The Flip


Things were easier when we started flipping houses back in 2009. Interest rates were low, building materials were cheaper, properties were plentiful. Our first flip netted us a $50K profit. The second was almost $100K and we were hooked. We soon quit our jobs and dedicated our time to flipping house after house, picking up some skills, building a good reputation and a network of contractors and real estate agents. At our peak, we had three properties on the board at any given time.One guy we work with a lot is Andy. He had just turned fifty when we met him. A sort of jack-of-all-trades and, unless the place needed a roof or concrete, he was our go-to guy. In fact, after a few years, we often took him with us when we looked at potential properties to get his opinion on the scale and scope of the work. Often, Andy was assisted by his brother, Jeff, and the two of them were meticulous in their work.They were also patient teachers. Especially in the early years, we learned to do much of the work ourselves, flexing our creativity while we saved a little money. We were in our early forties and eager to learn. Andy helped Tanya develop some mad tiling and finish carpentry skills. He taught me to drywall and be a passable plumber.A lot of the guys we worked with flirted with Tanya every time they were around. That’s no big deal if the work is moving along. We had already had two kids when we started, so the attention Tanya was getting was good for her self-confidence–and it wound me up. But when flirting went too far, or interfered with their work, or turned into outright propositions, we cut them off pretty quick. Tanya used a clip from a Radiohead song as a ringtone for contractors on our NO WAY list. Occasionally, her phone would sing out an appropriate verse from ‘Creep’. We never took those.Andy and Jeff could flirt with the best of them, but they weren’t creepy about it. Instead, I would say they were attentive to Tanya. Like, they weren’t ogling her or anything, but they always seemed tuned to her. If she spoke to one of them, no matter what they were concentrating on, they very promptly came to attention and made sure they understood exactly what she wanted. I got along fine with them, but when we needed to explain a project or understand a timeline, Tanya had command of them. When they needed to know if their work had met standards, it was her standards they were worried about.One time, Tanya looked over a shower Andy had tiled and touched her heart. “This makes me happy, Andy!”After that, anytime she approved a project either had done, they would smile and say something like, “I was hoping you would be happy.”It made for a pretty absurd scene. Picture my wife, about five and a half feet tall (beautiful, I might add, big tits, big ass) bossing these two towering biker-types. They were good-natured dudes, but the first glance was pretty intimidating for many. Andy was at least 6’3” and Jeff was a couple of inches taller than that. They had full sleeves of tattoos and longish black hair–though Andy’s was salted with white and gray. Both were on the beefy side, but you wouldn’t call them fat.Not to their faces, anyway.Pretty quickly, I began to tease her about her “beef minions.” If they took her side in a discussion about a project, I would later snark, “Well, of course the beef minions agree with you, they care only for your happiness.”But that soon led me to fantasizing about her sexually dominating them. As fantasies go, it was pretty confusing. On the one hand, I was instantly turned on by her as the dominatrix–the leather, the restraints, the impact play…and (most sexy of all) the confidence. It took a little longer for me to also relish the thought of these big men touching her, or her them. But once I let lust push me through the jealousy, the narrative began to routinely include them in hot threesomes. The problem was, I often lost the thread when I tried to insert myself into the fantasy. What was my role in these scenes? I wanted to be part of the action, but I didn’t know where I fit. I don’t go for humiliation, so the cuck stuff didn’t fit. I didn’t see myself as being dominated, so I wasn’t one of her minions.When I mentioned my fantasies a couple of times in bed, it didn’t go well. Whatever we were doing stopped, and she got quiet. The first time, sensing she was mad, I apologized without really knowing what part of it had angered her. The second time, she got silent and stayed that way even after I apologized. We lay there in the dark for a long time. Then she said, “I don’t like that you think they only respect me because they want to fuck me. Maybe they respect me because I’m good at this.”I imagined my head replaced with one of those cartoon donkey heads. It had never occurred to me that I was implying that. I absolutely agreed that she had earned their respect. By the time we were having this discussion, Tanya was at least as good as Andy at tiling and had become a very talented carpenter. More than that, she had a great instinct for design