Straight Invaded Chapter 6



I was startled by a knock at the door. I looked at the clock and it said 8:11AM. Knowing the rules I opened the door, surprised to see Nate. He had changed clothes and cleaned up from last night.

“Please come in,” I said invitingly. “How can I help you Nate?”

I thought you could use some release after yesterday, and looking at you I see I was right,” he said eyes drawn to the tent in my pants. “Clothes off and on the bed, Cocksucker!”

I did as commanded, stripping quickly and flopped myself on the bed with my head on a pillow lying on my back. Nate walked over, kicked off his shoes and climbed on the bed straddling me. He was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

He sat himself down on my hard cock, I so desperately needed relief, even his rough jeans felt good as he gently rubbed himself against me. Then he leaned forward and began kissing my neck, and licked my ear lobe, sending a surprising jolt through my balls.

“I want you to undress me”, he whispered sending a chill through my body. “Help me get this shirt off”.

I gripped the side of his shirt and slid it up his torso. He seemed almost completely hairless as I peeled his shirt off exposing his stomach and chest. He slid off my cock down to my thighs so I could reach high enough to work his shirt over his shoulders and clear his arms. I tossed the shirt as he straddled me on all fours. crawling over my torso. This brought his zipper into range.

“Are you ready to finish the job cocksucker?” he asked in a soft sexy voice.

“Yes please, I want you naked. I want to see that beautiful cock and touch that round ass,” I said panting like a teenager.

“If I let you cum in my ass, are you gonna suck my cock again?” he asked teasingly.

“Oh yes please cum in my mouth, I love your fucking cum!” I said, grabbing his jeans to get them off.

“Slow down, I want to enjoy this,” he said more sternly.

“Please, I need to cum, my cock is so fucking hard!” I pleaded pressing my hips toward him, but he was out of reach.

“You’ll cum when I say you can cum Fuck Toy. Understand?” he asked firmly.

“I understand,” I said disappointed. I could see this turning into a torture session.

He took his left hand back, leaned in and kissed me, as his hand caressed my throbbing cock. It was disturbing to be kissed on the mouth by another man. It was really disturbing when he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I could not believe the dichotomy of being bothered by this, when just a few hours ago, I eagerly licked Nate’s asshole.

None the less, when his hand gripped my screaming hard-on, all apprehension was gone. I plunged my tongue into his mouth reciprocating.

I gripped his waistband and unbuttoned his jeans. I was already close to cumming from his stroking my cock. Unzipping his pants was awkward as he knelt over me. He continued his tongue lashing as I gripped his pants with one hand and worked his zipper down with the other.

I could not get the zipper down with his legs spread, so he lifted his legs over mine, extending his legs straight out together between my legs. This pressed him down against my boner and he released his grip on my hard-on to free his hand.

I worked his zipper down as he was in the push-up position over me. I peeled his zipper flaps back and down gripping his jeans at the waist band. He wiggled and alligator-walked up my body. I had my thumbs over the waist band of his pants and underwear, pushing and wiggling them as they went.

His cock squeezed free brushing my own hard-on as he crawled toward my head. I had to raise my head and shoulders up to extend my arms farther to get his pants past his knees. As I did, his glistening cock head got dangerously close to my mouth.

When his pants cleared his knees, I bent my legs up gripping his pants with my feet and shoved them off. With that, I kicked them off the bed and gripped his little round ass, pushing his cock toward my watering mouth.

“Easy cocksucker, where are your manners? How do you ask?” he said pulling back and yanking the pillow out from behind my head.

“Please let me suck your dick. I want to eat your cum. Please I am your cock sucking fuck toy. I’ll do anything you want,” I said, breathing heavily.

‘What has happened to me,’ I wondered. I was out of my mind. All I could think about was his dick in my mouth and tasting his cum. I needed to cum so badly after yesterday, I would do anything for relief.

“Good attitude Cocksucker. If you are gonna fuck my ass, I am going to need you to lube my asshole again. Are you ready for that?” he said pressing his dick against my lips and sliding up to put his balls in my mouth. His knees were above my head and his ankles pinned my arms to my side.

