Shopping at the Mall

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This is the third installment of a story that started with “Show & Tell Dinner” and “Job Interview with a Twist”. If you enjoyed those stories, you’ll probably like this one, and vice versa. Enjoy.

Katie drove slowly to Alice’s apartment. She’d had the best night’s sleep she’d had in months, and now five hours later she was still feeling warm and rested. The day before with Kyle and Alice had been perfect, exactly as she’d planned. They were both wonderful people and she hoped that her relationships with them would continue to grow and flourish.

Kyle was very special to her. Not only was he a great employer, fair, honest, and not overly pushy, but he was a sweet guy, too. He’d always spent time talking to her and treating her like an equal, unlike her previous bosses who had thought of as nothing more than a curvaceous piece of meat. So much for them. They hadn’t even gotten the time of day from her, while Kyle had got it all.

He was cute, too. Very cute. She couldn’t resist his smile, which made interaction with him very difficult. He was smiling all the time. He was always upbeat and spending time picking up her mood, no matter how bad a day she was having. She was glad their relationship had shifted from boss/secretary, to friends, and now to lovers. Kyle was a good man, and she knew she would enjoy any amount of time she spent with him.

Alice, too, had her great points, even though they’d only known each other a short while. Katie had never really considered being with another woman. She’d experimented a little high school, but never fully gone down that path. She just wasn’t attracted to women as much as men, until she met Alice. As soon as Alice and Katie had locked eyes she knew they were meant to be together. Her accepting Kyle really helped, because there was no way she was leaving Kyle. At least, not yet.

Her body really attracted Katie as well. Her frame exemplified everything Katie thought a female’s body should be, and everything Katie had been trying to become all her life. If she couldn’t have the body she wanted for herself, maybe she could have Alice’s body for a while, at least.

Alice was a sexual firecracker, which turned Katie on instantly. She knew that with the two of them working in the same office together, work would never be boring again, especially with the new developments with Kyle. She liked both of them very well and wanted their relationships together to last. She’d never been in a lasting relationship with a person, but now she had two people she was willing to maintain relationships with.

With the thoughts of her developing relationship with the Kyle and Alice filling her mind, she almost missed the turn into the drive for the apartment complexes where Alice lived. She found a parking spot and slipped into a slot in front of a two story, thirty-six unit apartment building that exactly resembled the other five nearby except for the numbers over the front door. Mounting the stairs to the door she rang the buzzer for Alice’s apartment. Ironically, a boyfriend of hers had lived in the apartment the floor below Alice’s three years earlier. She hoped it was a sign that she was moving up in the world.

“Come on in, the door’s unlocked,” Alice’s voice crackled over the intercom.

The door was indeed open. It had been wedged with a shoe in an attempt to get some fresh spring air into the building. She climbed the half flight of stairs and turned down the hallway to Alice’s door. Once there she found the door open a crack, waiting patiently for her to push it open and enter.

Stepping inside the apartment she could hear the clackings of plastic on porcelain emanating from the bathroom. “Hellooo?” she called.

“Hi, Katie. Come on in, I’m just finishing up.” Katie shut the door behind her and Alice stepped around the corner as if on cue. The air rushed from Katie’s lungs as she saw Alice. Pure lust filled her to replace the missing air as she stared at Alice standing before her, wearing only a pair of bikini briefs. Alice was pushing her hair up to apply a clip, her exposed tits waved in the air pointing their stiff nipples at Katie with each movement.

Alice pulled the clip out of her mouth and into her hair. “I hope you don’t mind. I just got out of the shower and I hate getting dressed right away.”

Katie recovered quickly, talking quickly to cover her embarassment. “No. I don’t mind. I was just starting to wonder if you greeted all your guests like this.”

Alice smiled broadly, “Only the ones I like. Make yourself comfortable, I’ll only be a couple of minutes.” Katie couldn’t help but watch Alice’s ass as she walked back into the bathroom. She felt a little over dressed at Alice’s skimpy attire.

She strode to the bathroom door and leaned against the frame as she watched Alice get ready. “I feel like I should take something off. I’m feeling a little overdressed with you like that.”

“Go ahead,” Alice told her, looking at her over her shoulder in the mirror. “Mi casa, su casa. You bursa sınırsız escort can wear whatever you like.”

