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July 23, 1792

This marks the end of our third month at sea, we are still two months away from our destination, or at least we would but the wind took us off course and now we know not where we are. We have set up a camp on a large island that is covered mostly by Jungle that seems to have never seen humans enter it, never mind having human inhabitants. We had to pause our journey because the hull of our ship was too greatly damaged to continue without making repairs, we ran into shallow water and the rocks that lay there during a storm two days prior to our landing.

On a side note, this marks the longest that I have been away from home on a voyage, As much as I enjoy the seas, I enjoy being in Australia more. Even if Sydney is rather small, it is comfortable. My mates told me that I was crazy to go on this trip, but something that is still unknown to me seemed to call to me. Normally my instincts get me into trouble but this one feels slightly different. Such as it is, I will deal with what I must when it comes. The light fades and I must go and assist the rest of the crew and set up camp.

July 24, 1792

It was requested of me to find water today and to explore the surrounding area. I feel rather pressured since there was no one else who was assigned to help me in my quest for drinkable water. I was assigned this task so we did not have to dip into the supplies too much. I covered about 9 miles today but no such luck; if the jungle was not so heavily overgrown I would have been able to cover more ground. I shall continue tomorrow.

July 25, 1792

I found water. It appeared to me as I climbed a small hill and cut through some thickly overgrown vines. The small river continued both ways and I followed it down stream for a mile then went back to the ship and informed the Captain. Three men and myself got enough to last a few days back to the campsite. I went back to retrieve an item of mine that I dropped but when I went back it was gone and I can’t be sure but I believe I heard a voice. It was very soft and I could not make out any of the words because the voice spoke in some other language besides English. I’ll have to investigate this tomorrow and be sure I keep it to myself.

July 26, 1792

So very beautiful. She was like a Goddess. The owner of the voice was showering under a group of falls a mile and a half from where I first discovered the water. It was all quite by accident I saw her, I had been moving and looking for 2 hours and I sat to rest and eat something, I leaned my gun against a tree as I sat down and it rolled off the tree and through the brush and landed next to the water. As I kneeled to retrieve it, I saw the most stunning vision. A beautiful woman standing under the falls bathing. I grabbed the gun and scrambled to the area where I had been in fear that I would be seen and frighten her. I moved to a place to watch her again and I watched with utter amazement as the water cascaded off her olive-colored body and through her long black hair, I saw no flaws on her and did not snap out of my trance until she got out from under the water and placed on her clothes, if one could call them that. Her top was just a single piece of animal fur that covered her breasts and stopped a couple of inches above her navel, it was held up by escort resimleri a single strap across the left shoulder and the bottom was a wrap that stopped mid-thigh. I must have made some kind of sound because she looked around her and her dark eyes searched around mainly in the general area that I was in. After a while she headed away and I followed knowing not where I was being led to nor caring. She went into a cave and I saw the sun would set soon so I remembered the cave and returned to the camp not telling a soul of what I had seen.

July 27, 1792

Love has found me and I now understand why I was to leave my home and go on this voyage. I do find it most regrettable that I shall never set foot or eyesight on Australia again, but it is worth it. Seeing as how this shall be my last entry, I shall not skip on the details of the previous day.

It all started the morning of July 26, 1792. I had awoken and gathered supplies for my exploration and enough food for two meals. I headed towards the falls and looked around for the woman that I had seen there the previous day. I searched the area and, finding nothing, headed to the cave that I followed her to the day before.

As I moved across the boulders and got closer to the caves the wind seemed to swirl around me causing the most wonderful scent to wrap around me, spurring me on towards the cave. When I finally got to the ledge of steeply inclined hill, I saw the cave entrance and how many bushes and overgrown trees hid it. I approached cautiously and then crouched down and went into the small entrance of the cave. Due to the lack of light, I was unable to see anything in the cave. I stumbled forward and paused moving forward slowly and stopping when I felt a large rock pressing against my shin. I kneeled down on it and suddenly felt something slam into my back, sending me forward and tumbling over the rock. I felt pain and then nothing as the darkness enveloped me.

* * *

I awoke to the soft and warm glow of a small fire, my head pounding and sore. I reached up and felt it was covered in a bandage. I felt a rush of drowsiness and my lifted head fell back as I once again fell into the darkness.

* * *

I awoke again, this time the feel of fire on my face and the feeling of soft fur on my now bare back and chest. My head no longer hurt and the wonderment of why I had no shirt went through my head. I sat up slowly and looked around with blurred eyes, I noticed the entrance and a large rock a few feet away from it and realized I was in the same cave as earlier. I looked down and saw I was only wearing my loose-fitting cloth pants, I turned and saw my boots, shirt, and other items laying in the corner, off to my left. I turned back and saw a few layers of animal hides formed my bed and my blanket was another animal skin that was much softer and pliable that the others.

“Disfrutaste lo que viste,” I turned quickly to the voice and saw sitting on the opposite side of the fire, in a darkened corner, the girl I had seen the day before. She leaned forward and the light of the fire danced on her face, causing her eyes to seem almost hypnotic. I must have had a look of confusion because she smirked and said, “Midi cueuta de que me estabas mirando.”

