Sitting on Dad’s Lap Ch. 01: A Wild Ride


Sitting on Daddy’s Lap 01 A Wild Ride

© 2017 Sal De Klerk, CO-Author, All Rights Reserved

Revised 4/2020

Edited by ElmerStudd

Authors Note:

I have read many stories that had mothers riding on sons’ laps, and they were hot. I went looking for one with the opposite dynamic, daughter on father’s lap. There wasn’t one, so I wrote it. It was supposed to be a single part stroker and grew into what will be a multi-part serial. As I post part 1, part 2 will follow shortly, part 3 has been started. I don’t think there will be more than 5 or 6 in total. Mike is the main character in one of those riding on son’s lap stories by retired04.


This story contains adult content including father-daughter car sex. If that is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


Well, it was over…finally. My baby girl was married. Truth be told, she wasn’t my baby, she was the oldest of my tribe. But she was my firstborn daughter, and my pride and joy, not that I didn’t love my other children, but Kelli was something special.

I waved goodbye as her limo pulled out with her and my new son in law heading to the airport for their honeymoon. I turned and stumbled back into the ballroom, well the added gravity of an insane quantity of 20-year-old single malt doesn’t make moving around gracefully much easier. My wife was talking to the hotel’s wedding planner. As I walked up I heard her say “Wait, everyone’s gone? I need help to get the gifts back to my house.”

Knowing my input would not be welcome, I walked over to the still open bar and got another scotch. As I drained the glass, my wife joined me at the bar and asked the bartender for two black coffees. “I guess I’m going to have to drive home since I stopped drinking three hours ago.”

I looked at her sheepishly and said, “My baby is married and leaving me,” as she handed me a coffee, which I drank as we talked.

My wife lovingly rubbed my back and said: “You still have the boys and Ashlynn.”

“Gahh” I replied, “The boys are all in college, and Ashlynn, as much as I love her, she isn’t my baby girl.” My daughters always had a Marsha and Jan relationship. Even though there were almost 7 years and three brothers between them, they always competed for everything. While Ashlynn was without a doubt the prettier of the two, Kelli would always be my favorite. Something I had unsuccessfully tried to hide from my other children.

“Well the boys left for the airport to get to school for Orientation, and the rest of the wedding party is either passed out drunk in their rooms or…:” she reached down and rubbed my dick, “otherwise occupied. It’s just you me and Ashlynn who’s over there, helping the DJ pack up. We have to get all the wedding gifts home.” She gestured to the mountainous stack of brightly wrapped boxes of all shapes and sizes that overflowed the two gift tables we had set up.

Sighing at the dent this event put on my credit cards, I looked at the stack of presents and nodded. “Yeah, I don’t think they’ll all fit in the Mercedes. Maybe we should have brought the Land Rover.”

My wife refrains from saying I told you so but isn’t quite able to keep the smug look off her face. However, if we had brought the Land Rover, I would be sober, or we would be spending the night in the hotel since she refuses to drive it.

“Ashlynn, stop flirting with him, and get over here.”, I shout across the room at my daughter who was still wearing her bridesmaid dress, making her look a lot older than her tender age of 18 years. The dress was a bright crimson floor-length gown, with a slit up the left leg that stopped just short of paradise. The bodice was strapless, sleeveless with a deep V, and it squeezed and lifted making even the smallest bust look mouth-watering. The gown had rhinestones encircling the waist, creating the illusion of a belt. Where the buckle would normally be was a large circle, reminiscent of the sun, with rhinestone rays fanning out drawing your eyes to the exposed flesh of the wearer.

My wife told me the dress was so tight none of the bridesmaids could wear even the skimpiest of thongs, without having unsightly lines ruining the look. I was very excited about that until I realized my daughter would also be going commando. When I first saw the dress, the bodice and upper part of the skirt looked to be painted on, and then it flared out big enough to hide a person underneath. It was so tight and form-fitting, that I asked my wife if it was painted on. “No silly it wraps around the wearer and there are several bra type fasteners to hold it closed. When it’s not wrapped around a body, it opens to be the size of a blanket.

“Dad!”, Ashlynn cries in that whiny teenage voice that every dad knows all too well. She hands the DJ a piece of paper, then he kisses her hand as I roll my eyes. She walks over to me all the while looking back at him.

