Step-Daughter’s New Shoes

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I was looking forward to a long lazy Saturday. My step-daughter was visiting for the weekend, and she and my wife were planning to be getting in an afternoon full of retail therapy, and I planned to stay at home. I’d have a chance to surf Literotica and a variety of other websites that stirred my imagination. But, not everything turns out the way we planned.

As I was getting comfortable in front in my computer, I heard someone coming down the stairs. Turning, I watched my wife Laurie enter and cross the room. She was dressed to impress, a white blouse that showed the lacy bras covering her large breasts under it, a black skirt which ended just above the knees and a sexy pair of black open-toed stilettos. She knows what the look of ladies in sexy shoes does to me and I was pleasantly contemplating having this view in my mind throughout the afternoon as she got closer.

She stepped between my spread knees and, as my hands slipped under her skirt along the sides of her thighs, she leaned forward to kiss me deeply. My fingers lightly traced the elastic lace at the tops of her stockings, and my cock stirred as my mind wandered after my fingers. Laurie stood up, her hands clamped down on mine, holding them in place through the material of her skirt and she smiled as I looked up at her from my seated position.

“Get ready,” she spoke plainly, “you’re coming shopping with us.”

She immediately waved off my look of reluctance with a telling glance f her own.

“We’re going shopping for shoes and you’re coming too. I’ll even let you walk behind us so you can admire the ones we’re wearing now. And I’ll make sure you get what you deserve later.”

My mind was working quickly and a smile crept over my face. The anticipation of a long slow tease was too good to ignore and I nodded as we heard her daughter coming down the stairs.

Laurie stepped back and turned to meet he daughter as my hands slipped fro beneath her skirt. My step-daughter Molly was as tall as her mother at six feet, as well developed, and as nicely dressed. She also wore a skirt which ended above her knees, displaying her muscular calves. Over this she wore a snug red sweater that accentuated her curves. On her feet were a very classy pair of black patent leather pumps. Like her mother’s these had a slender three-inch heel that certainly helped to define her sexy calf muscles.

With visions of erotic rewards dancing in my head, I decided that chauffeuring the ladies could be productive use of my otherwise idle afternoon. And I certainly couldn’t complain about the prospect of the sexy visual these two ladies with their skirts, hose and heels would be providing me on our shopping trip. The scene was even sweeter for the fact that while Laurie would know exactly what was on my mind, our sweet daughter was seemingly oblivious to the distraction their sexy legs and shoes would be providing me.

I spent the afternoon in a distracted trace, following the ladies on their shopping journey. Each time I sat on the mall benches outside of their chosen stores, I was able to watch the parade of well-dressed ladies go by. The constant sight of calves and more; legs, ankles and feet, sexy shoes and sexy bodies; was enough to make me forget my earlier intention to remain at home. More than once Laurie startled me by catching me as I was watching some particularly delectable girl walk by. She knew the game and enjoyed the state it ready created in my imaginative male mind.

My delightful afternoon was drawing to close as my two ladies entered one of their favourite shoe stores. I was directed to a bench outside the shop, and unfortunately the one which might allow me views of them trying on shoes was taken by a young family. So I sat with my back to the store and amused myself watching the passing people.

After about 45 minutes my cell phone rang. Not surprisingly, it was my wife checking up on me, as we sometimes did when separated in a larger store or mall and watched to make contact to meet up again.

“I think you need to come in here,” she said.

“On my way.” I responded even as I realized the connection was ended.

I walked into the store to find my wife standing near the cash beside a petite sales clerk. The clerk was impeccably dressed in a black knit dress, belted with a shiny back leather belt, and wearing very cute pink Mary Jane pumps. As my eyes rose again I then noticed her strawberry blonde hair and a pair of piercing green eyes that sparkled with an impish demeanor.

I immediately checked Laurie’s feet for new shoes and saw that she was now wearing a pair in contrasting white and black patent leather. The closed toecaps reflected the ceiling lights, and the shoes’ uppers met at the top of her arch where they were very neatly laced together and tied with a bow. Slender black heels completed her sexy footwear and they were a good inch taller than the ones she had started the day with. The black and white motif neatly complemented Laurie’s white blouse and black skirt. escort gaziantep vip bayan

I looked up at my wife, for these shoes put her three inches over my own height and smiled.

