Stone Cold Steele

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Dear Reader, please accept my apology for going off on another tangent and beginning a new series that I hope will get as much love as Sweet Sub and The Dark in Your Blue Eyes. Rest assured I am still continuing Gilded in Gold and By Night, My Love but I just needed to get this idea out of my crowded head (that’s how The Dark in Your Blue Eyes started too :). The continuation of this story depends on you guys. If you like it, leave comments for me to continue and I will add this to my queue. If you guys would rather I continue with my other series, I will follow suit. For new readers who don’t give a damn about my hetero stories and would like me to continue this, I will do so. (Like I said, I love me two guys) Thank you again for putting up with my fickleness and frequent divergence from a single idea. Edited by the lovely AdrianaBelen.

Comment and rate about anything else you guys want me to write about.

Darcy Steele and Io Nuare


He had been told that the kills that came after the first one were always easier. He saw his fellow mercenaries in their teenage years when they had made their first kills become inconsolably sick afterwards. Then they slowly acclimated to taking innocent and not so innocent lives, until it was just another normal day at the facility to be spending hours washing off the blood on their hands and clothes. There were still a few outbursts among themselves when a killing was particularly hard but they would channel their grief properly and get over it. The instructors had said those where the marks of a good killer.

But Darcy Steele was an anomaly. He hadn’t blinked the first time he’d take a small bird’s life with his bare hands; neither had he blinked when he took a grown man’s life. The instructors had whispered about him, in equal measures of awe and fear. Steele had ignored them, climbing his way up the ranks to become a leader of his own team.

He looked with disinterest as his team decimated the small wren of rabbit shifters. He walked nonchalantly in their gore and blood, his tongue hissing out to sense his prey. They still hadn’t found the hybrid shifter they were looking for, and none of them had sensed it either.

“We’ve captured the rest of them, Commander.” Blair, a vulture shifter, appeared before him, blood dripping down his mouth. Bits of flesh and fur clung to his chin and cheeks. Steele was pretty sure more than a few of the bunny shifters had lost a limb or two tonight.

“Tasty?” Steele asked with a raised brow.

Blair bared his teeth as he licked away the lingering taste. “More than I care to admit. You know how hard it is to come across bunnies in our line of work and I feel like I haven’t had enough.”

“You’ve had enough.” Steele’s voice warranted no argument and the smirk finally slipped off the other man’s face. Though Steele didn’t really give a damn about the things he killed, he’d rather that his men weren’t distracted from their objective. Plus, they were told to keep them alive.

“Any luck tracking down the unicorn?” Blair asked he walked with Steele. They’d been contacted by the United Paranormal Association to track down and capture a unicorn/rabbit hybrid. Long ago, unicorns had been abundant but human greed had whittled the numbers down until they were the rare creatures many hailed for their mythical abilities today. For the past hundred years, they had mostly been thought to be extinct by now until word had gotten to them of a hybrid unicorn.

History had revealed that unicorns didn’t mingle or interbreed with other species, so to hear word of a living unicorn was astounding. It meant that this hybrid could be bred and made to produce an entire line of unicorns. A separate faction of the vampires and a few other creatures had contacted Steele and his team to extract the hybrid. The only reason they had taken the UPA’s contract was because they’d offered to pay more.

“No, I can’t get a sense of it. Keep looking.”

Blair frowned at the dismissal but did as he was told. Steele was the best tracker among their group, so if he couldn’t find the hybrid, then the rest of the men didn’t have much of a chance either.

Steele walked farther away from his men, ignoring their questions. They knew by now to leave him alone when he didn’t answer on the first question. He would have preferred to work alone but there were just some jobs that demanded a group effort. The farther he walked away, the less he felt suffocated by the heavy cloak of despair and blood. It listed away to be replaced by the taste of the untouched forest. It was untainted, almost pure. It tasted of rain and grass and gardenias.

Steele frowned. That smell was too specific. Hissing, he darted out his tongue to catch more of the intoxicating taste and smell. He let his senses guide him through the dark forest, the branches of the trees canopying him from the moonlight. He walked quite a distance from the wren until he happened on a small glen. The trees Betturkey stood sentient around the small clearing. Steele walked up to the edge of the small pool of water and looked down. An emotionless killer looked back at him.

