Starship Starseeker Ch. 07


Starship Starseeker Chapter 7

The next morning, after another big breakfast, they were off for Lesbos and then New India soon after that. They wished their hosts goodbye before they went off to work the ranch and were off into space again.

“What do you mean that we can’t leave the ship while you’re on Lesbos?” Brad asked his sisters angrily.

“Lesbos is a woman only planet,” Jo responded to her brother. “You boys can wait on the ship in orbit right after you drop us off,” Joalice told her twin, trying her best to soothe him.

“What are we supposed to do while you’re on the planet?” Mike continued.

“We were hoping that you could watch a few porn videos and jerk off into refrigerated containers so that we could have a good cum omelette when we got back,” Abbie told them.

Mike, Adam and Erik looked at each other in disbelief.

“That’s not going to happen,” Mike said calmly.

“Absolutely not,” Adam confirmed Mike’s sentiment.

“No way!” Erick chimed in. “You go enjoy your girl time and I’ll be waiting for your return,” Erick told Abbie. “And then you can eat as much cum as you want, but it will be fresh out of my cock,” Erik said firmly.

The girls didn’t understand the boy’s reluctance. They had always been happy to help them with an omelette before, what was so different now. Jo had a feeling that it had something more to do with three guys masturbating together more than the idea of making the omelette. Then again, it had been the girls who had given them hand jobs the previous times they’d asked for a contribution. Once Jo explained this to her sisters in private before they reached Eden, they didn’t ask again.

As they orbited Lesbos, they were contacted by the planetary authorities and were sent the non-negotiable guidelines for visiting their planet. Visitors could not stay for more than 30 days without getting a work visa and finding a job on the planet. And if they stayed 90 days, they had to declare citizenship. Nudity was not allowed and sex with other women was allowed only between single women or with the permission of a married woman’s spouse.

“That’s a little more restrictive that I would’ve imagined,” Sam told her sisters as they orbited the lesbian only planet.

“They’re not Utopian, even though lesbianism is allowed on every Utopian planet,” Abbie mused.

“You’re about to have a chance to ask them for yourselves,” Mike told them. “We’ve been cleared to land.”

It was more of a dust off than a landing. As soon as the Starseeker touched down and the girls stepped off with their bag of clothes, the ship was off again. They had only been given a 10-minute window to land, disembark and for the male pilot to boost back into space again. Mike set the ship in a parking orbit and the boys grabbed some beers and snacks, leaned back in the theater chairs and watched some of the old movies Gabby had sent along. They finally settled on some old Sci Fi movies with aliens and space battles.

Down on Lesbos, the girls had found a bar that seemed to be full of single women. It was comfortable and feminine, with nearly all of the women couples engaged in deep conversation. They quickly spotted three single women just taking a table in the back of the bar. Abbie asked the bartender what the trio was drinking and sent them a round on her. Spotting their benefactors sitting at the bar, one of the women raised her glass and motioned for them to come join them at the table.

Camille, Summer and Amber were their names and they were visitors too. They admitted that they had initially been lured to Lesbos with the idea that they were going to have sex with a lot of the local women, but that just hadn’t been the case. It seemed that very few of the locals were swingers and just enjoyed living with their wives or dedicated girlfriends. The only sex they’d found were when other single travelers entered this bar.

Jo explained that they were sisters who had also come to Lesbos looking for a little girly action. “We’re from New India,” Camille told them. “We just graduated from an all-girls boarding school. We became more than friends a few months ago when we turned eighteen,” She said.

“We’ve known each other since we started high school together. Our friendship just naturally led to intimacy between each other. We had discovered together that we liked having sex with each other, so we booked our graduation trip here,” Amber explained. “Our parents know that we’re lovers and thought that since we were now adults; we should start to determine our sexual identities and preferences,” she added.

“My sisters and I are bisexual. We like girls and boys. What about you?” Sam asked them.

“As far as I know none of us have ever been with a man like that,” Summer admitted.

Her friends confirmed that they were virgins as well.

“You must not be Utopians then,” Abbie surmised. “If you were, your fathers would’ve taken your virginity near your eighteenth birthday,” she told their shocked new friends.

“Are escort gaziantep ucuz bayan you Utopians?” Camille asked, wide eyed. “We’ve heard that you practice incest. Was the first man you ever had sex with your father?

Abbie nodded her head. “Sam and Jo too,” Abbie confirmed.

