Slutty Pakistani Grandma

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Big Tits

Dawood and Nasreen looked like any other ordinary 60 year old couple, in their Pakistani community. But if only they knew about their past as a young couple they would be shocked.

They had often visited porn cinemas. There she wanked many men and even gave the odd blowjob too, but she never had sex with any of them. Sex was for them both to enjoy with each other. But they also really liked to visit the local swingers club. They loved to watch the other couples fucking, it was a huge turn on for them both. But they also liked to be watched, as they fucked each other like animals. It was a huge turn to see men wanking themselves, as they watched them. But they were keen to keep their identity from everyone and not be spotted out in the community. So they always wore masquerade masks.

But that life was now behind them. Now 30 years on their children all grown up, they were living a normal conservative Pakistani life.

They had always had a healthy sex life until all that changed 10 years ago, with his health taking a downward spiral. He was on so much medication he no longer had his sex drive. He tried his best to keep her pleased but over time she became more devoted to their faith and became more pious dressing in a hijab and jilbab. She had given up hope of them having sex again but loved him all the same.

Dawood would often watch Nasreen undress and lust after her wishing he was still the man she married. Even though his mind was so turned on by her he felt frustrated and bad in himself, because his body just wouldn’t play ball.

But things were about to change in a way neither of them could have ever dreamed of.

Sitting at work chatting with colleagues two of the managers came over.

“Congratulations Dawood, you’ve won salesperson of the year” the operation manger cheered.

Everyone clapped and congratulated him as he sat there with his hand over his mouth in shock. He couldn’t believe his luck, this was a holiday of a lifetime with £1000 spending money he had just won.

This was always something he and Nasreen had dreamt of and he couldn’t wait to tell her.

When he finally got home to Nasreen he told her about the holiday to California that he had won, she was excited their dream holiday was about to finally happen.

She threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply, something she hadn’t done in a long while.

This cheered him up no end and he couldn’t wait to get on that plane.

“It might be an idea to dress a little more western, I don’t think the yanks are as understanding as the brits are over here.” Dawood explained to Nasreen.

Taken aback by his remark and sad that he felt she needed to change herself she understood what he was saying and nodded with a smile.

The day had arrived as they headed to the airport driven by their eldest son Dawood couldn’t help feel disappointed. Nasreen was dressed as if she was heading to the Mosque

Once at the airport they checked in and headed to the waiting lounge.

“Sweetheart what is wrong, you have looked a bit glum all morning?” asked Nasreen.

He did his best to smile and replied

“You were going dress a bit more western for the drip and I have really missed your breasts in a tight top and that gorgeous arse in equally tight jeans.”

She smiled at him, handed him her carry-on bag and walked away leaving him standing in the middle of the airport lounge. He looked around a bit lost for words as she headed to the ladys toilets. But before he had a chance to think he saw her walking back from the toilets. His jaw hit the floor there she was his wife 60 years old and looking so dam hot. Her long black flowing hair falling around her shoulders, walking towards him in her 4-inch heels making her 5ft 6. Dam she still had a figure that melted him. Her 34DD breasts, 26 inch waist and big round hips and arse to die for. She walked up to him took the bag from him and said

“You escort gaziantep bayanlar better pick your chin up from the floor before someone trips over it.”

Giggling as she walked off to the flight gate, he followed her watching her arse swaying from side to side.

He noticed he wasn’t the only one taking in the beauty of her curves. He noticed other men looking and turning their heads to catch glimpse of her beauty.

She was looking as hot as ever and looked just like she did 40 years ago. It was such a turn-on for him just like in their younger days when they had visited those clubs. Once he was level with her. He smiled at her and she could see the joy in his eyes and his smile.

“You look as hot as you did when we first married,” He told her.

“hush” She blushed.

Once on the plane, he leaned to Nasreen and whispered in her ear

” You do know all the men young and old stared at your tits and arse as you walked onto the plane?”

His hand rubbed the inside of her thigh making her moan a little, she bite her lip so as not not let anymore escape her lips and she turned her head and whispered back into his ear

“If you take a look at the girls you will see I did notice”

Looking at her breasts he noticed her nipples were sticking out hard from under her tight T-shirt. Dawood stared at them as his hand slid from her thigh and started squeezing her pussy and clit through her jeans, she squirmed in the seat next to him as he asked

“Are you wearing a bra?”