The smell was stronger here; his finger twitched in anticipation. It was getting closer and closer to him. Steele dared not breathe on the off chance it might scare his prey away. The gentle rushing in the tall grass alerted him to a small creature hopping his way. He was hard pressed not to smile in victory. He waited patiently for it to come up to him.

A soft bundle of silver fur thumped into his booted feet and Steele looked down to see a disgruntled little bunny hybrid with a crystallized horn jutting from its forehead. Its little, pink nose quivered like mad as it sniffed him out. Steele waited for it to screech in fear once it smelled it’s bunny brethren’s blood on his boots.

To his surprise, the bunny hybrid merely shifted closer, almost hopping on top of his boot. Curious now, Steele bent at the waist and picked the little thing up in his hands. It was so small it fit perfectly on the palm of his hand. The hybrid nosed around on his gloved gland, beginning to nibble on the black leather. Steel felt its sharp little teeth dig into his palm but the leather was too tough for the bunny’s teeth to break into.

Finally giving up, it looked up at Steele. Large purple eyes blinked up at him, before trying to scramble up his arm. It squealed as it lost its balance and would have fallen off of him if Steele hadn’t quickly caught it up in his other hand. It wiggled in his hold so Steele gently let off the pressure he had on it’s scruff. This time, it was more cautious as it inched up his arm. Deciding to help the little bunny, Steele pushed on the bunny’s little cotton-tailed behind to have it perch upon his shoulder.

Digging its little paws into the collar of his jacket, the bunny pressed its face into Steele’s neck. It actually hummed as it rubbed up and down his cool skin, pressing that lethal little horn along his jugular. As soon as the horn touched his skin, Steele choked as a burning sensation shot from the point of the rabbit’s horn through his veins like lightening. Stumbling back, the wide trunk of a tree caught him as he leaned heavily on it, oddly out of breath.

Unaware of the chaos the little bunny was causing in Steele, it continued to rub its soft body against the exposed skin of Steele’s neck. Steele quickly pulled the little menace away from him, ignoring its outraged squeal. It balled up its body, its hind paws coming out to scratch at Steele.

“Knock it the fuck off,” Steele growled, still trying to recover from whatever the hell the bunny had done to him. He wasn’t all that well versed in a unicorn’s abilities so the little bunny could have infused him with some kind of poison right now.

Impossibly, the little rabbit managed to glare at him. Steele brought up his hand to rub at the slightly sore spot on his neck, the skin still pulsing with a not unpleasant warmth.

“What’d you do to me?” Steele asked, shaking the bunny a little. It squeaked in protest before a white light shrouded the little thing.

Steele blinked as he found himself holding onto a very naked and pale man by the back of his neck. Human purple eyes gazed up at him, as big as the moon. The man threw himself at Steele, curling into him. Steele’s arms hung awkwardly at his side as he was being nuzzled into by the very thing he’d been sent here to kill.

“I’m Io and I’m your mate. Hello,” Io mumbled against his chest. His silvery blonde head only came up to Steele’s chest so Io tiptoed up on Steele’s booted feet and flung his arms around Steele’s neck. Flabbergasted, Steele had no choice to wrap his arm around Io to help him stay balanced against his body.

“What’s your name?” Io purred into Steele’s ear, sending an involuntary shiver down his spine. He dare not even try to look down at Io’s naked body.

“S-Steele,” he croaked out. He never croaked. “Steele.”

“Mmmm, that’s a nice name. Is that a first or last name?” Io latched onto Steele’s bobbing Adam’s apple and sucked. Steele grunted, his arms tightening around the bundle in his arms.

“L-last.” Shit, that was twice in a row. How in the world was this bunny making a seasoned mercenary like him quiver in his boots?

“My last name is Nuare. What’s your first name?” Io’s whispered the question against Steele’s neck, now nibbling on the tense tendons standing prominently from Steele’s neck. And absurdly, Steele was too scared to swallow lest he dislodged that gorgeous, sweet mouth from his neck.

“Darcy.” Oh, thank god it sounded more normal this time. “Why did you need to know?”

Io giggled slightly and looked up at him. “So I know what to moan out when you make love to me. It would be rather awkward to call out your last name, so formal.”

“F-formal …,” Steele croaked out, his hands Betturkey Giriş tightening around Io unconsciously. Io managed to make that perfectly bland word sound oh so seductive. The images of this sprite of man writhing under him, yelling out Steele’s hated first name from behind a black gag…Steele groaned in agony.

