Siama’s Choice Pt. 02


Author’s Note: Thanks for the love for my last submission. This story continues from where the last one ended, but takes a different direction. I hope the like minded readers will enjoy. Please leave feedback.


I woke up to the sound of two men talking. Oh god! Niaz was back! And I also realized that I was still lying naked on the sofa. I was too terrified to open my eyes. I took a deep breath and tried to listen and determine my position.

Aziz was saying “Trust me brother! Nobody will find out. And we will get to enjoy a lovely woman.”

“But what if mom and dad find out?” Niaz sounded a little nervous and shaky.

I decided to take a peek. I opened my eyes slightly and found that Aziz was also stark naked, standing right by the sofa. Niaz was standing there with a very embarrassed expression on his face and was trying to look anywhere but at his brother and sister’s naked bodies.

Aziz tried to reassure him “You know mom and dad are away for a few days. Besides look at our dear sister’s body.” He turned and presented him the view of my naked form. I was lying with my legs slightly parted with one hand behind my head. You can picture the scene of Titanic in which Kate Winslet poses for her naked portrait. Poor Niaz took a very shy peek but averted his eyes again.

Aziz said “I don’t know about you Niaz, but I can take a chance for that gorgeous woman. Plus I assure you it was her idea. She wants it. What kind of brothers would we be if we don’t not help our sister in the time of need?” Saying this he bent down and gave my boobs a kiss each. I opened my eyes, pretending that I had just woke up and said “hey… you ready for another round already?”

He got up and kissed me on the mouth and said “look sis, I have another present for you.”

He gestured towards Niaz. I looked at him and he was still determinedly staring at his feet. I came to terms with the situation. I knew that the battle was won. For me, it was like looking for a dime and finding a dollar, or something like that.

I acknowledged his presence with a smile and said “Wow! It must be my lucky day. I get to have sex with the two most handsome men in the town.”

Niaz gave a nervous giggle at this but he was still far from ready. Aziz was now sucking my boobs. I gently held his face and asked him to stop while I got up to help Niaz out of his misery. I was still unsure how to talk Niaz into my biding. Yet I was sure that it wasn’t going to be a big problem.

I stood in front of him, making sure that I was presenting him with the full view of my body. I asked “what’s the matter dear brother. Why are you so embarrassed? Haven’t you seen a nude woman before?”

He replied with a grunt that couldn’t be understood.

“It’s okay my sweet brother. I’ll not tell anybody. Neither will Aziz. Tell him Aziz”

“Yes, I swear. I won’t tell anybody.”

He was still not moving. His condition was very terrible. I was cursing Aziz in my heart for shocking him with the spectacle before he was ready. He should’ve been eased into it like I did with Aziz.

I tried to place my hand on his shoulder, but he yanked free and went back a few steps. I was beginning to get worried now. I decided gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan to go for another approach.

“Please dear brother. You are freaking me out. Please don’t hate us for what we did. My bastard husband is not interested in me anymore. I wanted to be loved. So I talked Aziz into this. Please don’t tell anyone.”

He stuttered but finally spoke “I…wasn’t, going… To tell…”

“So what’s the problem then? Please you can tell me anything.”

I waited for a response. He looked up and looked me into the eyes. He must’ve seen the worry in my eyes. He began to get a bit relaxed and sat down in the chair nearby. I sat down on the carpet by his chair, desperately wishing him to come by. It was a very awkward silence for a few minutes. I turned to look at Aziz. He was standing there, in his birthday suit and still with a hard on, with a very serious expression on his face. Yet, I could tell he was not worried. That reassured me.

I turned back to Niaz who was trying to find words. He finally spoke “Baji, I’m not disgusted by you or anything.”

“So what’s the problem then?”

“Well, as you asked that have I ever seen a woman naked before?”

“Yes? Have you?”

“No. I haven’t. But I’m not a virgin either.”

I was a bit confused “What do you mean? Was it dark or…”

“No baji. What I mean to say that… I did it… With a man…”

“Oh…” was all I could manage to say. It was a shock for me. Behind us, Aziz also gave a gasp of surprise. I still didn’t know the full story “Does this mean that you are gay?”

“No Baji. Gays don’t like girls at all. But I love women. I’ve even tried to get some girl a couple of times. But I could not have the courage to take the risk of getting caught.”

He was at least not fully useless to me. Thank God! I was happy that he was not only sharing, he was getting into a flow.

“So what’s the problem then?”

“I’m just shocked to see my brother and my sister going at it. It is a lot to process. Aziz bhai (brother) do you know you’ve become a BHENCHOD (sister-fucker)?”

To which Aziz laughed and replied “Yes, I know and I don’t care. Come on little brother. Join us and have fun. Nobody will know.”

Niaz had a very calm expression on his face by now and he was now staring right at Aziz, without embarrassment. He said “I am thinking of joining you guys. But I’ve a little condition”

I interjected “What is it? Please tell me now. I’ll make sure your every wish is fulfilled within our power.”

He looked at me with a meaningful stare and then started to undo the fly of his khakis. He brought out his magnificent dick. It was already hard and showing a bit of precum at the tip. It was a bit smaller than Aziz’s, but I was not keeping score. I jumped at it and tried to put in my mouth. But Niaz stopped me and said “you haven’t heard my terms yet.”

I retreated with a disappointed expression and waited for him to speak.

He said “Dear baji, the thing is that when I meant that I had done it with a man, I did not mean that it was a one-time thing. I did not find it appalling. In fact I and my roommate in gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan hostel had a very good two-way affair.”

I was still not understanding where he was going with that. I said nothing and waited for him to continue.

