The Ring of Truth Ch. 04

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As always, my characters involved in the sex are all over the age of 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when part of the sex. They also eat when needed; none of my characters go hungry.

If anyone should discover such a ring, I could be convinced to buy it.

Please enjoy, comments are always appreciated and high votes massage my ego.

When Mrs. Troy walked into my room she was still wearing the almost micro bikini she tanned in. She had slipped an almost transparent wrap around her before she came to the house.

The woman was fantastically attractive. My eyes glued themselves to her tits. With no prompting from me, she let the wrap fall to her feet. The bikini top followed immediately. In mere moments, I was tit fucking the trophy wife from next door.

Life was grand.

Unfortunately, the next day was a school day and despite the newly established limits to our relationship, Mom was not about to let me skip classes. Hmmm…maybe with the ring?

Deciding that I could use a break from all the sex of the past couple days anyway, my cock was somewhat sore, I went to school with the ring in my pocket. I needed to give that ring some more thought. The ring and its magical powers.

I wasn’t sure at this point if there was any truth to the story told by the djinn or was I simply losing it. Being crazy seemed to be easiest possibility. Teenage hormones or something.

But, I had experienced sex with all of those women. Wouldn’t that make the djinn’s story true? Unless I had just imagined it. Was it maybe just a dream? Or a series of dreams? I had wet dreams before, of course… what teenage virgin doesn’t? But, these dreams were so vivid, so…I don’t know what.

Sitting in my class, surrounded by my fellow students, and waiting for the teacher to arrive, my mind reviewed all the details of my weekend experiences. Of course, I was becoming hard as I thought about the women trying to decide which experience was my favourite.

The winner, of course, was Mom. I had been jerking off to thoughts of fucking her for years and had finally achieved the goal. The goal that most teenaged sons secretly desire.

My cock was again rock hard as I thought about the time spent with Mom. There was a momentary hiccup in my contemplation though as I remembered that she had not been as content with the interactions as I. In fact, she was clearly upset, even angry, at the realization she had experienced incestuous sex with her son.

Wondering what that would mean for our long term relationship, my attention was diverted from my reverie by the arrival of my teacher. To this point in time, Ms. Walker had been my second most masturbatory fantasy.

Ms. Walker, tall, thin, auburn shoulder length hair, big boobs, long sexy legs, and a fairly homely face. The gods had not treated her fairly when dispensing physical attributes. There was not anything that a good plastic surgeon could not fix. In my fantasies, I avoided her nose and prominent chin, of course.

Today she was wearing a very tight skirt that hung to below her knees. Ms. Walker must have been wearing stockings as there was a sheen to her long legs. The white top she had on hugged her breasts. I didn’t know how big they were but they were certainly large.

With the thought of sex again on my mind, I found myself forced to wonder if these fantasies could also be realized. Could I really fuck my teacher?

Not at school naturally. How inventive would I have to be to get her somewhere else? Maybe at her place? Did she have a boyfriend though? Would we be interrupted at her house? Maybe she didn’t live alone. Hmmm…

My house! Could the ring be used to have her come to my house? Of course, it could. Look at what happened with Ms. Maria and her daughter, Tatiana. Getting her to my house would not be a problem.

Problem? Shit, Mom would be a problem. There was no way Mom would allow the hot bodied teacher to spend time in my bedroom. Getting Mom to leave the house would be extremely difficult though and she did not have any set routines when I knew she would be away.

Could the djinn give me any hints? Could it do something to make this happen successfully? Only one way to find. No one in the classroom paid any attention to my almost frantic grabbing at the ring in my pocket. I slipped it on to my finger.

The djinn immediately greeted me. I don’t understand how but I felt he was gazing over the class appraising the potential for sexual play. He appeared to only give Ms. Walker a passing thought, zeroing in on Jennifer, a blue eyed, blonde cheerleader with a good handful of breasts.

She was definitely hot but way out of my league. Holy shit! What was I thinking? No one was out of my league anymore. I had to keep reminding myself of that.

“She would make a perfect treat for you, Master,” said the genie, still chuckling.

“She gaziantep escort bayan ilanları would,” I agreed, “but my teacher has my attention right now.”

“The teacher is so homely though,” said the djinn with a chuckle accompanying the voice in my head.

“I want her,” I said. “How can you make that happen for me?”

