The Dinner

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Written with DD4BBLGS

I met John at work, he is a younger man. Everyone seems younger than me. We were given a project at work. We worked well together and the boss is happy. John invited me to dinner at his home on Saturday. As I walked out of work on Friday, my boss stops me.

“Good work on that project, PJ. Any plans for the weekend?”

“Yes, I’m going to dinner at John’s house on Saturday.”

My boss walked away with a smile and a strange look in his eyes.

“Get your rest, you’re going to need it.”

He patted me on my back.

Now what did he mean by that? I have only worked at this company for a few months. I had heard some water-cooler talk about John’s GF. In fact, one guy mentioned the word, Nympho.

I arrived at John’s house on time with a bottle of wine. John told me to have a seat and Leanne would be down shortly.

“You know women, right PJ? Always wanting to make an entrance.”

And he was right. We heard the sound of her heels. All eyes went to the stairs. First you saw stiletto heels, black and shiny. Beautiful strong legs encased in black nylons. Beautiful powerful thighs. Her skirt was short, but I wasn’t able to see if she had snaps from a garter belt.

Also panties or thong?

I guessed thong or nothing. It was embarrassing, I haven’t been this hard in a long time. Her white almost see thru blouse, barely contained her massive breasts.

No bra.

Face, hair, lips..all drop dead gorgeous. My cock is embarrassing me.

John introduced me,

“Honey, this PJ. He saved my ass several times during our project at work.”

I blushed but I think it was my excitement in my pants. Leanne took my hand and squeezed it.

“It’s nice to meet you PJ. Thank you being there for my BF. Some times he can be worthless. I guess I will have to make this evening special for you.”

She had a twinkle in her eyes and that hypnotizing smile.

We went into the living room with our wine. Leanne sat with John on a couch and I sat in a seat across from them. Leanne almost sat on John’s lap.

She was doing that thing with her heels, you know, swinging her heel on her toes. So hot. And crossing and uncrossing her legs..

Then evi olan gaziantep escort she did it. I almost spit out my wine.

She slowly opened her legs. At the same time, she was running her hand up John’s thigh. Wider again and now I could see it, the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Full lips, slightly wet just a very small patch of hair. I wanted to dive into her snatch and eat that sweet, sweet pussy. I wanted to suck her clit, lick up her juices, stick my tongue deep into her as far as I could.

I had to shake myself awake. When I finally look up from her pussy, she was looking right at me and smiling. I wanted to look away, but I looked in the wrong direction.. At her tits. They were almost falling out of her blouse. Her cleavage was like a valley of pure ecstasy. I saw part of a tattoo on her left tit. I wanted to take my face and bury it in her cleavage.

Her nipples…Ooh her nipples. So suckable, so hard. They could poke an eye out for sure. Again, I look up and she is still smiling. Now she is rubbing his cock thru his pants.

Suddenly, Leanne jumps up and says, “Who’s hungry? Dinner is going to get cold, boys.”

With that, she turns and walks to the kitchen. She swayed her hips and flaunted her perfectly luscious ass…

Dinner was wonderful!!

Leanne is an excellent cook. Their dining room table was set with extra care. Leanne served each of us and while she placed my plate in front of me, she pushed her cleavage in my face.

She smelled like heaven. I could almost see all of her ink. I wondered what it would be like to fuck her tits? Or slide my cock between her breasts and shoot my load giving her a pearl necklace? She took her seat, directly across from me.

As I said, the food was excellent and the wine poured freely. Part way through the meal I felt something touch my leg. It was Leanne’s nylon clad foot and she was trying to reach my crotch. She just looked at me and smiled. John seemed to be smiling also. And I could see why. Her hand was rubbing the lump in her BF’s pants. OMG What have I gotten into?

Leanne stood up and said,

“Are you gaziantep evi olan escort guys hot?”

She unbuttoned her blouse and removed it very slow and sexy. Then she sat down on John’s lap while still facing me. She started to give John a lap dance. She looked at me and smiled. She lifted up her beautiful breasts and said,

“Do you like them, PJ?”

