The Greatest Sparring Partner

It was a warm night in the dojo. Venix was alone, kicking and flipping around. She had just recently gained an opportunity as a sparring partner for the undefeated Kaos Nakamura. She was a fight club superstar, and it was rumored she was very harsh with her partners, but to Ven, it was clearly a lie. Kaos was nothing but a sweetheart when it came to training. When she wasn’t hitting on her, the sparring was smooth, Venix never felt in danger. That night, she thought she could get a few reps in since she couldn’t sleep. Hearing the keys jingle, her eyes shifted to the door, revealing it was Kaos who opened it. “Hey, partner.”

Kaos was a pretty tall woman, standing at 5’9″ with long legs. her eyes were a dark blue, her short hair was jet black. Venix loved her little bandage she had over her nose, to heal her broken nose. her favorite part to look at was her rock hard abs, since Venix wasn’t as fit, it was nice to have a hot motivator.

Venix stood up and walked over with her hand on her hip. She worked out a sweat already. “Hey. Thought you went to bed already.”

Kaos shrugged. “Couldn’t sleep. I see you’re working up a sweat without me.” She took off her jacket and jeans to reveal she had a tank top and simple black trunks. Kaos looked at Venix. She had a loose shirt and leggings. Kaos had to admit that her sparring partner was hot. She really liked how she looked from her pretty face to her long flowing hair. Not forgetting her tits and grabble ass.

Venix kazak escort shrugged. “Thought you weren’t a night owl. Of course, I would’ve had you tag along.”

Kaos walked past her and started warming up. “Yeah. I can’t work out without something pretty to look at.” She winked.

Ven laughed as she helped Kaos warm up. Screw it, she was off the clock. “Oh yeah? There’s no way you could be talking about me, right?”

“Shit, maybe I am.”

Ven was stretching her legs, pushing them forward. She got very handsy, letting her fingers explore her bare skin, from the knee to her thighs. Once she saw that Kaos didn’t care much, she groped her thighs, getting a handful full of them as she stretched the woman.

Kaos gasped a bit, feeling a surge of pleasure. “Getting a handful, Ven?”

Venix chuckled as she stood up, helping Kaos up. “Just relaxing the muscles is all.”

Kaos rolled her eyes playfully, getting in a fighting stance. Once Ven got in her stance, Kaos dashed forward, attacking Ven with quick kicks. Ven blocked them and countered with blows of her own, which Kaos also blocked. Ven pushed Kaos back and threw a right hook that Kaos ducked under, then a left kick that she caught. Kaos used the caught leg to pull her forward and lift her up in a powerbomb position. To mess with her, Kaos sniffed her crotch while in the air, letting her nose brush her covered pussy. Venix grabbed her hair and moaned istanbul bayan escort instinctively. Once she realized what happened, Ven looked into Kaos’eyes, full of slight embarrassment and lust. Kaos then finished the powerbomb, slamming Ven on her back and then mounting her to kiss her sloppily, grabbing Ven’s hair and making out with her, grinding crotches. Ven happily kissed back, holding her face while letting Kaos grind.

Ven and Kaos took turns invading each other’s mouths with their tongues, with them swapping spit in a passionate sweaty make-out session. Ven rolled on top, pulling away to see Kaos, hot and bothered, face flushed and gasping for air. She reached into her bag to pull out her favorite sex toy, a 6-inch black studded dildo. Kaos smacked Ven’s ass while she reached for it, the sound echoing in the dojo. Ven bit her lip as she raised Kaos’ shirt to expose her tits, sizable and plump. Ven opened her mouth to start licking her nipple, letting her warm tongue taste her breasts. While Kaos cried out in pleasure, Ven pulled down her shorts to let her warm, wet pussy free. With no hesitation, she stuck the black toy up her tight pussy. Kaos inhaled sharply and huffed out a moan. She grabbed her hair while Ven fucked her with the dildo and sucked her nipple. Kaos bounced and made plenty of noises, from her moans to her wet pussy as she was getting penetrated.

Kaos wanted the control, so she pulled her off and had Ven on azeri escort her back, dildo still in. Kaos pulled her clothes off, while Ven kept an excited smile. Kaos turned her hips a bit and started to smack her ass again.

Ven squealed as she felt the fighter’s hands upon her thick ass. “Mmm-fuck! You like that ass, don’t you-FUCK!”

Kaos hummed, hearing the feedback from her spanking. She saw that her cheeks were beaten red, and Ven’s eyes were basically begging her to finish the job, so Kaos whipped her face to go down to Ven’s crotch. She positioned herself to let the dildo slip out, so she can start bouncing on it while eating Ven out. She did just that, licking the lips vertically slowly while moving her hips on her dildo.

Ven whined in her bliss. “S-stop teasing…Stick that f-fucking tongue in there…”

Kaos smirked as she started to lick her clit ruthlessly, making Ven arch her back. she took a break from it to talk. “Say please.”

Ven, flustered, obliged. “Please…Fuck me, Kaos. Please.”

Kaos instantly dove in tongue fucking her while using her lips to stimulate Ven’s pussy lips. At the same time, Kaos bounced her hips faster, fucking herself harsher, which translated into how hard she was licking her. Ven was beyond pleased, crying out her name while locking her head in with her strong, massive thighs. It was clear Ven was close to climax as soon as Kaos found her g-spot.

She gasped and squeezed her thighs. “MMMM FUCK-Rightthererightthererightthere!”

Kaos did so, ruthlessly licking the area as they both came. Kaos had a face full of ejaculate and felt her legs shake with cum dripping down the dildo. She pulled away, panting while looking at Ven, caked in sweat.

“So…Same time tomorrow?”

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