and marketing. It was her idea to have Jeff and Andy get on social media with their work. Pictures of their projects (often designed by Tanya) started getting them some attention and that attention translated into money. They had learned as much from her as she had from them.But c’mon. They wanted to fuck her. I didn’t bring it up now, having already pissed her off, but we had both noticed how distracted they were whenever Tanya wore something that showed off her tits. Andy and Jeff led the way into many rooms, but they always followed her up the stairs.At any rate, I didn’t want to push her on it. We were making money together. They were super dependable and Tanya’s relationship with them, even though they were increasingly in demand, meant we had more access to them than some of our competitors. We were all too busy for creeps. Especially if the creep was me!( . )( . )Then I had an accident. It was one of the shittiest days of my life. I had to drive down to the city for an appointment. To be precise, an appointment for a root canal. It had started snowing when I left, so traffic was backed up and I was late. The root canal took longer than I expected and the doctor played the worst 80s hair bands throughout the whole thing. I felt Sex hikayeleri like he was leaning his whole weight on my jaw for much of the afternoon. And on the snowy drive home, I was rear-ended by a kid. Both cars were totaled and I had a neck injury that laid me up for months.I was home from the hospital that weekend. But because stairs were a problem, we had to set me up in the main-floor guest room. Tanya tried to sleep with me, but I’m a big guy whose neck meant I had to lie flat–and she’s a brick HOUSE. The queen bed in the guest room just didn’t work for the two of us.We had good insurance for the medical bills, but Tanya and I were equally involved in the work we did on the houses we were flipping. After a couple of weeks of being flat on my back, I could move around more and began to be able to do some of the computer stuff from home. But it would be weeks more before I could even visit a property…and months before I could swing a hammer or fix a sink. We ended up needing a lot more of Andy and Jeff’s time to finish the three houses we were trying to get ready for spring.They were awesome about it. They each already had jobs on the books, but they worked on our places evenings and Saturdays. Tanya needed to be involved in some of that, so she too was often out late or gone early on a Saturday.One Saturday she came in with Andy, the two of them carrying a door they had taken out of a property. Andy had hurt his neck many years ago and remembered how hard it was to sit and how dreary it was to lie down all the time. He and Tanya cleared away some furniture in the living room and leaned the door against the wall. We played around with the angle, then he shot a couple of nails through the bottom to hold it in place. Then they tilted the TV so that I could lean against the angled door, resting my head on it, and still see the TV. It was brilliant.A few days later, Andy came back while Tanya was on a job. He came in with a tall podium-like thing. He knew I was trying to contribute by doing more of the paperwork, so he had built a very tall standing desk with a top that could be tilted so I could work while leaning on my door. It was more functional than pretty, but it was well put together. Again, brilliant. I was feeling better about my situation. I was almost productive.We hadn’t been able to have sex since my neck injury and we both had a lot of bottled-up lust. I joked that she could stand on a step ladder and thrust herself back onto my cock while I leaned on my door. That gave her an idea. She went to the basement where she had a modest workshop and, in fifteen minutes, put together a sort of bench that would let her try the same thing. She was eager to try it immediately but it was quickly apparent that the angles were wrong and the whole thing was less stable than she wanted. While my balls were turning blue, she went from wanting sex to wanting to improve her design. She spent the next half hour at her desk, occasionally coming over with a sheet of graph paper to show me how the design was coming.“You know there’s a whole industry around sex furniture, right?” I asked. “Google it.” I could see the wheels begin to turn in her head. By now, I had to lie down. I went to the guest room but I could hear her keyboard clacking until I fell asleep.The next week, I worked on taxes at my very tall desk on Saturday. Tanya was later than usual, and I was actually about to head to my room for a lie-down when she walked in. We caught up for a minute. I told her I had finished the taxes and started to explain a change I had made but she was clearly feeling frisky. She planted her hands on the door and stood on her tiptoes to plant a long, steamy kiss on me.