Io cocked his head in confusion, his bright purple eyes blinking at him rapidly. “Are you a snake shifter?”

At Steele’s nodded, the twinkle in Io’s started to dissipate. Steele struggled with his unruly hands when they shook with the suppressed effort to keep from pulling Io’s retreating body back into his arms. As a cold blooded reptile, he should be no stranger to feeling the cold, making it his home but the few minutes of warmth Io provided had spoiled him, ruined him.

“You’re not going to eat me?” Io probably meant for it to come out sounding like a command but the little man’s uncertainty showed through. Steele couldn’t blame the bunny, seeing as how creatures of his kind usually were the lowest of the low regarding the carnivorous breeds. He himself had reached new levels of low; levels that this pure creature standing in front of him should never be exposed to. Io deserved to be cocooned against everything Steele stood for but none had succeeded in keeping Io safe.

“No…but I can’t promise not to bite.” The threat was out of Steele’s mouth before he could even think to censor it.

Io sucked his full lower lip into his mouth, his tiny teeth pressing into the pink morsel in a delicious imitation of what Steele wanted to do him. “Will I like it?”

The naive question took Steele off guard, making him glad that the tree behind him was strong enough to keep him on his legs. Apparently, they too were helpless in the face of this hybrid. So many responses whirled around in Steele’s head. ‘I’ll make you like it’ or “It’ll hurt so good’ were a few of them. What came out was totally unexpected, not unlike this entire night.

“I was sent here to capture you.”

Io’s eyes widened in consternation, but then they quickly narrowed in calculation. “But you won’t. Because I am your mate and you are mine. You cannot live without me,” he stated, as if it were an implacable fact.

Steele chuckled at Io’s confidence in Steele’s nonexistent sense of honor. “Do you really think so? Look at my boots.” Io complied at the strange request. “Look closely at the dark stains on them. Your coven’s blood is on my hands.”

Steele waited for Io to look up at him in horror and braced himself for Io’s accusation to shoot him straight through his cold, dead heart.

“Did-did you kill any of them?” Io asked without taking his eyes off of Steele’s shoes.

Steele shook his head, although Io couldn’t see. “No, I did not. I told my men to capture as many as they could by whatever means necessary. We left them live to get to you, only need a few appendages to be of use to me.” The image of Blair’s eyes dilated with bloodlust rose up as a reminder of the kind of men that Steele leashed with on a very short restraint with barely any give. Men whose nature couldn’t begin to rival Steele’s own sadistic nature.

Io jerked his glassy eyes back to Steele’s grey ones. “So you never told them to kill any of them?”

Steele shook his head frowning. “No. But they were still killed and I feel no remorse. You are the target. The prey.”

Blinking back tears, Io took a determined step towards him. “You will not kill again. You are not a predator.”

“Really?” Steele smirked, hissing a bit. “Then tell me what I am after only knowing me a few minutes.”

Lifting his chin in determination, Io took a brave step forward then another. “You are a man who is determined in his goals even when he doubts them. You like to be in control, almost too much. But you can also be gentle, like when you held me. You stutter when I rub up against you.” Io reached out a slim hand, waiting for Steel to take it. “I liked rubbing up against you,” he added when Steele didn’t take his hand.

Io had walked into the beam of moonlight that illuminated every inch of him perfectly. He was finely boned, thin blue veins visible underneath his pale skin. His chest was smooth with only a slight definition which gave way to slim hips and a pretty little cock between his thighs. The bunny was beautiful, rivaling anything Steele had previously mistaken for majestic.

“If you take my hand and hold me, you can feel my naked body against yours instead of imagining what it’d be like.” Io smiled gently as he took the decision out of Steele’s hand and pressed his body against Steele’s. And those blasted hands that Steele had no control over clutched greedily at Io’s hips, his gloved fingers digging into the skin. Steele just wished he’d thought to take them off.

“You have a difficult time grasping the fact that I’m not a good man,” Steele chided.

Sighing in clear misery, Io rested his head on Steele’s chest and draped his arms loosely around his shoulders. Helpless to resist, Steel rested his chin on Io’s head and inhaled in what he hoped was a discreet manner.

