Streamer Sister, Backed-up Brother

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18.

Another One Shot this time. I don’t want to commit to a longer series until I can be sure that I have the time to write more frequently and update on a regular basis.

I hope you like it and I hope that I’ll have time for more stories in the future.


Jenny froze and pushed her boyfriend of one month off of her. “Waitwaitwait! What was that?”

Brian listened for a second and shrugged. “I dunno, maybe my neighbors or something?”

Jenny furrowed her brow and glared at Brian. “That’s coming from the other room. Who else is here?”

Brian sighed. “It’s my little sister. She’s probably just playing a video game or something.” Brian moved in to kiss Jenny’s neck.

Jenny pushed him away again and hissed at him. “STOP! She’ll hear us!”

Brian sat back on his bed already knowing that the night was over but still wanted to try. “It’s fine, seriously. She always wears these huge, noise cancelling headphones when she streams. She won’t hear a thing.”

Jenny got up from the bed and pulled her shirt back on. “Streaming? Like playing video games online? Hell no! I’m not going to have a fucking audience. Look, just, I’m not in the mood anymore OK? Can I get a rain check?”

Brian sighed again but smiled at his girlfriend and nodded. “Sure babe. I promise I’ll make sure Brit is out in the future.”

Smiling softly Jenny kissed her boyfriend on the forehead and grabbed her purse. “Thanks for being understanding. You really are a sweetheart you know that?” Still sitting on the bed Brian pulled Jenny closer and hugged her again before Jenny turned to leave. “I’m gonna go. Text me tomorrow?” Brian nodded and watched her leave before flopping back down on the bed.

Brian’s stomach growled and he grabbed his phone off the nightstand sending a quick text to his sister. “Hey I’m guessing you’re streaming. Gonna order some food. Want anything?” There was a brief pause in noise from the other room before he got back a string of emojis indicating that yes, she did indeed want food, Chinese specifically. Brian took a moment to adjust his softening cock before opening up the app to put in his usual delivery order. “ETA is 45 minutes. Might want to wrap up your stream.” Another string of emojis in reply and Brian closed his eyes to at least try to get some rest before dinner arrived.

The next thing Brian knew he was being awoken by a knock on his bedroom door. “Hey bro! Dinner’s here.” Brittney called from behind the closed door. Brian groaned and got to his feet. Out in the kitchen Brit was setting out plates and the Chinese food. She turned to smile at him and he caught a full view of the outfit she had worn for her livestream. She had on a bright blue and purple wig, a low-cut crop top that had some character on it he didn’t recognize, a padded pushup bra that managed an impressive job on her comparatively meager bust, and a skirt so short she had accidentally flashed her panties at him twice already. She also had on a full face of makeup that looked garish under normal lighting but he knew from having watched her streams before that it looked a lot more natural under her camera setup. Even though Brian had mostly gotten used to it, seeing his little sister transformed into this e-girl bimbo was still jarring at times. Brit set out some silverware and turned to Brian. “Go ahead and start without me, I’m gonna go wash this shit off.”

Brian chuckled and went to the liquor cabinet. “I need a drink. Want one?”

“After the day I’ve had? Yes please. The stronger the better.”

Brian turned back to the liquor as his sister headed to the bathroom and poured a couple glasses of whiskey and ginger beer. Brian had already dug into an egg roll and was busy piling orange chicken onto his plate when his sister joined him in a much more comfortable pair of sweatpants and tank top. Without her makeup and wig his sweet little sister had returned, auburn curls and all. Absentmindedly he noticed her nipples poking through the thin fabric of the tank top and realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Taking her seat Brit popped open the lo mein and sighed contentedly. Brit took a drink of her whiskey ginger and smacked her lips. “That’s the good shit. I needed that. Thanks again for dinner. I’ll send you some cash.” Brian rolled his eyes and waved dismissively to tell her that she didn’t need to bother. “Aww. You’re a real sweetheart y’know?”

Brian chuckled softly. “Yeah, I hear that a lot. Long day?”

“Every day is a long day. People really don’t understand how much work goes into streaming.”

Brian shrugged and took a bite. “I mean, I kinda don’t either. Tell me about it.”