I nodded.

“I love my breasts, so big, so full and my nipples are hypersensitive. I can cum just by playing with my tits! AND I love John grinding his cock against my ass!”

She then rose from John’s lap, dropped her skirt and walked over to me. She pushed my chair back and straddled my lap and lowered herself. I thought I would be embarrassed because my pants had some precum wetness. She was dripping.

“I wanted you to get a good look at my tits, PJ..What do you think?”

My mouth was wide open. She took control and grabbed my head and shoved her tit into my mouth.

“Suck it PJ!! Suck my big tits!! Yes!! Yesss! Suck my nipple!! Bite it, suck it honey. So good!!”

Then she really surprised me as she said;

“Quick finger my cunt PJ!! I’m so close to cumming!! YES! YES! Mmmm make me cum, make me squirt. Yes!! Yes!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!”

Wow, OMG, that was the best. My pants were soaked from her cum!

I was still sucking on her tit, looking directly at her tat. I looked over at John and his cock was out of his pants and he was slowly stroking his cock.

Leanne walks over and picks up her skirt. Bending at the waist and I get to see the most beautiful ass in the world. OMG!!

She throws her skirt over her shoulder and looks at the two of us and says,

“Well boys, are you cumming?”

With that, she turns and heads for the stairs. Looking over her shoulder, she blows us both a kiss.

John and I look at each other, nod our heads and head for the stairs..

John and I made it to the stairs at about the same time. We both looked up and watched Leanne’s beautiful ass sashay up the steps, her heels emphasizing her calves.

I turned to John with a puzzled look in my eyes.

To my surprise he said,

“She’s gaziantep evi olan escort bayan all yours tonight, PJ, but I hope you don’t mind if I watch.”

I replied, “It’s your house.”

We both practically ran up after her.

When I got to the doorway of their bedroom, I looked in and there she sat. Legs wide open and waving with her hand for me to come in. I walked in a trance and knelt down before her. Such a beauty.

“Eat me Daddy, lick up all of my juices.” She moaned.

Who could resist such an offer. I moved her legs a little farther apart while caressing her upper thighs. I needn’t further urging to put my head where it belonged.

She tasted wonderful, so wet. She tilted her head back and moaned as I touched my tongue to her hot pussy. Beautiful pussy lips and a very suckable clit.

“Yes,Yess! Just like that!! It’s soo good!! Suck me Daddy!! Eat me Daddy!! More more please.!” She screamed out!

It was not difficult to please her, her hands were moving my head exactly where she wanted my tongue to lick. In a matter of minutes she held my head tight and squirted her cum into my mouth. So delicious!

She pushed me away and slid further onto her bed.

“Now I want you to fuck me!”

I looked around and saw John sitting on a small couch. He was nude and slowly jerking off. He nodded and said,

“Go for it!” I looked back at Leanne and we both smiled as I crawled between her legs and slid my cock into the warmest, tightest pussy I have ever felt. It was wonderful. Her body so responsive, so limber.

Now she was whispering, “FUCK ME DADDY! Daddy, fuck me hard.!!”

How could I not do what she asked?

After a time, she rolled us over so she was now riding me cowgirl style. It was amazing. So energetic. She ran her hands thru her long hair. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them.

“Fuck me daddy. F me Daddy, fmdaddy, fmd. So good, so hard!!

I love it. FMD, FMD!! Don’t stop! Please dont stop!”

We heard John moan as he came while watching. We turned our heads just in time to watch him shoot.

Leanne leaned down and told me to suck her nipples. I had no problem with that request. And she kept grinding her clit against my hard pelvic bone.

“So good!! Sooo deep! Please dont stop!! FMD!”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shot my cum into her receptive pussy. And she came shortly after with a scream and an OMG.

We all collapsed on the bed, panting with exhaustion. And smiling from ear to ear.

Leanne turns towards me and says, “Are you staying for breakfast?”

Who could say no!

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