“No matter how much you bluster-”

“I don’t bluster,” Steele interrupted, stiffening in affront. Io snorted and began rubbing at Steele’s tense muscles until they gradually relaxed.

“You’re not a bad man, no matter how much you protest.” Now it was Steele’s turn to snort. “You’re just on a bad path. Now please hold me as I grieve.”

When Io shivered, Steele turned them around so that he held Io up against the tree with his body blanketing Io’s front. “I have a feeling I should say I’m sorry.”

“Why? I’m grieving for you.” Io pressed back against the tree and hitched his legs around Steele’s hips. Steele almost choked on his tongue when he felt Io’s soft member pressing against his clothed stomach. Io unwittingly rubbed himself into Steele’s body as he shifted to get into a more comfortable position.

Steele grunted, gazing down in the amethyst jewels shining up at him. “I don’t need you to grieve for me, I’m perfectly fine.”

Io frowned at him before tapping a finger on the tip of Steele’s blade like nose. “You, Mr. Darcy Steele are not fine. You’re quite damaged but that’s okay. I’ll pick up the pieces and put you back together just like new.”

Truly, he didn’t know whether to be amused or affronted. But since the bunny was wrapped like a spider monkey around his torso, Steele thought his best option was to go for amused.

“What if I can’t be fixed? What if I like exactly who I am?”

In a gesture Steele was beginning to associate with Io as his contemplative expression, Io bit his lower lip. He chewed on it, turning the pink flesh round and round between his pearly white teeth. Steele felt like growling out that he should be the only one allowed to bite into that lip, the only one allowed to worship that bit of skin with his tongue.

“Then I’ll just have to be lonely with you,” Io stated simply.

Jerking his gaze back to Io’s wide eyes, Steele sneered. “Preferring solitude does not make me lonely.”

“No,” Io shook his head slowly, “but hiding behind it does.”

“What the fuck does that even mean?” Steele snapped, finally losing his patience with this exasperating little bunny. As if the night couldn’t get any more fucked up, he was now getting psychoanalyzed by his prey.

The sigh that left Io’s lift was long and drawn out, conveying the sadness that mere words could not. “It’s okay, I told you. I’ll be lonely with you so you don’t have to be lonely anymore.” Io patted Steele’s cheek a reassuring gesture.

In bemusement, Steele leaned away from Io’s touch to gather the few working cells in his brain. Most of them had departed to take up a permanent station at his goddamn cock. If Io only slid down a few inches down his body, he’d be met with Steele’s saluting cock.

“I was sent here to capture you,” he felt like needed to reiterate that fact. Although whether he was actually going to follow through was up in the air at this point. Kind of like his cock.

Io nodded his head, looking as if Steele was the one in this conversation that was missing a few bolts and pieces. “Yes, I know. You told me. But I’ve mated with you so it’s perfectly acceptable for you to capture me. But only for your pleasure, no one else’s,” Io added, as if in an afterthought.

Steele gaped, which he never ever did, but what the hell? This was a night for firsts. “Is that what you did with your horn? You mated me? Just by touching me with it?” Fuck! He’d never thought be mated, hadn’t even considered it the few hundreds of years he’d been on earth.

Io nodded, this time a pleased grin lifting up the corners of his mouth. “Yes. Bunnies mate when they make love and make a baby out if it but unicorns can mate by just touch alone. Isn’t that nice?”

“Nice…” Steele trailed off, trying to think the situation through. He didn’t know much about unicorn physiology but he knew enough about mating. Some could be forced between a pairing but it would never be as strong as a true mating bond which flared when met with one’s true destined love. Since the majority of paranormals rarely met their mates, they forced a bond with a willing partner. Steele had never saw the appeal of companionship so he’d never had trouble with it but now he found himself with a bond at the most inopportune moment.

Deciding whether or not to hand Io over to the Association was moot. A bond assured that neither of the parties involved could survive without the other.

Io began rubbing his whole body against Steele’s still one, and Steele could feel Io’s growing length prodding insistently at his stomach. “Are you finished thinking yet? Because my body is getting all hot and bothered and I want to make love with you.”

“It’s called fucking,” Steele corrected. He’d only ever heard sentimental, foolish humans-usually females-refer to that as making love. It was nothing more than a mutual exchange of pleasure. For Steele, it had barely even been anything but a dirty and quick fuck his entire life.

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