Brit groaned a little between mouthfulls of noodles. “Well first there’s the streaming itself. You’re not just sitting there playing video games. You’re always on camera so you’re performing the whole time. If you’re just sitting there quietly then people are going to go watch someone else. So you’ve gotta be fun and engaging and funny and ‘natural’ all while playing a video game AND interacting with the rus escort chat AND keeping an eye on the clock so you know when you need to play ads or do sponsor reads or whatever. AND THEN! If you’re a woman god forbid you be anything less than an instagram model or you’ll never get anywhere, so not only do I need to have a face full of makeup and my tits squeezed up to my chin, I’ve gotta spend 2 hours a day in the gym just to maintain this figure.” Brit set her fork down and sighed. “The worst part is that, like, people can tell if your personality is fake. So like that fun, flirty girl with the dirty sense of humor and a fat ass, that IS still me, but it’s the only part of me that gets viewers, so I have to JUST be that! Every day! I used to like that part of myself, but it’s just kinda taken over my life. And on top of all that I feel super guilty every day because you’ve been letting me stay here rent free for like two years and I’m contributing basically fucking NOTHING!”

Both Brian and Brit had stopped eating. Brian reached out and held his sister’s hand. “Hey. First off, you never need to feel guilty about staying here. I offered to give you a place to stay while you figured out your career after high school. That can take some time and I’m always happy to help. Two years really isn’t that long of a time if it means you can eventually find a career you love. Secondly, do you need to take a break from all this? The streaming I mean?”

Brit took a gulp of her drink and shook her head. “Probably not. I think I just needed to vent. Honestly, I might just need to turn my brain off for a bit. Streaming is pretty much all I think about these days and it would be nice to get away from it. Even for a night, y’know?”

Brian smiled and raised his glass. “Alcohol helps with that.”

Brit chuckled and took another drink. “Yeah, it does, but I don’t want to rely on that every night like mom did.”

“Oof. Yeah. Sorry for bringing it up.”

“It’s OK. Mindless TV also helps. Here’s my subtle attempt to change topics: did I hear Jenny earlier?”

Brian laughed and took a bite. “Yeah. Didn’t realize you could hear us. Sorry.”

Brit shrugged. “No worries. My headphones don’t block out that much and the walls *are* kinda thin. I didn’t really hear anything though, I just noticed a woman’s voice in there with you.”

“Wasn’t anything to hear” Brian mumbled.

Brit grimaced “That sucks. Or… you know… doesn’t as the case may be.”

Brian rolled his eyes and finished his drink. “Hey, what’s your fortune cookie say?”

“Ooh, very subtle. Let’s see.” Brit cracked open her cookie. “‘What you seek is right in front of you.’ Well that’s some generic ass fortune cookie bullshit. ‘Lucky numbers: 11, 20, 58, 24, 43, 33’. How about you?”

“‘You will soon find new romance. Lucky numbers: yadda yadda’. Yeah, that’s some generic BS. I’m gonna grab another drink. You want to find something mindless on TV?”

“Will do big bro. Get me one too.”

Brian cleared the dishes and poured another round of Whiskey Gingers before joining his sister on the couch. “What’re we watching?”

Brit shook her head and sighed. “I don’t even know. Some dumb anime show that the guys in my chat were going on about. The main character gets hits by a truck and somehow wakes up inside a video game.”

Brian sidled up next to Brit. “Sounds interesting.”

“Maybe, but honestly but there’s dozens of shows just like it, I just figured I’d check it out since they were going on about it.”

By the end of the first episode Brit had stretched out on the couch, using Brian’s lap as a pillow. “So are you going to tell me what happened with you and Jenny?”

Brian sighed and stroked Brit’s hair. “Nothing happened. She didn’t want to do anything while you were in the apartment. No big loss.”

Brit sat bolt upright and paused the show. “I was about to apologize but now I need to know this whole ‘no big loss’ thing. What’s up is she bad in bed?”

“Uhhh. She’s fine.”

“OOF! NO ONE wants to hear that they’re just ‘fine’ in bed.”

“I- uh. I didn’t mean it like that. Just that I probably wouldn’t have finished anyway.” Brit’s eyes got even wider and looked at Brian expectantly. “OK fine, um, thing is I tend to focus on making sure that the woman is having a good time instead of my own needs. Combine that with the condoms and most of the time it’s good, but I usually wind up having to finish myself off later. I always make sure she gets off, but I guess my own, uhh, happy ending is just not a big priority.”

“She sounds selfish.”

“She’s not selfish. I’ve been like this with all my girlfriends.”

“GOOD GOD MAN! How long has it been since since you got a good nut?”

Brian groaned and rubbed his temples. “I dunno. A few months I guess? Maria was the last one it happened with.” Brian took another drink. “Can’t believe I’m talking about this with my little sister.”

Brit reached out and took Brian’s drink. “Bro. Holy shit. Maria was more than a year ago.”

“Could you just drop it? I have plenty of fun. Let’s watch this dumb escort rus show.”

