The Four Sluts Pt. 07

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Sarah had just pulled into the parking lot of the strip club. Looking at the place made her anxious. It was dirty and grimy, with trash litter forming a perimeter around the club. The windows were tinted black, but still showed the stains of some unknown substance. The door and windowsills were chipping, and the bouncers stood around lazily. It was on the edge of the city, with little surrounding it so the place stuck out like a sore thumb.

The club scared Sarah, especially in this part of town, and especially how she was clothed. The owner hadn’t told her how to dress so she just judged to dress how she thought he’d like. Sarah let her hair down in a silky smooth curtain of wavy brown hair. Her make up was just the right amount where it was difficult to tell she had any on, but that made her look sexy as hell. She wore a tiny loose red halter-top that did little to hold in her straining tits. Her sky blue skirt was equally small, showing of her smooth legs and making her butt pop out. She had no panties or bra on.

When she told her daddy (actually her uncle) that Lauren worked at the strip club he shot his seed deep into her pussy and told her that she had to start working there. Sarah loved cock now, and since she was a good girl she would do anything her daddy or brother told her to do, and that included fucking and dancing for strange horny men.

When she got out of her car she felt the gaze of the bouncers and passerby stick to her provocative body like glue. Already she could feel them raping her with her eyes, and goose bumps erupted on her skin. She walked faster into the club, away from the aggressive eyes, only to be met with even more bouncers stripping away her clothes with their imagination.

She knocked on the door to the owner’s office. The bouncer that let her in was staring straight down her top at her cleavage, and even groped her tit under her top, pinching her nipple. Sarah shivered at his touch, secretly loving it.

The owner let her in his office. Posters of naked and half naked women covered the walls. Sarah immediately recognized Lauren in one of the photos, where two cocks flanked her.

The owner was dressed in strange tie-dye like colored button down, and shorts. He wore chain with a ring tied at the middle. His hair was slicked back and he had a sleazy look to him.

He looked at her up and down, “So you’re the new girl?” Sarah stood awkwardly in front of him. “Names Gary.”

Gary nodded, and licked his lips disgustingly. Still nodding he got up and circled Sarah like a predator. “Lauren promised me you were eighteen, that right?” He grabbed a handful of her ass and Sarah inhaled sharply.

“Yes, I’m eighteen.”

He was behind her now, “Good,” He said slowly, right into her neck. Suddenly he roughly grabbed both of her tits under her top, kneading and messaging them deeply. His rock hard cock moved her skirt aside, and was pressing between her ass cheeks, with only his shorts separating them.

Sarah gasped at his touch. He was filthy and she hadn’t known him more than two minutes but she already knew he was a bastard. It took her a few moments to speak up.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

Ignoring her he ripped her halter-top in half, exposing her jugs. She yelped when he pinched and twisted her nipples.

Sarah felt very unsafe. “Please, stop. I just wanted a job.” But her trembling body told him how much she wanted it. He shoved her forward so that she was bent over his desk. Gary pulled off her skirt so that she was bare ass naked.

He slapped her ass and she screamed. “I’m not going to lie to you.” He began. “I’ve had a pretty shitty day. I’ll spare you the details, but it involves losing two girls and financial troubles. My point is I need a little something to make my day better. And your slutty ass is exactly what I need.”

Sarah couldn’t see what was happening but she quickly felt his tongue slip over her clit, tickling and playing with it.

The place was nasty, he was disgusting, the area was clearly unsafe and she had no idea what she had gotten herself into. What was he going to do to her? “Wait, I don’t think I can do this.” But she was moaning despite herself.

His tongue slipped up and down her pussy, licking the folds and tiny clit. His hands were messaging her ass cheeks deeply. Sarah moaned powerfully, but shook fearfully.

He was getting faster and harder, she moaned louder and louder. She was tightening up her muscles, until she couldn’t hold it in anymore and exploded into a forced orgasm. Sarah screamed and moaned as he ate her out to completion.

Sarah’s cunt was sopping wet, and the owner knew it to. Gary fiddled with the computer a couple of minutes, until a video of Lauren getting annually reamed was being played on the computer screen.

She was bent over on the ground with her ass sticking up into the air. It was being recorded from one of the room’s security cameras. She was up against three of the bouncers Sarah had just met. And each of them were getting a turn with her.

