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Syd woke up from feeling the tip of Reg’s tongue on their clit. He liked to tease them first thing in the morning. Sometimes he had to inhale their entire clit and suck like a tornado before they would wake up. Today, Syd was extra sensitive after spending the night dreaming about being used in ways even they weren’t fully ready to admit to anyone else. Their clit was already swollen and the lightest lick of Reg’s tongue was enough to wake them up.

Syd was in no mood to be teased. Syd grabbed the back of Reg’s head and shoved him into their cunt, rubbing their slit all over his face, making sure to mark him. They knew he’d have a shower after, but they liked to dream about him being covered in their scent all day while he was at work.

Reg for his part was trying desperately to breathe. He loved drowning in their beautiful puffy pussy, but his body was also screaming for oxygen. Syd relaxed their grip just enough for him to pull back. He took a quick deep inhale, looked at how their pussy was dripping like a faucet, and immediately locked his lips around their clit again, sucking it all down, twisting his tongue around it, and he started humming.

His fingers meanwhile were rubbing all against the outside of their slit. Reg was scooping up all the cum he could find. Together they had been working on stretching Syd’s holes. He knew it was going to hurt before it felt good, and he wanted to make it as easy as possible for them.

Reg slowly pushed three fingers into Syd’s ass. Syd wasn’t prepared for an assault on their ass this early in the morning, but their body started twitching and humming as Reg slowly opened them up. Syd’s pussy started gushing cum. They gorukle escort were an exceptionally wet person. It had taken them a while to find a lover who enjoyed it as much as they did. Syd was too much for a lot of the pathetic dudes out there, they had lucked out finding Reg, one of the few who could keep up.

Syd moaned and rubbed their slit all over Reg’s face, up and down, using his chin, his tongue, and his nose to bring themselves closer to the edge. While they were fucking his face, each time they went up and down, it drove his fingers even farther into their ass. Syd loved being stretched, pushing their holes to their limits and beyond their physical and mental limits.

Reg knew they needed more and quickly pulled his hand out of Syd’s tight ass. He reached over to the nightstand and felt for the bottle of lube he knew they had left there last night. Visually his world still only existed of what was between Syd’s legs. They were fucking his face hard at this point, riding him, using his face to get their self off.

Reg poured lube on his hand and down his arm. He brought his fingers together, all the tips touching, and pressed it against their asshole. As Syd fucked his face, his fingers slowly started working their way back up their ass. The beginning was easy, all the fingers together making a relatively small point, but they rapidly flared out to Reg’s knuckles. If they both hadn’t been playing with large plugs the night before, they probably wouldn’t be able to take it this early in the morning.

Syd felt the widest part of his hand pass their no longer tight ring. Even more than the feeling, the mental image of Reg’s hand in their ass altıparmak eskort bayan was enough to push them over the top. Syd gushed their thick cum all over his face. Reg knew this was just the beginning, and picked up his assault on their asshole, moving his fist in and out, getting just a little deeper with each stroke.

Syd couldn’t take all the feelings and pushed Reg’s face back from their pussy, which was so sensitive as it kept cumming over and over. When Syd really got going, they would squirt cum nearly non-stop.

With one hand up Syd’s ass, Reg reached down and started stroking his cock. He loved Syd, and he loved knowing that he could do whatever he wanted to Syd, and they took just as much pleasure, if not more, from it then he did. One of the greatest feelings on earth was feeling his fist inside of them, in either hole. As Syd came, it always felt like their body was trying to break his wrist from how hard it would clamp down whenever they came.

Syd’s squirt arched up into the air, covering Reg’s chest and dripping down his belly. Reg lowered his face and took the second and third shots right in his mouth. He swallowed everything he could. Eating his lover’s cum was the best way to start the day.

Reg was also on the edge, more from watching the lovely Syd cum then from stroking his own cock. He pulled his fist out of their ass, spending a moment watching it gape open for him. He knew he was about to lose it, so Reg shoved his cock into Syd’s ass. The unexpected penetration caused Syd to arch their back. Syd’s eyes rolled back in their head and Reg knew they were in the best place. He fucked their nilüfer eskort bayan hole a few times, leaned down, wrapped his arm around their neck, pulled their head back, and kissed them deeply just before he lost it. He pulled back so just the head was inside of them and continued to pump them full of his cum while they made out.

He sat back on his knees and Syd immediately pushed him on to his back. Climbing on top, Syd immediately inhaled his cock, tasting all of their combined juices. Syd pushed their ass down into Reg’s mouth. Reg ate his cum from their ass, sucking down every last drop, and rimmed them until they were clean. He loved looking at their asshole after it had been stretched wide open. He loved the way they used each other for pleasure and much more.

Syd was on edge again from the rimming. They pushed back just a pit so their pussy was hovering over Reg’s mouth.

“Use your mouth and seal off my pussy.” Reg locked his lips on as tightly as he could. He felt Syd inhale is rapidly deflating cock, taking his cock and both balls in their mouth. Reg started moaning right as Syd let go, unleashing a torrent of piss. Reg drank every last drop, desperate to taste everything Syd would give him.

Syd rolled off the top on to their back, still trying to catch their breath after the morning’s activities. Reg turned around so they were facing the same way and wrapped his arms around them, pulling them close. Syd turned their head, kissing him, tasting their combined cum and their piss on his lips.

“Good morning beautiful.”

“Good morning baby.”


“Yes please. And then probably a shower. Tonight when you get home, I’m going to shave your entire body, including your head.”

“If you keep talking like that, I’m never going to get out of this bed.”

Together they shared one more deep kiss and then got up and walked down the hall holding hands. Syd opened the back door to let out the dog, while Reg made coffee in kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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