The Pleasure Van Ch. 02

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Authors note: I’d like to give BrettJ a very special thank you for taking the time to review and edit this story.

Amber was the first one to cum, her ear piercing scream of delight filling the night as she did, triggering Cindy’s. She came soon after, though her own moan of release was much deeper, though equally as long and drawn out as she came. Minutes later, Tracy joined the two others, though her cry of delight a bit more subdued in volume, more than made up for in her actions. Tracy thrashed wildly, grinding and humping herself against my face and fingers as she did.

“Before we head back,” Cindy now stated, having looked at her watch, “I’d enjoy seeing the guys cum for me,” she asked almost politely. “I really enjoy seeing that, and it will keep me all nice and horny aroused for the ride back.”

“Sure, whatever you’d like,” I told her, once again seeing it as part of the job, no matter how much we’d all been enjoying it, this was their evening. Whatever they asked us to do, as long as it was within reason and we were all good with it, made no difference to me.

Cindy giggled excitedly. “Ok, well…in that case, what I’d really like to see, and feel if neither one of you has a problem with it, is for the girls to stand behind and masturbate you until you eventually squirt all over my tits!”

I looked quickly towards Tracy, but she simply nodded her head yes, she obviously had no problem with doing that, nor did Amber it seemed as she was already standing up behind Mike, sort of walking him over to stand in front of where Cindy was sitting as Brad sat back, pouring another cognac for himself, content to watch the show. I soon joined Mike as he stood there, now the two of us side by side, the girls behind us, as they began pumping our pricks, though also rubbing them back and forth against Cindy’s breasts as she cupped each of them separately, enjoying the feel of our dicks being rubbed against her nipples as Tracy and Amber caressed her with us, all the while still jerking them as well.

“Fuck man, I’m almost there,” Mike announced moments later.

“Yeah, me too,” I admitted, having been hovering on the edge now for most of the evening anyway.

Without another word however, I then saw a white ribbon of spunk suddenly erupt from the head of Mike’s prick, immediately showering one of Cindy’s tits as she held it, as Amber now feeling his climax begin, began pumping it even harder, aiming his spray at Cindy’s breast, covering it in his white, milky essence.

“Ready baby?” Tracy asked me, and I answered her with several hot forceful squirts of my own.

After we’d gotten the girls loaded up, they left. Brad and Cindy once again climbing into the van, though this time shutting the privacy window as we drove away heading back into the city. I don’t think Mike minded very much however, soon after dozing off as I drove. In back Brad and Cindy happily enjoying themselves as we did, only the somewhat muffled sounds of their coupling occasionally being heard through the partition. After we arrived back, I settled up the final bill with Brad, and as promised, he added in the additional five hundred dollar, “gratuity” as we called it. We drove away back to the house where we knew the girls would be anxiously waiting for us.

“Not bad for a first night out,” Mike said looking at the night’s final total. There were equal shares all around with a small portion of it set aside for expenses just as we’d ankara escort all agreed to.

“Not bad at all,” I agreed, already looking ahead at tomorrow’s two bookings, one in the early afternoon, the other in the evening, though it was only a short hour’s adventure with the van parked in the lot of a nearby apartment complex later on that night. Both of us wouldn’t be needed for that one, so we’d flipped for it. I won, so I took the run, meaning Mike would then take the next single excursion. We did agree we’d also all agreed to pool whatever tips on the side we might be given.

But it was the early afternoon booking that looked the most interesting, and which neither one of us would be taking as four women had contacted us, letting us know right up front they only wanted a female driver to chauffer them during their adventure, and could we provide that? Obviously, Tracy was more than willing to do so, a four-hour adventure where we were told the girls wanted to be taken down by the beach, and get off in the van while parked there.