I gaziantep escort resimleri had no idea of what she was saying but I didn’t care, her voice caused my soul to ignite and burn for her to say more. I felt slightly dazed and laid back down and noticed that she now held a knife. She moved towards me in a crouch like position and placed the knife on my throat and then began to examine my head. I remained frozen and waited until she began to back up. She slid a foot back and it slid under the pressure of her foot and caused her to fall forward. I tried to catch her but felt the knife against my neck and I didn’t move. She landed on my chest and she lay there a moment before pushing up and looking at me. Her thick dark hair caressed my left cheek and before I could think I said, “Hullo, name’s Samuel, Wha’s yours?”

She didn’t reply; she only backed a few feet away from me. I sat up and the blanket fell, revealing my bare chest and we stared at each other, our eyes searching the others’. It was not until I blinked that our eyes began to search and drink in the features of the other. I slid my blanket off and revealed the large tent in my pants to her, She looked at it and then got to her hands and knees and crawled towards me, her ass swayed side to side as she moved closer. She stopped with one leg on either side of my left leg. Her head hung down as she examined my tented pants. She brought her small and slender left hand to my pants and ran it up my thigh, stopping at my hard member and giving it a hard squeeze that caused me to groan. She then began to rub it gently and my eyes fell heavy and closed in response to the pleasure, my head also fell back loosely. I felt my pants loose and I looked and saw she was attempting to slide them off, I helped by lifting my hips as she slide the pants off then tossed them with the rest of my clothes. She got close to my face and we kissed, I could taste her sweet saliva and the rough texture of her tongue as mine wrestled with hers. She began to rake her nails across my chest and then wrapped her hand around my hard cock and started to stroke it slowly. Her actions caused me to moan in her mouth as we continued our passionate kiss. Her right hand was placed on the back of my neck and I held her hips in my hands. I loved the feel of her warm and soft lips against my own.

She began to back away, but I wrapped my left arm around her waist and twisted us around, so she now lay under me. I pulled my left arm from under her and used it to push up and I took in the beauty that lay beneath me. She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down in to another passionate kiss. She broke the kiss and kissed my ear and whispered, “Yo soy Lucia.” She then bit my ear softly and sent a pulse of pleasure through my body and causing my dick to twitch noticeably. Her constant nibbling of my ear caused my body to grow weak from pleasure and she suddenly released my ear. I pushed up again and we worked together to remove her top and we added it to the pile of clothes.

I started to kiss and suck on her neck as I massaged her handful-sized breasts that were capped with nipples that were a little darker than her skin. I could feel them getting firmer and I then started gaziantep escort bayan resimleri to kiss her neck and I could hear her moan every now and again. I kissed her again on the mouth and felt her tongue slide into my mouth and I began to suck on it as I tweaked and pinched her nipples. I continued this for about five minutes and then I released her tongue and looked into her lust-filled eyes.

Her breathing became quicker, to the point of a pant, as my hand slid down her body and began to rub her thigh through her fur skirt. Her legs slid up and we swiftly removed them and added them to the collection of clothes that sat a few feet away. I then began to make my way down her body, taking time to kiss her neck and then her chest. I then moved my mouth to her left breast, sucking on it, teasing the nipple with my tongue; her moans turned to pouting groans as I removed my mouth, but soon turning to moans and pants of pleasure as my mouth grasped on to her right breast. I removed my mouth and began to head down lower again, planting kisses along my path. I ran my tongue in a circle around her navel and then kept going lower after I kissed it gently.

I stopped my backing up when my head got face to face with her knees; I then slowly- to a point of it being torture- began to kiss up one thigh and stopping just short of her pussy. She groaned in frustrated protest until my lips connected to just above the knee of her other thigh. Her panting began and got faster as I got closer to her moist pussy, it radiated a heat that I could feel from mid-way up her thigh. Her chest heaved with anticipation, her eyes closed as I lingered a little before she opened her eyes to look at me, staring at her for a moment then I drug my tongue slowly across her pussy, tasting her. Her back came off the floor sending her chest into the air, she cried out in a loud moan, she used one hand to grab my hair and guide me to where the most pleasure would be caused, I moved my tongue into her and she began to pant wildly, moans of pleasure escaping her lips every so often.

After she reached two orgasms, she pulled me up and stopped when my hard cock pressed against her womanhood. She was breathing hard and biting her bottom lip as I looked into her eyes, she gave me a small nod; I slowly pressed my cock into her warm confines. When I was fully in her, she wrapped her legs around me and groaned. I began to pull out until the only the head was in and then I thrust back into her. She dug her nails into my back, causing me to thrust harder, deeper into her warm, wet and sweet pussy. I kept going until I felt a shift and opened my eyes to see her twist me onto my back. She remained saddled on my hard rod, and began to bounce at a quick pace. I sat up and sucked on her nipples as she rode me with a fiery intensity. She began to get louder and louder and I knew her next orgasm was only a few moments away, which was good because I was about to explode from the pure pleasure that came from the intertwining of our bodies. I laid her on her back and grabbed her by the hips and began to slam into her. She began to scream like a woman possessed. Her back and hips came off the ground came off the ground as she came. She shot up with quickness that I came out of her pussy and I came with her, my cock shot my cum into the air and it landed on her beautiful breasts and her stomach. She sat up and scooped a little up with her finger and began to suck on her finger. She smiled at me and then pulled me close and kissed me. I could taste myself on her tongue and it only fueled my want and newly found love for this woman.

I now end my last passage because she is nibbling at my ear…

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