The Critics

Big Tits

“Oh Gerrreee! You are such a grubby little beast! Why don’t you get a life!”

I was undressing, getting ready to go to bed and was standing on one leg taking my pants off when my sister Tracy yelled at me from the study we shared. I hopped clumsily around the room for a few seconds pulling my pants back up again and opened the door to my room. “Why, what’s up?” I asked, peering at her myopically. My glasses were still on my bedside table where I placed them when taking my shirt and T-shirt off.

My big sister Tracy, older than me by three years, was sitting at our computer, the one Dad had bought us to do our school/college assignments on. “Oh! Go get your glasses! And then come back here!”

Seeing things a lot more clearly, I rejoined Tracy at the computer, standing behind her where she sat on the office chair with my arms crossed over my bony chest. I had a good idea what her problem was, but decided that I was going to play dumb.

“Ok, what’s wrong? Have I wiped one of your files?”

“That’s the point! You haven’t wiped any files! You’ve been surfing those dirty sex sites again haven’t you? Just look at this!” She brought up a picture of a busty, dark-haired young woman who was on her hands and knees sucking a guy’s huge dick while another one was fucking her from the rear. “And this one!” This time it was a blond with three guys masturbating and spraying their cum all over her face. “And this one here!” The alleged teenager in ‘this one here’ was being held almost upside down with just her shoulders resting on the bed, by a guy who had his cock buried deep in her ass.

Tracy opened a picture of a woman squatting over a man’s face and pissing into his open mouth. “These pictures are absolutely gross! If Dad sees them you’ll get a hell of a hiding!”

“Well, he shouldn’t be poking around in our computer!”

“And seeing as it’s OUR computer, why do you leave these pictures on it for me to find? Why do you have to surf the Web looking for this stuff?”

The answer to that one was easy. When they handed out the good looks, Tracy got the whole shebang! She was drop dead gorgeous whereas I was a walking disaster area – a scrawny, ill-coordinated little runt with bad eyes, crooked teeth and hair that seemed to stick up in random tufts no matter how short it was or how often I tried to slick it down. The only strike I didn’t have against me was zits!

Plus, I was at an age when my hormones were boiling inside me like the primeval soup that all life came from. My body was saying to me “Gerry! Go procreate! Spread your genes far and wide! Perpetuate your blood line!” But girls would just pat me on the head, yes I am that small, and move on to rub their nubile bodies up against the handsome, muscle-bound jocks that towered above me like skyscrapers. I’ve overheard girls say the words so often that I almost say it for them: ‘Gerry’s such a sweet little guy. Too bad he’s so small, and so ugly!’ They even say it in my erotic dreams!

Then there’s my name…Gerald! Why the fuck couldn’t my parents call me something more virile like Gary, or Grant or even Glenn? But Gerald, for Chrissakes!

‘Why do you have to surf the Web looking for this stuff?’ she asks!

“Aw, Trace…”

“No! You don’t have to tell me! I can smell what you’ve been up to when I come into the study sometimes!”

Aha! I thought. My to-the-rest-of-the-world prim and proper big sister recognises the scent of sperm when she smells it!

“And these stories! What planet do some of these people come from? Look at this…!”

Tracy opened a file. I recognised the story immediately. It was very bad.

“The guy’s never heard of quotation marks or punctuation – it has to be a guy who wrote this crap – and within four paragraphs his hero’s got his hand inside his sister’s panties and found out that she’s ‘shaved all her public’ from her pussy! I ask you, Gerry, who gets off on this garbage? Not you surely?”

“I sometimes wonder if some people write that badly as a joke. But, Trace, some of the stories are very imaginative and extremely well written.”

“What, like this one here?” She clicked on another file. Tracy had obviously done quite a bit of reading despite her scornful attitude! “This one where a virgin is gang-banged repeatedly and violently in her mouth, her pussy and in her ass by three Dobermans in the woods for several hours, walks home and has a shower and her mother doesn’t notice anything? Whoever wrote this shit even has the dogs sticking their tongues down her throat for God’s sake!

“And, why do we always get the girl’s body measurements in these stories? How many guys can tell how big a woman’s tits are? How big are mine?”

Tracy straightened her spine and stuck her chest out. Her breasts were beautifully taut and rounded and I had to clutch my hands under my armpits to stop myself making a grab for them.


