The OF Girl Ch. 071-080

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All Characters are 18 years or older.

When a law office intern discovers that a fellow intern is one of his favourite new OnlyFans performers, a ball begins rolling that will bring a boring summer of paperwork and coffee-fetching into an avalanche of sexual adventure. Fair warning to readers, this story will jump categories. This collection of chapters includes flirting and kissing, kinky romantic sex, and brief flashing

OFG is a variation story based on the setup by Aurelian14, and is an ongoing patronized work sponsored by him. Originally written in small chapter releases, they will be collected here on Literotica in 10 chapter chunks for smoother reading.


Chapter 71

It had been another long night, but you still made it in to work on time and with a pep in your step. It was funny how much more satisfying it was to walk into your shit-pay internship when you knew you were going to see two beautiful women that you were having relations with.

They weren’t waiting for you at the front desk like the day before, but you noticed that Becks didn’t have her coffee so you assumed Gemma was off doing that since it was a Friday, and her day for the task. Instead of heading upstairs, you decided to put Sabrina’s advice into practice and spent some time talking with Becks.

“So, anything planned for the weekend?” you asked.

Becks raised an eyebrow, setting down the notebook she had been writing in. “I’ve got a date with my guy,” she said. “I haven’t seen him all week, so I’m sure we’re going to go do something fun.”

“That sounds nice,” you said. “How long have you been seeing him?”

“John, what is going on here?” Becks asked, giving you a sceptical look. “Is this a whole thing where I’m friendly with Gemma and Sabrina, so now you want to try and use me to get to know their secrets or something?”

“No, I-” you floundered for a moment and decided that at this point the truth was going to sound better than anything you could come up with. “Sabrina was ragging on me early in the week for not being good at talking with secretaries. I thought since I wanted to wait for them, I’d practice making small talk with you.”

“So you’re not actually interested in anything you’re asking me about and just wasting my time?” Becks asked.

“OK, so that makes it sound way worse than I was thinking,” you admitted. “Look, I’m sorry. This clearly wasn’t a good idea. I’m just going to take the loss and-“

“John, it’s OK,” Becks grinned. “Sabrina told me all about it. And I know you weren’t trying to waste my time, I just wanted to see the look on your face and test if you’d lie or not. And you didn’t, so you passed in my book.”

You took in a deep breath and rubbed your face with one hand for a moment. “Alright, well, you got me,” you chuckled. “But seriously, Iam interested in knowing what your and your boyfriend do on dates. I’m not from the city, so I’m grasping at straws trying to come up with ideas.”

“Why, are you dating someone?” Becks asked.

You tried to keep a straight face, but you already knew Becks was suspicious and there was no hiding it from her.

“Is it Gemma or Sabrina?” Becks asked. “Because at first I thought it was Sabrina, but then I saw Gemma slip something into your pocket the other day when Sabrina’s uncle came in for that meeting.”

“I, uh,” you stammered.

“Wait, are you dating both of them?” Becks asked.

“He’s dating me,” Gemma said as she backed her way through the open front door to the lobby. She had two trays of drinks and a little box of pastries stacked in her arms. “It’s new, no labels yet.” She strode over to the front desk and smiled as you took the pastries and the top drink tray from her. She set down the tray she was holding and took one of the drinks from yours, handing it to Becks followed by opening the pastry box and offering her one. “Coffee and a snack to stop the questions?”

“Oh, I’ll take both, but I’m not done asking questions,” Beck said, taking the drink and selecting a turnover from the box. “What’s going on with Sabrina, if you two are seeing each other?”

You glanced at Gemma, who also glanced at you. “I feel like that’s a question that you should ask Sabrina,” you said.

“I did, she said I should ask you two,” Becks frowned.

“Really?” Gemma asked.

“No, but I want to know,” Becks smirked. “But now I really know there’s something going on. So is this a Poly thing, like you’re a throuple?”

“No,” Gemma shook her head. “I’m not into girls.”

“But John is with both of you?”

“Not exactly,” you hedged. “Gemma and I are dating. Sabrina and I are… friends.”

“Friends,” Becks raised an eyebrow. “Just friends?”

“That’s all I’m saying,” you said.

Becks half turned in her chair and raised her voice a little. “You were right.”

Sabrina came sauntering out from a side hallway, a smile on her lips. “I told you he wouldn’t görükle escort spill,” she said. Then she walked right up to you and kissed you quickly on the lips. “I appreciate you,” she smiled.