“Might be interesting,” she grinned as she put on her cute sexy chauffeur’s hat, white sexy blouse, black tie and slacks and prepared to drive off and pick up her four female passengers for their erotic adventure together. “Anything worth telling, I’ll fill you in after I get back,” she told me. “Oh…and just in case there is, make sure you’re up and ready for me too,” she added.

There weren’t a lot of additional expenditures on this trip either, aside from the time and mileage, we’d only been asked to include some beverages of choice and a few snacks. Pretty easy trip all in all and relatively inexpensive as the four girls had agreed to it, splitting the costs though sharing the adventure.

Tracy came back five hours later grinning from ear to ear.

“Well? How’d it go?” I asked her.

“I’ll tell you…while you’re fucking me,” she stated. I soon followed Tracy inside, while Mike and Amber prepared to go through the van. They changed the sheets on the bed, restocked where it was needed and took a quick inventory of everything that was there in the event we had missed something, or neglected to properly itemize the bill.

Tracy and I would do likewise, whenever Mike or Amber had to drive, which we’d now decided to try and split shifts with that way whenever it was possible to do so in the future.

“Just make sure you tell us all the juicy details later,” Amber asked us as we went inside.

“Oh, I will!” Tracy promised, “While Steve’s out on the SFP this evening,” she stated, winking at me. “Maybe the three of us can have a little adventure of our own while he is too!” she added mischievously, making me wonder if they really would while I was gone.

An SFP stood for “Short Fuck Park” as we logged it in the books, something we all knowingly understood, though for anyone else, it was just a simple code to know how to bill it and charge it for tax purposes.

“Well, try to hold off on any of the SFP’ing around here until after I get back tonight,” I stated anxiously, though Tracy had already pulled me inside by then, heading back towards the bedroom.

“So? How DID it go anyway?” I asked as the two of us scrambled out of our clothing. Excitedly, Tracy scrambled into the bed, legs already spread wide as she lay there twiddling her own cunt with her fingers, anxiously waiting for me to join her. “Obviously, it went rather well,” I said looking down at her.

“Oh, ankara escort bayan hell yes,” she grinned with a real naughty twinkle in her eye, “Now, get down here and lick me while I tell you all about it,” she stated. I was only too happy to comply.


“You lick, I’ll talk,” she said, and then she began. “Well, like you already know, it was the four girls, all of them actually damn attractive looking, even though one was obviously very masculine in her mannerisms, she was still attractively sexy in her own way. I had wondered in the beginning, after we’d gone through everything together of course, if they’d close the partition once we got going, but they didn’t of course, which made and kept it interesting for me as we drove along.”

“Oh yeah…” I mouthed, still licking my wife’s cunt. “Go on…”

“I had no sooner pulled away from the curb in front of their apartments, when they started removing their clothes. Minutes after that, one of them, Crystal I think she said her name was, poured them all Margaritas from the pitcher we’d made up for them, and then settled back to drink, chat and get comfortable with one another. Through their conversation which I could easily overhear, it was evident that though they were partnered, and knew one another, they had never partied with one another like this before, so there was obviously a little nervousness in the beginning.”

I felt myself growing hard as I licked her, listening, trying to imagine what they did, what they said. “Tell me what they looked like,” I asked curiously. Tracy laughed.

“Yeah, I guess you’d like to know that wouldn’t you?” she stated. “Well, interestingly enough, they weren’t young, if that’s what you were expecting,” she said surprising me as I hadn’t. “They were all in their late forty’s; maybe even early to mid fifty’s which surprised even me when I arrived. Crystal looked to be the youngest perhaps, longer dark brown hair than any of the others, which she wore in a ponytail. Jules? I think was the older, Crystal’s partner, and very possibly the oldest, though I have to tell you Steve, of the four, she had the most amazing breasts, not really big, but beautifully full and still firm, enormously thick nipples that looked like twin gum-drops sitting atop each of her breasts.”

“Hmmm,” I purred still licking my wife’s cunt, my prick now hard pressed against the bed as I lay there.