“Very nice,” I said.

“Can I have them?” she asked.

“I suppose so,” was my tentative response, as if I knew where this game was going.

“Oh goody,” she said quickly, and then to the clerk at her side, “he’ll pay.”

I could see that one coming, I thought as I reached for my wallet. I stepped up to the cash and laid my credit card on the counter. I could feel my wife move close to me and her hand touched and then gently kneaded my ass. And then, to use an appropriate pun, the other shoe dropped.

“Molly found something she likes too,” my wife whispered in my ear, “do you think you can buy two pairs?”

I hardly needed to look to see the devilish glint in my wife’s eye, or her teasing smile. We both turned as Molly came out from between the racks of shoes. She waked carefully, slightly unfamiliar with the height of her new heels, but she was obviously growing more comfortable with every step.

Her new shoes were as high at the heel as her mothers, a very sexy five inches. But the style was completely different. Open toed sling-backs, the glossy black sides and narrow upper strap were of shiny black patent leather, edged with shiny red along the edges of the soles and along the top edge of the black leather upper. The shiny black stiletto heels matched her mothers in thinness and height. To complete the image, the red leather edging exactly matched the bright red polish that she had on her toenails.

My step-daughter walked towards us, and my answer caught in my throat as I watched the firm muscles of her calves flex with each step. I was mesmerized until my wife leaned close and put her lips beside my ear.

“Close your mouth dear, and tell her if you’ll buy her that pretty new pair of shoes.”

“Uh,” I stumbled on my words, “yes, yes I will, if she’d like that.”

“Good boy,” my wife whispered.

She turned to her daughter, saying, “I told you I could convince him to buy us shoes.”

Molly’s face lit up with a big smile and she stepped close to me on the side opposite her mother’s position. Between these two buxom women, I was very aware that both of them in their heels were taller than my 6-foot, 1-inch height by a few inches.

With a quick kiss on my cheek Molly whispered in my ear, “Thank you daddy.”

She’d never called me that before, and I wasn’t even sure I’d heard it correctly as she turned on one heel. I was captivated by the sight of her walking away across the store to practice with her new shoes. Laurie had to jostle me back to reality again in order to get my focus back on the task she’d given me. With a small sigh and a big grin turned back to the clerk. “Mr Visa” was about to get a very worthwhile workout.

The salesgirl rang up the sale and handed me the receipt. As I put it away in my wallet I watched her close the lids of two shoe boxes holding the shoes that Laurie and Molly had started our shopping trip wearing. She slipped both boxes into a large pink shopping back and offered me the joined handles. I glanced around in time to see the ladies step out of the store into the mall and resigned myself to carrying this bag as I followed them. I reached for the bag.

As I took it, the salesgirl smiled at me, saying, “You are a good boy aren’t you.”

I looked into her big green eyes and answered politely with a grin, “Yes ma’am.”

She smiled as I quietly walked out of the store, looking to catch up to my two ladies

I followed Laurie and her daughter as they walked through the mall, each getting comfortable and more confident with the new heels they wore. All of my attention was on their shoes and calves and the sexy way their bodies bodies moved in their skirts and tops as they walked. I was certain that Laurie knew what was going through my mind, and that we both knew that any serious relief for me would have to wait until Molly’s visit ended and she went back home.

After a circuitous trip around the mall, which included my being cornered a few times to be asked what I though of the ladies’ new shoes, we eventually headed back to the car. Although Laurie had driven us to the mall, I was asked to take the wheel on the way home. Molly sat in the back and Laurie in the front passenger seat. Laurie sat half-turned to chat with our passenger, and made sure she kept physical contact with me throughout the trip.

As we pulled into the driveway, the ladies decided that they needed a chance to sit and relax, and that I could pour them each a glass of wine. Obediently, I headed for the kitchen to open a bottle of wine. The ladies headed upstairs to put away their purchases. Laurie came back downstairs first and cornered me in the kitchen, her deep wet kiss told me she was turned on by our little secret, and her hand stroking my escort gaziantep yabancı bayan crotch confirmed for her my own state of arousal.

“Poor Mikey,” she whispered, “you’ll just have to keep behaving until I can get you alone, and naked.”