“Well, if you’re breaking the rules,” Gemma said, and then leaned in and kissed you as well, just a touch longer than Sabrina had.

“So, what, was this all a setup or something?” you asked.

“Sort of, but not really,” Sabrina said. “Becks was grilling me about what was going on, and I told her if she asked you that you would say we were friends and wouldn’t tell her anything else. She bet that when push came to shove you would crack.”

“And a bet is a bet,” Becks sighed, fishing her phone out from behind her desk and scrolling through it quickly. “This one?” she asked Sabrina, showing her the phone on an angle to prevent you and Gemma from seeing.

“That one works,” Sabrina nodded.

“Alright, don’t say I don’t pay my debts,” Becks said, and she tapped her phone a couple times and it made thewhoosh sound of a sent file.

Then your phone buzzed in your pocket, and when you took it out and opened it you had a text from an unknown number. And that text was a photo, a nude taken in a bathroom. You couldn’t see the woman’s face, but she was standing with her bare ass to the mirror, twisting her body to look back and take the photo, one of her naked tits visible as well.

“You can keep that, though please don’t share it. And definitely not with anyone in the building,” Becks said. “It doesn’t have a face so you can’t prove it’s me, but also I’d rather not have the rumours.”

“Uh, thanks?” you said. “You look really good, you clearly work out and put the effort in.”

“Thanks,” Becks smirked.

“Wait, what was going to happen if Becks won?” Gemma asked.

“Her boyfriend was going to get an unsolicited titty pic,” Sabrina said.

You found that you really didn’t like that idea – and immediately recognized the ridiculousness of that feeling considering hundreds of people were currently paying to see her naked on the internet. Not to mention the photos of her with your dick, or your cum on her.

“Alright,” you said, trying to banish the thoughts in your head. “Let’s head upstairs. Becks, thanks?”

“That’s the only one you’re getting, so no asking me for more,” Becks smirked. “Not that you seem to need more inspiration if you’re dating Gemma andfriends with Sabrina like I think you are.”

Chapter 72

“OK,” you said once the three of you were in the elevator. “Gemma, hi,” you kissed her again. “Sabrina, hello,” you kissed her again as well. “And now, I think we really, really need to re-review Rule 6 and stick to it.”

“I agree,” Gemma said. “Even if I don’t want to in the moment, we can’t have another day like yesterday.”

Sabrina sighed. “Fine, fine. It’s important, I know. We need to stay on task. No distractions.”

“Even by text,” you said.

“What?” Sabrina gasped, faking shock. “You think I would try and circumvent the rules like that?”

“You already have a queue of photos you were planning on sending him today, don’t you?” Gemma asked.

“I wouldn’t call it a queue, it’s just one or two.”

You rolled your eyes. “And what were you going to do after work when we weren’t going to meet up?”

The elevator dinged, reaching the office floor, and opened for you. You had remembered to press the button this time rather than getting caught in the elevator just sitting and talking.

“Film some content,” Sabrina said quietly. “The Fans are really taking to this whole DD thing. Half of the messages I get are asking who you are, and a bunch more are just asking for more.”

You sighed. “OK. I think O.F. conversation is off the table at work too. For safety.”

“Fi-ine,” Sabrina sighed.

The three of you went to the intern office, and Sabrina went off with Gemma to help deliver the coffees around the office while you got settled in.

The work day seemed to crawl by. As usual, Eric was only slightly obnoxious and generally spent more time on his phone browsing dating apps than he did working. You were pretty sure he was juggling three of four of them at this point. Andy fulfilled his requisite number of almost-falling-asleeps.

By the time lunch came around, you were antsy. You and Gemma and Sabrina hadn’t had your usual level of banter going on. Gemma hadn’t teased you once, and Sabrina was trying to bury herself in her work. You decided that if the three of you continued like this you might just explode and do something stupid, so you dipped out over lunch telling the girls (and guys, though they were less curious) that you needed to run a quick errand. Instead of just going into the bodega outside the office building, you jogged down the street and around the corner to the pharmacy.

You were back before the others, who were taking their time in the bodega, and quickly scribbled out the notes you wanted and slid your little gifts under the screens eskort bayan of Gemma and Sabrina’s closed laptops. When the four of them returned to the office, the guys didn’t question you but both of your girls gave you questioning looks as they saw you just had a couple of protein bars and a Gatorade for lunch.