“Wrong…34C!” She looked down at her pair appraisingly, “And not bad too, even though I say it myself! And escort bayan gaziantep there’s another thing. Why do the authors always have the women “cumming” like men? All this “spurting” and “filling his mouth with her juices” stuff! Don’t they know that females don’t ejaculate?”

“I read this sex manual that talked about girls ejaculating!”

“It’s more of a release of tiny amounts of honey-like fluid. And only a very few women ever experience it…”

I was tempted to ask Tracy if she ever had, then buttoned my lip. “Well this one’s not too bad…” I leaned over and clicked on another title, “It’s about a brother and sister a bit like us, well not quite, she’s beautiful, like you, but he’s built like Michelangelo’s David…”

“Why, thank you Gerry!” Tracy took hold of my hand and squeezed my fingers affectionately.


“You said that I’m beautiful.”

I blushed with confusion, “Oh, I must have the wrong glasses on!”

She laughed, but she kept hold of my hand for a few moments longer and squeezed my fingers again, “Go on, what’s this story about?”

“They have their own computer, just like us, and they start to write an incest story together to put on this site called Literotica. Only they don’t get to finish it…”

“Let me read it… Now here! This is the kind of thing I mean! Here is “Rob” in his jogging shorts. Next minute he’s looking at dirty pictures with his sister and his cock is trying to bore a hole through his jeans. Now down here, he’s back in his jogging shorts again. That sort of inconsistency really pisses me off, even if the story is basically a good one! At least YNOT doesn’t have the sister shooting into her brother’s mouth – she only drizzles. But even that’s out of sequence! I ‘drizzle’ when I’m getting aroused, not when…”

Tracy went bright red and covered her mouth with her hand when she realised what she’d just said. I kind of shuffled my feet and tried desperately to think of something to say to let her off the hook of her embarrassment. Besides, I was trying to cope with the erection that started growing rapidly in my pants from looking at her jutting breasts out and the way she held my hand.

“Anyway, even though this story starts off very well by drawing you into a tensely erotic scenario, it all falls over about half way through when the sister, Julie, starts typing over and over again, ‘I want to fuck my brother. I want to fuck my brother.’ Seems to me the author totally ran out of ideas!” Tracy was gabbling, and still very rosy-cheeked, but she was making sense. I hadn’t looked at the story that way myself.

“So how would you have done it then?”

“A lot differently. Come on, I’ll show you!”

“You mean… we’ll write a tandem story…you and I?”

“Why not? And if we both agree that it’s good enough, we’ll send it in to Literotica!”

“Well, we can’t use the story that Julie and Rob were writing, that’d be plagiarism.”

“Of course not! I wouldn’t want to anyway. It has to come out of our heads. C’mon, you start first like “Rob” did and we’ll differentiate the boy and girl parts by using italics.”

Tracy moved out of the chair and I took her place. Boy, the seat was nice and warm!

“Starting off is the difficult bit.” She patted me on the head, but somehow it didn’t feel as patronising as it did when the girls at school did it. “I’ll leave you alone for a few minutes while I go and have a shower.”

I didn’t have to wait long before inspiration came and I started typing furiously.

“Ok, what have you got?” I rather hoped that Tracy would have ‘changed into something more comfortable’ as they say, but she was still wearing the same jeans and sweatshirt. But was barefoot.

“Couple more minutes, then you can take over.”

“Ok.” She curled up in the spare chair with a magazine.

‘Sleep just wouldn’t come. I normally went out like a light when I got back from the gym, but tonight I was too hyped up. It was her fault, that sexy aerobics instructor with the breasts like watermelons. She’d waylaid me in the passageway outside the men’s locker room and ground her gigantic mammary pillows into my chest and told me how much she’d like me to suck her nipples and shove my big hot cock into her steaming pussy. She’d been making those kinds of suggestions for weeks now, but I was scared to take her up on her offer. Even though I was 6ft 3in and weighed-in at well-muscled 210, I was still only seventeen. Her husband, who also worked at the gym, was an ultra-fit 260lbs gorilla who could tear me into tiny pieces with his bare hands! But, she’d got to me more than usual tonight and, as a consequence, I was as horny as hell.

Just then I heard the car pull up. My sister Terri was home and being dropped off by her latest beau from the bar she worked at in the evenings to earn money for college. I hadn’t seen this one, but Mom and Dad had told me his name was Brad. So, just out of morbid interest, I pushed my bayan gaziantep escort blind to one side slightly to get a look at him. Brad was Terri’s usual type, tall, blond, well built – the kind of guy who looked more at home playing beach volleyball than working at a real job.