Brit gave an exaggerated shrug and cuddled up with Brian again as she hit play on the remote. Halfway through the second episode she suddenly yelled “DAMMIT!”

Brian jolted. “What’s up?”

“I just realized that I was still thinking about streaming. I’m not really watching the show. I’m trying to figure out which character I could cosplay as on stream. I was trying to get away from that.” Brit gave a resigned sigh and laid back down on Brian’s lap.

“Which one, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“The bounty hunter lady. I think I have most of the stuff, I’ve got the corset and wig, I just need the leather bodysuit.”

Brian nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah, that’d be hot.”

Brit looked up from Brian’s lap. “Did you just say your little sister is hot? Are you really that blue balled Bro?”

“Ugh, I thought we were gonna drop that.”

“Oh I’m never gonna let you live this down.”

Brian groaned and finished his drink. He tried to go back to watching the show but was becoming more aware of his sister’s body. Brit’s time at the gym had really paid off. Her hips had always been wide but now her leg days had given her thick thighs and an ass that was not only big, but tight enough you could bounce a quarter off of. Her stomach was flat and just showing a hint of abs, even her arms were showing a little definition. Her breasts were maybe a B cup, but they matched her small frame well. Brian had gotten so lost in his thought about his sister that he didn’t realize the third episode had ended and Brit had said something. “What was that? I was kinda drifting off there.”

Brit smiled slyly. “I was saying I think I know a way to fix both of our problems.”

“What are you-“

Brit sat up and put her finger on Brian’s lips. “Hear me out. I need something to get my mind off streaming. Something that’ll let me turn off my brain, at least for a couple hours y’know? And you need someone to actually help you get off instead of just getting what she needs and leaving you hanging. Put 2 and 2 together Brian. Use me.”

“Use you? You mean…”

“Yeah dummy! OK look a couple years ago I dated this guy. Didn’t work out. Turns out he was married. Not the point. Point is: he had a dominant streak in him, and it turns out that when I’m with someone I trust and they’re being aggressive sexually, it kinda *does* something to me y’know? Like one pull on my hair and I’m a little puddle of goo. I trust you, and I’m willing to bet you’ve got it in you to give me what I need and to get what you need at the same time.”

Brian stared blankly at his sister for a long moment before he finally laughed. “Alright, you can stop fucking with me now. Good one Brit.”

Brit huffed and shoved Brian’s chest. “I’M NOT FUCKING WITH YOU! Not in that way at least. I’m being 100% serious here. I love you, I trust you, and I feel like it’s the least I can do if you’re not only giving me a place to stay but I’m also getting in the way of your love life.”

Brian smiled again, softer this time. “I’ve told you before, you staying with me is no problem. I don’t want you to think you need to pay me back or anything. I mean, if you win the lottery or something feel free to buy me a house, but having you crash with me in my spare bedroom isn’t a big deal.” He straightened up and ran his hand up her back pulling her closer to him. “But just to make sure we’re clear. You’re saying that if I do something like this-“

Suddenly Brian reached up and wrapped his fist in Brit’s hair, right at the scalp and pulled her head back while using his other hand to reach around and grip her waist pressing her body against his. “GUUGHHH!” Brit groaned and writhed, her jaw hanging slack and her eyes instantly glossing over. The longer he held her the more his sister writhed against him until he finally released her head. Brit’s eyes fluttered as she regained her focus and she looked at her brother hungrily. “I’m saying if you do something like that, I’ll do *literally* anything you want. And I mean *anything* Brian.”

Brian breathed heavily, possibilities flashing through his mind. “You’re sure about this?” Brit nodded and kissed her brother slipping her tongue past his lips. Brian pushed her away, shaking his head. “Not yet.” Brian grinned. “You’re gonna have to earn that. Get on your knees.” Brit excitedly got off the couch and kneeled in front of her brother. Brian reached out and gently grabbed Brit’s hair again, pulling her face towards his crotch. “Take my cock out and give it a kiss.” Brit licked her lips as she unzipped her brother’s jeans, reached inside and freed his cock. Gingerly she leaned in and kissed her way from the base of his cock, up the rapidly hardening shaft, and finally on his bulbous cockhead. Smiling, she ran her tongue along the crown and opened her mouth wide, ready to suck at her brother’s command. Brian gave a satisfied moan and gripped his sister’s hair tighter. “Good girl. Now just relax and let me take control.”