There was a spark of sexuality in Alice’s eye that made Katie really consider the offer. She played with the bottom of her t-shirt a minute before making her decision. ‘What the hell. Why not,’ she thought as she pulled the shirt up and off. Without hesitating she unclasped the bra and tossed it down to join her shirt.

Alice moved over a little so she could have a clear view at Katie’s voluptuous tits while she applied her makeup. “Feel better?”

“Much. Thank you. Thanks for the offer.”

“Not a problem, it’s my pleasure.”

“We’ll see,” Katie teased. Their eyes locked together in the mirror and neither of them could hide the lust in them.

Alice cleared her throat first. “Are we going to go shopping or stay and play?”

“I don’t know. I was all set to go shopping until I saw you. Now I think my will is crumbling. You look good enough to eat.”

“Copy that for you, girl. Why don’t we save our hungers for later, and use the energy for shopping. We have a lot of money to use up.”

Katie almost groaned. She really couldn’t wait to taste Alice’s sweet inner nectars. “Alright. I know of an electronics store downtown that’s having a going out of business sale this week. I was thinking we could go down and blow what money I have left from the other night and a chunk of our current cash.”

Alice grinned. “You’re on.”

Katie offered a wicked grin, “You have no idea.”

It was already after six thirty when the girls left the electronics store. They had managed to snag a good video camera that could double as a still camera as well. They’d also managed to pick up quite a few peripherals and now had eight hours of tape to record to, provided all the batteries were fully charged.

“Where to now?” Alice asked as they slid into Katie’s car.

“Doesn’t matter to me. Anywhere you want.”

“I’ve never gone shopping for business style outfits before. Where do you think we should go?”

Katie smiled and glanced over at her as she started the car. “The mall, of course.”

Alice giggled. They had only just really started shopping and already she was having a blast with Katie. She was a fun girl to be with. A good friend, as well as a good lover. Paired up with Kyle, the two of them were all she’d ever need to satisfy her every craving. And so far, Katie was a great person to hang out with. She was funny, kind, and sensitive. Everything that drove her nuts about a woman.

Alice decided she’d show her just how nuts Katie made her. She reached into the back seat, twisting her body towards and into Katie so her breasts rubbed against Katie’s arm while she fumble around in the back seat. Pretending to not be able to reach the package she was aiming for she set her right foot on the center console for an extra boost. She knew that the position would allow Katie to look down her skirt into her bare crotch, where she’d shirked her panties in favor of the cool sensations of fresh spring air wafting up to her pussy.

Alice lurched to the side as Katie tugged the wheel to set them back on a course than wouldn’t send them jumping the curb and into a used car lot. For safety reasons, Alice decided to abort her tease and instead retrieve the package which was now well within reach. Facing front again she settled into her seat with the boxed camera. Looking down she saw that her skirt had ridden up and was now barely covering her bare snatch. She considered pulling her skirt back down until she looked at Katie, who was blushing faintly and coyly trying to sneak peeks at her out of the corner of her eye.

“It’s okay, Katie. I don’t mind you looking. I like it, and I want you to look.”

“You mean that wasn’t an accident when you leaned back?”

Alice chuckled. “Nope. It was fully intended for you to look. If I’d known it was going to cause an accident though, I probably wouldn’t have done it.”

Katie blushed deeper. “Sorry about that. I don’t know what is, but there’s just something about your body I can’t resist.”

“Not just my body, I hope.”

Katie tore her face from the road for a few seconds to look Alice full in the eyes, “No. There’s more than that in my attraction to you.”

“Good. Because I’m really liking you, too.” She leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Katie’s cheek where she’d turned her eyes back to the road.

Lapsing back into silence Alice unwrapped the camera and started playing with its controls. Even though purchasing the camera had been Katie’s idea, already she was thinking of different ways to use the compact recorder. Finally she decided to use it to document their shopping trip.

She checked the tape and battery. Alice looked up mischievously at Katie before hitting the record button. Katie returned the glance with a suspicious flinch before giving in to Alice’s playfullness. With the camera running Alice held it up in front of her, the view finder bursa üniversiteli escort turned 180 so she could see herself as she talked. “Hellooo, Kyle. Well, Katie and I are on our shopping trip which you have sponsored. See there’s Katie.” She twisted the camera to place Katie in its view finder. Katie smiled broadly and offered a small wave.