“Yes, yes.” I said kissing his hairless balls. “Please let me lick your sweet asshole!” I pleaded.

I licked his balls wiggling my head and tongue to lick them all over. I managed to work my hands up to grip is small round ass. It was firm and the skin so soft, I could not resist caressing and squeezing it, while I lapped at his warm sack.

“God, damn you love your work!” he said pressing his nuts to my tongue. “You ready to fuck me with that tongue fuck toy?”

“Yes, I wanna French kiss your asshole, please!” I heard myself in disbelief.

He slid back and pointed his curved dick toward my mouth shoving it in. My lips latched on to his hard tool as he fucked my mouth. His six inches and small diameter was a perfect fit for my mouth. I could suck his cock all night…so hot and so hard. His pre-cum was sweet and creamy. I was so fucking hard.

He pulled his cock from my mouth with a pop and a slurp. Then he rose up standing on his knees. “Scoot on down Fuck Toy, time to eat,” he said sighing.

I scooted down as he lowered his ass toward my face. His balls rested on the bridge of my nose as my tongue contacted his dark pink tight little hole. He smelled and tasted, ever so slightly, like deodorant soap. He clearly showered and cleaned himself this morning.

“You fucking like that don’t you Fuck Toy?” he said pulling up.

“Yes, I love my tongue in your ass!” I panted. “Please let me lube your asshole.”

He lowered down, and I pressed my tongue flat into his crack, taking a big popsicle lick. He wiggled his ass in small circles, as I pressed the point of my tongue against his tight hole.

“Hell yeah, get it in there.” he groaned, as I spread his ass cheeks with my hands. I could almost completely cover his cheeks with my hands, they were so small.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” he said pressing his asshole onto my tongue. I kept it curled into a tube making it small and stiff. I pushed it forward and wiggled as I penetrated ever so slowly.

He moaned and groaned as I forced my way in as far as my tongue could go. I reached around and gripped the top of his thighs, pulling him tight to my face. I opened my mouth, working my tongue like a piston in and out of his tight sphincter.

“There it is,” he moaned. “Fuck my ass with that fucking tongue! Feels so good!”

I pumped my tongue and loosened my grip. Saliva was drenching his ass crack and my cheeks as he ground his ass on my face. He began to pull up and I yanked him back down forcing my tongue all the way in.

“Need some more do ya?” he asked.

“M-yes,” I said face buried in ass.

He rocked on my tongue a few more minutes and pulled off walking his ass toward my aching hard-on. He gripped my cock and smeared my pre-cum over my cock head, adding to the lube.

He hovered his asshole over my dick gripping me in his right hand. He lowered down against my cockhead. His ass was warm and wet and tight as he wiggled my head against his tight rosebud. I thought I might cum as he pressed me slowly into his tiny hole.

“Oh yes, get in there!” he said as my head worked in. His asshole was tight and warm, and felt too good. I tried to think about other things so I would not cum too quick.

“OOOHHH GOD,” I panted as my cock penetrated his ass. “Fuck that feels good,” I whined as his ass touched my thighs. He rose up to the tip and slid back down, then up and down and up and down. Tight and warm, his movement sent electricity through my body.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck I’m cumming! Your ass is so tight and hot. Oh God yes! I’m cumming in your ass!” I screamed. “AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!”

My body shook as my cock released my pent up load in his tight sweet ass. He road my cock as I spasmed inside him, my cum oozing from his ass as I pumped out my load. As my convulsions subsided, he kept riding me hard, my cum slathering over my cock drenching my balls. He popped off and rolled over next to me on the bed.

“OK, my turn cocksucker!” he said smiling.

Breathless I sat up and spun around bringing my head toward his stiff cock. I gripped his six-inch beauty in my hand and began to stroke him, milking his pre-cum to the tip. I pressed my lips to his head and sucked in his juice. My tongue circled the head and then I ran my tongue from his head to his balls. Then I threw my knee over his chest and straddled him, giving myself a better angle to service his cock.