Before she could voice her complaint to me about being embarrassed, I told her, “Go to the gaziantep ucuz escort bayan front desk and ask them to send a couple of bellhops in here with some luggage racks, then show them what to load.” Turning to my wife, I say “Pull the car up to the side door down the hall, so we don’t have to walk across the entire hotel. That should save time. Meanwhile, I need to change.”

My wife turns and leaves as I pick up my gym bag. “Dad, why didn’t you tell me to bring a change of clothes?” Ashlynn asks.

“Because I figured you’d be going home with the DJ” I replied sarcastically.

“Daddd!” she says as I walk away laughing. It was harder than I thought to get out of a tuxedo and into a pair of gym shorts and a tee-shirt when Johnny Walker is rocking your world. I finished the task, without setting any speed records. Once dressed, I headed out to meet my wife so we could load the car.

As I walked by the bar, I stopped in and ordered three coffees to go. It was already 1 am and we had a two-hour drive ahead of us, and I know if my daughter or I fell asleep my wife would be pissed. If she fell asleep we’d all be dead.

When I got to the car, there was already a huge pile of gifts to load. “Thank God I played a lot a lot of Tetris” I joked to my wife as I began to carefully load the gifts to make sure nothing was damaged. After almost 40 minutes of loading the car, all the gifts were packed in but only the driver and front passenger seat were left open. One package was tall and long but thin, and it separated the driver and passenger seats leaving only a few inches open close to the roof.

“Good job genius, now we have two seats for three people.” My wife says condescendingly. “Where’s Ashlynn going to sit?”

I stand up stretching my back. I look around at the way things are packed to see if there is any way to free up another seat. Throwing up my hands in despair, I tell my wife “There’s no way to fit her in the car.”

“How about we tie some stuff to the roof,” my wife says.

I shake my head. “I don’t want to damage anything,” I reply.”

One of the bellboys who had been helping, well truth be told he was staring at my wife and daughter more than helping, but I really couldn’t blame him.

My wife was still one sexy lady, especially for a mom of five kids, the oldest being twenty-five. Hell, she always gets carded when we go out for drinks. And my daughter, my beautiful Ashlynn. She always was an attractive girl, but during her teen years, she blossomed into a real heartthrob. She was 5’4″ and I swore three feet of that was legs. She had an hourglass figure with 10 extra minutes just to make sure. She had been asked several times to be a model by talent scouts, but she wanted to use her brains not her body.

During the planning for the wedding I overheard my wife tell the dressmaker her measurements, 36B-24-36, and I remember thinking my daughter is built like a brick shit house and was immediately ashamed. Then I saw her in this dress. I was jealous of every guy who got to see my daughter in this dress because they could all imagine stripping it off her young sexy body and doing salacious things to her no father should ever know about.

“What did you say”, my wife asked the bellboy bringing me out of my reverie.

When my parents helped me move to college, he said, we had a similar problem. There wasn’t enough room in the car for mom dad and I. So dad drove and mom rode on my lap.”

“Wasn’t it weird to have your mom sit on your lap…” Ashlynn asked the young man, pausing for his name.

“Mike”, he offered his hand smiling at her in a way that made me want to punch him in his face. “Not really, it was one of the best road trips I’ve ever taken. It brought mom and I closer than ever before.”

His smile was beginning to creep me out, so I stepped in front of Ashlynn and said, “Well that won’t work. My wife needs to drive, so she can’t sit on Ashlynn’s lap.”

“Maybe Ashlynn could drive and Mrs. Sherman could sit on your lap.”

“That would work if Ashlynn hadn’t failed her driving test four times.” my wife told Mike.

“I guess there’s only one solution,” I said. I probably wouldn’t have suggested it if my brain wasn’t being preserved in alcohol. “Missy…Mom…Mrs. Sherman…” I must have been drunker than I thought, I wasn’t even sure what to call my wife, “…Drives and Ashlynn will sit on my lap.

“EWWW dad…” she cried at the suggestion.

“Look, honey…” I started to say, wanting to get my daughter away from the drunken leeches that were coming back from the local bars and leering at her. As they slowly walked into the hotel, but Mike interrupted.

“Ashlynn, I felt the same way. But by the time the ride was over, my mom and I were closer than ever. She visits me at least once a week, and I look forward to her visits. I’m sure it’ll do the same thing for you and your dad.”

“Fuck it, I’m tired and want to get gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan this dress off and get to bed. Let’s go.” Mike gave me another of his creepy similes as I got into the passenger seat and patted my lap for my daughter to join me.

