The Madness of Maddie

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The Madness of Maddie

Maddie, as Madeleine was known to all her friends, walked down the street brooding. She was a feisty little thing and she had had a bad day. She was in a bad mood; and only one thing cheered her up when she was in a bad mood. Cock. Nothing cheered up a girl, she thought, like the sight of a good cock. She was a girl; she was in a bad mood; and she wanted a cock to play with. A pair of nice firm round balls would be nice too, but what she mainly wanted was a cock; and what Maddie wanted, Maddie got.

She stood with her hands on her hips looking round her. She wanted a new cock, one she hadn’t played with before. Where was she to get one? Men were everywhere. They would all have cocks. She wanted one so badly it was hard to stop herself from pulling down the pants of the nearest man and grabbing his cock in the middle of the street. But no, she’d have to be more subtle than that. It was difficult to know who to go for first; to know who to target. She looked at a nearby coffee shop; that would be a good hunting ground for cock. There were a few men inside, sitting on their own. She went up to the first table where a good looking guy was sitting.

“How big is your cock?” she asked. She was nothing if not direct. The man looked at her alarmed, said “excuse me” and hurried off. Maddie shrugged; a few failures were to be expected. But ten minutes and four further failures later she was beginning to despair. Then she spied her next target. Yes! This was the one that was going to succeed.

Joe was feeling nervous. The girl over the other side of the room kept looking at him. He’d seen her approach other men and ask them something and somehow he knew it would be his turn next. He didn’t know how to manage that kind of girl – the self confident, slightly bossy sort. They always ended up getting their own way somehow. This one was small, dark, slim and wearing a thigh length mini-skirt and calf length boots. Her face was pretty, rather than beautiful and her eyes flashed as she talked. He shifted nervously in his seat. She was coming over. She sat down in the seat next to him and smiled. He smiled back. It was the polite thing to do. He was in the corner seat against the wall and he felt a bit trapped.

“Hi” she said

“Hi” Jo replied

“If I ask you a question, will you give me a straight answer”, she went on.

Joe shifted nervously. What was she going to ask?

“Of course”, he replied. What else could he have said? Any other answer would have sounded churlish. It’s amazing what most men will do just to avoid appearing impolite or to avoid any sort of a scene.

“You know your cock?” Maddie asked

Joe blushed scarlet. He’d just known it would be something like that and any mention of anything rude always made him blush.

“My what?” he stammered.

“Your cock. You know – your penis. You do have one don’t you?”

“Yes”, replied Joe in trepidation.

“How big is it then?”

Joe blushed even more scarlet than before. He felt trapped. He just couldn’t stand up to this kind of bossy girl. He couldn’t make a scene. He didn’t have it in him. At the same time she had him hemmed in the corner and he couldn’t just push past. He was going to have to answer. He considered lying, but he didn’t have that in him either. He was a terrible liar.

“Two inches”, he said resigned eventually to having to humour the girl. He could Sex hikayeleri manage a little exaggeration and perhaps she was doing it for a bet or a dare and she’d go away when he answered her.

Maddie spluttered.

“Up or down?” She asked.

Joe looked bemused.

“What?” He asked

“Up or down? Is it two inches when it’s erect?” she couldn’t keep the surprise out of her voice.

“Oh” said Joe, his penis wasn’t big, but it wasn’t that small, “two inches normally… Er… When it’s not erect.”

“Well – what is it when it’s up then?”

Joe was even more embarrassed talking about his erect penis.

“Five inches” he mumbled. Hoping no-one else would hear.

“What – you’ve only got a five inch cock”, shouted Maddie. Several heads turned and Joe shrank further into his seat. Maddie enjoyed making him squirm. Just talking about his cock was making her feel better already.

“I’ve got to see this”, she announced.

“Well I can’t show it to you here, can I?”

Joe was quite pleased with this response. He thought it was witty, and at the same time it made a point. It seemed to get him out of the request and shut this girl up without seeming rude. But too late he realised he had fallen into a trap.