I gripped him with my left hand and raised his cock up licking again from the tip following his curved cock, firmly pressed against his heat. I licked his tight nuts, loving the sound of his moans of approval. Continuing, I shifted his cock so I could lick all sides before taking him in my mouth. I gasped when I felt his hand take my cock and guide Sex hikayeleri it to his lips. He sucked my cock into his mouth, causing a sudden rush of blood to surge into my cock and balls. I had never felt my cock in another man’s mouth while his was in mine. I lunged his cock into my mouth as his warm lips took my length into his mouth.

Moaning on his cock, I sucked him faster. I focused on the need to taste his hot cum, taking him in my throat and fucking his cock hard. If I let my attention focus on him working my cock, I would surely lose control and not satisfy the amazing tool filling my own mouth.

“Feels so good!” he grunted. “Here comes your prize cocksucker!”

I pumped him harder, and his first jolt filled my mouth. The hot cream shot against the roof of my mouth and into my throat as I took him deep. His second shot flooded my taste buds, my lips gripping his cockhead!

“Take my fuckin jizz cocksucker! You fucking love it!” he grunted convulsing in my mouth.

“Mu Hu,” I said not releasing his hot dick.

I took the rest of his cum. As I milked his dick, his tongue licked my balls, cleaning my cum off with each lick. I groaned my approval as he cleaned me and made me stiff again. He took me back in his mouth, causing me to release his softening cock and tilt my head back, in ecstasy.

“Oh God that feels good. Please don’t stop…Please…Don’t…Stop!” I begged as I began to thrust my cock in and out of his hot mouth. Fuck it feels so good. Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” I chanted as my hard cock fucked his throat.

My balls puckered as they began to release my seed again.

“I’m cumming again! Oh fuck your making me cum! Ah!!” I yelled as I came in his incredible mouth. I was grunting like an animal as I pumped it all into him. “Oh God, it feels good. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

I froze as he worked my dick in his mouth emptying me completely. After a few moments, I rolled off and lay spent on the bed.

“Thank you so much!” I sighed. “I needed that so bad. My balls were aching. Anything I can do for you please tell me and I’ll do it!” I said gratefully.

He stood up and began getting dressed. “Thank you, I came three times in 12 hours. You did well. I hope you will remember that offer in the future. There is no hiding the fact you love serving cock even more than I do. I would love to do this again,” he said handing me his phone. “Plug in your name and number and I will text you when I am ready to collect.”

I entered in my info without hesitation. I was officially a cocksucker, and now on demand!

“I could tell Beth trained you too. You were completely cleaned out when I had my cock in your ass. She told me you were her best student ever! I’m jealous because I thought I was.”

“Did she give you a massage yet?” he asked, putting his sweatshirt back on.

“No she didn’t. What did I miss?” I asked.

“I don’t think you missed anything important. But she is a message therapist, and if she ever gives you a full massage, Wow! There will not be an ounce of stress anywhere in your body,” he said smiling.

“She pretty much worked the stress out of me without a massage!” I laughed. “I will keep that in mind though. Any excuse, I can’t wait to see her again!”

He laughed and nodded in agreement. “Amen brother!”

Between you and me I think Mikey feels bad for you and is planning to pay you a visit.

Not sure what else is coming, but Danny said there was a surprise coming late tonight sometime. I have no idea what it is though. You probably should take the blue pill…Oh by the way, please do not tell anyone about this little visit. They will make me pay if they find out.”

“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. You gave me two amazing firsts and cured a major case of blue balls. I owe you a couple!” I said smiling.

I decided to go for a run, so I texted Danny:





The maintenance man was on the elevator when I stepped in.

“Morning sir, how is your stay so far?” he asked politely

“Good” I replied, bouncing slightly thinking about the run.

“Everything ok with your room? Had a few visitors yesterday I saw. Let us know if you need any towels or supplies.” he said looking me up and down, smiling politely.

The doors opened. “I’m fine thank you,” I said waving my hand to let him exit first.

He stepped off and I could not help but notice his ass bulging our from his tool belt. I thought, “Oh God he must have heard Daniel’s cocksucker comment when they arrived yesterday.”

I took a good forty minute run feeling stronger than I had for some time. During the run, I discovered a new rather gross phenomenon, I had never heard of before, cum burbs. They were nasty and persistent. I decided I needed to eat a big lunch to make them stop. When I returned to the room, I did a quick shower shave and system clean out.

