The Good Dad Strikes Again

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For Padme.

Happy Christmas!


It was another beautiful Sunday morning. The cloudless sky was a clear steel blue and the brilliant rays of the morning sun filtered through the windows and lit up the house. I was in a good mood. I wandered around the house in careless abandon, humming to myself as I reflected on what to do with my day. The reason for my contentment was simple: my wife was going to spend the weekend with her parents after been down and out with the flu for over two weeks. This means I have the weekend to myself. A weekend without that nagging bitch was a rare gift of Heaven and it looked like someone was smiling at me from up there today. But there was also something else that would be left to my greedy self and that was what mattered to me the most: my only child and daughter Darlene.

Darlene was the kind of eighteen year old daughter every dad would wish to have but would never admit openly. She was the human manifestation of every male’s perverted fantasies, a creature so delectable that all you wanted to do when you saw her was take her to somewhere quiet and lonely and fuck her slowly for a very, very long time.

She’s a tall, well built blonde with massive tits and a cheeky smile. She liked to prance around all day with very little on and her boobs would wobble and shake with every movement. When her mother was around it was a running battle to keep my cock from tenting my shorts and giving my lust away. But I loved Darlene, I really did. Without a doubt she is the best thing that has happened to me.

I pretended to be sad to see my wife go and I hugged and kissed her at her car. Darlene did the same. My daughter was wearing a half-top and a very brief pair of shorts that exposed most of her supple ass cheeks. I got a kick out of watching her hug her mother. Their big boobs squashed against each other and for a moment I wished I could fuck the two of them at the same time. My wife zoomed off and Darlene scampered inside. My eyes were glued to her butt as she wiggled her hips at me. This was going to be a nice weekend I thought.

I escort ilanları noticed my daughter was playing hard to get. As I sat on my favorite chair watching football, she would hover dangerously near me but sufficiently at arm’s length, just out of range. I smiled to myself. You little cock tease I thought; I can’t wait to get my hands on you.

I decided that if she wanted to act that way, then so can I. I studiously ignored her as she pranced about the house, walking past me about a hundred times to fetch an item from a cupboard or fridge that had no particular use to her.

This was now a battle for control, to see who would crack under the intense sexual tension and be reduced to drooling puppies.

Nah, not me. I’ll show my darling slut of a daughter who’s the boss around here.

She finally dropped into a sofa near me and I noticed that her bum shorts had disappeared and she was now wearing a tiny pair of white panties. The frail fabric scarcely covered her pubic mound and I could clearly see her glorious bush. I gulped and dragged my eyes back to the TV.

“Daddy, have you seen my Britney CD?” she asked loudly.

“Darlene, why the fuck should I know where your CD is?”

“I think it’s under the TV.”

“Okay, Sweetheart” I said exasperatedly, “Go and check.”

Darlene got up from the sofa and cat-walked to the set. I watch her perfect hips sway from side to side and I thought I would cum on the spot. Her panties and disappeared into the crack of her ass and all I could see were perfect white globes. The globes increased in size when she knelt in front of me and bent forward to rummage through the stacks of CD plates under the television set. I noticed that her panty clad pussy was damp.

My hand automatically reached down to stroke my stiff member as I watched her wriggle her bum at me. She wanted me to leap out of the chair and take her down like a lion on a gazelle. Sorry, Sweetheart, but you’ll have to try much harder than that.

Darlene eventually sat up and announced that she gaziantep escort ilanları couldn’t find the CD. I shrugged. I didn’t care. She got up and walked back to me. Before I could blink she plopped on to my lap, her ass landing straight on my pole. I groaned as I reflexively held on to her waist to slow her descent before she fractured my dick with her considerable weight. She giggled mischievously and wiggled her bum, and my covered cock almost impaled her panty clad pussy.

She pretended to watch football while her back completely obscured my view. I sighed. This wasn’t fair. She cheated. She wasn’t supposed to use physical contact. How could I now resist her with her gorgeous bum grinding against me? With a snarl I snatched her up into my arms and with surprising strength for an old codger like me, stood up from my chair. She gave a sharp, delicious squeal of terror mixed with anticipation and without further ado I slung her over my shoulder like a sack of wheat and carried her up the stairs. I placed a hand on one of her butt cheeks and caressed it, slipping my fingers into her crack.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Darlene and I’m going to punish you for that” I growled, “Mom’s not around to save you and you know that the more you beg for mercy, the more it will turn me on.”

“Please, Daddy, I’m sorry” she whined without sounding sorry at all, “I’ll be a good little girl! I’ll do anything you want.”

“Really?” I asked as I pulled down her panties to feel her bare flesh, “What can you do for me?”

“I’ll suck your cock!”

“That’s a start!”

I dropped her on my bed and she splayed out ungraciously. Her panties were at mid-thigh, displaying her thick bush and her top had ridden up to expose her massive tits. There was an apprehensive wanton look in her eyes that turned me on to no end. I really loved my daughter. She really was the queen of lust.

She watched me as I unhurriedly removed my t-shirt and shorts. I wasn’t shy about this. Despite my age I’m in excellent shape and my tool still gaziantep escort bayan ilanları made an impression on the ladies. Darlene was eyeing my cock the way a fox eyes a prize chicken. Her gaze was so intense I felt like blushing.

Standing nude before her I walked to the edge of the bed. I grabbed one of her ankles and pulled her towards me. She gasped as she was drawn nearer, her hands grabbing at the sheets to resist movement. I knelt down in front of her and grabbed the other ankle. Her pussy was right in front of my face. I spread her legs wide open, tearing her panty in the process and buried my face in her bush. I was nose deep in her juices and lapping thirstily away. She grunted and squirmed.

I licked, lapped and sucked her for a long time. With each passing minute her moans got louder and louder and I wondered whether my entire neighborhood could hear what was going on. I sensed she was about to cum and surfaced immediately. She gave an exasperated cry of discontent.

I didn’t want her to wait too long so I flipped her over so that her ass could face me. She glanced back and wiggled her bum sexily at me. I gripped her waist and, none to gently, plugged my cock into her glistening pussy from behind. She tossed back her head and wailed in pleasure.

I really enjoy fucking my daughter Darlene from behind. I really, really like it. I love the way her ass billows out in front of me blocking everything else but her mane of hair flapping around. Her pussy feels tight despite being so lubricated and the pressure on my cock is fantastic. I won’t last long.

We came together. Our bodies shuddered and I reached forward to grab her breasts. I squeezed them mercilessly as I poured my last drop into her.

I didn’t release her just yet. I knew I would get hard again. I licked the sweat of her exposed back and she purred like the cat that had just eaten the canary.

“You haven’t sucked my cock yet” I said sternly.

“I know. My punishment is not over is it?”

“No, it’s not. Your punishment is going to last the whole weekend. And I don’t want any protests from you. You’re going to take it like the slut you are. Understand, darling?”

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck me all day and all night, I don’t care. I’ve been a bad girl, I need to be punished.”

“And you know that I’m doing this because I love you, right?” I released a tit to stroke her hair.

“Yes… you’re doing this because you’re such a good dad!”

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