Stepmother Takes Charge

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My name is John and I live with my stepmother, Tara, and two sisters, Kelly and Jenna. I had a fairly normal family growing up, but that is the boring part of my life. What I want to tell you about is when it got weird.

Some might say that started when my dad left my mother for a woman only five years older than my eldest sister. That did strike us a little funny at first, but we got used to her. She worked very hard at being a part of our family. She got a little strict at times, but I always figured it was just so she could make up for her age when trying to assert her authority as a mother figure.

A couple of years after dad married Tara, he was killed in an accident at work. We had always been well off, but between his life insurance policies and the resulting lawsuit my stepmother filed, we were all quite rich. Well, we would be anyway. All of the money that was left to us kids was tied up in trust funds that none of us could access until Kelly was 21. This story opens when Kelly was 18. So I, at 21, and Jenna at 24, found ourselves in the same boat. We were completely at Tara’s mercy if we didn’t want to find ourselves out on the street and trying to scrape by for years before our money came in. Which none of us foresaw a problem with before that day.

I came home from hanging out with a few friends to find Tara sitting in the front room with a rare but familiar look on her face. That stern look indicated that someone had made her unhappy. Since that look was aimed at me I guessed who that someone was. As my mind raced to figure out if I had forgotten to do something she held a hand up in front of her. Dangling from one extended finger was a pair of panties.

“Do you recognize these?” Tara asked.

“I…um…” I stammered.

I did recognize them. They belonged to Jenna. The last time I had seen them was when I had stuffed them into my desk drawer a week ago. I hadn’t meant to keep them. Not for long anyway. They had ended up in my clothes basket by mistake when Clara, the maid, had brought the laundry up last week.

“I found them in your desk when I was looking for a pen.” Tara explained. “They are Jenna’s, if I am not mistaken?”

“Look, Tara…” I started.

She smiled. “Call me mommy.” She said. “You know it makes me happy when you call me that. Right now seems a good point to try to make me happy, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, mommy.” I said quickly.

Tara walked over to me. “You are going to explain to me what you are doing with these.” She said. I was shocked as she pulled the waistband of my pants out slightly, shoving the panties inside. “But not yet. I will give you time to figure out what you are going to say. Follow me.”

I don’t know if she intended to pull my underwear forward as well when she did that, but it was an interesting feeling as the soft cotton of the bunched up panties rubbed my cock as escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli I walked. Soon we both stood in the master bathroom.

“Since you seem to have no consideration for the privacy of others, I am going to see how you feel when the tables are turned.” Tara said. “Strip. I am going to watch you shower.”

“What?” I asked, shocked. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I am quite serious.” Tara responded. “I already had Clara pack your bags for you. In case you weren’t going to be allowed to stay. Your choice. In the shower or out the door?”

The look on Tara’s face was very serious. I thought she might actually kick me out. Still, I had to try.

“Look, Tara, it isn’t what it looks like.” I said.

Tara picked a video camera up off the shelf and pointed it at me. “All I want to hear from you is, ‘I am doing this for you, mommy’ and then see you naked in that shower.” She said before pressing record.

The stern look she had given me should have been enough to convince me that she would follow through with her threat. The lustful look I saw now sealed it, though.

Taking a deep breath I decided it was best to just get this over with. “I am doing this for you, mommy.” I said.

I took my shirt off and tossed it on the floor. Then I slipped my shoes and socks off. Looking pleadingly once more to Tara I saw her biting her lip and knew no pardon was coming. Turning my back I unbuttoned my pants.

“Oh, no, little man. You’re going to have to face me for this part.” Tara admonished.

Blushing, I turned to face her. I slid my pants down and kicked them aside. Then with a nod from her it was the no turning back moment. She licked her lips as I hooked my thumbs inside the waistband of my boxers and slid them down. I watched as the waistband cleared my cock and Jenna’s panties bounced out to the floor.

Tara laughed. “Oh what would Jenna think if she saw this video and saw her panties come flying out of your shorts?” She asked.

I felt my face grow warmer as all of the blood in my body seemed to rush to it. I instinctively covered myself with my hands as I imagined my sister seeing me like this.

“Hands on your head, little man.” Tara said. “I want to get all of you in frame.”

Slowly I raised my hands to my head and watched as Tara directed the camera at my crotch.

“Well that is a little disappointing.” Tara pouted, humiliating me more. “I hope he is more impressive when he is standing. Kick your shorts aside and into the shower with you.”

The shower was enormous. It was large enough for several people to stand in, with multiple shower heads. It had glass doors that could be closed for some measure of privacy as they fogged up, but it was large enough that they didn’t have to be closed to keep from getting water escort gaziantep yeni bayan all over the bathroom. This appeared to have crossed Tara’s mind too.

“Leave the door open, and face me as much as practical.” Tara said. “I don’t want to miss anything.”

