Sister in Law Moves In Pt. 01


Christie and I had been married for about a year when her younger sister Brandi moved in with us. Brandi wanted to save up some money to buy a house and we were going to let her live with us long enough for her to save the down payment. She was always around anyways, smoking bowls or taking bong rips with me, and we got along great. The wife would often say we were separated at birth. Both of our personalities were similar but that doesn’t usually work in relationships but as friends we really clicked. I was happy to have her take the spare bedroom.

Over the next few months we all settled into a nice routine as colder weather settled in. We all worked 9-5 for the most part, occasional Saturdays, and we all loved eating at home. Brandi and I would usually get home first, we’d smoke out together, talk, do what stoners do, and then Christie would come home, and we’d make dinner, watch jeopardy, a movie, whatever. Then off to bed.

There was rarely anything even covertly sexual between us. But Brandi would completely forget that it was my house and not think about how she would walk around the house. This primarily happened when she’d be really stoned, and it wasn’t intentional. She was genuinely an aloof stoner chick. The problem is that she is quite hot. She looks like my wife but shorter by a few inches, and otherwise similar figures. Face and hair are also a strong resemblance. She was single while living with us and I got to see her dolled up often going out on dates.

I would see her once in a while in bra and panties walking through the hall, or in her bedroom with the door open, and sometimes she would be naked in a robe hanging out with us. On more than one occasion she would get comfortable and a boob would be falling out. The wife would usually point it out and we’d have a laugh. Her robes were short, too. I once came around the corner to her wearing a robe bending over into the refrigerator with her pussy on full display. I basically yelled out something along the lines of WTF and she turned around high as fuck saying “What?” and I told her what I saw, and she turned red then busted out laughing. It wasn’t a porn and I didn’t think for one second I was going to fuck her, so I rolled with the laughter yelling out to Christie.

“Christie! Brandi is in here showing me her junk!”

“What?!” she yelled back. I heard her getting up and Brandi just laughed out

“Kevin! The fuck! Oh my God! You asshole!” and as Christie came around the corner, she heard me reply “I’m not the one flashing motherfuckers.” It was that type of fun gaziantep sahibe escort bayan stoner friendship.

Brandi quickly and while laughing nonstop, explained what happened, I of course threw in funny jabs, Christie started laughing her ass off, and then we all went off to bed.

About a month later on a Saturday night the three of us ended up at a social function together. We all drank enough to be wobbly and shared a rideshare back to the house. I remember going straight to bed kicking my clothes off on the floor as I went, and I remember the wife helping me a little. I also remember going to sleep with the two of them on the bed talking.

The next morning, I wake up with my arm over my wife and a raging hard cock pressed up against her ass. The sun is just rising, and I decide to be an asshole and see if I can wake her up. I immediately work a hand around to her pussy and start softly caressing it through her panties. I heard her stir a little, so I continued. I kept this up for a bit then slid her panties aside and continued. I heard her moan again and then it became obvious she was awake. Eventually I pushed a finger in and felt her get wet enough. Christie didn’t mind me being selfish in the morning once in a while. I had no intentions of a good fuck I just wanted to get off. I rolled her onto her stomach and slid her panties down. She still had a t shirt on which I had yet to take off. The room was dark, and the sun was still coming up, but my blinds blocked most of it anyways. I pulled her ass up enough and I got between her and slid my cock into her wet pussy.

I took several strokes as her t shirt fell forward at the same time I looked to my left and realized Brandi was sleeping next to us. Only when I turned back Christie was missing something on her back. An enormous tattoo. It hit me like a ton of bricks, and I let out an “Oh shit!” and pulled out and dropped on my back in bed. At that same moment I hear “Kevin?” only it’s not Christie it’s Brandi and I hear her say “Oh shit I thought, oh fuuuuck” and Christie meanwhile is a deep sleeper who has managed to not wake up. Brandi then gets up and leaves the room. I get up after her and go to have a cigarette and I find her in the garage already smoking. I am in my boxers and a t shirt and she is in the same long t shirt and I assume she put her panties back on. She actually spoke first as I walked in. It was about 630 in the morning on a Sunday.

“Kevin holy shit what the fuck just happened? I thought you were şahinbey escort bayan Eric holy shit.”

“I fucking thought you were Christie!”

“Holy shit what do we do? I can’t lie to Chris.”

“I don’t know. It’s obviously an accident. I stopped the second I realized it was you not her. We fucked for like 10 seconds tops.”

