Straight to the Pool …Table

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Friday night – I’m at your place, drinking, smoking some weed, playing pool. Watching you without looking at you, thinking about you in ways I shouldn’t, drifting off into day dreams where I do things to you a good girl wouldn’t. I’m here because I’m friends with your girlfriend – but I’ve known you longer. We’ve been acquaintances – we went to school together at one point – we’ve always had mutual friends. Whenever we were in the same place, we were friendly, flirty. Nothing ever came of it because you inevitably had a girlfriend and besides, I always figured I wasn’t your type. Not flashy enough – you, being one of those brooding, good looking, athletic guys, always attracted the fashionable, made up, polished girls. That wasn’t me, at all. I’m more interested in music, minds and being outdoors. We got along really well – but it was easy because there was never any pressure on me to try to impress you. Although I was always attracted to your green eyes and the slow smile you’d give me whenever we ran into each other, it would never have entered my head to make a move on you.

As we got older we saw each other less. Then about six months ago one of my friends invited me to her place to meet her new boyfriend and it turned out to be you. We slipped easily back into our old standing and I’d seen you constantly now since. As well as dating Ariana, who was not a super close friend but was friends with a lot of my good friends, you also struck up a friendship with the guy I was seeing at that time, Connor. So the four of us met up once or twice a week. That was until things ended with Connor and I, anyway, about four weeks ago. I hadn’t seen you since then – except for one brief encounter at a club the weekend after Connor and I split. A short interaction that had changed my view of you a lot. It’s why, right now, I’m sitting on the sunlounge by the pool, watching as you play darts. I close my eyes and drift into the memory –

I was slightly pissed, I know that. I was happy Connor and I were done and I’d gone out alone because I could. Connor had ended up being a bit too controlling in all the wrong ways, and none of the right ones. So of course the first weekend after we’d mutually agreed to go our separate way, I’d taken myself to a club I knew would have good dance music on. I had no plans to hook up – I just wanted to dance. And that’s what I did. There was a couple of run ins with guys who got a little handsy on the dance floor but on the whole I’d been left alone – I’m pretty good at giving off ‘leave me be’ vibes. I’d distinctly felt eyes on me a couple of times but when I’d looked around, I couldn’t see anyone looking at me so I’d shrugged it off.

At some point I needed a break so I got a glass of wine at the bar and wandered the club, looking for somewhere to sit. It was a bizarre movie moment – there was suddenly a line of sight straight through the crowd and you were at the end of it. You were staring right at me. Neither of us moved for a moment, then you gave me that slow smile and I felt something stirring. I headed your way without thinking. When I reached you, you didn’t say a word, just took my glass and had a drink.

Then – “Where’s Connor?” you asked, looking around.

I shrugged. “Who knows, who cares? We split up,” I explained, at your questioning look.

“You ok?”

I laughed. “I’m awesome. It was definitely a good thing. I missed this, and it wasn’t really Connor’s style, you know.” I indicated the club and the pulsing bodies around us.

We chatted while we shared my wine. Ariana was at home; you’d come out with some friends but they’d left an hour or so ago.

“Why are you still here then?” I’d asked, confused.

Your gaze suddenly grew intense and I felt that same stirring. “I saw you on the dance floor. I wanted to watch you.”

I stared at you for a minute. Thinking you were good looking was one thing; this felt like more. And given you’d never shown me the görükle escort bayan slightest indication of any interest, it was intriguing.

“Do you dance?” I’d asked, hoping you’d say yes.

You nodded slowly.

I took one last mouthful of wine and put the glass down on a nearby table. “Show me,” I invited, taking your hand and heading for the dancefloor.

I didn’t even turn to face you once we were surrounded by other dancers; I just started moving in time to the music, closing my eyes and letting the beat guide me. I felt you begin to dance with me, against me – slightly restrained, hesitating. I turned then and threaded my arms around your neck, pulling you against me, fitting my shape to yours. In the flashing lights, it was hard to tell but I swear your pupils dilated as you stared down at me. Our bodies moved together, I closed my eyes again and just went with the music. At some point I turned my back to you and your hands dropped to my hips, pulling me back against you – I felt your cock hard against my ass and took care to grind back into you a little harder. The tempo increased and you turned me to face you again. The intense look on your face made me smile and you smiled your slow smile back at me. That smile started a fluttering deep in my belly – I felt my nipples harden – suddenly your hands weren’t just on me but roaming me – sliding down my back to cup my ass and squeeze, holding me against you. The chemistry between us exploded – you lowered your head a fraction and then paused. The music, the lights, the alcohol, your smile – I closed the gap and kissed you. We stopped dancing – your hands came up to cup my face as you deepened the kiss, sliding your tongue against mine, stroking my mouth. After a minute – forever – we broke the kiss and stared at each other. We both realised we were at the point of no return.