When Gary’s cockhead escort numaraları was pressed to her sex Sarah whimpered. He slipped slowly into her pussy, not stopping until he was fully hilt deep into her cunt. He was huge, stretching her sex out deliciously. Sarah was breathing heavily as the owner plowed harder and harder into her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh fuck,” She breathed, “It’s so fucking big. Harder, harder, harder. Fuck my slut pussy HARDER!”

Gary ravaged her tight pussy, groaning at her tightness and wetness, and pulling on her hair. “You’re a good whore, just like your friend.” He spanked her. “Do you like being told what to do?

Sarah was bouncing her ass back at Gary. “Yes, I’ll do anything for a big dick. Do what ever you want, just please fill my holes up.” Sarah screamed at another orgasm.

Gary grabbed at Sarah’s full tits, pumping hard at his coming climax. Groaning loudly he shot his seed into her fertile womb, pumping and pumping until every drop was exhausted.

He slapped her ass again. “Wait here.” He left her bent over the desk, with the video of Lauren still playing in front of her.

“Boys” She heard Gary say. Sarah knew what was coming, and her pussy flooded again.

When she was bent over on the ground the first bouncer lined up his dick with her asshole and jammed it in hard. Sarah screamed in pain as his dick filled her back hole. He took little time in fucking her hard and fast.

“You’re too big, you’re going to rip me in half!” She screamed, but he just sped up, mesmerized by the image of his twelve-inch, beer can thick cock plowing into her invitingly tight asshole.

He groped her tits and pinched her nipples. Sarah moaned loudly, building up to a screaming orgasm as his dick touched deep inside her colon. She only finished cumming when his hot sperm shot inside of her, warming her body.

The next bouncer took his spot in her hole. He was gentler and a couple of inches smaller, but still large, and he spanked her much more, making sure to leave red marks on her ass. He pulled hard on her hair so she was looking up at the third bouncer, whose dick was out and ready.

“Please,” Sarah begged. “Put your dick in my mouth.”

The last bouncer slid his enormous member into Sarah’s mouth slowly, savoring every second. Her mouth was wet and warm, and her lips soft and tight, and as he went deeper her throat tightened around his meat.

The two of them spit roasted her with fervor and speed, not caring one ounce if they hurt her. Sarah loved every second of it. Every ounce of pain was a delight, every pound shook her core, and every slap gave her a mini orgasm.

When they both filled her with their hot cum she screamed her orgasm, only to be stopped by choking on the semen pouring down her gullet. Sarah drank it up like a good whore, and lay on the dirty floor, spent. Cum leaked out of her asshole.

“You should probably go home now.” Gary said from his chair.

“But… But what about…. My… job?” Sarah panted.

“Huh,” Gary said, almost surprised. “I guess I forgot. Yeah, you can start on Friday.”

Sarah shakily got up, and put on her skirt. When she picked up her halter-top however she realized it would be impossible to wear.

“Do you have something I can wear?” Gary chuckled at the question

“Yeah I might.” He left, but quickly came back with two tassels. He pinned the two of them over her nipples, so the rest of her tits were still bare in the open. He slapped her ass. “There, now of you go.”

Knowing she wasn’t going to get anything else Sarah left for her car, getting plenty of stares on her bouncing jugs as she walked to her car.

She had to get some sleep, tomorrow after school she was meeting with a college rep for the local university. She really wanted to go. It was a really good school with a pretty good soccer team and was close by so traveling wouldn’t be difficult. And now that she was her brother daddies little cock slut it was good to be nearby so she could still get her daily dose of brother and daddy meat.

When she reached the car door however someone grabbed her from behind and put a knife to her throat.

“Come with me.” Sarah whimpered as she was led to the back of the club. Anyone who was watching didn’t bother to do anything.

“Please, I just want to go home.”

But he slapped her ass and her pussy moistened again, filling her head with images of cock. “Don’t worry baby.” He kissed her neck sloppily. “All you got to do is let me and my boys use you.”

A gang of men were waiting behind the club, lounging around their car. The first man took Sarah’s tassels off and tore her skirt off. The men passed her around, groping and fondling her as she reached them. When they bent her over their car she was reminded of the time a police officer took her anal virginity forcefully.

The gang took turns eating her pussy and asshole out as she lay on the hood of the car. Over a dozen different tongues explored the deep reaches of her gaziantep escort bayan numaraları insides, invading uninvited. Her clit was teased and played with, and Sarah was brought to climax again.