Brit sighed again as Brian pulled her hair, bringing rus escort bayan her open mouth to his cock, letting the head slip straight past her lips until it hit the back of her throat with a couple inches left to go. Brian felt his sister’s throat tighten for a second before she relaxed and let his cock slide in the rest of the way. With her lips on his hips Brian saw a look of pure bliss on Brit’s face. Brian held his sister’s head in place as he quickly stood up from the couch causing her to rock back on her heels. Gripping her head tightly, Brian forced his cock down her throat repeatedly as he fucked her face like a sex toy. Brian quickly found a rhythm, thrusting in several smaller strokes before each big one and holding her in place. He noticed that whenever he would pause, Brit would take the opportunity to dart her tongue out to lick her brother’s balls.

After a couple minutes of her brother fucking her face, Brit was struggling to breathe and began to slap at his thighs. Brian let his sister go and she collapsed on the floor, gasping for air. “OH SHIT! Are you OK?” Brit gave a thumbs up as she caught her breath. “I might have been too rough there. Sorry.”

Brit shook her head. “Bull- Bullshit. That was great, but I can still think and you haven’t cum yet. Sorry big bro, but I think you’re gonna have to fuck the sense out of me.” Brian grinned and grabbed the neckline of Brit’s tank top before tearing the flimsy fabric off of her. “OH FUCK YES! I’ve wanted this for so fucking long. I need that cock in me Brian. Fucking take it!” Brian responded only by growling and yanking his sister’s sweatpants down her thighs. With the sweatpants down around her knees Brian saw his sister’s pussy for the first time, sopping wet and neatly trimmed. Without hesitating he lifted her knees up to her chest and knelt in front of her, his cock still slick from spit before he thrust into her in a single stroke.

“OH GOD OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK! FUCKING FUCK ME!” Brit’s screams filled the apartment as Brian pounded her into the floor. Groaning, Brian thrusted into his sister’s pussy, only realizing now that he hadn’t stopped to put a condom on, not that he cared in that moment. Brit continued to moan obscenities into his ear. “Fucking use me. Treat me like a cheap slut. UNNFFF. Yeah, any time you want just fuck me in any hole you want. Take what you want Brian it’s yours. It’s always been yours. Oh fffffuucck.” Brit’s legs spasmed and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came.

Brian slowed his pace and started to pull out when Brit’s hand shot out and grabbed his arm. Between gasping breaths she finally managed some words. “Not yet. You haven’t cum. Keep going. I can take it.” Brian grinned again and picked his sister up off the floor before bending her over the arm of the couch. Brit moaned again as he slid his cock back into her from behind. In just a few strokes Brian was already fucking Brit as fast and hard as when they were on the floor.

Reaching out Brian grabbed Brit’s hair again and pulled her head off the couch, her guttural moans once again filling the apartment. Brit’s arms and legs went limp as she came on her brother’s cock again, but this time Brian didn’t stop. Instead he only fucked her harder and faster causing her to come again and again. With his sister’s hot pussy pulsing on his cock as she soaked the couch, Brian felt an orgasm building. Desperately he hammered away at her, wanting nothing more than to soak her in his cum. It was just as he reached the moment of no return that a moment of clarity crossed his mind and he remembered again that he wasn’t using protection. Brian felt the cum racing down his shaft and quickly pulled out of his sister before realizing his opportunity and stepped forward, turned her head to the side and pointed his cock at her face.

Roaring with months of pent up need Brian’s cockhead exploded with hot, sticky cum across Brit’s face. Shot after shot coated her cheeks, lips and nose. Some landed on her closed eyes and some in her hair. By the time his cock finally stopped throbbing it looked like she had practically drowned in cum. Sliding his cock again between her lips Brit sucked her brother’s cock clean, moaning softly.

As he slid his softening cock from her mouth Brian sat on the couch to catch his breath and looked at his sister again with a clearer head. Brit was draped limply over the arm of the couch, her legs still shaking from her orgasms and her face and body drenched in a mix of fluids. “Holy shit.” he said softly. “What the fuck did we just do?”

Brit tried to open her eyes and realized that her right eye had been practically glued shut. She smiled weakly at her brother. “What was that?”

“We’re siblings. And we just fucked. That’s incest. It’s fucked up Brit.”

Brit shook her head and wiped the cum from her eyes. “And?” Brit pushed herself off the couch and shrugged out of the tattered remains of her tank top before using it to wipe off her face. “Holy shit bro! That was so much fuckin’ cum. I shoulda let you get a picture to enjoy later.” Tossing the cum rag aside she pulled her sweatpants back up and laid next to her brother on the couch. “Loosen up bro. We both needed that. It can be a one time thing if you want. I hope it’s not because that was really fucking good. I meant what I said. I love you, I trust you, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve wanted that for a *really* long time. We good?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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