They were walking up the pathway past the garage. The security light had snapped on so I had a good view. All of a sudden, Brad spun Terri round and pinned her with her back to the block wall of the garage and started kissing her. Terri resisted a little at first, but not very much, then she started kissing him back. Before I knew it, Brad had her beautiful tits out of her shirt and bra and was licking her nipples while she lifted them to him. Meanwhile, he was lifting her skirt up above her waist. Not only did Terri have great tits, she also had lovely long legs, which Brad opened by pushing her feet apart with one of his. Terri started to shake her head and say something, but Brad took no notice. With one swift movement he got his long fat dick out of his pants and, pushing her white lace panties to one side, thrust it hard into her pussy. He ground her back against the wall, humping her like crazy for about five minutes, then he suddenly went rigid, almost lifting her right off the ground by his cock. He was obviously pumping his hot jism deep into her cunt.

Wow! This was awesome! And, quite unconsciously, I had pulled my cock out of my boxers and was stroking it as I watched my sister and her man at play. But, just as quickly as it started it was over. Brad pulled his shiny cock out of my sister’s pussy, put it back into his pants, gave her a brief kiss and then walked off to his car. He didn’t even see her right to the front door! Terri leaned against the garage wall for five minutes or so holding a wad of Kleenex to her crotch, catching his cum as it dripped out of her I supposed, then she took a deep breath, straightened her clothes and let herself into the house. I heard her go straight to the bathroom that she and I shared, which was the next room to mine, and take a long piss. Then she cleaned her teeth and went to her room.’

“Oh, Gerry! Did you really have to make your leading character a muscle-bound hunk?”

“They all are in these stories! Nobody wants to read about a Mr Puniverse like me!”

“You could have made him a “normal” guy…Jesus! Did you watch that?”

I nodded, feeling more than a little guilty. The Terri and Brad part was almost true life – just substitute the names Tracy and Matt, only Tracy doesn’t need to work in a bar.

“Oh well, no matter. Now you give me ten minutes by myself! But hey…it’s a good start!”

‘I felt awful; totally used. And I thought that Brad had feelings for me. As it was, he just took his pleasure and then left. He didn’t even try to make me cum. I felt like a whore. I got into my nightdress and threw myself down on top of the counterpane feeling as miserable as hell. That’s it! I thought, staring up at the ceiling in the darkness. No more guys! They can all go fuck themselves, ‘cos nobody’s going to get into my pants for a long, long time!

I lay awake for what seemed like ages. God! I’ve got to talk to somebody. I thought, I wonder if Glenn would mind me waking him up. He can be a bit of a precious prick at times, spending all his time at the gym moulding his body, but he’s a decent guy at heart, for a brother. I wonder if he’s gay? A lot of those body beautiful guys are and I’ve never seen him with a girl. I got up and wandered down to Glenn’s room. His door was slightly open and it looked as though he had a dim light on. Great! He was awake.

I was just about to push Glenn’s door open wide and walk in when I heard a fast, regular, squishy, kind of noise. My God! I wondered, has he got a girl in there? Or, maybe, it’s another guy? I decided to take a secret peek, so instead of rushing in I just peered around the edge of the door. Glenn was having sex all right, but not with a girl or a guy. He was making love to his hand. And his prick was enormous! It was at least ten inches long and three inches around. And it was gleaming, as though he had covered it with baby oil so that his hand slid up and down its massive length smoothly.

I couldn’t help myself. All my resolutions that guys were horrible and not worth bothering with went flying out of the window. My pussy got all hot and wet and before I knew it I had my hand up under the hem of my nightie and was rubbing my juicy slit furiously in time with Glenn’s strokes on his shaft. Then the bastard let me down, just like Brad had done earlier. Before I could really get going, Glenn gasped and went rigid. And then great gobs of his sticky white cum started shooting out of the huge mushroom head of his cock, splashing all over his belly and his hand and running down over his balls.