“I feel like I should pay the tax man,” she said, unbuttoning my shirt and pants. I wanted to plow her beautiful big butt, but I was recovering. Even imagining vigorous sex made me wince a little. She read all of that. “That’s OK, Taxman,” she smiled. “I got you.”She walked into the garage and came back lugging some pieces of furniture. When she assembled it, it was a bench made of interlocking pieces of dark walnut and padded with burgundy leather. As I watched her shift the pieces around, I realized it was cleverly designed to be used in several configurations.She made it into a sort of kneeling bench then got on and leaned toward me. She kissed my chest, then kissed and nipped down over my belly and pulled my cock out.“That’s quite a bench,” I said, trying to breathe through my excitement as she looked up into my eyes and lightly teased the end of my cock with her tongue. “Oh…yes…did you make it yourself?”She smiled and closed her eyes and slowly slid my cock into her mouth as far as she could, pulled back so just the head was touching her bottom lip, then plunged it all the way in again. Tanya gives an amazing blowjob and always has–puts her whole body into it. But I had never seen it from this angle. She was rocking on her knees and elbows, gripping the edge of the bench with her hands so that she used her hips to pull her face off my cock, then propelled herself forward to swallow it again. Even with my support, I felt she was about to carry me away in her mouth. I hadn’t been rocked like that in months but there was no pain.She began moaning while she sucked my cock. She can be loud when I’m eating her or fucking her, but she is usually silent when she blows me. Everything about her motions and her eyes and her moaning told me she was soaking wet.I was about to cum. “I wish I could do something for you,” I panted.“I have a dildo waiting upstairs,” she said, unbuttoning her shirt and pulling her tits from her bra. “I want you to cum on my tits and I’m going to run straight up there and smear it on my dildo and fuck myself silly.” By the time she said ‘silly,’ I was shooting all over her creamy cleavage. She waited for me to finish, then used a tissue to wipe my cock clean and stood up, cradling her tits in her hands.“I’ll be thinking of you,” she said as she trailed a finger in the cum pooling in her cleavage. She went up the stairs and I heard her shut the door with her hip.Two Saturdays later, Tanya texted to say she was going to work late to finish the bathroom floor at the Mitchell Street place so we could Sikiş hikayeleri stay on track to stage it for our realtor in three weeks. The carpet had been laid in the bedrooms, so she walked through them and sent me a dozen or so pics to show off what she had accomplished without me. For some reason, one pic of the master bedroom caught my attention. The room was large and she had angled her phone so you could see part of the impressive walk-in closet and the French doors that opened onto a little private deck. The new carpet in the bedroom and closet had really lightened the space up. But I noticed something and zoomed in on what looked like a…sock. The more I looked, the more certain I was that it was a man’s white sock.Looks like you’re killing it! I texted back.I tried not to jump to conclusions. We always had everyone take their shoes off when we were working in rooms where we had gotten new carpet or floors. Duh. But I couldn’t ever remember anyone we worked with taking off their socks to work in a room with new carpet.Look, I said to myself. You’re in pain. You’re feeling lonely and sexually frustrated and inadequate about your contribution to the work. But she’s stepping up and carrying the load for both of us. She needs support, not suspicion. On its own, a sock is just a sock. Don’t make a big thing of it.I did my best to let it go.It helped that she was horny all the time, lately. Now that she could quickly disassemble the bench and put it in the coat closet, she sometimes blew me three times in a week. She would come into the house, head straight for the closet, assemble the bench while we talked about our days, and be greedily swallowing my cock in minutes. She loves to have her pussy eaten more than life itself so one night she helped me lie on the floor and then straddled my face. It took a while to get exactly the right number of pillows under my head, but it was great to taste her pussy again for the first time in more than a month. Unfortunately, I had such a hard time getting up from the floor that we realized it might be too soon for that. She came in one day with an attachment for her bench that let her rig up a dildo behind her so she could rock back and forth between my cock and that one.Honestly, it seemed like the best sex she had ever had.I kept thinking about the sock.