“Do you desire her right here and now? I can do that for you.”

“No!” I exclaimed. Here and now? In front of the whole class? I don’t think so.

“I want her to come to my house,” I explained.

“But I don’t know what to do about my mother. She would object obviously,” I said.

The djinn replied, “I can make sure she has no objections, Master if this is your wish.”

“I wish.”

“This evening then,” it said.

The rest of the school day passed by agonizingly slowly. There was no way I could rid myself of my high expectations for after school. My cock was hard all day long and it was difficult to keep hidden. And, the ring was burning away on my finger.

Not soon enough, I was home. There was no sign of Mom so I assumed that the djinn had managed to get her out of the house for my “date”.

After running upstairs to change into sweatpants, without underwear, I plopped myself down on the couch in the livingroom. I felt exhausted. The constant erection and the stress of hiding it had tired me out.

But, I was still hard. I leaned my head back against the couch, my mind wandering across the various sexual episodes of the past few days. I guess it was just natural that I began to grip and squeeze my hard on through my jeans.

It also seemed natural enough to pull my pants down freeing my cock. After giving it an admiring glance, I took it in hand and began to slowly jerk off to the pictures in my mind. Having spent all day in a tumescent state, I could feel myself moving towards ejaculation.

Still with my eyes closed, I squeezed my dick as hard as I could in an attempt to keep myself from coming. If that had not been sufficient, the scream did it.

Mom had come into the room unnoticed by me. Seeing her teenaged son sprawled on the couch masturbating had caused her reaction.

I started to blush remembering my thoughts about her earlier in the day. My mom was a sexy attractive MILF standing about five foot one and weighing, I knew, about a hundred and ten pounds. She had nice large B cups boobs. Large for her stature. They even seemed a little larger on her small frame.

She had beautiful, deep blue eyes that I found very inviting. Mom didn’t wear a lot of makeup but when she did, her eyes looked sooo sexy. Something else she didn’t do often was wear any of her short skirts or lingerie around the house. Stilettoes, seldom worn, gave her legs and bum that extra sexual appeal. I imagined.

“Rick! What the hell do you think you are doing?” she demanded.

I didn’t know how to answer. Of course, it was obvious what I was doing. A smart assed answer didn’t seem the right course of action though. We had already explored each other sexually yet I was still taken aback. I could not fathom what kind of response would be adequate.

Mom stood rock still for a few moments giving me a good, long look at her. She was wearing a tight tank top and ass hugging shorts. Finally, she moved. Closer to me, almost sauntering.

Mom took a seat beside me on the couch. Eying my now deflated cock, she reached a hand out to grasp it.

“You do not need to do this when Mommy is home, Rick.”

“I don’t?” I stammered.

“No, Mommy will take care of you and your beautiful cock.”

With those words and her hand on my dick, my hard on began to grow again. Mom leaned towards me, putting her lips on offer for me. I never knew my mother was such a good kisser. Not that the kisses she was giving me were typical mother son kisses. Last night’s French kisses seemed to have made us more comfortable with each other’s mouths.

These kisses were soft and invited more. Mom captured my bottom lip between her teeth and tugged gently on it. In a few moments more, my mother’s tongue was at my lips trying to slither its way into my mouth.

I opened my mouth allowing our tongues to twizzle around each other. I could feel her tongue pushing at the inside of my cheek. Her hand was stroking my cock slowly and sensuously.

As good as she was a kisser, I wanted more. I wanted to feel her tongue on my cock. Mom did not disappoint me. She broke away from our kisses, fell to her knees beside me, and began to lick her way up my cock and down again. She had one hand on me holding my hard prick in place while her other hand was cupping my balls, squeezing gently.

Still unsure of myself, I could not figure out how I should react. I had watched a lot of porn videos online but wondered if pushing on the back of her head forcing my cock further into her mouth would be appropriate. Until now, Mom had been the leader.

I sat there escort bayan gaziantep ilanları motionless, my arms limply at my side. I wanted to touch Mom’s incredible body. Yet I still wanted her hands and tongue on my dick. I wanted a blow job from my beautiful mother. I wanted my hands to roam all across her body.

In my mind, I heard the djinn chortling. He was obviously amused at my mental dilemma. What an ass.