It was about noon so; I went across the street to Denny’s for lunch after popping the blue pill. I got back to the room about 1:30 and decided I better get in uniform before Mikey arrived.

I put on a full black silk panty, but feeling really self-conscious, I put my sweat shorts on over them and dozed off again.

The knock came at 3:00PM waking me up. Mikey appeared in a UPS uniform. He apparently came right from work.

After opening the door, Mikey looked me up and down and spoke loudly from the hallway, “What, no panties cocksucker? You know the rules answer the door in your panties and do whatever you are told! So you’re not our cocksucker anymore?”

“Yes! I’m sorry, I have them on, see?” I said pulling down my sweats.

He glanced down the hall and continued, “Who owns your ass?” he asked loudly.

I answered softly, “You do.”

“Me and whoever knocks on your door needing service.” he corrected.

“Yes sir,” I said meekly.

“Black panties, nice,” he said more calmly. “Turn around and let me get a look at you.”

I complied and he walked in toward the bed, leaving the door to slam closed. I grabbed the door and let it close softly. I peeked out to see if anyone was in the hall. There was the maintenance man smiling at me, knowingly…I pulled my glowing red face back in the door humiliated.

Mikey was unbuckling his pants when I turned around.

“I am on my break, but I thought you might need some relief after yesterday. I felt bad for you not being able to blow your load,” he said looking at my growing cock.

“Yes, my balls are awful blue right now. What did you have in mind?” I asked walking toward the bed.

“Well ever since you jacked off begging to fuck my ass, I thought wow, he really wants it. When you thanked me for letting you lick your own cum from my asshole, I knew you really did. So, maybe today I will let you fuck me. What do you think fuck toy?” he asked pulling down his underwear and kicking them aside.

The memory of that night was front and center in my head. I was so hard when he offered his asshole up in full view and they teased me into thinking I would get to fuck him. I came in about 2 seconds, jacking off in front of all three of them, just thinking about his tight ass.

“Oh please let me slide my cock into your tight asshole. I’ve played that image over 1000 times in my mind. Fuck my cock is hard again,” I said excitedly. “I have some lube in the bathroom, let me get it.”

“Sure, you can apply it for me,” he said grinning.

“I got it,” he said. “Lay down on the bed.” I did as commanded, and he grabbed my feet pulling me to the center of the bed. He stood next to the bed and unbuttoned in his brown shirt and tossed it to the floor.

Setting next to me on the bed, he began to caress my hard cock through the panties. His touch electrified my body. I closed my eyes and pressed my cock against his hand.

“MMMMMM,” I moaned aloud, feeling his touch.

“I don’t think you’ll need these anymore,” he said sliding my panties off.

The waist band clung to the head of my throbbing hard-on, causing it to pull straight up in the air before slipping free and thudding back onto my stomach. He worked them down and off, tossing them onto the bed. Then he climbed next to me, with his feet toward the head of the bed. His hand gently gripped my oozing dick.

“Wow it’s all swelled up; shall I kiss it and make it better?” he said stretching out next to me.

I took a sharp deep breath as his lips touched my cockhead and his tongue slurped up my pre-cum. “Oh yes that feels good. Oh please…” I sighed, lost in the feel of his hot wet mouth.

He pulled back and tossed his leg over me positioning his balls near my face. “I’ll lube you if you lube me cocksucker,” he said, pressing my cock into his watering mouth. Then, he arched his back making his ass more accessible.

I saw the ring of hair around his asshole, recalling how it looked when my cum was clinging to it and dripping down to his balls that fateful night. The feel of his mouth working my swollen cock drove me crazy, so I squeezed some strawberry flavored lube onto my hand and rubbed it into his ass crack.

He moaned and gyrated his hips pressing my finger into his tight sphincter. Pumping his hips he pushed himself on and off my finger. He moaned as I pushed in a second and then a third.

“Moh mes” he Sikiş hikayeleri muttered fucking my cock with his mouth.

“God damn that’s good!” he yelled pulling off my cock and sitting up forcing his ass onto my fingers.