The music changed – it was enough to break the spell and we stepped away from each other at the same time. I knew it was time to go but I couldn’t help smiling at you – I stood on tiptoe to give you a kiss on the cheek, then winked at you and left the dancefloor without looking back.

When Ariana had invited me over for tonight I’d hesitated. I wasn’t sure how weird it would be if you were there – how could I ignore the chemistry I now knew I’d feel – how could I hide the fact that I’d been thinking about fucking you for the last three weeks? But she said you were going out, so that put me in the clear. I’d arrived around 4pm, there were a few girls there, we’d had a bunch of wines and then they’d all left – Ariana had offered me a bed and I’d accepted. Then at 9pm you showed up with a couple of friends. Not ideal. I was tipsy – and I always get flirty when I drink. Not usually a problem but after the club episode I knew I’d have to be careful. I had no idea what your reaction to me would be either, but to my surprise you were completely normal. It was as if the club dance had never happened. Which actually made it easier for me and before long I was feeling ok. One of your mates had some joints so we ended up sitting out around the pool, getting high. That turned into shenanigans and before long, you and your friends had tossed Ariana and I into the pool and then jumped in. It was hilarious – at least I thought so. Ariana didn’t react so well – like most of your girlfriends she’s pretty polished – hair, makeup – apparently that doesn’t go so well with unexpected swims. The two of you had a bit of an argument and she stormed inside, telling us she was going to bed and that you specifically could fuck off and not bother coming in to her room later. We all held it in until the door slammed and then we let ourselves laugh like crazy people.

It wasn’t warm and we didn’t stay in the pool long – I left you and your friends playing pool and wandered inside. I found some clothes that would fit me – a pair of sweat pants and jumper I knew was Ariana’s, got changed altıparmak eskort and dumped my wet clothes into the bath. Then I went back outside. You guys were playing darts, so I poured myself another wine and settled myself on the sunlounge to watch. It was dark, but I pulled my sunnies down so I could watch you without any of you knowing I was.

Your friends are leaving. I wonder if you’re going with them – you aren’t. You walk them to the front yard then come back to the pool.

“Want a game of pool?” you ask, holding out a cue. I shrug and get up. I like pool.

We set up a game and start playing – neither of us are too serious and before long we are trying to sabotage each other’s shots. I walk behind you and ‘accidentally’ knock your cue as you go for your shot; you wait til I’m about to hit mine and slap me on the ass. Needless to say I miss.

I stand up, laughing at you. You give me that slow smile, and suddenly the chemistry is back. The air is thick with sexual tension. I can tell by the look on your face you feel it too. But we play on as if nothing happened. Only now, when I go to take my shot, I make sure you’re behind me before I bend over the table. You make sure you press against me as you pass me, circling the table. As I lean down to take a tricky shot, you come behind me, leaning into me, over me, pressing your cock into my ass, pushing me against the side of the table.

“Let me show you,” you say, arms circling around me as you guide the shot. Your face is right beside mine – if I turned right now I could kiss you. I want to kiss you but I’m still not sure if this what you want or if you’re just being more flirty than usual. I sink the ball and suddenly its down to the black.

“Want to make this interesting?” you say, giving me an intense look.

“I’m always up for interesting,” I reply, taking the chalk and re-chalking my cue. “What did you have in mind?”

You stand in front of me, one hand on either side of my body. My back is to the table and we’re only a centimetres apart.

“If I win, I get to fuck you senseless on this table,” you say bluntly, holding my gaze. My mouth goes a little dry.

“And if I win?” I ask, leaning back slightly, putting my hands on the table behind me.

You grin at me and shrug. “You win, you get to have me fuck you senseless on this table.” Your hand snakes out to my hip as you step into me, pressing your lower body into mine. You run the back of your fingers up, under the hem of the jumper, finding the bare skin of my midriff underneath. My skin is hypersensitive to your touch, every nerve ending is on fire. Your hand continues its journey north, sliding against my skin, lifting the jumper, until you reach the underside of my breast. You cup it with a low groan. “No bra?”