“You let your father fuck you?” Summer asked incredulously.

“I didn’t let him fuck me,” Sam corrected. “It was more of me asking him to take my cherry. I could’ve chosen anyone to fuck me for the first time after turning eighteen. I begged my father to take my virginity. We didn’t fuck either, we made love,” Sam told their disbelieving new friend. “A girl’s father is the first man to ever love her. Our fathers loved us before we were even born. They love us unconditionally too,” Sam explained.

“My mother awakened me on our birthday with breakfast and then lesbian sex,” Sam said. “My Daddy took my virginity in front of the community. My parents and I make love often. Mike, my brother, was the second man I had sex with. We’ve enjoyed all types of sex in the nearly two years since we turned eighteen,” Sam told the newly declared lesbian women.

“If you’ve never had cock you don’t know whether you’re lesbian or bisexual,” Jo explained.

“Wow! I’ve never thought of that,” Camille answered.

“We have three young men on our ship that would love to show you what a cock feels like,” Jo told the girls.

“You have your own ship? You didn’t use a scheduled shuttle?” Amber asked, obviously impressed.

“It belongs to us and our brother,” Jo nodded. “My brother along with Sam and Abbie’s boyfriends are just waiting for our call to come get us,” Jo affirmed.

“We booked a three-week vacation here, but our flight back home was cancelled. We’ll have to get jobs in two days, or we’ll be heavily fined. Without the money to get home, we’ll be stuck here,” Camille said.

“We can give you a ride home,” Jo volunteered. “We were going to stay a week or two, but if there’s not much girl-on-girl action here, we may as well leave tomorrow for New India ourselves,” she said. “That’s the next planet we want to visit,” she said.

Abbie and Sam agreed enthusiastically. Without the promise of outstanding Sapphic lovemaking, what was the point of hanging around?

“We have a hotel next to the spaceport. You girls can stay with us and we’ll boost tomorrow afternoon,” Jo offered.

“Did you get three rooms or just one?” Summer asked.

“Just one,” Sam replied.

“Do they know that you three are sisters?” Summer asked Sam.

“Yes, we told them that we were sisters when we checked in from the ship while we were still in orbit,” Sam affirmed, “Why do you ask?”

“Incest laws are very strict here,” Summer explained. “These people don’t agree with many aspects of Utopianism. Incest is especially detested,” Summer clarified. “You will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law; Life in prison!”

“There was only that one room left when I booked it,” Abbie said.

“Did you get three separate beds?” Amber asked.

“I got one large bed instead of the three singles they offered!”

“I wouldn’t go back to the hotel then,” Amber warned them. “The police are probably already there. They’ll definitely take you in for questioning, and might even put you in jail,” she told the Maxwell girls.

“I guess we’ll have to stay out all night,” Sam offered. “What is there to do around here?” Sam asked. “The earliest we can leave is tomorrow morning,” she said.

‘Bars close at midnight. If you’re giving us a ride, it seems like the least we could do is put you up for the night. You could share our room,” Camille told them.

“We have one big bed!” Summer offered. “Just enough room for the six of us if we all sleep in a 69 position,” Summer laughed.

Jo contacted Mike and told them that they would need to be picked up in the morning as soon as possible. Mike checked the schedule and told him that he could land at 5300 hours, no sooner. When he asked what the trouble was, Joalice replied that they had underestimated the non-Utopian sentiment on the planet and begged Mike to take them away ASAP.

Arriving back at the hotel room that their new friends had booked, everyone stripped down and took a nice hot shower together. While this was routine for Utopians, it was a new experience for the New Indian girls. Camille and Sam had been talking and flirting most of the night, so it made sense that they helped bathe each other. Summer had a thing for redheads and she and Abbie paired up. Summer found the tiny triangle of Abbie’s red pubic hair to be the icing on the cake. The small arrowhead would lead her right to Abbie’s juicy cunt. That left Jo and Amber to wash each other. It didn’t really matter who washed who initially, they would all be switching partners throughout the night.

On board Starseeker, the unwanted males went to bed fairly early after binge watching a half dozen Sci-Fi blockbusters escort gaziantep ukraynalı bayan from the mid-21st century. They discussed what they would do if their home planets were attacked by evil alien forces. Mike was describing how he would take the whole family aboard the Isabella and wiping out the alien spacecraft before they could attack. After a series of more and more ridiculous scenarios, Erik finally wondered why nobody from the Confederation had ever encountered a different species on any planet they’d explored.