Next, he jumped off and grabbed my hand, pulling me to the sitting position. “Remember the position we were in that night?”

“God yes,” I said jumping up, boner bouncing. “My first time looking at a man’s asshole. It’s forever etched!”

He assumed the position, knees up under him sitting on his heels and toes over the edge of the bed. I remembered cumming on his stretched ass hole as I masturbated in front of them.

“Please let me slide my cock in your ass,” I panted.

“Slow and easy cocksucker,” he said pressing back with his hips and spreading his ass a little wider.

I began sliding my cock head down between his warm buns, smearing the lube and his saliva over his tight hole. Once again, I could cum just rubbing myself against him if I was not careful. I pressed my head against him, slowly and steadily pressed forward, with tiny little humping motions.

Slowly his sphincter stretched warming my dick head. I was throbbing and oozing pre-cum and began to moan with each push. Once my head was in him, I gripped his hips and pushed in further.

“Oh yes, nice and slow, your cock is fucking hard and hot. You feel like your gonna pop,” he said grunting

“Ooooohhhhh fuck it feels good,” I almost sang. “You’re so warm and so tight! Thank you, thank you…Thank yooouuu,” I moaned.

I pushed all the way in leaned over his tight ass. As I pulled out to the tip, he raised up on all fours, allowing me to stand fully up as I pumped his ass.

“Fuck yeah,” I grunted. “It feels good…I’m gonna blow big time. Fuck Mikey, your tight.”

I began to increase my speed knowing I would not last long. I leaned forward to give him a reach around, but it was not a comfortable position. I did get a grip on it and felt his hot hard cock as I stroked a few times, but it made it impossible to fully penetrate his ass. Much to my dismay he pulled off. Then he rolled on to his back.

I was shocked and disappointed when he did that, but he quickly grabbed himself behind his knees and pulled them toward his chest holding them wide.

“Now try,” he said offering himself. “Are you ready to fuck me cocksucker?”

I stepped up to him and he wrapped his legs around my torso pulling my dick against his raised ass. His grip was almost suffocating but incredibly arousing. His legs surrounded me with his feet crossed behind my back. He was pulling me close and holding his ass up off the bed at the same time.

“I want you to fuck my ass and make me cum with your fucking dick in my ass!” he commanded, panting and squeezing me close.

His boner bounced off his belly as he rubbed his ass on my dick almost pulling me over on him. I grabbed my dick and lined it up with his slightly distended, sphincter. He wiggled and pulled with his legs, forcing his warm ass to swallow my throbbing cock. I gripped his dick with my right and tried my best to help support him under his ass with my left.

I had to hold him up to keep him high enough to allow my dick to comfortably penetrate him while his weight pulled me down so far it hurt. I pumped my hips feeling my hard cock work his prostate.

“Oh fuck Mikey, that so fucking good, your cock’s so fucking hard!” I said gripping and stroking his steel pole.

“Shit yes, fuck me hard!” he yelled.

My hips were pumping as I struggled to stand with him squeezing me with his legs. I was jacking him off like a jack hammer, while he was driving me over the edge. He loved being fucked!

“Oh god Mikey, your so fucking hot! You’re gonna make me fuckin cum in your fucking ass!” I yelled.

“Your cock is so fuckin hard! Please don’t cum yet! Make me cum with that fucking dick in my ass…Oh fuck yes, I’m gonna cum… Pound me Cocksucker…I’m coming, oh fuck! fuck! fuck!” he yelled as his jizz shot onto his neck and chest.

He shook and squeezed as his cock convulsed in my hand. My balls were churning as my own cock was ready to blow. I jacked him off so fast droplets of cum flew wildly all over him and my bed spread.

He spasmed again shooting another wad of hot cum. I smeared it onto his cock as some of his cum shot in my hand while I pounded his dick.

“I’m coming in your ass, Mikey…Oh fuck, here it comes!”

My balls contracted as they slammed against his hot ass. I felt a jet of cum surge through my rod, deep in his ass. I could not believe how fucking hard I was coming, knowing how much I was pleasing him.

“I’m coming in your ass! Uh! uh! uh! uh! uh!” I grunted; teeth clenched.

