Stepdad Carl Pt. 08

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Getting ready for University was hard for me, I would not be with Dad anymore, he would be on his own, after being with me. I dreaded having to say goodbye to him, it would be months before he and I would be together once I left. I knew a long time ago I was in love with this man I called Dad, he and I not your normal stepfather and step son relationship.

Packing my stuff, getting ready for the long trip to University, my best friend and I doing the long drive together. No one knew about Dad and I, but I knew I would be in tears when Dad and I said our goodbyes. Being honest I think Billy my best friend suspected something was going on with Dad and I. I guess it was the way we looked at each other, I loved the man and I knew he loved me too.

Once we got my bags in Billy’s car Dad and I stood next to each other, having to say goodbye to him would be heart wrenching. Dad and I stayed up most of the night the sex incredible as always, Dad held me, I started to cry more than once while in Dad’s arms our last night together. Dad held me as I broke down in his arms, he and I kissed Dad guiding me to the car, putting my seatbelt on closing the car door.

Dad was in tears as well, he could not hold back, he waved us off as Billy drove us to our futures. After a few miles down the road, I finally got my feeling in check.

“Tommy man are you okay, you and your Dad sure are close, my parents waved me off like they were glad to see me go, you and your Dad I have never seen such emotion from two grown men.” Billy said to me.

“Dad and I have been close for years now, after Mom died he and I only had each other, so we bonded like a real father and son should.” I said to him.

“Come on Tommy me and my Dad have never been as close as you and your Dad are, I wish my Dad was like your Dad is with you, my Dad has a hard time to shake my hand.” Billy said his eyes welling up.

“Not sure why but Dad and I are close, I mean really close I can tell him anything, he was the first one I told when I came out. He never judged me, he was kind caring, he held me as I cried telling him who I really was.” I said to Billy.

“Tommy man I can never tell my Dad I’m you know that way, that I am into dudes, you’re the only one I ever told, no one in my family knows who I really am.” Billy said to me.

“Glad I can be here for you Billy, you are afterall my best friend, I love you man.” I told Billy leaning in to kiss his cheek.

Billy was so funny, him not being out not really comfortable with who he really is, he turned every shade of red after I kissed his cheek. I sat and watched him as he drove, he really was a handsome guy, he and I the same age, Billy had reddish blonde hair, his complexion fair, his whisp of a moustache barely visible, his lips pinkish red, his eyes pale blue, his ears always turned red when he was embarrassed, Billy had the kindest eyes of any person I met in my lifetime.

Billy like myself was in good shape, his body slim and tight, he had the most amazing bubble butt on him, it was the thing I noticed when he and I first met in grade seven, he and I both being held back in school we were both more mature than all the other students in our class. I knew the first time I met Billy I liked him, I knew he and I would become best friends.

Watching Billy drive I saw him in a different light now, he was so much more attractive to me than he ever was, I wanted him, I wanted him naked so I could lick suck and kiss him head to delicious toe. Billy turned to me a few times as he drove along, he sensed I was undressing him with my eyes, I was making him nervous, Billy never got this much attention, no one really noticed the guy he blended in the background, Billy did all he could to disappear in the background.

I not only saw him but I also lusted after him, I wanted him, I needed him, I wanted him and I naked our bodies laid out on a bed. I wanted to kiss him, his full pouty lips made to have mine on his, my mouth kissing his neck, sucking his ear lobes. My cock was getting so hard, the bulge in my jeans unmistakable, I did nothing to hide it actually I wanted Billy to see what he was doing to me. I wanted to make him hard so I could swallow his cock deep inside ümraniye escort my mouth and throat.

I slowly ran my tongue along my lips, I needed Billy now, I had to know what he looked like naked, I had seen the guy shirtless, Billy had a beautiful body, perky little nipples, his body covered in a layer of fine blonde hair. Billy was very shy, he even had a hard time to take his shirt off in front of me, we were in gym class the first time I saw his body. I was never one to be shy I always stripped down to my underwear to put on my gym clothes, Billy would pick a spot in the change room that he was in a corner so he could remove his pants and quickly get his shorts on that no one would get to see him partially naked.

For me to see him shirtless was totally by accident Billy was in the corner, me at his side, down to my underwear, Billy turned as I pulled my pants down, my underwear coming down with them as well. Billy turned as my cock flopped out.

Billy turned every shade of red imaginable, I even saw his cock grow in his gym shorts, the bulge unmistakable. Billy quickly put his tee shirt on and went to the washroom, his cock had a mind of its own, him seeing my cock was too much for him. As he walked off to the washroom stall I smiled, if he thought he saw something before I had so much more in store for him now.

