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I know how much you love it when I first get out of the shower. Dripping wet, flushed from the heat of the water and the steamed bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel that barely covers me… Yes, I know it’s one of the thoughts you get yourself off to. That’s why tonight, I’m taking special care of myself before and during my shower, maybe even after. I know you’re coming over tonight. Dinner, relaxing and sex, like our usual agenda. But tonight I’ll be the one turning you on first. Don’t worry, I know you’ll love it.

I strip out of the day’s clothes and stand at the mirror. On nights like these, with a full new moon hovering over the trees, I feel sexy, and I love to admire myself. So here I stand, my D-cup breasts resting so heavily against my chest, my dark pinkish-brown nipples standing at full attention, begging to be touched, and, more accurately, begging to be touched by you. It’s these I rub first, using my thumb and forefinger to pull and pinch them. I love Onwin the way they feel, the way it almost tickles to run my palms over the tight buds. I can’t wait for you to put your mouth on them, tugging at the silver hoops that run through them. My hands glide over my waist and down my full hips and thighs. I always thought they were too large, but you love them. Especially in doggie-style sex, when you grip my hips like they’re a lifeline as you drive into me.

I turn on the hot water and let the tub fill just a little bit. I remember how turned on you got watching my masturbate like this once, my hips thrust upwards, letting the water beat a rhythm into my waiting clit. But tonight, I just got straight for the shower itself. Tonight I feel like I can feel every droplet of water that cascades down my body. I shiver from the sensory overload, and I almost wish you were already here. Almost. I run my hands through my long hair, slicking back it away from my face. Onwin giriş I grab my shampoo bottle and squirt a little of the white liquid into my hand. I massage it into my scalp, imagining my hands are yours. I love it when you wash my hair, your hands are so strong and rough, pulling my hair and scrubbing into my scalp the way a hairdresser would. Absolutely perfect, and unknowingly erotic and sensual.

I rinse, then get my lavender soap off of the shelf. No poof for me tonight, I want to feel skin on skin contact way too badly. I pour a little into my hand and work up a foamy lather with the creamy body wash. I rub it into my chest, circling my breasts first before rubbing my nipples and coating them with bubbles. I’m so hot for you by now, I’m tempted to get myself off before continuing. I don’t though, not yet. I rub myself all over, working down to my hips and thighs and the roundness of my bottom. I wash the insides of my thighs, taking special care to avoid the place I want to touch the most. I run my hands all the way up and down my so smooth legs. They feel so long when I do this, and I can already see the way I’m going to wrap them around your body, around your hips, pulling you and helping you to drive into me. Good god, I want you so bad right now…

I’m all but writhing to be touched now, and I can’t deny myself any longer. I need some sort of release. I turn off the shower and rush to my room. I pull out my vibrating dildo and press it to my clit. The vibrations immediately shoot through my body and I lift a little off the bed. I gasp for air, needing my orgasm, needing it now. I press it harder against me, and breath harder. I’m so close now, so, so close. I close my eyes and see you, your face between my legs, sucking on and humming against my clit. The image is all I need. I explode, dripping a little of my own come on to the sheet beneath me. I relax for a minute, catching my breath and letting the last shudders out of my body. You’ll be here soon, I know. You might even get here soon enough to smell the scent of sex lingering on the air. I hope so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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