As my balls released shot after shot, my legs wobbled, and I fell forward onto him. I reached out my arms to catch myself, as I continued to pump his ass, gradually lessening the intensity, until it was a slow and methodical full motion.

My cock began to soften as I stroked. I had balanced myself on one hand and resumed stroking his cock, milking him dry. The smooth creamy cum made him slippery and now sticky as it soaked into his dick.

My dick slid free from his oozing asshole as he shoved my head down toward his cock.

“Clean me up cocksucker!” I have to get back to work.

He released me and I dropped to my knees beside the bed, running my tongue up his length tasting his creamy cum.

“Oh yeah, lick my fucking cock clean,” he sighed. Then you’ll need to lick it off the rest of me”.

I sucked his semi hard cock taking him all the way in, cleaning his rod thoroughly. He started to stiffen a little as I worked him.

“Damn cocksucker, you’re gonna get me goin’ again.” he sighed, happily.

He pulled me off and I licked my way up his belly and chest, licking up all the many droplets along the way. By the time I reached the streams on his upper chest and neck, I was lying on him, our dicks touching. I let myself ease down on top off him, feeling the warmth of his skin against mine, as I licked his cum off the side of his neck.

He grabbed my ass and pressed my cock against his, rocking gently. Feeling me stiffen he laughed.

“I gotta go back to work! Don’t get me started,” he said reluctantly.

I took that as my cue and started kissing his neck and pressing against him. He shoved me off and jumped up.

“Easy Fuck Toy, I gotta go!” he said, grabbing his clothes and disappearing into the bathroom.

I climbed up on the bed and laid on my back with my legs spread trying to keep my boner going so he would see when he came out. After a few moments, he popped out and walked toward the door. He grabbed the doorknob and turned around.

“Feel better?” he asked smiling. “Looks like you are ready for more.” he said nodding toward my exposed dick.

“Much better, thank you. That was fucking awesome. Anytime you want another round please come see me.” I said smiling. “You know where to find me.”

“Unfortunately I am booked for the rest of the week. I have a feeling you’ll be back though.” he said walking out. “So long Cocksucker!”

“Later,” I replied.

After he left, I got a damp rag and blotted up the bed spread and decided to rinse off in the shower. I hung out the do not disturb sign and headed to the shower. I was still smooth and cleaned out, so it was quick. I put my panties back on, just in case, and wondered what this evening would have in store.

I was getting a bit hungry again and was thankful the lunch had knocked out the cum burbs. I had some sandwich supplies in the fridge, so I made a sandwich and grabbed a small bag of chips for lunch and flipped on the sports center.

After a while I showered and cleaned up again. Sitting on the couch I flipped on the television and watched an old John Wayne movie. The phone dinged with a text.


Attached was a picture of an erection. It was not one I recognized. It looked 7-8 inches long, white, with reddish hair. It was a little shaggy looking around the pubes. I did not recognize the number, but the picture made my cock tingle. I watched the end of the movie and still had some time, so I started another movie.

The knock came about 9:55.

It was a late 20’s or so young man with strawberry blondish hair, cut just above his shoulders, wearing jeans, a Steeler’s jersey and light black jacket. I let him in, and he spoke quickly, sounding a bit nervous.

He seemed surprised by me only wearing black panties and looked me over awkwardly.

“Hi I’m Shane, Beth’s brother. She told me I could come by and get some special service here since I know you…is that correct?” he asked somewhat hesitantly.

“I am here to service your needs, that is correct,” I replied reluctantly.

“Good,” he said shuffling a little. “My fiancé and I have hit a rough patch and Beth said you could help me get a little relief since you apparently are an excellent cock sucker…First I need to know that this is strictly confidential and there are no recording devices of any kind.”

“Shane, relax man,” I said holding up my wedding ring. “I have more to lose than you if anything ever got out of this room. Feel free to look around, there is nothing to worry about. My phone is right there if you want to turn it off.” I pointed at my phone on the desk.

He picked it up and looked at it and returned it to the desk.

“Ok, if Beth says you’re ok, I’m good,” he said relaxing Erotik hikaye a little and taking off his jacket.

