The Limo Ride

Asa Akira

Standing outside of the door way, behind some brushes, he watch the lady in red. He thought she was the most beautiful lady he’d ever seen. And he wanted her, wanted in the worst way possibly. He watch her cross the room to the older gentlemen with white hair. Who was he, he thought to himself. He knew he had the money to get what he wanted, and he wanted his daughter. Walking over to her, and putting his arm around her. “MMMM sweetheart, how’s it going? “Everything is great Tommy.” she told him. He kiss her and whisper in her ear. “Meet me in the Limo in 15 minutes.” he said. She watch him walk away.

As she was getting into the limo she heard her name being yelled. Turning to look, she saw it was the old man who talk to her earlier. Her dad’s head pop out of the car. “Hello Fred, get in, were going for a ride.” he said. They all got into the car and the driver drove them to a secluded spot near the lake. When the car stop, the driver left and her dad got out to help his daughter out. Arm in Arm they walk into the cabin and closed the door. They men sat on the bed and watch as she slowly undid her top, dropping it to the floor she reach behind her and undid her skirt. She stood naked in front of them.

“Oh god baby your one hot looking lady. Come over here so I can give you something you’ve wanted for a while now.” he told her. She went over to them, kneeling down she took both cocks in each of her hands, stroking them. She wanted them hard and ready for her. Taking turns she suck each cock into her mouth, deep throating them, when they were hard and throbbing she got up and stood waiting for them to get up on the bed.

Her dad laid back and she climb up on top of him, easing her pussy down on his hard escort reklamları throbbing cock. Once she had him buried deep inside her she lean over him and kiss him. She felt the other man get unto the bed and get behind her. She felt her ass cheeks being spread, and his cock pushing into her ass. Her dad held her titties and squeezed them, pinching the nipples and sucking them into his mouth. “Oh Daddy yes suck my titties.” she cried out.

“Oh baby, your ass is so fucking tight.” the other man said. She squeezed her pussy muscles and tighten and lose her hold on her daddy’s cock. “Oh baby yes do that again, Oh God yes I’m going to fill your lovely hot fucking pussy with my hot cum.” he told her. She knew she was close to cumming, so she squeezed on last time and was rewarded with both men exploded deep inside her.

They were on their way back to the party, when she told them she wanted to go home. “Okay baby I’ll be home as soon as I get the papers signed for the new building I just bought.” he told her. They drop him off and left. “That’s for coming home with me Uncle Fred, I wasn’t looking forward to going home alone.” she said. “We’re here.” the driver told them. She got out and went inside. “Thanks Hugo you can go back and wait for Mr. Tom.” Fred said. Walking into the house. After closing the door he look up and stop. There standing on the top of the stairs was his niece without a piece of clothing on.

As she walk down the stairs, he went up to meet her at the landing. “MMMM Baby, now what do you want as if I didn’t know.” he said, reaching out to touch her nipples, pinching them. He bent down and lick them. “MMMMM, Uncle Fred come into my room gaziantep escort reklamları and fuck me, I’m so horny, I can’t wait for Daddy to come back home.” she told him. “Kneel down here and suck my cock baby and I’ll give you anything you want. Even my cock up your ass again.” he said. “Oh Uncle Fred I want you to get me pregnant, I want a baby, Can you give me a baby?” she told him. “I’ll do the best I can to fulfill your request baby.” he told her. She kneel down and took his hard cock deep into her throat and suck him had=rd and fast, she had him cumming in less than 5 minutes. “Oh Sweet Baby You so fucking good for me, come on lets go to your room and fuck.” he said.

She was laying down and he was inside of her in one thrust. Even as old as he was he could fuck like a young stud of 20, and he had alot of cum stored up in his balls. He was still banging her when her daddy walk into the room. “I see my baby couldn’t wait for her daddy to come home and fuck her.” he said as he walk up to he bed. “Oh God Baby I’m cumming.” Fred called out. Fred pulled out and got up and her Daddy move between her legs and plunge into her, he slam his cock into her fast, and hard. “Oh God Daddy faster, faster, OH YES YES DADDY I’M GOING TO CUM, OH GOD FUCK ME DADDY FUCK ME AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” she scream. He exploded deep inside her, then he roll them over and they all fell asleep. Waking later to fuck her again.

It’s been over two months sense then, and hr dad and Uncle have been out of town for over two weeks now and she was feeling very horny. And very pregnant, the Doctor told her she was two months along. Walking into the house after she did some special gaziantep escort bayan reklamları shopping. The phone was ringing. ” Hello yes. Oh Uncle Fred, it’s great to hear from you. Oh yes I do miss you guys very much when are you coming home?” she ask. “Oh well, I hope you guys wont be to much longer. yes I know, but it’s just not the same. okay good bye.” she said.

Feeling down she went upstairs and put on her sheer black grown and lay down on her bed. She must have fallen asleep, because when she open her eyes, she was surprise to see her dad and Uncle sitting on each side of her bed. “Was wondering when you were going to wake up baby.” dad said. She sat up and look at them and notice that they were stroking their cock’s. “Oh Daddy I miss you guys.” she said. “Not more than we’ve miss you honey, come let’s go to my bedroom and fuck.” he said.

Daddy and Uncle Fred sat on they bed waiting for her to come into the room. She walk over to the bed and layed down. “Fuck me slow, and show me how much you’ve miss me gentlemen.” she said. Spreading her legs wide. Both of them made for her pussy, only to be stop when she told them that she was going to have a baby in 7 months.

“Who’s the father?” her dad ask. ” Both of you men are the daddy, Daddy” she said. Each man lay on their sides facing her. ” Okay baby who do you want in your pussy?” he ask. Looking at her dad she use her other hand and grab her Uncle’s cock stroking him, she lifted her leg and put it on her daddy’s hips. ” I want your hot cock in my pussy, Daddy.” she said. He slip his cock inside her pussy. Her Uncle had his finger moving up her ass, while she pump his cock. Turning she look at her Uncle. ” When your ready to cum I want you to get your cock up my ass fast.” she told him. He nodded not trusting his self to say anything.

She could feel her dad’s cock getting ready to explode when she felt her Uncle’s cock plunge into her ass. “OH MY FUCKING GOD YES FUCK ME… OOOOOOOHHHHHHH…GOD…I’M…CUMMMINGGG!!” she scream. They empty their cum inside her and the they pull out to finish cumming on her body.

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