Pointing the camera back at herself, Alice continued, “I’m going to offer a small piece of warning. When you hand two girls a wad of money with the command, ‘go forth and shop’ that’s what they’re going to do. First on our shopping list was this delightful little camera so we could record our shopping for you. So you’d know that your money wasn’t going to waste, of course. To prove that you’re getting your money’s worth, watch as I undress Katie while she drives.”

Katie looked decidedly worried as Alice turned the camera around and pointed it towards Katie’s waist. Alice leaned over, hooked a thumb into Katie’s jeans, and deftly unbuttoned them. “This may not be entirely safe,” Katie warned.

“No, but I’m having fun so go with it.”

Katie couldn’t help smiling. Honestly, the attention, and being so near Alice, was having quite the effect on her. She could already begin to feel the warm tingling that let her know her body liked the attention as well.

With a loud zip, Katie’s zipper was open and Alice was tugging on the flaps of the jeans, pulling the material apart to display the front of Katie’s black thong. “Mmmm…Katie says you have a thing for panties, Kyle. Is that true? I hate to disappoint, but I had to go without today. I just had to feel that spring air on my cunt.” She turned the camera from Katie’s groin to her own, where she lifted her skirt to record her bare pussy lips on film.

Rubbing a hand across and into the soft folds of her vagina she asked the camera, “You don’t mind, do you? I can make it up to you. Better yet, I’d like you to kiss it and make it up to me.” She played with herself a few seconds more before turning her attention back to Katie. She slipped her hand under Katie’s panties and down past her trimmed pubic line to her soft cunt. Her fingers rubbed against the rim before pushing inside. “You’re wet already, babe? Are you hot for me?”

“Ohhh yyeeesss,” Katie moaned. “That feels so good.”

Alice continued working Katie’s cunt. She reveled in the sensations of her fingers slipping in and out of Katie’s wet hole. Meanwhile, the camera recorded the bulges and ripples Alice’s fingers caused in the denim of the jeans where she worked on Katie’s sex. Alice’s fingers were beginning to feel real heat when Katie reluctantly said, “We’re here. Stop for a second so I can park this car before you cause an accident.”

“That would be bad. I just want to cause an accident in your pants.”

Katie somehow managed to pull into a reclusive parking spot through the lust generated haze in her head. As soon as the car was in park and turned off she pushed her jeans and thong down, revealing her steaming cunt to the camera and Alice’s administering finger. Alice began work in earnest, slinging her fingers over and into Katie’s slick pussy with experienced fingers. Katie squeezed her own tits through her t-shirt as her body began to shake. She moaned loudly and suddenly Alice could feel Katie’s cunt contracting against her nimble hand. Alice worked her magic on Katie until Katie’s orgasm finally subsided.

Katie sat resting a few minutes before reaching into the back seat and retrieving a neatly folded towel she had laying on the floorboards. “What’s that there for?” Alice asked.

“Something Kyle told me a while ago. ‘Always know where you towel is,’ he’d said. ‘It’s the single most useful item in the universe.’ Says he got the idea from a book somewhere and it seemed to fit, so I’ve always kept one in my car since then.” Katie wiped herself and the seat dry and then turned to Alice. “You’re turn, sexy.”

Alice thought about it a second before responding, “That’s alright. I can wait. Let’s get the shopping started.”

Katie almost pouted at the temporary denial. She was really starting to look forward to getting at Alice’s little lust box.

Alice turned the camera back to herself, “Sorry, but that’s it for now, Kyle. We’ll see you, or more appropriately, you’ll see us, in the mall. Bye bye, sweetie.”

As soon as she thumbed the button to shut the camera off Katie started, “Inside the mall? Are you nuts? They’ll kick us out for sure.”

“This coming from the same girl who, two days ago, was flashing her koochie for all the world to see.”

Katie blushed a light shade of pink. “I was a little buzzed then. And besides, it wasn’t the whole world, it was meant for Kyle only.”

“This is for Kyle, too. Maybe you’re right though, I could use a little drink to loosen me up, too. Why don’t you move the car to over there next to that restaraunt. It’s still early enough we should be able to get a couple of seats bursa anal yapan escort at the bar without any problems.”

“Someone in the mall will see the camera. It’ll only take one call to security to get us kicked out.”