With a barely suppressed little wail I ran back to my room and threw myself onto my mattress with my nightie up above my breasts, pulling gaziantep bayan escort and twisting my nipples with the fingers of one hand while I flayed at my burning clit with the other. My orgasm, when it hit me, started at my toes and nearly blew the top of my head off and I had to bite my lower lip hard for almost a minute to stop myself from yelling the house down. All the night’s frustrations and disappointments were blasted away in a mighty clamour of clanging contractions and then I dropped off into a golden, dreamless slumber with my fingers still jammed firmly up in my sopping pussy.’

“I like the alliteration ‘clamour of clanging contractions’, Nice touch!” I looked at Tracy after I finished reading her contribution. “Are girls’ orgasms really that intense?”

“They can be, it depends on where you are in your cycle. By about eight days after my period ends, and again the day before the next one starts, I’m really climbing the walls. Come on, your turn!”

“So where are you at now?”

“Never you mind you grubby beast! Get on with it!”

She stayed standing by my side, watching as I started to type. But, she wasn’t looking at the screen. I could tell her eyes were fixed on the bulge in my pants. Huh! You’re out of luck, Sis! I thought morosely. At just over seven inches, it seems like I’m too small down there as well!

‘I wiped up the sticky mess caused by my cum flying everywhere and dropped off to sleep almost immediately. But I was awake again within half an hour desperately needing to empty my bladder. When I came out of the bathroom I noticed that Terri’s bedroom door was slightly ajar. This was pretty unusual for her; her room was usually shut up tight whenever she was in bed, so I decided to see if she was Ok. Just as I got to her door I heard her snoring quietly. Good, she was asleep so she must be all right. But, just as I decided to head straight back to my room I changed my mind again and decided to look in on her to make sure.

I’ve always loved my sister, for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid she was really neat with me, her tiny ugly brother, looking after me and making excuses for me whenever I got into a scrape, which was often. I fell in lust with her on the day I desperately needed to take a leak and went rushing into the bathroom she and I shared, pants undone and cock in hand – the door wasn’t locked so I expected the room to be empty. Only Terri was in there, she was thirteen. Stark naked and sitting on the john. She was probably having a pee before she got in the shower. Terri screamed at me to put my dick away and get out of there, but I took no notice. Rooted to the spot, totally enchanted, all I could do was stare at the peach fuzz between her legs and her budding cones with their soft pink pointy nipples. Terri eventually had to stand up – her little boobs jiggled wonderfully – and push me out of the door or I’d have stood there forever!

“You never caught me out like that when I was thirteen!” Tracy pinched my shoulder muscle by my neck.

“No, you were fourteen and you were taking a shower. You’ve never known until now that I opened the bathroom door and saw you through the glass shower door. The effect on me was pretty much the same though!”

“You mean you ‘fell in lust’ with me when you were eleven?”

“Stupid question. Look at me and look at you! Now leave me be, I’ve got to finish this part!”

“Oh, Gerry, I wish you’d said…”

‘The picture of Terri’s lovely naked form stayed etched in my mind for weeks afterwards and I found myself slipping into sexual daydreams about her, especially during the really boring classes at school. Then puberty caught up with me, along with the wet dreams in which Terri featured prominently. Then, of course, came jerking-off. Most often in my fantasies it was Terri’s soft hand that was caressing my prick and her lovely mouth or the smooth valley between her breasts or her pussy that was catching my hot load when it shot out of my knob. I went out with girls as I got older, but none of them was a patch on my sister Terri and I eventually stopped bothering with them. They seemed so dull and empty by comparison, even though one or two were as good looking and as well stacked as Terri was.

In the here and now, my gorgeous sister lay flat on her back, fast asleep, with her nightie up around her neck. Her room was dark, but I could still see her quite clearly – her beautiful full breasts with their large, dark-pink nipples, her slender waist, the womanly flare of her hips, her flat belly. And then there was her dark, curly bush and her long slender legs. Terri had her hand covering her pussy, so I couldn’t see any detail there, yet her fingers looked kind of shiny. Had my lovely sister been masturbating? Yes! There was a faint whiff of pussy-smell in the air!

My cock started to surge erect again and I got that heavy ache of desire back in my balls. I couldn’t help it. I started stroking my hardening length as I stared at my sister’s sexy naked form, wishing I could climb in between her soft thighs and slide my hot dick into her juicy pussy. Then Terri muttered something incoherently and rolled over onto her side facing away from me, giving me a view of her splendidly curved butt. I stared at her for a minute or so more than decided it was time to head back to my room before she woke up and saw me there. Back to my room and the baby oil!’

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