My wife got in the car and started it up. Looking over at her, I could barely see the top of her head over the package. Once my daughter was settled in my lap, I reached out to shut the door, and I heard Mike say “Have fun.” and then winked at me. “What the fuck, I wondered as I shut the door.

We drove off into the night as I struggled to get the seat belt over us. I was having trouble grabbing the belt, there was something soft in my way.

“Ashlynn, can you move that pillow?” I asked my daughter.

“That’s not a pillow, daddy.” She said

It took a second for my brain to process what she said. Suddenly, I realized that what I thought was a pillow was, in fact, my daughter’s breast. I froze in place not sure what to do.

Ashlynn sat there not moving, as I let go of the seat belt realizing there was no way it would reach around two bodies. Then the thought occurred to me that her knees must be pressed into the dashboard, so I reached under the seat to slide it back, forgetting about her dress. All I found was a smooth soft supple leg as my hand got tangled in the material of the dress.

“Are you two okay over there?” My wife called out as we pulled onto the fairly empty interstate.

“Yeah mom, we’re fine,” Ashlynn said with some amusement in her voice.

“How about you honey are you okay?” she asked me. Ashlynn twisted to look at me as I tried to formulate a reply and untangle my hand from her dress at the same time.

“I think dads going nighty nite”, Ashlynn said winking at me. I felt her spread her legs a bit wider, and I was finally able to free my hand, but I was sure at some point I was rubbing her thigh.

“He better not, we still have to unload the car when we get home, and you know dad, once asleep nothing will wake him up.”

“I’m awake,” I say, “just lost in thought.”

“If either of you needs a break, let me know and I can stop in a rest area. Otherwise, I plan on driving straight through.” Suddenly the car swerved to avoid something in the road, and Ashlynn in her silk dress was sliding all over my lap. The friction of her body on that part of mine had the expected results.

“Don’t you dare…” I thought as the old one-eyed monster started coming to life.

Ashlynn started to rock her hips, to get back into a comfortable position, which increased the attention my trouser snake was paying to the situation. I groaned in annoyance as she planted her young ass cheeks right on my now half-erect cock.

I tried to shift my hips so her body wouldn’t be rubbing against me, which only caused more rubbing. “Daddy, what’s that, it wasn’t there before?” My daughter asked

“What’s what honey?” my wife asked

“It’s nothing baby.”, I say not wanting my wife or daughter to know I was getting a hard-on from my offspring. To my wife, I say “I had something in my pocket that was making Ash uncomfortable. If she lifts off me for a second, I can fix it.

Ash pushes herself up off my lap causing the split in her gown to open wider and expose a generous expanse of thigh. Having always been a leg man, I was shocked at how tan and toned her thigh was. Holding herself up I could easily see the muscles in her leg supporting her. That wasn’t what I needed to see at that time, it just encouraged me to grow some more. Grateful for the way her gown draped over my lap, I slide my hands into my shorts and forced my swollen dick to rest between my legs.

Before the adjustment was complete, one of her hands slipped and she collapsed onto me. Her ass could feel my hand and her head whipped around to look at me realizing that the lump she felt was the one that put her in her mother’s womb. Her skin turned as red as her dress and she stopped moving trapping my hand in my shorts, holding my cock.

“Umm, Ash…” I said not sure what to say in this situation.

She quickly lifted herself letting me free my hand, but my dick was still pressing into her derriere.

Instead of trying to position herself for minimal contact, she seemed to be intentionally using her ass to encourage it to grow more.

I sat there trying to be a good dad as she rubbed my cock through our clothes. She spread her legs even wider so I could see almost her entire leg, My dick was beginning to throb under her, and Ashlynn gasped as it started to poke up into her soft round globes of flesh.

Ashlynn had been sitting mostly upright this whole time, but now that my dick and her ass were getting so well acquainted, she leaned back against me, and at that moment I realized that the gown was not designed to protect modesty. Looking down over her shoulder I could see the swell of her breasts and even part gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan of her areola. That was all it took. My dick sprang and became rather insistent that it be freed.

My hands involuntary wrapped around her waist, and she took my right hand in hers and put it on her inner thigh under the gown. When I felt the forbidden flesh I bent my head down and took a deep breath of her sweet-smelling hair as my body began to react like a man’s body instead of a dads.