I slowly shake my head, a mischievous look on my face. “It was wet, so I had to leave it off….Like my panties.” Your thumb is circling my nipple and I see a definite flash of desire across your face as what I’ve said sinks in.

“Do we have a bet?” you ask huskily, still massaging my breast.

“Sure,” I reply easily, pressing my chest forward, into your hand. You let me go and step away, wasting no time in taking your shot, hoping, I assume, to get to the fucking sooner rather than later.

The ball bounces off the pocket and you miss. I line up my shot; you make sure you are beside me as I bend across the table. You run your hand over my ass, sliding it between my legs, distracting me. I miss and you grin. I realise you want to make sure you win so of course it becomes a game of who can be more distracting – whose hands can rub, stroke and slide enough to cause missed shots. Eventually though, I manage to block out the sensation of you dry fucking me from behind enough to sink the black. I stand slowly and turn to face you.

“I win,” I say, holding my cue out to you. Wordlessly you take it nilüfer escort and toss it behind you with your own. You reach one hand behind my head and pull my face to yours, thrusting your tongue into my mouth, showing me how much you want me. Your free hand was resting on my hip; now it slides down, under the waist band of my sweat pants, across my skin to my sex, cupping it, your fingers running along my slit. I moan into your mouth as you find my clit and circle it. You pull back and look at me, your hand still working between my legs. “Take your jumper off and get on the edge of the table.”

I shrug out of the jumper and let it fall onto the table. Somehow you help me sit up on the edge of the table without your fingers pausing. You kiss me again, pressing me backwards, until I’m laying on my back on the table. Your hand leaves my cunt and I frown, but then I realise you are sliding my pants down and I lift my ass to help you. You strip your own shirt off and I get my first look at your body – its fucking hot. Judging by the look on your face, you’re having similar thoughts about mine. You stand between my legs, pushing them apart. With a glint in your eye, you bend over me, taking a nipple in your mouth, biting it gently before sucking my nipple into a hard pebble, swapping to the other breast and repeating the exercise. You trail kisses down my body, down to my hip, grazing your teeth across the bone, making goosebumps appear across my body. Your mouth is on my cunt; you suck lightly on my clit, then flick it with your tongue, before I feel you spread my pussy with your hands, opening me up so your tongue can slide inside me. My head tilts back, eyes close; you’re so good at this. Your tongue darts in and out of me while you use your thumb to pulse my clit. My hips are moving in time to your tongue. I think about the day dreams I’ve had about you since the club and realise they never came close to the real thing. A finger or two join your tongue in fucking me and suddenly I’m coming against your mouth, hard, trying not to cry out. As I come back to earth, you’re undoing your jeans and letting them drop. Briefs follow and I stare at your cock, ready to come again.

“Move further onto the table,” you order and I do. You climb onto the table, onto me, settling between my spread legs, the head of your cock finding my cunt. I feel you there, eagerly I open my legs and buck my hips, encouraging you. You give a low laugh against my mouth. “So keen,” you say, capturing my mouth with yours. You slide into me, just, then pull back, teasing me. Then again. I’m getting so frustrated, when on the next movement you thrust your whole cock into me, burying it as far as you can, and I nearly come again.

“Oh my fucking god,” I gasp, feeling you fill me completely. I wrap my legs around you as you start to move, slowly at first, and then faster, thrusting into to me; your hands slide under me and hold my shoulders so you can get maximum depth. My back arches and you take advantage to take one of my nipples in your mouth, sucking hard. You slow, ease out of me. Grasp my hips and guide me into turning over. You pull me onto all fours. Spreading my ass cheeks with your hands, I tilt my pussy towards you, groaning as you thrust into me from behind. You fuck harder this way; holding my hips; I feel you thumbing my ass, circling it, teasing it, and know I’m going to come again any minute. You start to thrust faster – I start to move against you – and then your thumb enters my ass and I come, throwing my head back. “Fuuuuuuuckkkk!” I let out, helpless. I feel you come as my pussy pulses around your cock and you hold me tight against you until the orgasm ends. We slide apart and lay on our backs, side by side, breathing hard. After a minute, you turn to me, propping yourself up on your elbow.

“You senseless?” you ask, grinning.

I laugh. “Nearly – but not quite.” I wink at you and you lean over to kiss me, hard and quick.

“Have to have another go at it then,” you say, resting your hand just above my belly button, staring at me.

I am more than happy to repeat this experience. “Guess so,” I reply. I realise this is just the beginning of a lot of quality fuckery and I grin at him. “Practice makes perfect.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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