“No” She whispered

His hand squeezed harder at her pussy and clit over her jeans. With her juices beginning to flow she bent down and bit his shoulder to conceal her moans. She was getting very close to having an orgasm, it had been so long since she had felt this turned on. Thinking of all those men that had undressed her with their eyes, she felt it explode in her jeans and bit down harder on Dawood’s shoulder.

It was 10 pm when the plane finally landed. It was still warm as they walked out into the evening air. As they looked for a taxi cab to take them to the hotel Dawood couldn’t help notice how everyone was looking at his wife.

Smiling from ear to ear as they walked hand in hand pulling their bags behind them, he felt a huge wave of pride. He hadn’t seen his wife looking this confident and showing off her body for many years. It made him happy to she her glowing as beautiful and radiant as she was right there in that moment.

As they got in the cab telling the driver the name of the hotel they were heading to, Dawood smiled and leaned over whispering in Nasreen’s ear.

” Are you still thinking of our plane ride here, the girls are still as hard as nails.”

Looking up at him with a very naughty glint in her eyes, she gently caressed his face. Moving her hand to the back of his neck she pulled him in for a passionate kiss. They hadn’t embraced like this for a long time, their bodies tingled with a new vigour that was once forgotten as their embrace became more deep and lustful. Nasreen felt her Muslim cunt spring back into life as her juices were making her wetter and wetter. She slid he hand to meet Dawood’s and guided it to her aching pussy, as she did she leant in to nibble his ear whispering,

“It is not just from the plane ride, but from all the men who have stared at them too. But don’t react as I tell this next bit, but the cab driver hasn’t stopped staring at the girls in the mirror since we got in the cab.”

And they continued he knew she was feeling super horny being watched and her kisses proved it. As he glanced at the driver he noticed he had, what some of his other Muslim cab driver friends had back in the UK.

What was supposed to be a second rearview mirror but he had his pointed down at the backseat from the chest to the legs so he could peek at the women’s knicker on eskort bayan gaziantep the backseat. He chuckled to himself and in between their kissing, he told Nasreen.

“You do know he can see me touching your pussy and your hard nipples with his second rearview mirror”

She moaned into his mouth as they kissed. Without a word, she moved her hand from Dawood’s neck as she started squeezing and caressing her breast and pulling on her nipple.

Her moans were getting louder as she kissed him. Dawood slipped his into her jeans, he could feel her dripping pussy. He knew she was ready to cum and knew exactly how to tip her over the edge. He leaned down and whispered in her ear

” You know he’s looking at us, seeing my hand in your jeans playing with wet slutty cunt. Why don’t you show him your bigs juicy tits so doesn’t have to imagine what they look like”

She couldn’t contain herself with a loud moan she slowly lifted her t-shirt and pulled out her tits, for someone of her age they sat proudly and perky. Dawood held her t-shirt up as her hand went back to caressing her breast, pulling her now rock hard nipple sent shock after shock of blissful pleasure to her cunt. Dawood bent his head down and placing her nipple into his mouth he sucked on it as if his life depended on it. He could not remember the last time he had seen or felt her nipples so hard, and now her hips were bucking against his fingers dancing on her clit, she spied the driver as he shuffled himself in the front seat trying to adjust his cock in his joggers.

She couldn’t help but gasp out loud and moan louder. The sly cab driver had been taken the scenic route and to try his luck he pulled up in the middle of nowhere. There were fields for miles and not another car insight as he turned and said

“Everything ok back there?”

Feeling to horny to stop Dawood lifted his head and was lost for words, but it was Nasreen who said

“We will be ok once you prove to us you have enjoyed watching us.”

“You want me to get in the back with you and show you?” He replied

“No,” Nasreen moaned “but you can come to this door and show me” She pointed to the door next to Dawood.

As he made his way round the cab she looked at Dawood and said,

“It has been so long since we have done anything like this.”

Dawood could feel her grinding hard against his fingers, just as the door opened and there stood the cab driver pulling down his joggers. He looked around 40ish an average-looking man with a little bit of belly, but what hung between his legs was a nice thick cock standing straight pointing at Nasreen. It reminded Dawood of himself in the days when he could get hard, it was about 8 inches long and thick, but uncut.