Gemma was the first one to find her card, opening her laptop as she sat down to eat the salad she’d purchased. She cocked her head and smiled at you with a question in her eyes, and she opened the envelope and quickly looked at the front and opened it. Her smile grew as she read the note, and she barked a laugh which drew the attention of the others.

“What was that?” Eric asked, his face already half-stuffed with the sandwich he’d purchased.

“Nothing, nothing,” Gemma shook her head. “I just got a really good note, that’s all.”

Sabrina was curious and craned her neck to look at Gemma’s lap, where she noticed the envelope. She looked to you, but you played dumb and didn’t meet her eyes, just drumming the top of your laptop absently with your fingers as the only clue.

“What kind of note?” Eric pressed on with Gemma. “Wait, are you on Hinge? Or Bumble? Because they seem dead today but I don’t know if it’s just me and I need to update or something.”

“Nope, definitely not on any dating apps,” Gemma shook her head. “Why would I need one?”

“To date?” Andy said. “How else are you supposed to meet people?”

Gemma cocked her head, giving Andy an incredulous look. “By going out… literally anywhere? You met me and Sabrina a month ago, maybe if you’d asked us out one of us might have said yes.”

“Wait, really?” Andy asked.

“Don’t bother asking Gemma,” Eric said and turned to you. “I’m guessing if Gemma isn’t on apps, you two are a thing now? Or is it just casual and you’re both playing the field?”

“Hey, Sabrina,” Andy said. “If Gemma is dating John, do you want to go out with me this weekend?”

Sabrina had actually found your envelope and was giggling softly to herself at your message to her when Andy asked her the question. She looked up a little confused for a second and needed to tune back into what he’d just said. “What do you mean ‘if Gemma is dating John?’ Am I just your second choice or something?”

“Sabrina,” Erica said, talking over Andy’s verbal stumbling to explain. “Would you like to go out tomorrow?”

“Sorry, I’ve got plans. Really big ones,” Sabrina said, and then glanced over at you with a smirk.

“Well, how about Sunday?” Erica pressed.

“I dunno, I might be busy then too,” Sabrina said. “Honestly, my plans might run all weekend.”

“How do you have plans all weekend? I can barely keep plans together for a couple of hours.” Eric asked. “What kind of friends do you have that just go and go and go?”

Sabrina hiccuped, trying to hold in a laugh, and Gemma coughed as she grinned into her fist and looked at you. “I just found some really good friends,” Sabrina said. “They take their time, have fun with everything. We can just sit for hours, and then do something really active. Get messy together. You know, friend stuff.”

“Oh, you’ve got girlfriends coming in from out of town or something,” Eric said. “You could have just said that.”

Sabrina didn’t bother to correct him, just smiled and shrugged.

As you all finished your meals – you not exactly filled by the protein bars – Gemma and Sabrina took photos of their cards and sent them to your group chat.

Gemma’s card was a cheap, goofy Anniversary card that had a wedding cake on the front with several pieces cut out of it. It said ‘Happy 4th Anniversary’ across the front, but you’d written ‘Day’ in sharpie between the 4 and Anniversary. Inside there was a cartoon couple microwaving pieces of the cake and the message said, ‘I think it’s safe to eat the rest of the cake now.’ More importantly, you’d written ‘Gems, I am so excited to spend more time with you tonight. Even if the jokes are crummy, the drinks are watered down and we get ripped off by our uber driver on the way home, it will still be amazing because it’s you and me. Just promise to hold my hair back if we get too weird tonight :P. XX John.

Sabrina’s card was just as corny and cheap, but was titled ‘I’m So Sowwy’ on the front with a big, sad-eyed puppy. On the inside the same puppy was being cuddled by another puppy and the quote was, ‘It’ll get better. Pwomise.’ You’d written, ‘BFWMB, You might be alone tonight, but I promise that you will find complete satisfaction tomorrow. We’ll just keep trying until you’re so satisfied you can’t stand right. Deep breath, DD.’

Gemma: BFWMB?

Sabrina: Best Friend With Major Benefits.

Gemma: Bahaha, that’s so good!

Chapter 73

After work you rushed back to the apartment – the time crunch was real if you were going to make it to Gemma’s for your 6:30 meetup. The problem was ‘rushing,’ when you were relying on public transit, was mostly just running altıparmak escort and then waiting at a bus stop or deciding to take an Uber. And while you certainly weren’t broke, you weren’t exactly swimming in cash working a shit-paying internship and you were now dating.