They flipped her over so they could play with her tits and kiss her succulent lips. Her nipples and tits were getting sore and used. Sarah moaned despite her growing fear.

They formed an orderly line and took turns fucking Sarah’s curvy and sexy body with reckless abandon. Sarah screamed and writhed, simultaneously trying to crawl away and bounce on their dicks. They grabbed and fondled at her mindlessly.

Eventually she gave in when she was riding on one of their dicks while sucking on another. It was tasty and warm in her mouth.

“Oh fuck this bitch is nice as hell.” The gang member inside her pussy said. “her skin is smooth, and her tits are so soft and full.” He grunted hard as he pumped her full of his sperm, pushing out the previous seed.

When they were finished running their train on her, they left her on the floor and drove away. It took a few minutes for her to gather her energy and move naked to her car.

Sarah drove back home, dazed but satisfied. She had a job now, and all she had to do was fuck a few cocks to get it.

She stumbled out of her car and into her house, barely finding her way to the couch before passing out from exhaustion.

Sarah was woken up by the feeling of a familiar sized member stretch her sphincter. She left her eyes closed and tried tightening her hole around the meat.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned happily as the owner of the member kissed her neck, and fondled her breasts.

“You left cum-stains on the couch baby girl.” Her new daddy, Ben said into her ear.

“I’m sorry daddy,” Sarah cooed. “Is there anyway I can make it up to you.”

Sarah grunted when his entire length was shoved inside of her. “You already have.” Ben slowly began pulling out. “Today I’m going to sell your body to some generous buyers who will fuck you anyway they want in your room.”

“But daddy (pant) I have school. And what about (pant) my meeting today.” She breathed.

Her brother who was probably the one prodding her mouth, spoke. “Don’t worry about that. Your principle pulled some strings for school and the meeting. You’re teacher’s think you’re on a college visit, and you’re meeting is pushed back to tomorrow at lunch.” Sarah accepted the pungent meat into her mouth, letting slip down and down, until it choked her.

Sarah tightened her lips around his meat to make it more pleasurable for him. She loved it when her brother choked her with his cock. It made her feel so dirty and used, and she knew her brother loved it just as much because he would grab her head and face fuck her with so much force he almost hurt her. It totally sent him over the edge, being able to choke his baby sister with his meat. Sarah knew he loved the fact they were related, and only wanted to use her. And all she wanted to do was please the both of them, anyway she could.

So when he slapped her and told her to keep her mouth open she obediently complied. Her choking and gagging was more audible with her mouth open. It drove both of them crazy, but especially Jeremy.

Ben pounded her ass, slapping her cheeks until they turned red. Jeremy ravaged his little sister’s throat, occasionally slowing down a bit to fondle her provocative jugs.

Jeremy finished, choking Sarah even more by dumping his load down her throat, treating it as a cum dumpster. Ben pulled out right after Sarah had finished obediently swallowing her brother’s sperm, and covered her face in his own spunk.

Her pretty smile was stained with her daddy’s semen.

“Eat breakfast, and clean yourself up. They’ll start arriving soon. I want you to wait up in your room naked.”

Sarah quickly ate her eggs, toast, and fruit breakfast, and ran up to shower, excited at the day. Sarah was always horny now, but getting fucked like that turned her on more than she could imagine, so now all she could think about was dick.

When she finished showering she went to the window to see if the first customer was here yet. She was shocked at what she saw.

A line of men that started at her door stretched down her driveway onto the sidewalk and two houses down, and still with stragglers. She couldn’t even begin to count how many had come to fuck her slutty holes. She couldn’t wait to get ravaged by so much man meat.

Principle Banks was looking at the picture of his young student he had printed out, as the add asked. “That add you sent out really caught some attention.” Principle Banks said to Ben. It really had, making everyone talk about the local prostitute that had come up seemingly over night.

However that’s not where the rumors started about Sarah. They’d been spreading around ever since videos, photos, and eyewitnesses reported seeing her friends Elizabeth and Lauren screw around. Many people were saying Sarah and their friend Rachel was just gaziantep escort numaraları as bad, but few people had any evidence. It was all the principle and police could do to quell the very true rumors.

Ben and his nephew chuckled. “People are suckers for naked girls. Especially if they’re young and sexy.”