This always made Nasreen a bit hornier because it was so forbidden for a married Pakistani woman to even look at another man, let alone another man’s hard cock looking straight at her. If anyone were to find out they would never be able to live in their community, they would have to move away and lose everything, even their kids and grandkids. These thoughts ran through her head as Dawood’s fingers rubbed her clit, flooding her cunt with her dripping juices. But the sight of the drivers throbbing, twitching cock was looking so delicious. Turning to Dawood she asked….

“Should I be doing this we are Pakistani and we don’t do these things”

He pulled himself off her nipple and told her

“Well, that is not what your slutty dripping cunt is saying to me and who knows us here?”

This seemed to settle her mind, looking at the driver’s cock as he stroked it along his thick veined shaft she could see the build-up off pre-cum at the tip glistening in the moonlight, again she asks Dawood

“May I?”

Dawood thought she wanted to wank the driver just as she had done all those years ago at the cinema.

“Yes” He gaziantep bayan eskort replied still sucking on her nipple.

” You sure?” She asked.

“Go for it my sweet sexy slut”

He continued suckling hard on her nipples going from to the other, nibbling and pulling them with his teeth, which was driving her crazy already, she reached out and touched the driver’s cock, as it sent a wave of pleasure through him making him moan. She had forgotten she could make a man throb like that with just her touch, it gave her a buzz and a rush hit her clit with a bang, sending her into her next orgasm. It hit so intense she could not believe or remember anything like it. She bucked like a horse being broken in, but she didn’t take her eyes of this cock in front of her. She leaned over and with a swish of her tongue licked the pre-cum of the tip.

Nasreen moaned as his eyes rolled into the back of his head at the feel of her tongue against his cock, and as she swallowed his pre-cum down her throat it brought back the memories of the slut she once was. But this slut in her now was on a whole new level. Almost throwing herself at his cock she swallowed nearly half of it, as it hit the back of her throat making her choke and gag. It had been 10 years since she had a cock in her mouth, and she was enjoying every inch of it. As the cock filled her mouth it reminded her of Dawood, they were the same size in thickness and length and as she bobbed her head savoring the taste of his flesh in her mouth, and devouring every ounce of pre-cum.

Dawood watched in shocked as he wasn’t expecting this, but she looked the perfect hot, horny slut. He knew he shouldn’t be enjoying this moment, watching his Pakistani wife being a complete slut, but god help him he was loving it. If only his cock could still get hard he would have made of steal right now. Instead he was driving his fingers in and out of her dripping wet cunt driving her towards another orgasm, as she tried to get more of the drivers cock in her mouth.

She managed to drive another 2 inches deep down her throat. But deep down she knew she could take more, as she had always been able to deep throat Dawood in the past. Sensing her determination both Dawood and the driver placed a hand on her head driving her deeper onto the cock till her head was buried in his crotch. She was loving it, being treated like dirty slut. Dawood knew and started fingering her cunt harder and she was cumming with her throat full, muffling her moans.

She could feel the cab driver’s cock twitching in her throat, it hurt a little as it had been a long time since she had so much meat in her throat. Old memories came flooding back and she didn’t them to hold her in place anymore. Reaching out she grabbed his hips and pulled his cock in a little more, Dawood removed his hand and watched as her lust and hunger took over.

Feeling the drivers cock pulsing in her throat, she began fucking his cock with mouth and face. Dawood could feel she was almost about to cum, as her cunt began tightening around his fingers and she started bucking like a demon. This had the driver close to cumming as her mouth and throat started contracting around his cock, almost as if she was milking it with her throat. Just then they heard the driver groan out ” I’m cummminnggggggg”

Dawood expected Nasreen to pull of his cock but instead she took a stronger grip of his bum and held him deep in her throat, and as he shot his hot sticky load into her throat, she swallowed every drop for dear life. It had been so long and she wanted his cum so badly.

As the driver shot his load down her throat she came so hard squirting in her jeans. Now they looked like she had pissed herself. Dawood was shocked but happy for his wife, for she had got so much pleasure from this interlude and as he watched her lick the last of the cum from the now limp cock and the driver pull up his joggers he smiled.

As I nothing had just happened the driver returned to the wheel.

She turned kissed and hugged her husband and whispered in his ear

“I’ll give you a better kiss once I have cleaned my teeth to show how much I love you for that. My amazing husband that was the best orgasm of my life”

As she snuggled down in his arms they continued the rest of the way to the hotel.

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