“Yes ma’am,” I whispered in return.

Her fingertips stroked across my hard nipples, and disappeared suddenly as we heard Molly coming down the stairs. She met her daughter and took her by the hand. Both ladies still wore their new heels and the headed into the living room.

I handed each of them a glass of Chardonnay as they sat down on the leather love seat. I settled into one of the armchairs facing them and watched as they crossed their legs to display one shoe each above the ottomans’ between us. Molly let her sling back dangle from her pretty toes.

They enjoyed their first glass of wine while I sipped a scotch and wondered what was next. I figured that Laurie was up to something, I just didn’t know what . . . yet. I rose to grab the bottle and refill their empty glasses. As I set it on a side table, the the next state in the plan started to become clear.

“Don’t sit down,” Laurie said.

I turned, about to ask why I shouldn’t, and saw why. She held a container of massage cream and was pointing at the ottoman in front of her.

“Our feet need a massage after wearing these shoes,” she explained.

Obediently, I sat in front of her and she lifted one foot to place it on my lap. I untied the laces of her shoe and opened the shoe enough to gently slide it off her foot. She removed her bare foot and offered me the other shoe to remove. Once I had done that, she held out the massage cream.

“Take your time,” she instructed, smiling at me

The girls chatted about their day, their plans for the week, and about nothing at all as I carefully massaged the cream into Laurie’s feet. Occasionally the sensations were enough to make her halt in mid-sentence and it was apparent to all of us that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Carefully I massaged along the length of her sole, working gently over the muscles in the arch of her feet. I caressed her ankle and with long deep strokes of my fingertips spread the cream up to the muscles of her calf on each leg. My fingertips slipped between her toes, and then each toe was gently pulled and stroked between the tips of my thumb and fingers. As I finished each foot, I heard Molly’s soft gasp of surprise match Laurie’s soft pleasurable purr as I kissed the tip of Laurie’s big toe.

“Am I next,” Molly asked.

“Of course,” responded her mother, “he paid for the shoes, he can ensure we enjoy wearing them by massaging out feet afterwards.”

Laurie watched as I turned toward her daughter and took Molly’s bare foot in my hands. She watched to make sure that I was as thorough with Molly’s feet as I had been with hers. Carefully, I massaged Molly’s feet, focusing on her soles, ankles and toes. Twice as I was working on her daughter’s feet Laurie made observations to ensure that my service met her own standards.

“Don’t forget her calves, that’s where the muscles tighten up wearing such tall heels,” she said.

Then, as I was finishing with Molly’s first foot and getting ready to lower it to the ottoman beside me, Laurie gave me her next instruction.

“That’s not how you finished with mine,” she declared, “Molly deserves the same treatment I got.”

Carefully, I lifted Molly’s foot as I lowered my head. Pursing my lips I kissed the tip of my step-daughter’s big toe as Laurie spoke again.

“Good boy,” she said, as her hand brushed through my short hair.

I probably blushed, but was most likely already too hot for it to be noticeable.

Molly blushed too, and on her it was very noticeable. Still, she changed feet and lay back on the love seat as I held her other foot in one hand and reached for more cream with the other. Laurie watched to make sure I was doing as she wanted and then got up from her seat. She picked up her shoes and announced that she would start dinner while we finished up.

I relaxed and focused on my task. Carefully I made sure that Molly’s other foot was massaged as carefully and completely as her mother’s had been and her first foot had been treated. We were alone as I finished with her toes and I looked up at her to see if she was going to take her foot from my hands. With a wink and smile she pursed her lips quickly and blew me a little kiss. Knowing what she meant, I lowered my head and kissed the tip of her big toe while imagining giving her feet a thorough tongue bath.

Dinner was uneventful, and I had a quite few hours while Laurie drove her daughter home. I spent the time surfing Literotica and enjoying images on line that I had happily missed during the afternoon. I did notice that my surfing tended to focus on sexy feet and shoes even more than usual. And dominant women with sexy shoes found themselves in my saved escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan images folders more than a few times.

I was startled when the phone rang and picked it up to hear Laurie’s voice.

“I’m about a half-hour away,” she said, “time for you to get cleaned up and get naked for me.”

“Yes ma’am,” I responded quickly.

