The Nanny Cam Ch. 01


It is the writer’s assertion that all characters in this and any subsequent stories are 18 or over.

Jay’s Mom is a nice looking woman, now in her forties she is a pillar of the community, she regularly goes to church and teaches at pre school. She comes home one afternoon to find she is alone and decides to relax kick back and have a few beers.

As she was on her own for a change she decides to strip off and put her clothes in the wash before taking a shower, she sat on the settee just in her knickers enjoying the last of her beer and as there is no chance of getting laid she started to play with herself teasing her nipples running the beer bottle up and down her pussy with only the thin fabric of her knickers between the bottle and her flesh, then pulling her knickers aside she began to uses it as only a woman can.

She runs the bottle up and down her flesh enjoying the cold of the bottle against her hot pussy before she started to push it into herself bringing herself off several times and filling herself more and more with the bottle, as her last orgasm rips through her body she pulls off her knickers and slams the bottle in and out as hard as she can just dreaming it was a hard cock slamming into her.

As she comes down off her pleasures she composed herself before getting up from the couch and goes and have her shower not thinking she was going to be disturbed.

While she was in the shower Jay her 18 year old son and a few of his mates come home and boys sit down one of them finds the pair of knickers that the Jay’s mom had forgot to put in the washing machine, he quickly sniffs them and enjoys the scent of the pussy they had recently had been covering. Before anyone noticed he shoves them inside his jeans against his cock enjoying the feel of the material against his hardening cock. The other boys knew he has a bit of an obsession with women’s gaziantep escortları knickers as he has three older sisters and there are knickers everywhere in his house. he just couldnt help himself.

While the Jay gets his mate some beer from the fridge the guys turn the tv on and flick through the channels finding a Bluetooth links to a nanny cam.

They all laugh about it as Jay comes back and he wonders what is going on the he sees the guys are watching what that he thinks is a porn clip or something. he starts to watch but soon realises it’s his mom playing with the bottle pushing it in and out of her pussy with abandon and his mates are really getting into it and a couple of them start rubbing themselves through their jeans.

Jays mom finishes her shower not realising Jay and his mates had come home and walks in the lounge with just a towel wrapped around her body.

Jays mom is surprised seeing the guys on the settee and then looks at the tv and is horrified at what the boys are watching.

She try’s to get them to stop watching it but with just a towel on she had a hard job maintaining what dignity she had left with them.

She left the guys and her son watching her on the tv and put on a very conservative underwear and a summer dress returning to the lounge and tried once again to stop the boys from watching her sexual activity but one of the Jays friends says no and tells her if she doesn’t strip and perform for them he will post the footage on the web with just a few clicks of the smart TVs remote.

Jay try’s to stop it but the others are now far to horny to let a chance like this pass.

Jays mom realises she has little choice and agrees to strips for them as long as Jays mates promise to stop playing the recording. They agree and Jay’s mom starts to dance for them removing escort gaziantep her dress, posing in her bra and knickers.

But the guys wanted more and she finally agrees, taking off her bra then bends over pulling her knickers down until she is completely naked.

She grabs her clothes and holds them in front of her to hide herself from the prying eyes of her son and his friends but she knew really it it wasn’t going stop there, as the boy with the remote puts the new recording on for all to see. Asking ” What else do you think she should do for us, Jay?”

Jay looks at his mom naked apart from the bundle of clothes she was hugging so tightly as if her life depended on her not dropping anything.

“Leave her alone! She has done enough get out of my house.”

But his pleading fell on deaf ears as his friends had gone this far and then one of them hands Jay’s mom another bottle suggesting that she repeats the performance from the nanny cam while he takes his erect young cock from his jeans and begins to massage it and she couldn’t take her eyes off it as it seemed to double in size in just a few strokes.

She forgot that the footage from the Nanny cam couldn’t be posted to the web without her password and without it, it was a closed system. But as she was somewhat turned on by the sight of these guys playing with hardened cocks she did as instructed and plays with herself using the beer bottle that had been handed to her, she begins to pleasure herself pushing the bottle in as deep as she could then she looks at her son who just looks on in dismay.

Some of the guys start to toss themselves off and one gets the idea of Jay’s mom helping him.

At first she resists but a couple of the guys start to tease her with their cocks rubbing up against her naked skin, she grabs one of them and starts gaziantep bayan escortları to play with it as she somehow gets forced to her knees and all of them have got there cocks out and the one with the remote is now filming on his phone. The mom starts playing with the guys blowing them off and playing with each of there energetic cocks, this leads to each of them fucking her while Jay just watches somehow turned on by the situation. This goes on for some time and each of the guys have been fucked or sucked. Jay’s mom is full of youthful cum and has been well used but picks herself up and goes to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Once washed and fresh once again she returned to the living room where her sons friends had left. But Jay has the video of her sexual encounter playing. She goes to turn it off, but Jay asks. “What about me? Holding his hard cock out for his mom to pleasure.

“How about a private show just for me or do you really want this footage plastered all over the net?” Jays mom is shocked but he looks so like her late husband she gets his cock in her hands and is amazed how much he has grown since she last saw him naked, she pumps on him for a few minutes and he just keeps getting harder and harder, then takes him into her mouth and sucks on his hard cock taking every inch into her mouth and down her throat, he is almost ready to bust and begins to shake as his cum builds up inside his young hard body, but what he wants most is for her to fuck him until he spurts his cream deep inside her and she begs for more.

His beautiful mom gladly obliges and this time she plays to the camera while riding her sons solid cock until she feels Jay explode inside her making her orgasm so much more pleasurable.

Once done she cleans his cum soaked cock with her mouth making him moan in a mixture of pleasure and pain but he doesn’t want it to stop.

“Your dad always liked that also.” She says as she flicks the tip of his cock with her outstretched tongue.

Then she smiles at him lying there content and tells him to bring his friends over more but next time charge them for the pleasure, after all that’s what your dad did for me, after all we do have your university fees to pay next year.

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