“Who knows?” Mike asked. “Maybe if we use these interdimensional routes more, we will finally run into beings from these new dimensions,” He suggested.

“If it’s so easy to slide between dimensions, why haven’t we seen Interdimensional beings ever visit any Confederation planets before?” Erik asked.

“There are many legends on Earth about strange visitors interacting with mankind for several thousand years. Maybe that’s who was visiting us?” Adam said.

As the conversation grew deeper, Erik was the first to claim tiredness and tell everyone goodnight. Mike and Adam soon followed; their minds full of questions about humans’ place in the Universe.

The Maxwell girls taught their new friends several things that the younger women had never experienced before. They were used to kissing and fondling each other, licking each other’s cunts and rubbing their clits together. Amber went crazy when Jo started licking her asshole. Soon, Abbie and Sam were doing the same with their sex partners.

Having her asshole probed by Abbie’s tongue while Abbie slid three fingers in and out of her sopping pussy sent Camille into orgasmic convulsions. Watching their friend have the most powerful orgasm they’d ever witnessed, sent Summer and Amber over the edge too.

After a short rest, Abbie convinced Camille to try tasting her asshole. Abbie positioned herself so that her asshole was centimeters away from Camille’s mouth. Camille tentatively stuck her tongue closer to Abbie’s puckered sphincter until her tongue touched the sensitive rosebud. Camille quickly took her tongue away, expecting that Abbie’s asshole would taste disgusting. When it wasn’t, Camille tried it again, spending more time in contact and even inserting the tip of her tongue inside Abbie’s hole.

Amber and Summer, who had been watching Camille carefully touch Abbie’s butthole, sighed in relief when their friend dove right in, licking Abbie’s butthole and sliding her tongue deep into Abbie’s back door. Encouraged by Camille’s reaction they both joined the anal play with Jo and Sam. Camille had to sit on Sam’s face to keep her from getting too loud. All they needed was for the hotel manager to come up and find six people in a three-person room.

They fucked until the clock showed 0400 hours. Their passion satiated, the girls all got up and showered together, got dressed and were getting ready to make their way to the spaceport when Amber spotted the two envelopes that had been slid under the door. It was a bill for the whole three weeks for six people. Apparently, they had been discovered last night with three other women in their room.

Thank goodness they didn’t know that three of the women were sisters and had been engaging in incestual relationships occasionally throughout the night. The second envelope was from the Immigration Department summoning Amber, Summer and Camille to report to the office and get their work visa or pay a hefty fine. They had been on Lesbos for thirty days. Their time was up.

“They’re a day early!” Summer exclaimed. “We don’t have to do anything until tomorrow. We’ll be off this planet before then!” Summer said.

Sam looked at the letter. “It says that you arrived on Lesbos at 2358 on the 10th. That’s 30 days.” Abbie told them.

“Two fucking minutes?” They’re going to penalize us for being on their fucked-up planet for an extra 2 fucking minutes?” Amber raged.

“You’re supposed to call in to their office by 0600 or the police will come here to collect you.” Abbie advised them. “We’d better get our asses in gear and get to the port right now!”

Leaving behind the few possessions they’d brought with them, the girls broke into two groups and headed for the spaceport separately, taking different routes. It was 0530 on the nose when Mike landed Starseeker at the port. He had 10 minutes to collect his sisters and get back into space. The government of Lesbos treated men like a deadly disease that they didn’t want to be exposed to. Mike had just dropped the ramp when three women he’d never met swarmed into the ship and hid behind anything they could.

“Your sisters will be here any minute,” Camille shouted as she crouched behind the control console. “We’re all being chased by the police!”

“I see the girls!” Erik told Mike as he spotted Abbie and her sisters making their way to the ship, taking cover from a group of police officers in pursuit.

Mike was standing by the escort gaziantep üniversiteli bayan ramp to close it as soon as the girls made it aboard.

“Run for it!” Jo shouted as she sprinted the 15 meters from their place of hiding to the awaiting spacecraft.

Abbie and Sam were at her heels as she hit the ramp of Starseeker. Mike hit the button for the ramp to close and lifted the ship as the ramp just started to come up. By the time the hatch closed and was made secure, the ramp was up and they were in sub-orbital flight. Nobody said a word until Mike had jumped toward New India. Finally, Jo came forward and told her brother what the problem with the police was all about. She explained that the other women were her guests and that they all needed some rest.