“Well, come round to my place and you can show it to me there.” Maddie”s shrill voice penetrated the room again.

Joe realised that his comment had been interpreted as agreement to showing her his cock somewhere else. Maddie was pleased. She had her victim. All she had to do was reel him in. She grabbed Joe by the wrist, and slamming some money down on the table, and calling out to the bemused waiter that she had a viewing to go to she dragged Joe out. Joe followed. He was only too glad too leave all those people looking at him behind. Domineering women always had that effect. Made him do what they wanted. He didn’t know why – they just did. Joe found himself pulled along a busy street, into a neighbouring building, up some stairs and in through the door of a second floor flat. He couldn’t make a scene. He’d rather strip naked in front of her than make a scene.

“Come on in”, said Maddie, “and get ’em off”.

“What!”, asked Joe

“Your clothes. Go on take your clothes off”, said Maddie, “you said you were going to show me your cock!”

Joe hesitated; he couldn’t remember that part of the bargain. But Maddie was probably right – that sort of woman usually was.

“Come on – do as you’re told”, said Maddie hands on hips, her nipples hardening at the anticipated pleasure. She knew he would do as he was told, she just knew. Joe did as he was told. He always did what bossy girls told him to do. He didn’t know why, he just felt he had to. He took his clothes off one by one, shame and embarrassment increasing with his increasing nudity until he stood naked, naked and ashamed, and more than just ashamed. Shaking at the knees, trembling with embarrassment and humiliation he stood there completely in the nude, his little cock rigid, shiny and vertical, being inspected. How had he got into this mess? He fervently hoped that the inspection would soon be over and he’d be allowed to go. But when he looked into Maddie”s eyes he realised there was no chance. She was enjoying herself too much.

Maddie was feeling better. She knew that she had needed cock. But now she had cock, and what’s more amenable cock, cock that would Sikiş hikayeleri obey her, she wanted more. She had got the owner of the cock stripped and in the nude with ease. And she knew from experience that once men were naked, once they could not hide their cocks, then their cocks would become Maddie”s toy for as long as she liked. She looked at the man in front of her. Slim, boyish; nervous of girls and bossed around by any he met. She could see why was nervous of girls. He combined a shy, easily embarrassed personality with having a little cock. And she’d forced him to show her his little cock. Mind you, looking at it she liked his cock; it was nicely shaped, a sweet pink colour and really cute. His balls hung well and were covered with bristly hairs. He would look better shaven, she decided. Little cocks always looked better with a nice pair of smooth balls. Her eyes drifted back to his cute little cock. She wondered if it had ever been put to practical use.

“Ever put that to proper use?” she asked. Joe nodded weakly. He had been with girls he explained, well a few, well one or two. Or to put it more precisely – one.

Maddie sensed his embarrassment – there was fun to be had here

“And did she notice?” she asked and collapsed in hysterical giggles. Joe wished the floor would open up and swallow him. He knew he only had a little cock and he knew it would get made fun of.

“Do you like to play with your cock a lot?” asked Maddie.


“You know what I mean, “. Do you enjoy a good wank? That is when you can find it. It must get lost sometimes in all that hair”

Joe could only nod.

“Of course you do”, said Maddie, “Tell me. How far can you shoot if you have a really good wank”?

“Shoot?” said Joe, his replies reduced to monosyllables.

“Yes – when it all comes spurting out can you hit the ceiling.”

Maddie loved to see it fly. To see the guys shoot their cocks, their faces flushed, their balls rhythmically contracting as they sent their contents high into the air. She reckoned the better the orgasm, the further it went. She thought she’d try and see if she could get this guy to shoot right out the window. He deserved that for being such a good sport.

Joe didn’t answer her. He didn’t know what to say. He had certainly never hit the ceiling. He just blushed redder than ever. This was getting too embarrassing for words. Naked and embarrassed he had no idea how to extricate himself from the situation, and no idea how much more embarrassing it was going to get. Because just at that moment the door opened and another girl walked in. She stared at the sight before her, the naked man, his cock, his balls, for a few seconds then “Oops!” she said, “Is this something I shouldn’t be seeing?”