“I’ll come to the point then. My demand is simple: If I get involved, I get to play both of you. I mean I want to enjoy both you and Aziz bhai.”

“What?!” I was shocked at the unusual request. I was sure that Aziz would never allow this. Now I was worried. If Niaz was serious about his demand, then if it was not fulfilled, he might blow the whistle on us.

But I suddenly realized something. Aziz hadn’t retorted to the bizarre demand yet. I turned and looked at him. He was standing there, still with a cool expression. Could it be…?!

He finally he smiled and without saying anything, came forward with his dick dangling between his legs. He stood there in front of Niaz and said “We must not waste time then”, and saying that, he offered his dick to Niaz, who made a yelp of joy and hungrily began to suck his elder brother’s dick.

I was in awe. Homosexuality was a very less talked about topic in Pakistan back in that day. Although I had heard of it, I did not know that men were so accepting of the phenomenon. Yet, there was in front of me, my little baby brother happily sucking the dick of his elder brother.

After I came to terms with it, I decided to join the fun too. Niaz’s dick was now unattended. I grabbed it and began to suck. He had just came home from playing cricket with his friends. So his dick and balls were all sweaty and musky. For some reason, it made me turned on more than I was before. So much so that I was sure that Niaz would cum any second now.

But as soon as he was about to bust, he stopped me and said “not yet baji. I have a better idea.”

I was thinking that my pussy was going to get the second dick of the day when Niaz revealed his intentions. He told Aziz to get down and bend over. I was yet again surprised and rather disappointed. But I decided to make most of the situation.

I knew anal sex was not a pleasant experience especially the first few times. But Aziz did not hesitate for a moment before getting on his keens and bending over in front of Niaz. His slightly hairy ass now on display.

Being fucked is another thing, watching someone getting fucked on screen is another; then there is someone getting fucked right in front of you. That is totally a whole new experience. Niaz spat on his dick and spat on Aziz’s asshole too. I knew that in anal sex, more the lubricant the better. So, I too spat on Aziz’s asshole. Niaz held his tip at the opening for a few seconds. Then with a single thrust, he shoved it home. Aziz let out a gasp, but I could tell that it was not his first time.

In a few moments, Niaz was ramming his dick in and out of Aziz’s ass with a good pace. I noticed that Aziz’s dick was dangling between his legs, so I lied down below him and began to suck it. It was a unique experience. I was getting a sense of pure bliss and elation like I never felt before. My right hand automatically found my cunt and I furiously began oğuzeli escort bayan to finger myself.

Niaz noticed that I my pussy also needed attention. He stopped and told Aiziz that he should help me. So Aziz suggested a new position.

In a few moments, I was bent over in front of Aziz. He pushed his Lora in my waiting pussy from behind while Niaz resumed fucking his ass.

It took us a few strokes to get in rhythm. But when we got it, it was magnificent. I could feel every push in Aziz’s ass, as it triggered a push of Aziz’s dick in my pussy. I was moaning like crazy.

I was the first one to hit my climax. It was so hard that I could not maintain the position on my keens and collapsed flat on the ground. Aziz’s dick slid out of my pussy and Aziz adjusted himself with his head on my back as Niaz resumed his pounding.

When I could feel my legs again a few minutes later, Niaz was still fucking Aziz’s ass. I was impressed by his stamina. A few moments later, Niaz gave a groan and shoved his dick deep in Aziz’s ass and held it there. I could feel he was coming. After he was done, he got back and sat on the sofa.

I turned over and saw Aziz smiling just over my face. I kissed him and we dueled tongues. I opened my legs, expecting his dick to find my pussy.

But I heard Niaz say “come on bahi. Don’t deny baji the pleasure you just enjoyed.”

So Aziz instead of fucking my pussy, lifted my legs over my head. This made my asshole exposed to him. I was a bit nervous. I didn’t use to like anal as much as other kinds of sex. But I wasn’t going to complain. Anything to make my brother love me.

He was a considerate man. He did not just spat and shoved it up my ass. Instead he began to lick my asshole. That was a first for me. Noman hadn’t shown me the courtesy of licking my ass, ever.

It was altogether a new sensation. I felt my whole body quivering with sensation as his tongue roamed around my brown hole.

To my surprise, I was feeling the buildup of my orgasm in a few minutes. I hadn’t known that anal stimulation could lead to an orgasm. But before I could hit my high, Aziz stopped and then spat on it. Then he spat on his dick too. I braced myself for entry, but Aziz did not shove it in, in a single blow. Instead he pushed the helmet in. Then he gave time for my body to adjust. Then he slowly shoved it further, until his balls were hitting my butt. I was a bit surprised to know that I had accommodated the whole thing in my ass. Aziz then began to pull out gently and then pushed in again a little faster this time. In a few moments, he was fucking me really hard. But I was thoroughly enjoying it. I knew that his technique was better than my husbands because he had never made me feel good about anal.

By the time Aziz shot his semen in my backdoor, I was completely a fan of anal sex. It was a different kind of pleasure. Nothing like vaginal sex. Its sensation was a whole new dimension. The way Aziz did it, I knew I’ll get a lot more of that in the days to come.

Just then the call for noon prayer was made by the Imam of the nearby mosque. True to my faith, I got up to take a bath and say my prayer. After that I fed Kashif and changed his diapers. Aziz and Niaz had left the house. I decided to prepare dinner.

While preparing dinner, I was thinking of the events of the day. It had gone better than I anticipated. I got two young virile men, ready to fuck me raw and a couple of days of privacy. I could feel my panties getting soaked at the very thought of the possibilities of the future. By the time I was done with dinner, I was feeling pretty horny. Now all I could do was wait.

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