“So things are a little rough with the girlfriend and you need me to help with some blue balls?” I asked, thinking about that picture. “Your picture sure looked like you had some pressure build up there. (I stared at his crotch). I think I can help…I owe your sister a favor anyway.”

“Actually I need this to be discreet from her also,” he said a little nervously, looking at my tenting panties.

“Sure, I will not share anything with her other than what you tell me to say. So how can I help you?” I asked genuinely curious.

He looked at the ground and shuffled before he spoke. “I have always been a bit curious about certain things and need to be sure before I get married.”

“Sure, so you want to try getting a blow job from a man?” I asked.

“Actually I want to know what it’s like suck another man’s dick and…”

“Great, I like that plan even better!” I interrupted. “But momma always said it is much better to give than receive! I would love to return the favor. Just tell me what you would like, and I will be more than happy to help.”

He walked over to me and began to rub my growing cock through the silk panties but looked at the floor.

“Wow, I like a man that knows what he wants,” I said pressing my cock against his hand and swaying my hips. “You like how that feels in your hand Shane?”

“Yes,” he said softly dropping to his knees.

He looked at my cock gently stoking it. He had an obvious hard-on as his head leaned in toward me. I gently rubbed the top of his head and gripped him by the hair, stopping his motion.

“Manners? How do you ask?” I said looking at his pathetic face.

“Please?” he whispered.

“Please what?” I barked.

“Please let me…” he whimpered.

“Please let you what?” I asked, annoyed.

“Please let me suck your cock,” he said meekly.

My cock was rock hard, and I loved the feeling of control. Especially since I have been completely controlled for the past week.

“You can only start if you promise to swallow my cum. Do you want me to cum in your pretty mouth Shane?”, I said pressing my dick into his hand.

He was breathing heavily, but still looking confused and scared.

“Yes!” he said more firmly.

“Yes What?”

“Yes, I want you to cum in my mouth!” he almost shouted.


“Please let me suck your cock until you cum in my mouth!” he said, looking me in the eye as he begged.

“I want you naked when you swallow my cum. I want to see your hard fucking boner when you taste my cum!” I said shoving his hand away. “Strip!”

He stood up and pulled off his sweatshirt, kicked off his shoes, and hesitated for a moment, thinking about his situation.

“I can see your fucking hard-on through your jeans. Who are you kidding? Strip and get your first taste of dick or move on Shane…it’s your call boner boy!”

He looked at my bulging panties, making me realize the absurdity of the situation. Here I am standing in silk panties demanding he service me.

He dropped his sweatshirt in surrender and removed his pants and underwear. His cock was at full attention.

“That’s better, you may proceed,” I said facing him. He walked over and went to his knees.

He, once again, stroked me through the silk, causing me to moan, making him firm up his grip and lean in again.

I had soaked through the panties with my pre-cum and he opened his mouth covering the wet spot as he engulfed part of my head. His tongue swirled tasting my leakage.

“Is that your first taste?” I asked sighing.

He nodded continuing to lick.

“You like that don’t you Shane,” I asked caressing his head.

He nodded, turning his head sideways and sliding down my shaft and back up.

“Oh yes, your mouth feels really good. I think you’re a natural.” I said tilting my head back.

After a couple of passes he gripped my panties and slid them down, moving in and kissing my head as it poked over the waistband.

“Damn that’s good your lips are so soft and warm,” I moaned.

He licked down my shaft as he slid them off, licking my balls as he pushed them below my knees, and I quickly stepped out of them. I stood with my legs wide apart giving him access to my nuts.

“Nice tongue young man. Lick my fucking balls…Damn!” I said holding his head with my right hand.

He started to lick back up my shaft, as I pushed him off and looked him in the eyes again. ” What do you want?”

“I want you to cum in my mouth.” he said panting.

“Are you, my cocksucker?” I taunted.

“Yes…yes please let my suck your hard cock!” he panted.

“Jack off for me cock sucker!” I ordered, wishing I could taste his stiff dick, but enjoying the feeling of power.

He gripped his dick started stroking himself, staring at my hard-on. “Please let me taste your cum.”