“Not at all” said Maddie “this is ….” she tailed off, “sorry I never asked you your name”

“Joe” said Joe, trembling even more with two girls looking at him.

“Sandy, this is Joe. Joe this is Sandy” said Maddie, “I’m just going to wank Joe to see how far he can shoot”

Sandy was a well endowed, slightly blonde, slightly cheeky looking girl. She was not in the least surprised. Sometimes Maddie did the craziest things. And finding she had got a perfect stranger to strip naked and was about to wank him did not surprise her in the least.

“Great idea! Can I play too”, she said, “Mind you I don’t know if his cannon’s big enough to Erotik hikaye shoot all that far”, she added, pointing at Joe’s little cock.

“It’s not the size of the cannon that matters, it’s the power in the balls,” said Maddie “and I reckon he’s got a powerful big pair of balls. Ten pounds says he can shoot out the window”.

“You’re on” said Sandy.

Suddenly Joe felt strangely proud; he might only have a little cock, but Maddie had said he had big powerful balls. Well, he’d not let her down. He’d show them just how far he could shoot. He’d never been wanked by girl before, and suddenly he found that he wanted to know what it was like.

“I’m sure I can shoot out the window from here”, he blurted out, “that is, with the right aim”

“OK”, said Maddie, let’s make sure the aim is right. If you kneel on the settee here on all fours, then your cock’s aiming straight at the window”.

Joe did as he was told, wondering what he was doing there, kneeling stark naked, pointing his cock at the window, waiting to be wanked by two girls.

“Right”, said Maddie, ”we’re going to tease your cock and tease your cock, but I’m not going to fire it until I think there’s enough head of steam in your balls to shoot right out the window”, gosh, she thought, rubbing her now rock-hard nipples, this was fun, she hadn’t enjoyed herself so much since she caught the vicar naked in the shower (it was what she had caught him by that had made that so enjoyable).

“OK, Sandy”, she said, picking her two special feathers out of a drawer and handing one to the other girl, ”you take his balls, and I’ll take his cock and we’ll get going”

Joe knelt there, prepared now for whatever was coming, cock rigid, expectant, waiting, pointing.

He felt one feather tickle his cock from the front, the other tickle his balls from behind as they hung between his legs. Sandy, to her credit and despite her pecuniary interest in the outcome, went at it with a will. He felt the pleasurable sensation mount in his cock and felt it start to throb and contract rhythmically, uncontrollably. Maddie noticed the onset of the rhythmical throbbing. She saw the juices dribble from the end of his cock. And just as Joe thought he must burst, at a sign from Maddie the tickling stopped, and the pressure in his cock and balls eased slightly. Then the tickling started again and the pressure built up even more, and again relief was withheld, and again until he felt that his balls would explode if he didn’t get relief. Then a quick sign from Maddie to Sandy – the next time would be it. Joe felt Maddie”s hand grab his cock and start to work it hard. While Sandy’s feather moved from his balls between the cheeks of his bare bottom and, good heavens, started tickling his bumhole. Joe gasped, he hadn’t realised that kneeling like that he’d been showing her his bumhole all the time! The effect was electric, with an intensity of pleasure he had never felt before, which spread from his penis to engulf his whole body, his pulsating organ seemed to explode, his balls contracted in spasm, and Maddie saw a great jet shoot out from the end of his cock with all the pent up force of thirty minutes cock teasing.

She watched delighted. There really was nothing like seeing it fly! It had been a long time since Joe had had relief, so it came, and it came and it came; and it flew and it flew and it flew. And his cock had been aimed well; it went straight out the window.

Maddie cheered and rushed to look out. She turned back to the smiling Sandy and the flushed, trembling and still kneeling Joe.

“Oh dear”, she said,”I’d forgotten there was a bus queue underneath this window.

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