My hand started to rub and caress her thigh, as my mouth found her neck and began to kiss it. “Mmmm she moaned as I lightly nipped her tender skin. She offered no resistance so far, even though part of my brain was screaming that this is not something a father should be doing to his daughter, but a bigger part of me was saying shut the fuck up and see how far you can go with this sexy teenager.

My hand moved up her thigh, and I could feel the heat from her unprotected little pussy. My body shuddered in pleasure. Ashlynn brought both her hands to her chest and began to squeeze her breasts. I was encouraged by watching her, so I slid my hand up and found her pussy. I was shocked it was so wet, and I started to caress it with my fingers.

“Ohh that’s so nice daddy, please don’t stop.” Ashlynn moaned as I found her distended clit and began to rub it.

“What feels nice,” My wife asked

“Daddy is massaging me, and it feels wonderful. I don’t want him to stop.” Ashlynn said as she took my other hand and placed it on her soft firm breast.

“You better give me a message when we get home buster, or you won’t be getting what you want.” my wife teases me as we continue down the interstate.

“I will honey. I will.” I reply as my hand frees my daughter’s right tit from her gown. I just sit there mesmerized at the view of her perky young tit flesh.

“You guys know I’m here right,” Ashlynn says. “I don’t want to know about your bedroom stuff. That’s gross.”

I chuckled as I began to rub her exposed nipple, and my wife replied “Oh grow up Ashlynn! sex between two people who love each other is natural and normal, as you’ll learn one day.”

“Oh, I’ve had sex mom.”, my daughter announces, as she pulls down her top freeing her other breast for me to play with, “I just don’t want to picture you two fucking.”

“Fair enough,” my wife says her voice strained. I knew her well enough to tell she was shocked that Ashlynn wasn’t a virgin, and she was going to let the subject drop for now. She would wait until she was alone with Ashlynn and not so tired and then there would be hell to pay. I felt no such restraint.

“You’re not a Virgin?” I asked in shock as I slide a finger into her pussy. I was feeling mixed emotions at the moment, I was upset that some dirty nasty boy had used my daughter for his pleasure, but on the other hand, it meant that maybe, just maybe she wasn’t a cock tease and I just might get to fuck her.

“OH, daddy be real. I haven’t been a virgin since 9th grade.”

My cock leapt in joy on hearing these words, and I slipped two fingers into her pussy, feeling her juices begin to freely flow. “So you’re a little slut,” I say teasing her as I pinch one nipple and then the other.

“No daddy not a slut, just a woman who loves a nice hard cock in her pussy.”

I could feel the atmosphere in the car change with those words. My wife got very tense and stopped speaking, Ashlynn had invited me to fuck her and to let her know I accepted, I pushed a third finger into her folds and began to finger fuck her.

As we drove down the highway in silence, I kept fingering her and playing with her exposed tits.

“What’s that asshole doing?” My wife asked in her pissed bitch tone.

I yanked my hands off my daughter afraid that somehow she had seen what I was doing. I was trying to form a reply but Ashlynn beat me to it. “What asshole mom?”

“The 18 wheeler next to us. He’s been pacing us for a few miles and it’s making me nervous.”

I look out my window and sure enough, there’s a tractor-trailer right next to us. I look up at the driver who gives me a thumbs up and a big smile. I realize he’s been watching my daughter and I fool around. “I think he noticed our daughter, especially the way the gown enhances her,” I say to my wife.

Ashlynn blushes when she realizes she’s not only exposed to me but any other travelers on the road. Hurriedly she covers her breasts and tries to push my hand out of her dripping wet pussy.

“Fucking pervert.” My wife says and slams on the brakes to let him pass us. Then she moves behind the truck to protect our daughter’s modesty. “I’m going to pull over at the next rest stop. Let him get a few miles ahead of us, and I need to use the restroom.”

“Okay, dear.” I say “I could stretch my legs.”

We pull into a rest area, and the truck side is packed full of big rigs, but the car area is empty. No one was moving around. We had the place to ourselves. My wife parks the car and shuts it off. I pull my hand out of my daughter and she adjusts her gown to hide her leg. My wife walks over to our side of the car and opens the car door and helps Ashlynn out.

I climb out with a groan, not realizing how stiff my legs had gotten. “I’m going to take a walk and work out the kinks in my legs,” I say, my face reddening at my words. I hoped it escaped notice since we had parked in a dark area of the rest area.

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