The picture was of Sarah sleeping in her bed with the covers thrown to the side. The dried cum could be clearly seen on her angelic face and luscious hair. Her tits were displayed perfectly and her legs were just barely spread out so you could see the glistening wetness of her pussy.

“So I’m first,” The principle asked. “Any ground rules I should know about.” The principle had made this deal with Sarah’s uncle so that he would cover up for her absence from school, and he would get to have a free fuck.

“Nothing too rough.” Ben replied. “No beating or strangling. Nothing fucked up put inside her, only your dick and what she wants, and no pissing. I feel like I shouldn’t have to add that one. Besides that treat my girl like the good whore she is and use her as you like.”

Banks nodded his consent and went upstairs to Sarah’s room.

When he opened the door there she was. Sarah had her knees on her bed with her legs spread wide. She was butt naked and biting her lip, one hand fondling her breast, and with the other fingering her cunt. She was so horny that Banks could hear her sopping wetness as her finger moved across her pussy lips.

The sight was too incredible. Banks’ cock had grown to full mast in a second at the sight of her.

“Crawl over here, right now.” He commanded.

She licked her succulent lips. “Yes, sir.” She got on all fours and crawled off of her bed and towards principal Banks. She moved slowly, and eyed her principle with craving.

When she was at his feet he grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face into his lap. She mouthed at the outline of his pulsing twelve inch cock.

Banks pulled her head off with her hair. “Take my pants of and suck on my balls and cock.”

Sarah scrambled to take off his pants, practically ripping them down with the boxers. His cock sprang to freedom and went smack on her cheek. Sarah gasped at its girth, not fully believing that it would fit in her mouth.

But of course she would try anyway, after all she was a good whore, and good whores pleasured all cocks no matter what.

She filled her mouth with his pulsing cock. Saliva and pre-cum mixed in her mouth, filling it with a pungent taste that turned her on even more. She slobbered all over his tip, and Banks groaned in satisfaction.

Sarah got halfway down before she was stopped by a sore jaw. So she switched over to his balls to give herself some rest while she neat off his meat with her hands. His ball sack was nicely shaved and big. Each ball fit nicely between her lips and in her mouth.

She stuffed his member back down her throat as far as she could, getting as far as three quarters of the way. But he wasn’t impressed.

Banks slapped her with his cock. “Don’t tell me this is too big for your slutty throat. I know you take dicks this big all the time.”

Sarah wanted nothing more than to be choked by his cock. She relaxed her throat and slipped the fat cock down her gullet as far as she could, widening her mouth to accommodate for more.

His massive member was finally hilt deep in her throat and she was choking on it. Sarah fucked the cock with her mouth fast and hard getting it all in. Pre-cum filled her mouth and Sarah happily drank it. She used her hands to stroke the base when she wasn’t choking on his cock. When she stuffed it in she held it down there for as long as she could, while he could give short powerful strokes into her mouth. Saliva and pre-cum leaked from her moist and soft lips, smearing her fat round titss and nipples.

“Oh god give it to me, please. I’m so thirsty.” She said before putting it back in her mouth.

Banks grabbed Sarah’s hair and pulled her off of him. He dragged her to the bed and threw her so that she was on her back with her head hanging off of the edge. He ravaged her throat hard and fast, making saliva and pre-cum dribble down her throat.

Sarah writhed and gagged from a lack of breath, trying to push him off of her but to no avail. He was too strong and didn’t care about her. And to be honest she was enjoying herself.

Banks threw spun her so that the back of her head was supported by the pillows on her bed. He climbed on top of her and kissed her on the lips.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard.” Banks filled his eighteen-year-old student’s pussy with his meat. Her lips stretched to accommodate his wide girth, but she was still so tight.

Sarah was panting like a bitch in heat. “Oh my god, oh my god. You’re so big!” Banks was amazed at how wet she was. He thrust into her hard and she screamed, writhing and curving her spine. He thrust again, but harder and he felt her cum all over his hard dick. Another thrust, but quicker and she screamed again.

Again and again he thrust until he was ravaging Sarah with all the energy he had. Sarah writhed on his dick, thrusting upwards to meet his hips with force until they were both in sync. He grabbed her legs, threw them over his shoulders and leaned more over her body to fuck her harder for his climax. Banks poured his seed deep inside her womb and Sarah moaned as she grabbed at his hair, pulling him into her cleavage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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