And dating added up quickly, especially when you were Ubering places.

All your rushing got you home about five minutes earlier than usual, and you entered the apartment to find Mosche sitting on the kitchen counter eating your bag of chips.

“Oh, hey dude,” he said. “What’s up?”

“Hey,” you said. “You’re going up for the open mic at Curly’s, right?”

“Yeah, man. I’m supposed to meet Tantric Girl there too. Are you coming out tonight?”

“Yes, and I’m bringing a date,” you said. “Can you please promise me not to try out your crowd work on us? I promise we’ll laugh at all your jokes.”

“Oh, yeah, sure dude,” Mosche said. “Are you bringing that Sabrina girl? She was cute as hell.”

“No, I’m bringing this girl Gemma,” you said, already unbuttoning your office shirt and edging towards the hall and your bedroom for the summer.

“Oh, should I not bring up Sabrina around her? That would be awkward, right?”

“Actually, that’s not a problem,” you said. “Gemma is the girl Sabrina was getting ready for me to go out with on Tuesday.”

“Oooh, cool,” Mosche said. “How’s that… going?”

“Good,” you said. “Actually, really good, but I gotta go, dude. I’m supposed to be across town in like thirty minutes. I’ll see you at the show.”

“Awesome, dude! Thanks for supporting the art,” Mosche called after you.

It was funny – ever since Sabrina had torn through your wardrobe trying to put together a date outfit on Tuesday you had been judging your own clothes more harshly. You decided to just use the secondary outfit Sabrina had been considering, trusting her judgment for clothes over your own at this point.

Ten minutes after you entered the apartment, you were back out of it and trying not to job quickly and break out into a sweat as you headed down the street. You texted Gemma quickly, asking her what colour she was going to wear. She sent you back a picture that looked like she’d zoomed way in on a piece of blue fabric, but you couldn’t even tell if you were looking at a hem or fold or what.

Two blocks over you entered a florist shop and started holding the picture up to the various flowers. One of the workers came over to ask if you needed help, and you ended up explaining the whole thing with the matching flower on your first date with Gemma, and soon you had both workers helping you out as they tittered over how cute you were being.

You ended up with a bright blue flower that looked sort of like a daisy. You didn’t even know what the hell kind of the flower it was – your mind was almost entirely on getting to Gemma’s place and what was waiting for you.

One Uber ride later, you were waiting at the elevator in her building when it dinged and opened, and you were stopped in your tracks as you came face to face with Lucy. Your ex. And she was dressed to the nines in a short, little black dress and tall heels.

She looked you up and down and scoffed. “Really?” she asked.

“What?” you asked back.

“You’re such a fucking nerd,” Lucy said. “You look like a dork, and you’re coming to pick her up with a flower? Not even a rose or something?”

“This is our second date,” you said. “I think roses have a little more symbolism than that.”

“Whatever,” she scoffed. “Get out of my way. I have a dinner date.”

“Well, you look nice,” you said, wanting to tell her off but deciding to keep up your ‘kill her with kindness’ routine that you’d started last night. “I hope you have a great time.”

She just narrowed her eyes at you as she walked past, and you didn’t even glance down at her ass to watch her walk away. First, because you fuckingknew she was going to look back to try and catch you doing it. Second, because there was a way nicer ass waiting for you just one elevator ride away.

“Why the fuck do I feel nervous?” you muttered to yourself in the elevator. Gemma was great, and she liked you. Kissing her felt natural as hell. You’d already been on one date, and other than the disastrous end of finding out she was living with Lucy, it had gone pretty much as great as you could hope for.

Plus, there was all the stuff you’d done between you, her and Sabrina.

There was really only one answer. You really liked her.

You weren’t even downbad or particularly horny after a long dry spell. You’d fucked Sabrina less than twenty-four hours ago. Twice.

Off the elevator, you walked to her apartment door and made sure you were straightened out, and fixed your hair a little, and checked the flower was all good. And you knocked.

“I got it, it’s for me,” you heard Gemma call from somewhere inside. Just on the other side of the door you heard her approach with a tapping of heels on the floorboard.

Then she opened the door, and you saw her smile with bright red lipstick and her makeup done up beautifully, and your heart surged into your throat. “Hey, John,” she said. “Come on in.”

Chapter 74

Gemma was wearing blue heels and a beat-up, worn bathrobe.

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