for my favorite chair. Next to the chair were the CB and Shortwave Radios. The stove was about five feet to the right of my chair, and near the loft where Lexi’s room was set up, and even closer to where Megan and I placed our bed. This would supply sufficient heat during the upcoming winter season. Megan set her quilting and crafting area behind my chair so that she wasn’t as close to the stove, but closer to our bed.

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