The Day I Loved My Brother

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*bang, bang, bang*

I looked up from my book so see my grinning older brother at the doorway. “What do you want, Mark.”

“Nothing, sister.” he said with a smile. But I know better. He’s always up to something, especially when it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. After all, our schools are over a thousand miles apart. It’s not often we get the chance to come home together.

“Well, if it’s nothing, then you can walk your ass right out of here.” I said as he walked in the doorway.

“Mom and dad left to go to the store. They won’t be home for hours.”

“Oh, so you need your sister to entertain you?” I asked him with a smile.

“Something like that.” And he shut the door and walked closer to my bed.

“What are you doing, Mark? You know I don’t like the door closed.”

“Just try something for me.” His face suddenly got serious. It was never good when he was serious. “I love you, Michelle. The other girls at school aren’t like you.”

“Isn’t that what you wanted? To be away from the small town?” I was starting to get nervous. He never acted like this. I closed my book and sat up fully on my bed. I was trying to think how quickly I could run out the door when he grabbed my shoulders. “Mark, get off. This isn’t funny.” He didn’t move. I tried to wiggle free, but it was no use. I’m 5’1″ and 100 pounds soaking wet. I was no match for my 6’2″, 210 lbs of muscle brother. He had a fierce look in his eyes. Something I’ve never seen, and it scared me.

“Calm down, Michelle. Austin told me a few stories about his sister, and it made them closer than ever. I just want to be closer to you, Michelle.” He bent down and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I tried to move, but I couldn’t. One of my hands loosened around my shoulder, and moved down to my breast.

This can’t be happening. This is my brother. This shouldn’t be right. But it’s been a long time since I’ve been touched like this. My last boyfriend was a dick. He never wanted to touch me, and I always had to be the one to suck him off, so he could roll over and fall asleep. His hand slowly crept up my shirt, and then moved behind my back, and his other hand closely followed. He was escort blog trying to remove my bra.

“Mark.” I let out, trying to be stern but it resulted in a moan. Maybe this would be okay. As long as it stayed above my waist.

At that point, he already had my shirt off and was moving his dead down. He licked my neck, gave it a bit, and continued down to my nipples. I couldn’t help but moan again as he flicked it with his tongue. I could feel my panties get wet, and I closed my legs tight, rubbing them together. I only made myself wetter. His tongue felt so good, and he pushed me back down on my bed, and moved his other hand to my other nipple, lightly caressing it, before giving it a nice flick. My body shuddered.

“So, you like this then, eh sis?” He said with a laugh. “I knew you would. I used to watch you through the crack in the door with your vibrator. Didn’t know I knew about that, huh?”

His hand slipped down to my pants, and before I knew it he had them unzipped and was starting to tug. Before I could stop myself, I lifted my hips and helped him along. He let his finger trail downwards, almost touching it. At this point, my vagina was hot and wet. With my nipple in his mouth, he plunged a finger into me. My whole body lurched, and I quickly inhaled. I knew it was wrong, but it felt way too good to stop now.

His tongue was moving, slowly downwards. Past my bellybutton, down towards my hips. He stopped and looked up at me with those big brown eyes.

“Are you sure?” He asked.


And that was all it took. He plunged his tongue in, and then started on my clit. I never knew he was so good. He hit all the good spots, and I could feel myself shaking. His tongue swirled and probed, hard and soft. And then I burst. I let everything go. He didn’t stop, and I wasn’t asking. He kept licking through my orgasm, into a second one. I had never felt pleasure like this before, and I wasn’t about to let it go. I clenched his head between my legs, and didn’t let him stop until I couldn’t handle it anymore. My clit was so sensitive. After a third orgasm, I let go. Not before one last flick, and tears formed gaziantep escort blogu in my eyes. This was the best I’ve ever gotten.

As I started to pull my pants up, he stopped me. “Woah there, sis. We aren’t done yet.”

He started pulling his pants down, and his massive cock flung out. I took a second to take it in. He shaved, which was nice. But I couldn’t believe the size. It had to be 9 or 10 inches. Well larger than anything I’ve ever taken. And it’s width. It was enormous. My palm only covered half of it.

My brother looked at me, and looked down. I sat up, and took it in. His tip hitting the back of my throat was all I needed to send me into yet another orgasm. I’ve never came this many times before, but I guess thinking back on it, it was the thrill of doing it with my brother, the fear of getting caught. I knew it would be great. I sucked and took what wouldn’t fit in my mouth in my hand. I started slowly, letting the tip of my tongue run along the underside. I knew where the sensitive part was, and I knew just where to suck. He left out a soft moan. That was all I needed, and I began to take it in my mouth. What didn’t fit, my hand could cover, with my other hand stroking and gently pulling his balls. I could feel it stiffen in my mouth, and I knew what was coming next.


I immediately stopped. Was this too far? Did he change his mind and think I was gross for letting it go this far? I looked up at him, probably with a scared expression on my face. “No Chelle, this is great. I just don’t want to finish yet.” So I let it go. And sat back.

He climbed on the bed, and turned me over so that I was on my knees. Facing the wall, I couldn’t see what he was doing. That is, until I felt him rubbing it from the top of my ass down to my clit. It made me shudder again, and I felt myself dripping. He grabbed my hips, and gently pushed it in. At first, he only put the tip in. I tried to back up, but he held me still, and wiggled back and forth, stretching me out a little bit. And then with one big push, he was all the way in.

I cried out, and almost tried to crawl away, but I knew I wanted gaziantep escort sitesi this. I wanted my brother inside of me. He paused for a second, and I nodded.

And he let loose. He began fucking me with so much force, I could barely hold my ground. He was so big, and was stretching me out. Once the overall shock of the size went down, I squealed with delight, and began massaging my clit. I couldn’t believe this. My brother and I. It was wonderful. I came again, and my knees nearly gave. I couldn’t let this go, I had to see this through. But once he pulled out, I was sad to see it end.

Until he gently pushed on my ass. I have never had anal before. It was always something exotic women did, not me. But I didn’t stop him. He began like before, pushing only the tip in, and then adjusting for the rest. But unlike before, he slowly pushed the rest in. It lasted an eternity. It only hurt for a second each time, but it was long.

“I’m all the way in.”

And then he slowly pulled halfway out, and slowly pushed back in. Once he got into a bit of a rhythm, I started to enjoy it. Really enjoy it. A moan slipped from between my lips, and that was all it took for him to go harder. I started massaging my clit again, and then stuck an exploratory finger inside. I couldn’t believe the intense pleasure from being penetrated in both hole. I stuck another two fingers in, since he had stretched my out so much, and began to fuck myself on the opposite of his thrusts. I came again, and again like that. My juice was dripping on my bed and down to my elbow. I never wanted this to end.

Suddenly his speed picked up, and his force. He was ass fucking me hard and fast, and I started moaning loudly. It felt so good, and I could feel his cock get harder and harder.

And then it happened. His juice burst inside my ass. I could feel it dripped down through my vagina, down my legs. And I came again. Our juices mixed, and I wanted to taste it. I quickly pulled him out and spun around, and pulled his still throbbing cock into my mouth and sucked with every bit of energy I had left. It tasted so good, and I knew I wanted more. I looked up at him and started to say something when it happened.

“Mark, Michelle, we’re back!” yelled our parents from downstairs. He quickly got off my bed and threw his pants back on. I ran into the bathroom and jumped in the shower.

During dinner he gave me a look, and a kick under the table. And I knew to stay awake a little bit longer tonight once our parents fell asleep.

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