“Kathryn and Susan were the other two, with Susan being the one that had more masculine features, little if no makeup, and wore her hair really, really short, though it looked really cute on her actually. Anyway, as they all sat enjoying their drinks, occasionally reaching over to playfully touch, even while they talked, eventually Kathryn and Crystal moved back to the bed where they hooked up, as the other two women joined them, kneeling on the side, touching and caressing them as they did.”

“What do you mean, hooked up?” I asked, trying to envision it myself.

Once again, Tracy laughed. “Well you know, sort of overlapping their legs together so that they were pussy-to-pussy in a scissors sort of position, and then started rocking back and forth against one another, humping each other as it were.”

“Damn…I bet that was something to see,” I said still lapping at Tracy’s hard sweet little clit.

“Oh yeah, actually it was. And I couldn’t enjoy seeing it as much as I would have liked either, because I honestly did escort ankara have to keep my eyes on the road. But I could at least hear them for the most part as they enjoyed themselves, with the two of them eventually getting one another off that way, where they then switched partners, with Jules and Susan soon after doing the same thing while the other two woman knelt off to the side, touching caressing and kissing them while they did.”

“Holy fuck!” I moaned, now seeing it clearly. “Damn, I bet that was hot!”

“Oh yeah, it was!” Tracy smiled knowingly. “But even that wasn’t as hot as what happened after we arrived at the beach!”

“Yeah? Then what?” I asked looking up.

“No licky, No talky!” Tracy reminded me, so I immediately went back to licking and sucking her cunt as she continued.

“So anyway, pretty soon I pulled into the parking lot at the beach where they wanted to go, there were only a few cars parked there, middle of the work week and all, so it isn’t very busy. Found a nice little corner in the lot away from everyone else, then turned around to watch, though asking them if they had any questions about anything, which is when Jules rummaged through the “Toy Store” as we call it, and asked me about one in particular.”

“What’s this one like?” she asked. “Have you ever used one like this?” she said looking directly at me.

“Happen to have one just like it,” I told her, “Really enjoy it too,” I said.

“Then she said, you know what would be really hot? Is if you were willing to come back and join us, show us how you do!”

“No shit?”

“Yeah, no shit, she really asked me if I would.”

“And …?”

Tracy grinned, “What the hell do you think I did?” she asked me. “Of course I did! I ran around, got inside, and soon took off my own clothing. Then I proceeded to demonstrate for them how I enjoyed using it the best while they all watched, and sat fingering one another while I did. Was damn fucking exciting I’ll say that,” she told me.

“God, no shit!” I responded back, now more horny than ever. “Here, roll over.”


“So I can slow-fuck you from behind while you finish the story.”

Tracy got on her side, one of our favorite positions and I soon spooned her, slipping into her from behind as she continued.

“So now there I am, sitting in one of the chairs, got myself all spread wide open for the four of them while they watched, showing them all the various speeds and things that sweet toy could do while they fingered themselves, though most often one another, occasionally switching partners back and forth until they’d all pretty much had a turn at it, until I came…and boy Steve, did I! Wow that was intense, sitting there, masturbating for four complete total strangers was hotter than I could have ever imagined!”

“Fuck!” I moaned, having to slow down if not stopping entirely, the image inside my head threatening to unleash my load far too soon as it was. “Then what?”

Tracy giggled. Well, then I watched as the four of them went back and got on the bed, formed up a naughty little circle, with each of them going down on one another for a while until they got each other off that way too. After which, they all got into their swim-suits, ran out into the ocean for about half an hour or so, came back, undressed, drank some more margarita’s, then bought two of the strap-ons I’d urged you to include, which you can thank me for later, as they bought both of them. Then drove back, watching as the four of them fucked one another silly during the ride back.”

“Damn!” I moaned seeing it inside my head. “No wonder you’re so fucking horny!”

“That I am,” Tracy acknowledged. “Now…fuck me, fuck me hard. I really need it!”

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