“Oh my god don’t fucking say that!”

“Say what?”

“That we fucked! It didn’t fucking happen!”

“Then tell me this doctor, if it didn’t fucking happen then why do we have to tell Christie then? Hmm?”

“I can’t lie to her.”

“Not an answer. Look, fuck it. She’s smart. She knows I passed out first. You guys were talking and you kept drinking too didn’t you?”

“Yeah we did.”

“Okay so fuck it. Shit happens. Let’s just both tell her together when she gets up. Fuck it. It never leaves this house. We did nothing wrong except maybe your ass did why the fuck weren’t you in your own bed?”

“I passed out there! I don’t know!”

“In your panties and t shirt?!”

“I guess I fucking changed okay?!!”

“Whatever. I’m not going back to bed now. I’m probably gonna have blue balls for the first time since I was 13 with the fucking trauma you just put my dick through, too, Brandi so thanks for that.”

“Oh whatever! You did that to yourself.”

“Really? Did I? My bad. I shouldn’t have fucking slept in your fucking bed and impersonated your ex fucking boyfriend and stuck my dick in you. Yeah, you’re right I did this to myself. My bad.”

“Fine! Sorry! Okay?”

“I’m taking a shower and washing your fucking pussy off” and I stormed off.

“Fuck you dick! My pussy is clean! I don’t what my sister sees in your dick.”

I kept walking and replied, “It’s bigger than Eric’s from what you’ve told her so suck it bitch” and I rounded the corner into my bedroom closing the door hearing her shout “Asshole!” one last time. I took a shower and rubbed one out just to be safe. Also due to the fact that as it sunk in that I had just had my cock in my hot sister in law’s pussy how wonderful it really was for a few seconds. The shock was wearing off and the eroticness of it had set in. When I got out of the shower, I realized I wanted more. I had always thought she was hot but never really got hard over her. Now I had and even though I had just cum in the shower I was staying hard at the thought of her.

I got dressed and went about my business. I got some coffee and watched some news. Then Christie got up well şahinbey bayan escort before Brandi and I let her know that we both needed to tell her something. When Brandi woke up again she came out with some coffee and all three of us were at the kitchen table having our coffee. I explained to Brandi that I already told Christie we had something to tell her together. We all sat there for a minute and then Brandi and I talked about who should go first before Christie blurted out “Just say it!” and Brandi did. She looked Christie square in the eye.

“Okay you know I love you first and foremost. Nothing can change that. So I slept in your bed last night as you well know and this morning Kevin when it was still dark thought I was you and I was still drunk and high and I thought it was Eric and we fucked for about ten seconds before we realized what was happening then we both freaked out and I went to my room and I am so sorry.”

Christie looked at me and then loudly proclaimed “Oh my god!” and then burst out into laughter. She was literally falling out of her chair and near tears. Brandi yelled “It’s not fucking funny!” and I sat there laughing a little and then it turned into an all around laugh fest between the 3 of us.

We eventually composed ourselves and Christie looked at Brandi and said laughingly “You fucking slut you should have known it wasn’t Eric when you felt how much bigger he is!” to which she replied “I was still fucking drunk!”.

“So how was it?” Christie asked her.

“Oh fuck off!” Brandi replied and then got up and went off to do whatever.

Christie then turned to me still laughing and said, “So how was it?” and I didn’t mind answering at this point.

“Close enough to you to happen. I didn’t know until her t shirt fell forward and I saw you no longer had a tattoo.”

“Hold up! You were fucking her from behind?!”


“Oh my god the plot thickens! Ha ha!”

“I think I would have noticed immediately if I took her missionary. I woke up with my cock up against her ass.”

“She has a nicer ass than me you couldn’t tell?”

“Oh, that’s bullshit.”

“I’m kind of flattered.”

“Anyways! It was the same. All ten seconds of it.”

“Is she tighter than me?”

“Now that I think about it, I mean, based on ten seconds, I guess she is a little, but keep in mind who she’s been fucking for years. There’s a difference.”

“True. Well okay then. This has been an interesting morning. Come on we gotta get ready you’re going furniture shopping like you promised.”

“Fuck me. I trust your judgment just pick whatever. Don’t do this to me.”

But you know the rest of the story if you’re married. I fucking went furniture shopping. So that was the first time I fucked Brandi. The second time was 100x better. Compared to the furniture shopping it was 1000x better. But we did get a really nice sofa sleeper for a great price so there’s that.

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