Mike called down to the planet and explained that his sisters were all only twelve years old and had slept together all of their lives. The authorities scolded Mike for sending such young girls all alone to Lesbos with nobody there to look over them. Mike apologized and paid the expenses of putting the police through such difficulties. He then contacted the hotel they’d stayed at for one night and paid for all of the girls for the entire three weeks. He didn’t want to leave any legal problems behind on Lesbos.

Mike, Adam and Erik sat with Mike and watched him feed the coordinates of New India into ALI. After about an hour, Mike went back to check on Jo. She was soundly asleep, wrapped in the arms of one of her new friends. Sam and Abbie were also sleeping with their new passengers. Mike was definitely interested in the story his sisters would tell about their visit. While ALI navigated their way to New India, the guys put on another Sci-Fi movie and relaxed until the girls woke up.

It was nearly 1800 hours when Jo came shuffling into the galley, leading one of her new friends. “Hi sleepyhead,” Mike greeted his twin sister, giving her a passionate kiss. “Who is your new friend,” Mike asked, referring to the hot, naked strawberry blonde following JoJo. Amber was trying her hardest not to cover her breasts with her hand and run back to the safety of her clothes. Jo had no problem standing completely naked in front of her equally naked brother as he went about the task of making a pot of coffee.

“Mike, this is Amber,” Joalice introduced her new friend. “She’s a little shy about being nude in front of you, she’s not Utopian,” Jo explained.

“Welcome aboard,” Mike said, taking Amber’s her nude body into his arms for a warm Utopian greeting hug and kisses on the cheeks.

Amber didn’t hug him back; her arms were by her sides and body was as stiff as a board. Amber blushed deeply as the skin on her stomach burned from the contact with Mike’s large flaccid cock.

“It’s alright,” Jo assured her new friend. “It’s our way of saying hello,” Jo explained, showing Amber how it was done by demonstrating the greeting with Mike.

Jo noticed that Amber was staring at Mike’s big cock. Jo went up to Mike and took his limp pecker in her hand. “It’s harmless, see?” Jo laughed. “Would you like to touch it?”

“I thought that they were always hard,” Amber said innocently.

“We’ve been naked together every day and slept together naked nearly every night since we were babies. He doesn’t get hard except when he knows that he’s going to have sex. He’s my boyfriend now,” Joalice told her friend. “We have sex together all the time. Would you like to see me get it hard?” Jo asked.

Amber could only nod her head slowly. “She doesn’t know very much about sex yet, she thinks that she’s a lesbian,” Jo told Mike. “I want to teach her about cock too,” Jo explained to her twin brother.

“If that’s the case, let’s go back to the bed then,” Mike suggested.

Mike led the way back to the orgy room where they found Erik laying on his back with his cock firm and Abbie was showing Camille how to stroke it. Summer and Sam were doing the same with Adam. Mike laid back on the bed while Jo demonstrated to Amber how his now flaccid cock could become fully erect with just a little attention. Amber softly touched Mike’s cock under Jo’s tutelage and Mike used his PC muscles to make it jump. Amber shrieked and jumped back as if she had awakened a snake.

“Stop that!” JoJo chastised Mike while soothing the young woman. Finally, with Mike behaving, Jo had Amber stroking his cock until it was nearly hard.

Amber looked at her girlfriends and noticed that they had the boy’s penises in their mouths. Jo noticed where Amber was looking and demonstrated how to take the cockhead into her mouth, urging Amber to follow her example. It was a little stretch for Amber to open her mouth wide enough to engulf Mike’s cock, but when she did, she was fascinated by how soft and hard Mike’s cock was at the same time. The slippery, slightly salty taste of Mike’s pre-cum reminded her of the feel of pussy juice in her mouth. It wasn’t unpleasant at all.

Amber pulled her head back with a big grin on her face. Jo kissed Amber, sharing the slippery pre-cum with each other. Jo went down on her brother’s cock again for a few strokes in her mouth before letting Amber retake control of Mike’s cock. Amber found that it was a little easier to take Mike’s cock in her mouth this time and slide her lips up and down the wet shaft. As she sucked, more and more of Mike’s fluids filled her senses. Amber felt Jo’s tongue flick across her asshole and her fingers press into her cunt.

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