I gripped my dick and pointed it toward his face and stepped in. He opened wide and led with his tongue. I rubbed my head on his warm wet flesh, and pulled out holding my dick inches away.

“Do you like that taste?” I asked teasing.

“Yes!” he panted.

“What does that make you?” I barked.

“A cock sucker!” he said jacking off in front of me.

“You fucking like me watching you jack off, don’t you?” I asked, nearly ready to blow my load watching.

“Yes, please let me cum with your dick in my mouth,” he begged grunting.

I pushed into his mouth, with his lips gripping me. He leaned in and pushed me deep into his mouth.

“Relax your throat and take me all…Oh fuck, that’s it, you sure I’m your first?” I said, trying not to cum yet.

He nodded and moaned.

“Your gonna make me cum Cocksucker Shane. Are you ready for it?”

“MMM…MMM,” he said bobbing wildly.

He began to jerk and groan, as he shot his cum on the floor.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming, I said tensing my whole body as my balls unloaded.

He was whining and moaning as he spunked on the floor.

“Suck my fucking c, cum!” I spasmed and let him take my load.

We both writhed and groaned as our orgasms peaked.

He never lost his contact with my cock and swallowed it all. Not that it was huge load after the day I had.

“That’s it, suck me dry…Did you like that?” I asked panting.

He nodded, still sucking.

“You want to do that again? (He nodded) Your question’s answered?” (He nodded).

I pulled out and stepped back, “Holly shit, you did have some blue balls,” I said looking at the globs of cum he unloaded on the floor.

“Have a seat on the bed,” I said giving him a hand up.

He sat down and I walked over to the bed pushing my knees between his legs and spreading them out.

My cock close to his face I looked down at him, “kiss it.”

He did and I dropped down to my knees, gripping his still hard cock.

“You made a mess. Let me clean this up for you,” I said taking him in my mouth and tasting his cum.

“Oh God, that feels good!” he said, starting to hump wildly.

I pulled off and leaned back on my heels. Next, I gripped him and looked him in the eyes. I bit my lower lip as I stroked him. He began humping my hand.

“Did you like my cum?”

“Yeesss,” he hummed closing his eyes.

“Are you a cocksucker?”


“If I told you, you could suck some other cocks later this week would you like that?


I stroked him and he was humping my hand working himself up until he was on the verge again.

“You are gonna cum in my hand, aren’t you?’ I whispered.

“Yeesss, yeesss, yeesss. You’re making me cum!” he yelled.

I leaned in and shoved him in my mouth as he was ready to blow for me.

“I’m coming, please don’t stop, yes! yes! yes!” He screamed, falling back on the bed. He lay flat on his back thrusting his hips wildly making guttural grunting sounds completely consumed by pleasure. Several small but powerful waves of his warm cum emptied into me and I lapped it all up.

I was thankful he dumped a load on the floor a few minutes earlier or I might not have been able to take it all! After draining him I stood up and looked at him.

“Wow Shane, as much as I would like to continue this, it has been a long day and I need to rest and recoup. I think you have a lot to think about. I know I will be thinking about you. I have your number and picture and will text you when the other cocks might be available. You don’t mind if I keep the picture to look at, do you?” I asked smiling.

“No,” he said meekly.

I tossed him his clothes. “Don’t get me wrong Shane, you have a great cock and a great mouth. I would love to see them both very soon, but I have had a long day and I am spent. I have a lot to think about also,” I said, wiggling my ring finger.

“Don’t worry, If Beth ever asks, and I don’t think she will, I will tell her you came by, you came in my mouth, thanked me and left. Sound, Okay?” I asked patiently.

“Yes, thank you…so you will text me?” he asked a bit desperately.

“Yes, tomorrow, I promise,” I smiled. “You are a cock hungry little bastard, aren’t you?”

“Sorry” he said pulling up his pants.

“Nothing to be sorry about Shane, it should be obvious, I enjoyed it. I look forward to exploring things further with you. Have a good night and good luck with your fiancé. Talk to you tomorrow.” I said, easing him toward the door.

When he left, I collapsed naked on the bed catching my breath. After laying there for a few minutes, I realized how spent I really was. I climbed under the covers and fell asleep.

To be continued.

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