( . )( . )A couple more weeks passed, and by now I could drive and leave the house and even manage some of the shopping. Two of our places were ready to show, so I met the realtor and their photographer and walked them through. We had a storage container full of furniture and lamps and wall art and knickknacks and such. While I wasn’t ready to lift stuff, Tanya trusted me to direct our little staging crew as they placed furniture and decorated the places for showing. Occasionally, I walked through some potential investment properties, but nothing jumped out as something we could flip for a good profit. Now that the realtor was doing her thing, there wasn’t much for me to do except wait by the phone.But I liked being back out in the properties. Being home again was depressing. So one day, sitting in my chair and watching some lame game show, I texted Tanya, I could come by the Mitchell Street place and bring lunch to you. I haven’t seen that place since right after we closed. I want to see what you did with the basement.Not today, she texted back. John’s crew is doing the cement in the garage and Andy and Jeff are supposed to finish the AV stuff in the basement and finish drywalling. We’ll be pushing it to finish. How about Saturday?K. Have fun! My neck was hurting so I went back to my door and leaned against it. Like a useless lump.A little later, my phone buzzed again. Why don’t we do dinner at Gavels on Saturday and then stop by here for a tour on the way back?That lifted my spirits. I didn’t love the idea of sitting in a chair in a restaurant for so long, but we hadn’t been out on a date in many months. Gavels was in an old courthouse, the kind of spendy, romantic place that we only went to every few years. Fancy date night? I’m in!It was after 9 when Tanya finally came in that night. She still had drywall dust on her face and the backs of her forearms as she quickly assembled the bench and plunged my cock into her mouth. I had just enough presence of mind to worry she might get drywall dust inside of her if, as usual, I came on her tits and she smeared her dildo in it. “I can wait if you want to shower that off.”She just looked dreamily at me and pumped her mouth on my cock.“I’m getting close,” I panted. She kept pumping and the way her eyes were lidded and locked on mine felt like an invitation.I never cum in her mouth. She hates it. The first time I did it, when we were dating, she rushed to the bathroom and gargled for what seemed like a very long time. The second time, just a few weeks after we were married, she actually made retching sounds. I felt really bad that I had done that. And I felt a little disgusting, too.“I’m getting seriously close,” I warned. I was barely holding on. I tried to push her head away but she resisted. She kept her eyes locked on mine and sucked noisily on my cock.It was strange. As excited as I was to cum in her mouth, I was so fearful that she would retch that I was almost detached from the scene for the first second or two. Her expression never changed. Her lips were clamped around the base of my cock as it twitched and shot into the back of her throat. When the twitching slowed, she slowly pulled her mouth off my glistening cock, then licked and gently kissed the head.“That just happened?” I asked, almost dazed with pleasure, but still waiting for some sign of disgust.Smiling, she stepped up onto the bench and kissed me on the lips. “I guess I got so worked up about our date night that I’m not myself.”She stood and took a step toward the stairs. “You think about that. I’m going up to shower. If you think you can handle the basement stairs at Mitchell Street, you have to handle these stairs. When I get out of the shower, I’m going straight for my dildo…but I would prefer to have you.”She walked up the stairs without another word. I hadn’t been up there since the night before the accident. Very gingerly, I leant down to pull up the pants Erotik hikaye she had left pooled around my ankles. With one hand holding them up, and the other firmly on the banister, I started.( . )( . )Saturday was the slowest day in the history of the planet. I finished up my chores early and had to occupy myself all day while Tanya was at the property. Then she went shopping for something new to wear. It was after 3 when she finally rushed in, arms full of packages. She kissed me on the cheek as she swept past and disappeared up to the bedroom.Hours seemed to pass. No, hours DID pass. I showered in the guest bath and put on a shirt and jacket. It had been ages since I had worn a jacket and this one barely fit me. I had plenty of time to return to the bathroom mirror several times to see if it buttoned right. It didn’t. I took it off and draped it on a chair in the living room, made my second drink, and tried to pass the time with the idiot box.It was almost 5:30 when I heard the bedroom door open upstairs. It was worth the wait. Tanya, not usually one to make grand entrances, took her time coming down the steps so I could admire her. She was stunning. My wife of thirty years had packed all those curves into a pair of tight black jeans. She had painted her toes and was wearing heels–accentuating her lovely round ass. Best (and most shocking) of all, she was wearing a sexy top that showed a lot more cleavage than she ever showed in public these days. Her hair and makeup were carefully arranged.I put my drink down and went