The Dream of the Changeling

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This was just an idea flying around my head, and my first attempt at any kind of erotic story, so please, go easy on me

* * * * *

It had been a hard three years for Felicity. At University she studied as much and as hard as she could, sacrificing any kind of social life for her Degree in Sexual Therapy. The course had covered aspects of Psychoanalysis, Sexual Deviance, and Philosophy, now, upon graduating, she was returning home. Felicity was thinking of what she could do now, finding a place to live, a job, and entering the horrors of the adult world. For now, she knew it was safe, as she would stay with her father, James, for a while. Her mother had passed away six years ago after contracting Meningitis, and died almost eighteen hours after the first symptoms.

Felicity waited at the Bus Station for her father to pick her up, knowing she had about twenty minutes to kill, Felicity decided to catch up on some lost sleep and sat in the Canteen of the station and began to doze off. She had been having a re-occurring dream for a while now, a disjointed selection of images of having sex. Each fragment was a different stage of the act, and the images were as if in slow motion. She could feel the hands caressing her body, the kisses on her breasts, and the hand between her legs, the sounds of her moaning in ecstasy would echo around the warped narrative of the dream.

“Hey there Felicity,” a voice said.

She jerked awake and saw the owner of the voice. “Dad!!” Felicity darted up from her seat and threw her arms around her father, squeezing him hard. He returned the bear hug, lifting his daughter off the ground.

After embracing each other for a while, they parted and James took his daughter’s bags for her, and both began to walk to the car.

“So,” James continued smiling, “How’s my graduate daughter then, I’m very proud of you.”

Felicity blushed, “I’m ok, just tired from the journey.”

Upon arriving home, Felicity went straight to her room. Her father had told her she had bought her some presents, and they were lying on her bed. On her bed was a box, with a note attached to it, Felicity read it… ..”Never sure what to buy you women, only other person I bought presents for was escort forumları you mother, Love Dad.” Felicity gave a little giggle, and opened the box, inside was underwear, a purple silk G-string, and a matching purple silk bra. Felicity smiled, and layed them out on her bed, she wanted to put them on, her father did not often buy her gifts, and thought she should wear them as a gesture of thanks. She began to strip, putting her clothes neatly on her dresser, then she put on her father’s gifts and looked in her full length mirror. She had never wore silk before, and noticed that the material felt great on her skin. She grasped her breasts and pushed them up, adjusting the bra to make it a perfect fit. Then standing there she smiled contently and thought to herself, “Thanks Dad.”

Over the coming weeks, Felicity’s dreams became more disjointed and confusing. Now and then she would awake from these dreams fully aroused, and had to masturbate herself to orgasm before being able to sleep again. Felicity got more clothes as presents from her father. She had wondered why, and questioned him about it, to which he replied.

“I’m just trying to make up for all those years you helped me.”

By this he meant all the years after the death of his wife, how he became an alcoholic, and Felicity and helped him through that troubled time, helping him beat the bottle and regain himself.

The one night arrived where life itself would change for Felicity. Her father was working late, and Felicity stayed home all day and gave the whole house a clean. Tired, she settled down on the couch in the lounge, dimmed the lights, and with a glass of wine, sat and watched the TV. After a while, she noticed the picture of her mother on top of the TV. She never remembered a picture on the TV, and got up to have a look. It took a few minutes before she realised. She looked at the picture of her mother, and then looked at herself, she was wearing all the clothes her father had bought her over the past month or so, and now noticed that she was wearing exactly the same clothes as her mother was in the picture she was now looking at…….

“I always thought you looked like your mother, now gaziantep escort forum I know I was right.” a voice said.

Felicity span round, dropping the picture and saw her father standing in the dimly lit doorway of the lounge. He began to walk slowly towards his daughter.

“What? What do you mean?” Felicity stammered.

Her father was now face to face with her.

“You, I wanted to see if I could make you look like your mother, and I have,” he touched his daughter’s cheek with his hand.

Felicity quivered with the touch, something was familier about it. Then, he kissed her on the mouth. Felicity did not respond, but froze as her mind filled with images of her dreams, all she had been dreaming filled her mind in an instant, the missing link in her dreams appeared. The touch, the kiss, familiar because of her dream, and now in her mind she saw that it was her father she had been dreaming about. Felicity now responded by kissing her father.

“This is wrong,” she whispered in his ear.

“Not tonight, tonight you won’t be my daughter,” he replied.

Felicity stood back knowing what her father meant, he wanted her to be the women he married, her mother. At the same time she also realized, she wanted to be her mother, she was dressed like her without knowing, and dreaming about sex with her father. What was happening now, was her dream.

Felicity took her father’s hand and placed it onto one of her breasts, she was smiling. He squeezed it, and she breathed in suddenly, feeling that touch she had only imagined. She stood completely still as her father began to undo the blouse she was wearing. She let it slip from her body to the floor and stood there, her tits covered by the purple silk. Her father pulled her close, pressing her against him, he began to kiss her neck. Felicity groaned and put her hands up her father’s shirt and caressed his back. The hands of her father unclasped the back of her bra, and taking it in both hands, pulled it from his daughter’s body. She stood there in the dimly lit room, her tits on display for her father to look at. He wasted no time and took one in his hand and started to kiss the nipple of the other. gaziantep escort forumları Felicity moaned, loudly this time, her nipples were completely erect at this time. She began to fumble at the buttons at the bottom of his shirt and begun to undo them, feeling her father sucking on her tits was causing her to shudder. He rose up from her chest just as Felicity had finished unbuttoning his shirt. They were still standing close to each other, and it was now that she felt a bulge upon her leg, she looked down and saw her father’s cock, aching to be released.

Felicity at this point had lost total control of her inhibitions. She cupped her father’s groin in her hand and begun to slide her hand up and down his stiff cock, still in his pants. With the other hand she began to squeeze one her tits and pinching the nipple, she let out a moan as a hand found her pussy and began to rub, she knew how wet she must feel, and the caress of a hand on her pussy combined with the feel of her silk G-string was adding to the wetness. Suddenly, the hand moved the material to one side, and a finger found it’s way inside her slippery wet cunt.

“OH GOD!!!” Felicity screamed as she realized she was being finger-fucked by her father, another scream was let out as another finger was added to the thrusting.

Before she knew it, both her and her father were bare naked, he was lying on the couch, his cock pointing upwards. Felicity was standing over him.

“You want to suck your father’s cock?” James asked.

Felicity only nodded, and climbed onto her father, and lowered are pussy onto his face, while her mouth was only millimeters from the tip of her father’s throbbing hard-on. She began to fondle his balls, licking his shaft up and down, she let out a small moan as she felt a tongue probe her pussy, first licking around the outer lips, and then darting inside her hot wanting hole.

“Oh daddy,” Felicity moaned, and then aggressively plunged her mouth down on his cock. She pulled the foreskin fully back, slowly taking her father’s cock deep into her mouth, sucking and sucking. She heard her father groan, and Felicity herself let out yet another moan as fingers entered her, whilst another began to rub her hardened clit. Felicity moved her mouth up and down the cock faster and faster, using one hand to masturbate it as she sucked.

Her father let out a loud groan as he unloaded his cum into his daughter’s mouth, she swallowed every drop she could…

Felicity snapped back into reality, she still stood there, staring at the picture, as if looking into a mirror.

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