All of us went into the gym Billy the last one out, there was no hiding the fact his cock was still semi erect, and by what I saw it was one beautiful specimen, not one of the others even noticed Billy’s predicament only me. Once class was over he and I walked into the changerooms together, I could see Billy was apprehensive about being in the lockerooms with all the other guys.

I always protected Billy from the other bullies in school, no one would touch my friend he was afterall my best friend. Billy and I walked in as most were about to leave, so many quick to pull on their street clothes and get out. I always took my time, I would sit and watch as the others get quickly dressed and out of the room, most times it was Billy and I alone in the locker room.

“Billy man can you watch my stuff I am going to grab a quick shower I feel so sweaty after all that running, you could join me if you really wanted to.” I suggested smiling.

I knew Billy would never get undressed in front of me or anyone in this school, the guy was terrified he would get hard and that terrified him to no end. I stripped down, heading in to the gang shower, I was almost done when I realised I had not grabbed my towel.

“Billy man can you bring me my towel please? They will kill me if I get the floor in the locker room wet, Please.” I asked him.

“Okay Tommy, give me a second here.” Billy said very nervously.

Billy came in to the shower room my towel in one hand his gym bag in front of his trousers, Billy clearly was hiding something that was getting harder by the second. I did it on purpose to ask him some questions so he could not walk away from me, I tried to keep him focused on my naked body, I wanted him to take it all in.

I asked him questions about our next class if he had finished the assignment or not and if he got the answer to the one question I struggled with. Billy a bag of nerves would not actually look at me he tried to avert his eyes elsewhere. I walked up to him standing close to him, my towelled hands drying my hair, I was less than a foot away from Billy, completely naked, my cock arching towards him.

I looked Billy in the eyes, his eyes looked down at my hardening cock, I looked down as a long stream of precum dripped off the tip of my cock. I scooped it all up in the palm of my hand, bringing my hand to my mouth, my tongue lapping it all up. Billy kind of pulled in a breath and moaned at the same time.

Billy quickly exited before he answered the question I had about the assignment for our next class. I could not believe anyone could be so shy, how was it possible? I quickly got dressed and headed to my next class. Billy came in late his face red he seemed so nervous to come sit beside me.

“You okay Billy?” I asked him.

“Yeah Tommy why do you ask?” Billy asked me.

“No reason just wondered why you were pendik escort late is all, you’re usually the first one in class is all.” I said to him smiling.

I knew why Billy was late, he was jerking off in the boys bathrooms, guess the sight of my cock and precum was to much for him. Billy was acting kind of weird the rest of the class, I asked him a few times if he was okay, he kept saying he was. I knew I had traumatized him by showing him my cock and precum, but I really did not want to ruin our friendship, he and I in our last year of school, both of us going off to university together.

We got in the car for the ride home and still Billy was not being Billy, he was shy, nervous, jumpy almost terrified to be this close to me.

“Billy I am sorry about what happened earlier, I should not have did what I did in front of you, I am sorry, I tend to forget how shy you really are sometimes, myself never shy. I am sorry Billy if I embarassed you in the showers, Please don’t be mad at me Billy.” I said to him.

“I’m not mad at you Tommy you just caught me offguard is all, I’m not like you, your not scared to do anything at anytime, I wish I was more like you, but I can’t strip naked in the locker room and show off my cock like you do.” Billy said to me his head down.

“Billy man I am not shy and I should not have done that to you, I am sorry, I love you man your my bestest friend.” I said wanting to kiss him.

I knew a long time ago I was attracted to Billy, he was so opposite to myself, he was shy, nervous, and so cute in all that he did, I could just look at him and my cock got semi erect, like it was now me sitting in the passenger seat beside him staring at him like I was right now.

“Tommy man your freaking me out here, stop staring at me man.” Billy said to me.

“Billy I wish you knew handsome you really are man, I want to pull you to me and kiss you right here right now.” I said to him.

Billy turned every shade of red I loved how innocent he really was, it made him so sexy in every way possible, I could not help but sit and stare at him.

“Tommy we need to get some gas, I will pull in to the next station.” Billy said trying to change the subject.

“Okay Billy.” I said turning looking forward.

My cock was semi erect and I made no effort to hide it, Billy would get to see it if he wanted to or not. Billy pulled in I went in to pee while he filled the car, I grabbed us snacks for the road and paid for the gas. When I came out Billy was leaned up against the car, he was watching me walk towards him, I too stared at him, I licked my lips as I got closer to him, I wanted, no I needed to kiss him right here right now.

I put the bag in the back seat and walked up to him, my hips pressed to his, my hand went to his chest, sliding upwards lifting his chin so his eyes were on my eyes. I looked at him, he tried to turn away, but I held his head firmly in my hands.