“No one will see the camera. I saw that big ‘ole hand bag you carry around that you call a purse. This camera will fit in there easily. Besides, we’re not going to do anything illegal. We’re just two girls out for a little extra fun in the mall.”

Katie slid the the car smoothly into a new parking spot. “You’re right, maybe I could use a little loosening up. Not too much though, I still have to drive.”

The girls exited from the bar laughing, arm in arm. Realizing that they were back in public they straightened up and unhooked arms, holding a hand over their mouths to stifle the last of their laughter. They had talked about everything in the bar easily available to their feminine minds. Everything, that is, except Kyle and why they were at the mall. It wasn’t an avoidance of the subject, it was just that they had so many other things in common. They really enjoyed each others’ company, and were more intoxicated with each other than their drinks could be blamed for.

Alice cleared her throat and muscled her smile down to a grin that turned up resistantly at the corners of her mouth. “Where to next? We’re going to have to hurry. The mall’s closing in a couple of hours.”

“I know a great place down this hall that has a couple of outfits you’ll love. We’ll start there.”

Shopping with Alice was fun, Katie thought. She wasn’t a screaming fireball of energy, but she did have an exuberant personality that lifted Katie’s spirits and seemed to make the whole experience more fun. Katie wished the day would never end.

They weren’t in the store long before Alice said, “Okay. I’m going to go try these on. I’ll be right back.”

“I’ve got some things I want to try on as well,” Katie replied. “I’ll meet up with you at the cash register.”

Alice nodded and the two headed for the changing rooms. Katie shut the door behind her and set her purse on the bench with a thunk, the camera impacting lightly with the wood surface of the bench. She stared at her purse for a minute while an idea formed itself from the fogs of imagination. Smiling, she pulled the camera from her purse and set it on the hand bag. She adjusted the angle until it pointed at her from waist to knee. She only had a skirt and pair of shorts to try on so that was all she needed.

She hit the record button and took a step back. She unzipped her jeans and pushed them to the floor, leaning forward as she did so that her thong was temporarily hidden from camera view by her pendulating breasts. Straightening back up she slipped her fingers behind the hip bands of her thong and slowly adjusted it back into place, flashing bits of pussy for the camera. She retrieved the shorts and slid them up her long legs. Zipping them in place she twirled to display them for the camera.

“What do you think, Kyle? Do they look good?” she whispered into the camera.

She frowned slightly when she realized the camera wouldn’t answer with Kyle’s voice. She liked the teasing, but she needed Kyle and his soft deep voice with its sensual lilts that he only added when flirting. Sighing, she took the shorts off without ceremony. She was going to turn the camera off to pity herself through an alcohol induced bout of depression when she heard Alice bump against the changing room wall.

Just the sound of Alice was enough to cheer Katie back up. Well, if she couldn’t have Kyle there with her, she could make him wish that he was. She slipped into the skirt and took a few moments to look at herself in the mirror. Satisfied that she liked it she turned back to the camera to whisper, “You like this one, Kyle? I don’t know. Do you think it’s easy access enough?” She lifted the front of her skirt to flash her pantied pussy at him. “Oooh. I think it is. Or is it more accessible this way?” She turned around and bent forward, pulling the skirt up and over her ass. “That’s better. In fact, when you see this skirt, this is the way I want you to do me. I want to feel your thick prick in my pussy, pounding away while my tits swing wild under me. Can you do that for me? Can you do me like that? I thought you could. You’re such a good boy.”

She straightened up and shut the camera off. Changing back into her jeans she left the booth to find Alice waiting for her. “Do you always talk to yourself, or was the alcohol doing the talking?”

“You could hear me?”

“Not every word, but I could hear enough to know that you were talking.”

Katie blushed a little, “I had the camera on. I was talking to Kyle.”

Alice talked as they put some of the clothes back on the racks and went to pay for the ones they liked. “I told you you would like having it along.”

Their conversation paused long enough for the two to pay with the cash Kyle had given them. Once they were outside the store Katie started again. “It was fun, even though it’s not the same as having Kyle’s warm voice and body with me.”

“Yeah, but think of how he’s going to go at you the next time he sees you. We’re going to drive him wild. Oh! Here! I want to go in this shop. Switch purses with me. I need to have some fun, too.”

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