straight to her–my hands eager to run over those curves. She stopped me with one finger. Her fingernails were painted the same dark red as her toenails. “Smudge my lipstick now or let me smudge it on your cock later. Your choice.” I groaned as I backed away. She gave a little spin. “What do you think? Do I still stack up?”I reached for her huge breasts. “Oh my GOD are you stacked!”She laughed and slapped my hand away. “Seriously, though, you look smoking hot. Like Sandy-at-the-end-of-Grease-hot. I think we should hurry up and come straight back here…”“Ch, ch.” She put one finger on my mouth to silence me. “Play your cards right and I’m going to fuck your brains out afterward.” She started to walk toward the door and spotted my jacket on the chair. “Put that on.” I did as I was told and followed her to the car. She had what looked like an overnight bag in the back seat.I’m not an idiot. Of course, there was a part of me that was wondering why she was behaving so oddly. I knew something was up. But I was almost crazed with lust and I was afraid too many questions would upset whatever Tanya had planned.I held the car door for her. And the restaurant door, too.We sat in a half-moon-shaped booth and enjoyed a fairly expensive dinner. Because I didn’t want to ask what I really wanted to ask, I tried to make small talk about work. I mentioned a property I had seen online and thought I should look at next weekend, but she waved it off. “I don’t want you to look at that one without Andy. I saw it online and the kitchen and all three bathrooms are straight out of 1985.”“Why can’t Andy pop over with me? It would only be an hour.” There was something about the way she put her fork down.She took a sip of water and we both braced ourselves.“Andy and Jeff are going to be gone next weekend,” she said. She looked into my eyes and I could see the emotions roiling. “And I’d like to go with them.” She paused again as my eyes rolled up and to the right as I tried to process this. “And I think you should come, too,” she added.“I…umm…I…” My heart felt like a stone. All of the questions I wanted to ask were crowded together trying to get out of my mouth at the same time. Finally, one squeezed past the others. “Where are you going?” It wasn’t the most burning question I had to ask; it was simply the one that jostled through first.She put her hand on mine as she leaned close. She swallowed. “You know the bench I designed…for us? Yeah? I discovered I really like designing that stuff. You’ve seen me adding improvements, but I’ve actually designed prototypes of three other pieces.” She paused. “And, umm, Andy and Jeff have been building them for me. I mean, I helped and we had to troubleshoot, but…ah, yeah. They’ve been doing the building.”A watch must have exploded in my head. Hundreds of tiny gears and springs seemed to be flying around in there.“Troublesh…” I tried to ask but she nervously cut me off.“Here’s the thing. Turns out this kind of stuff is big money. Not like quit-what-we’re-doing money, but definitely vacation-in-Hawaii money.” She let me process that for a second, then she caught my eye and pulled it back to her face. “There’s, uh, more, though…”“Troubleshooting,” I said. “How’s that work?”She took another deep breath. I knew exactly what she was going to say next. I’ve read it in a thousand of these stories: You know how you’ve always talked about them fucking me? Well, I came around to it and now you get what you always wanted. I felt I would retch if she threw it back in my face.That’s not what she said. In fact, she didn’t say anything because our annoying server came over and asked how we were enjoying our food.“It’s great,” I snapped.“Oh good, can I refill your…”I cut him off. “Can you just bring us a pitcher of water, another wine, and a Manhattan for me? Can you bring that over and then don’t come back until I ask you to come back?” Tanya touched my hand to back me off a little. “Ahem, sorry, we’re having a deep conversation with our excellent meal and I just want to, you know…savor it.”He fairly bolted from the table and came back in a shot with our tray. He was in such a hurry to go that he just left the tray and bolted again.Tanya started to speak and I jumped in. “Please don’t say this is my fault for putting that fantasy in your head.” I was breathing a little fast.She looked at her plate. Her mouth opened and snapped shut again. “Here’s the truth. I fantasized about them from almost the day we met them. Just…thoughts. Passing thoughts, you know? Then, when he and Jeff were always so flirty… I was already thinking about them before you ever said a word. That first time you mentioned it it scared the hell out of me. I thought you had read my mind or something. But I didn’t say that and you dropped it.” She swallowed a gulp of water. “And then you mentioned it again and I had been trying so hard not to think about them that way and you did, you know, offend me that you thought that was the only reason they respected me.”

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