“Billy I am going to kiss you now.” I said as my lips made contact with his.

At first Billy did not kiss me back, I held his head in my hands my lips meshing with his.

“Kiss me Billy, I need you to kiss me.” I said to him as I stared in his eyes.

Billy looked so vulnerable right now, I am sure he wanted this as much as I wanted it but he was holding himself back. Billy’s hands finally wrapped around me, I pulled him in close our lips pressed in tight to each others. The outside world gone, only him and I here in this moment at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, Billy was a passionate kisser, he had me moaning his tongue roaming my mouth as we lip locked each other.

Two biker guys made a comment about Billy and I kissing, Billy and I stopped kissing, I opened his door and guided him in closing his door as I turned towards them they both gave me this look of disgust, hate. I slowly walked to my side of the car that much closer to them both not a word spoken to either of them, they simply stared at me with hate in their eyes.

“I have to wonder why you guys are so worried about two guys kissing? I am not trying to kiss you, I am not bothering anyone, I am showing affection for someone I care about very much, maybe if you showed some bostancı escort affection instead of all this hate you may both be much happier people. I don’t judge you because you ride a motorcycles, but your quick to judge me because I kiss my guy in public.” I said to them as I got in the car with Billy.

Billy gave me a look of I can’t believe you just told them that, the one guy walked up to the car, I was sure he was going to clock us both.

“Sorry guys, you’re right it is none of our business who you kiss, my brother is a gay guy I would not want anyone bothering him if he kissed his boyfriend.” The motorcycle guy said to us.

“Thanks man have a great and safe ride.” I said to them both.

Billy and I drove off we still had three hours on the road before we would get to our destination.

“I can’t believe you kissed me Tommy, and what you said to those biker guys, you’re not scared of anything are you?” Billy asked me.

“Billy man I am scared of everything, I am scared you and I will stop being friends by me kissing you, and I was terrified those two would beat the crap out of you, but I had to take the chance both with you and with them.” I said honestly.

“Tommy man you have to know I have been attracted to you for years now, when you did that to me in the shower after gym class I thought I would cum in my pants right then and there. You did give me something to jerk off to for the next month or so.” Billy admitted.

“Really did I do that for you, you do know I have never seen you naked, I have only seen you shirtless, I have to wonder will I ever get to see that beautiful body of yours?” I asked Billy.

“Don’t really think I have a beautiful body Tommy more like average to below average, you on the other hand have an amazing body, that huge cock of yours I wanted to reach out and touch it so badly that day in the shower.” Billy said to me.

“Billy I need you to do something for me please, I need you to stop putting yourself down, you have an amazing body, the only thing I have not seen is your cock balls and ass, and I have to say you have one amazing ass on you. But please stop putting yourself down, your perfect in every way to me.” I said to him.

“Okay Tommy for you I will do anything you ask.” Billy said to me.

“Really anything, did you just say anything to me Billy?” I said smirking at him.

“Oh no did I say the wrong thing or what, I should have said with some limits Tommy. But since I did not then I guess I can’t take it back can I?” Billy said to me.

“Billy pull the car over at the next rest stop please I need you, I need a kiss from you, well and a few other things as well.” I said lusting after him.

I could see the nervousness in Billy he was terrified of what I might do to him, but I planned to take it slow with Billy, be very gentle with him, I knew I was his first. Billy pulled in to a secluded rest stop, lots of trees, a washroom, picnic tables even fire pits to cook on.

Billy sat there his hands on the steering wheel, the car still running and in gear, I put the car in park then shut the engine off. Billy did not move, I got out and walked to his side of the car, I opened his door reached in and unbuckled his seat belt, Billy sat there motionless.

I took his hands off the steering wheel and guided him out of the car, the fear had taken over Billy, his body tense, his face looking at the ground. I closed his car door and pressed him up to the car, I placed my hands around his waist holding him to me.

“Billy look at me. Billy come on look at me.” I urged him.

Billy slowly looked into my eyes, his face red, the nervousness taking hold of him.

“Billy come on man its me, its Tommy come on you know I would never hurt you, I love you Billy I have for years now. Kiss me Billy I need you to kiss me, I need you to make the first move.” I said to him.

Billy stared at me for the longest time, his hands slowly took my head in his hands and pulled me into him, he and I pressed our lips to each other, my cock rock hard, his cock pressing into me, we both needed release, we both needed to unload. I wanted Billy’s cock in my mouth so very badly, I wanted to taste him, I wanted part of Billy inside me.

Billy and I stood in each others arms pressed in tight to the car oblivious to our surroundings, two guys noticed us kissing and felt they needed to voice their distaste for us being so open with our feelings for each other.

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