“. . . and get ready to get spanked like a bad boy,” she added as the line went dead.

I shut down the house for the night, turning off all of the electronics and leaving on only those lights she would need. Next, I hit the showers, washing and shaving in anticipation of an evening of fun.

Knowing her expectations, I laid out the towels she would want handy and placed the manacles on my wrists and ankles. The blindfold was on the night table and our toys were readily accessible for her to choose the ones she wanted, if any.

I sat on the edge of the bed and listened as she came in. Laurie wasted no time coming up to the bedroom, and I noticed that she had added her new shoes once more to her outfit of blouse and skirt.

“Well boy, buying us shoes was very nice, but we do have to do something about those thoughts you were having. I think a spanking is in order.”

“Yes ma’am,” I responded meekly, my emotions a mix of trepidation and eagerness,

I stood aside as Laurie positioned herself on the end of the bed. Carefully, I lowered my naked body across her lap. The soft fabric of her skirt caressed my cock as it pressed down between her thighs.

“Remember,” she explained, “this is for having lusty thoughts as you watched our daughter’s legs and feet today, and for the ones you certainly had when you were massaging her feet.”

I gasped as her strong and firm left hand came down on my bare ass again and again. I could feel the flesh warming as she spanked me firmly and tried my best to lie still. Eventually her pace slowed. Then changing to her right hand, she directed her attention to spanking between my legs. The area behind my balls was her target of attention, back to and including my anus itself. I squirmed and moaned at this erotic assault, my mind unable to decide if I wanted it to stop, or to continue.

Finally, as my gasps for breath became shorter and shorter, Laurie stopped spanking me. At her direction I got off her lap and let her guide me into position on our king size bed. Working quickly, she secured my wrists and ankles so that I was spread-eagled and exposed for her pleasure. Once I was secure, she slipped a blindfold over my eyes and I was left to wait until she decided to play with me.

I didn’t have to wait long before I felt Laurie’s lubricated fingers slipping between my legs. She lubricated my anus and swiftly replaced her fingers with a thick prostate massager anal plug. I moaned and squirmed as it slid to its full depth, and wriggled on its base once it settled into place and put pressure exactly where it was designed to simulate.

I felt Laurie move up to lie beside me on the bed. It was a position we were both comfortable with, and her nipple settled into my sucking mouth. I moaned against her soft breast as I felt her knowing fingers start to stroke my sensitive nipples.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, “you are such a good little slut when you’re horny. It looked like you enjoyed yourself today.”

“Yes ma’am,” I whispered past the nipple in my mouth.

“It’s a good thing she has no idea what you’re thinking. If she did you might have to lick and suck those toes of hers quite thoroughly to satisfy her. And I’d have to give her permission to order to to massage her feet, or anything else, whenever she wanted it.”

Laurie assessed my agreement by the suction I was applying to her hard nipple.

“In fact,” she continued, as her fingertip stroked through the pre-come on the head of my hard cock, “I’d have you licking all these juices from her toes while we enjoy our wine.”

Laurie smiled as I moaned at the thought. Licking my dripping pre-come from my step-daughter toes, at the direction of my wife, was an incredibly hot image. It was only made more so by our knowing that Molly wouldn’t think that my glances at her sexy shoes, or my massaging of her feet could include such thoughts. I could only wonder what she had thought of her mother instructing me to kiss her feet after massaging each of them.

Laurie continued to stroke my hard cock, taking me closer and closer to orgasm. Occasionally she would pause and slide her come covered fingers between my lips to be sucked dry. I tasted my own juices like a starving man, and begged for more. I imagined licking them from Molly’s feet, and from the slick leather of her shoes. And I thought of so many other ways the two sexy ladies could feed me my dripping come.

Laurie’s hand closed around my cock once more.

“Tomorrow,” she whispered, “we’re going to play with a few nice big toys for your ass. But for tonight, you’ve been a good boy and I want to watch you explode. And maybe one of these days, we’ll just have to take Molly shopping for a skirt at Northbound Leather.”

The image of my step-daughter in a sexy leather skirt, bought at a fetish-wear shop, combined with Laurie’s pumping hand, was too much. I groaned deeply as my body tensed between the bonds that held me down. I felt the first spurt of come fall across my right nipple and the following spurts fall on my stomach.

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