Son’s Wish

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Double Penetration

This is the story that response from sxy_kitten’s audio story, ‘A Mother’s Love’. It’s first person-view story and I will play the role of the son who is 18.

Mom, please forgive me, but I couldn’t help it. I know it’s such a gorgeous day to wasting time in my room and watching you in the video which you took it from your vacation with that stunning bikini. NO, no, please don’t tell this to dad. He will go berserk and kill me for it. Obviously, it’s been quite a while, since I was 17 probably? Well, it’s not that I don’t have any interest in girls and their bodies. Yet, it’s hard to find the girl who can outmatch your beauty and body. Every time I see it, I found myself getting hot.

Huh? You knew it!?!? Of course I should’ve known for you’re my mom. Yet I am speechless.

Okay, so here I am at front of you, but what if dad and sister see us? Did they? That’s relief. If they saw us by ourselves, they might’ve wondered why we are together with ourselves. Yes, mom? What was that? I cannot believe it. My mom just said she wants to play with me. Is this a dream comes true, but what if it goes wrong? My goodness, she’s just laid herself right on my bed, MY freaking bed. Oh I am so scared but exciting. She just told me to touch her. Wow, I wouldn’t even imagined myself can actually touching her skin, and oh boy, how soft she can get? Even contour of her body makes me hot along with her moaning. I don’t know how long it will last, but if this is dream, I definitely don’t want to wake up from. You did? You even know what I’ve fantasized about and even wanted that!?!? You also saw me that peeking you with your bikini on from my window!? Uhm, not really, it makes me hot indeed, but didn’t do anything because of it.

Mom, what are you looking at? Oh shoot, I forgot I’m escort bayan şanlıurfa only on with my boxer shorts and she saw my dick getting growing hard. What was I thinking!?!? I beg your pardon, mom? Take them off?? But…. okay, I will. Who ever thought that I would’ve shown grown man’s dick to my mom. I used to do it but that’s when I was young, very young. I am now 18, and it’s really embarrassing. Yet, her eyes are just fixed on my tool and saying something. My mind is so blank and I can’t hear anything she said. I just don’t know what’ll happen next. Huh? Fucking YOU????? No no no, mom it’s not like that. I am not teasing you, but I can’t just fuck you, who are my mom, and………… oh she’s definitely not take ‘no’ for an answer. Uhm, well…I don’t know. Sweet stars, she’s playing with herself with her eyes are fixed on me! Look at her eye. Those are eyes of longing, eyes for desire, and eyes for lust. Her eyes are definitely not eyes for her loving son. Those are the eyes for the lover to fuck her good.

Okay, mom. Here I am right between my mom’s legs and watching her stroking herself. Obviously, you’ve known me that I’ve been screwing with few girls, and….now you. Okay mom, as your wish. Running my tongue right on my mom’s inner thighs and listening her moaning gets me going. Mom tells me to moving my tongue right across her cunt, and her cunt is…so masterful, is this reason why I’ve been so crazed about my mom? Yes, mom. I will be glad to follow your request. Oh damn, her cunt is even smooth and silk right on my tip and a bit of moist on it. Well, mommy, how about this? Oops, sorry mom. I thought being playful won’t hurt you a bit. Running my tip across right on my mom’s cunt is getting very hot for me. Who could escort gaziantep sarışın bayan ever imagine I can play with my mom’s cunt? This is so out of body experience. Look at this, my pre-cum mixed with my mom’s own juice. I want you so badly mom. Yes, right now and right at this moment. Wasting another moment is so boring. More teasing? Why not, I am so happy to oblige you, mom. What was it? Put my finger inside your cunt and fingering it hard? Sure, definitely mom.

Oh my, hearing your moaning is getting me more exciting. Your baby boy is willing and able to do anything you desire. Yes, I am getting very hard. I am getting very hard because of you, mom. Idea of fucking my own mom is just getting me nowhere but hardening my dick. Put my dick between your breasts and you are sucking it. Ohh, shoot, this is just getting wild. My cock, that glistened with mixture of my pre-cum and your juices, is so hard inside your mouth. Being sucked by my own mom is whole lot of different thing than being sucked by some college girls. Ohhh, mom this is so nice and hot. Now, I want you to turn your body over. Yes, mom, I want you on your belly. Don’t worry about whether I am ready or not, because I am always ready. I am already ready for you, mom. Ready to enter into you and fucking you.

Ummmm, ohhhhh, shoot, this is just hot and so freaking good. Enter into my mom’s cunt is so delirious. Oh really? You can feel my grown and hardened cock inside you? So am I, mom. I can feel your hot and juicy cunt with my cock in it. Oh yeah, mom, feels so nice. Yes, yeah, I am willing. I am willing and longing to fucking you, my mommy. You’re hot, wet, and so incredible. I don’t want to compare you to those girls who I’ve been mangled escort şehitkamil with on the bed at campus. It’s you who I wanted and you….OHHH darn! So incredible you are, mommy dearest. Do you like your baby boy ramming inside you harder like this? Do you like your boy thrusting and banging and hammering right into your cunt like this? Ohhhhhh, my dear mom, this definitely beats any other fucking I ever had with girls. Yes, this is your big boy whom you fucking with. I want to give my mommy pleasure that only you deserve. Do you mean it, mom? Do you really mean it you want to play every fantasy I had about you? Ohhhhhhh, yes mom, this was one of them.

Ohhhhh, so good to feeling your nipple and your cunt with each other hand. Giving pleasure to my mom is what I want now. Oh yeah, mom, I want to cum inside your cunt and cumming hard. So, here you go. I put my cock into my mom’s cunt and thrusting deep and hard. Pistoning my hips right onto my mom’s rear and bashing you right inside. Oh mom, oh mommy, I can feel it. Can you feel it? Can you feel your big boy is entering inside you and banging you like a ragdoll? NNNNGGGGGHHHHHH, mom, ohhhh, my dear mom, you are so hot and slutty with me.

Yes, Oh yeahhh, mom, I am getting closer. I am about to burst right inside your body. Yes, the body of my mom whom I ever wanted to fuck with. Ohhh, mom, yes, yes, I am getting near. I am so freaking getting near…HHHHHNNNNNGGG, oh mommy, you want me to cum with you? Is that what you want…Oh yeah..then..then…MMMMMHHHHHHHHNNNNGGG, OOOHHHHHHHH, shoot , shoot, SHOOOT!!! RRRRRR, NNNNGGGGG! Oh wow, that was super. I’ve never imagined fucking my own mommy can be this hot and sexy. Speaking of sexy, mom, no one can come close to you.

Yes, mom? You want me to come closer to you and cuddle you? Oh boy, that is what I wanted. I gently cuddling and stroking my mom’s back and patting it gently. Thanks for letting me having fun with you, mom. I loved it, and I loved every freaking moment with you right on this bed. Your body, your moaning, and your sex are the most stunning and hottest things I ever had in my life. Really? You promise we can do this again? Oh boy, I can’t wait.

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