Defiantly I stared into the camera and began lathering up my hands and washing my arms. I attempted to be detached. She had already seen everything anyway, so no sense in giving her the satisfaction of seeing me squirm.

The shower had low shelves in the wall, the purpose of which I am uncertain of but I placed one foot on one of them to steady myself as I washed one leg and then the other.

“So boring and clinical.” Tara complained. “Lather up your hands again and put your left foot back up so I can see your ass.”

I blushed again as the detachment was broken with her speaking. I did precisely what she said, since she held all of the power in this situation.

“Now take your middle finger and work it as far up your ass as you can.” Tara instructed.

“What?” I asked, certain I couldn’t have heard that right.

“Your bags are still packed, buster.” Tara said sternly. “Do you want to rephrase your response?”

“Yes, mommy.” I replied, dejected.

I slowly and gently worked my finger into my ass. It felt weird but not completely unpleasant. Other than the fact that my stepmother was right there with a camera.

“Work it in and out.” Tara instructed. “If I find myself masturbating to this later I may find you fucking your own ass kinda hot.”

I was shocked by this comment. As I worked my finger in and out I found myself imagining her playing with herself. The thought was kind of arousing.

“Well look at that. Who would have thought you would get off on playing with your ass?” Tara said.

I was mortified by the suggestion that this is what had turned me on, but what could I say? That it was her that was turning me on? I would be out on my ass in a heartbeat.

“Okay, stop with the butt stuff.” Tara directed. “Face me, and was your…boy parts. Slowly. Until I tell you to stop.”

I faced her and began washing myself. It was humiliating to be standing a few feet from my stepmother, slowly stroking my erection as she watched me with lips parted.

As I continued stroking myself my body began twitching, all of my muscles seemed to want to force the pace to quicken as the orgasm built. As my breathing got shallower and I thought ejaculating inevitable, Tara interrupted me.

“Yep. I think it is clean. Rinse off and wash your hair.” She said.

All of my muscles seemed to object to me stopping. The muscles in my ass, abdomen and my cock clenched as if trying to finish the job on their own. They couldn’t, however, and the tension slowly subsided as I began to lather escort gaziantep zayıf bayan up my hair.

As I rinsed my hair off and opened my eyes I saw the camera was pointed at me from the shelf but Tara wasn’t there. I barely had time to wonder where she had gone, though. The door swung open and Tara walked in, saying, “It is quite the show.”

To my horror she was immediately followed by Clara. I quickly covered my flagging erection with my hands. It was bad enough that Tara saw me like this but now Clara?

“Stop that.” Tara snapped. “She wants to see.”

The slightly uncomfortable look on Clara’s face indicated otherwise, but both of our livelihoods depended on not arguing the point.

“His erection is going away.” Tara said, “but we can get it back. Do you know what seems to turn the little man on?”

“I am sure I have no idea.” Clara replied nervously.

“Playing with his own butt.” Tara said in feigned shock. She turned to me. “Right leg up this time. Get that finger in there good.”

I was on the verge of crying. Clara looked at me as if this was scandalous. Slowly I raised my leg and lathered my hands. I slid the finger in as I was told, wondering why Tara had positioned me so it was less visible.

“Use the other hand and was your junk again.” Tara said. “Slowly like before. And wiggle that finger in your ass. I want you feeling it.”

I watched Clara staring at me in awe as I stood before her, stroking myself with one hand and wriggling a finger in my ass with the other. I would never be able to look her in the eye again.

“You know, with how much he seems to like something in his ass, we may want to consider other things up there.” Tara said. “Just to see how far his interests go. Maybe I will have you look into finding things for him to stick up there.”

“As you wish, ma’ame.” Clara replied.

“Would you like that, little man?” Tara asked.

I honestly wasn’t sure that I would, but I knew what answer she wanted. “Yes, mommy.” I said. “That might be nice.”

“Yes it might.” Tara said. “Would you like to know what else I think would be nice?”

“What’s that, mommy?” I asked, a little breathless as my orgasm approached again.

“If I made you stay naked for a while. Made you wander around naked in front of your sisters.” She said. “Do you think they might like to see you like this?”

“Please,” I moaned, horrified by the suggestion.

“Maybe they might want to help Clara test new things in your ass. Can you imagine them sitting there watching Clara fuck you from behind?”

I could imagine it quite well. In humiliating detail I could imagine their disgust, their laughter as I was abused by the maid. I wanted to shrink away inside myself to a place nobody could see.

But Tara and Clara could see all too well as I reached the point of no return. With one finger in my ass and my stepmother and the maid watching, I came. One spurt after another shot out and hit the floor, each one seeming to take more of my energy.

As my orgasm subsided I sank down along the wall until I was sitting.

“I guess he could.” Tara said with a laugh. “Five minutes, little man. Clara will come get you.”

I just hugged my knees and cried. What had I gotten myself into?

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