I took his laughter as a hint and tugged on my mother’s shoulder. With no further direction than that, Mom was soon laying across my lap, my cock buried to its full length in her mouth. As she sucked, I fondled her ass. Mom’s bum had always been a fantasy of mine and now I was finally realizing it. It was so hard and firm.

I slid my hands under the waistband of her shorts so as to make skin to skin contact. My mother’s shorts were so tight it was not simple to get my hand under the waistband. By the time I was fully engaged with my hand on her ass, the clasp of her shorts had burst open and the pants were halfway down her butt.

Mom was not simply giving me a blowjob. Even with my limited experience, I knew this was more. In fact, it was almost like she was worshipping my dick. No, loving my prick in her sucking mouth. She was taking her time, sensuously licking from the root to the tip, leaving mouth open, soft lipped kisses on the crown at the end of every upstroke.

I can’t say I was as gentle with Mom as she was with me. I was too anxious. I let my hand grab her ass and squeeze it hard, even digging my nails into her closest cheek. I was a little hesitant but I slid my index finger up and down the crack of Mom’s ass.

We were getting comfortable with our activities when the doorbell rang. I was startled at the intrusion but it was like Mom was scared. She leaped to her feet and pulled her pants up before striding towards the door and its offending bell.

Waiting for Mom to return, I tucked my cock back inside my seats. I heard the murmur of Mom’s voice at the door and another familiar one as well. I had been so involved in Mom’s cocksucking skills that it had slipped my mind Ms. Walker was coming over.

Once again, that damned djinn chortled in my head. He was fast becoming a pain in the ass.

Mom returned to the livingroom, Ms. Walker following. I noticed that in her haste to answer the door, Mom had pulled up her shorts but had neglected to close the snap. Her fly was gaping wide open, her panties bunched up, and part of her landing strip was showing.

I didn’t know what to do when Mom sat down beside me and Ms. Walker sat on the loveseat opposite us. I had the djinn work his magic to get my teacher here but Mom was making no moves towards leaving us alone.

In my mind I questioned the genie.

“What are you doing? Mom is still here.”

“Just chill, young master,” said the djinn. Obviously he had a source for increasing his vocabulary to current times.

Having offered refreshments and been refused, Mom asked Ms. Walker the purpose of her visit. The long legged teacher, uncrossed and crossed her legs again. The elastic bands of her stockings were now showing. It was a terrifically sexy sight.

“Of course, I wanted to speak to you about Rick,” began Ms. Walker.

“Has he done something wrong at school?” asked my mother.

“Not wrong, per se,” Ms. Walker responded.

“What then?” asked Mom.

Ms. Walker uncrossed her legs again, leaving them slightly apart before crossing them again. Every time she crossed and uncrossed her legs, the tight black skirt would inch its way up her legs. Naturally enough, knowing that once Mom was out of the way, I would be enjoying this mature body was enough to give me a hard on.

I really wanted to reach down and squeeze my cock, it was straining so hard that it almost hurt. Looking down, I could see that it was tenting out my sweats. Surreptitiously as possible, I adjusted myself so that my prick was lying along my leg. Mom seemed to have noticed its condition as well. She lay her hand on my thigh and patted it gently.

Ms. Walker continued, “Rick seems to be very distracted during my classes.”

Mom responded, “That’s not very good. Rick, you need to stay focussed, you know that.”

I nodded my head in response as Mom moved her hand beginning to rub my leg, from my knee to the tip of my shaft. She started at the knee and stroked upwards. I did not think my cock could get any harder but it was still hardening even more.

“Yes,” said Ms. Walker, “he needs to focus but on the right things.”

Mom’s hand was sliding closer and closer to my cock head with each stroke. I’m sure my mouth must have been hanging open in shock that she would be so bold with my teacher sitting right there.

“You’re right,” she agreed with the teacher.

“Are you saying he is focussed but on the wrong things?”

Mom lifted her hand for a moment before laying it back down directly gaziantep bayan escort ilanları on my cock.

“Yes, Rick is definitely focused on something but not necessarily the wrong thing.”

“Oh,” said Mom as she gave my hard on a squeeze.

“What is he focused on then?” Another squeeze.

“Well,” said Ms. Walker, “as a matter of fact, I am his focus.”

Mom continued to squeeze to squeeze my now leaking prick as she looked over the teacher, obviously checking out her body.

“I would think that is natural enough,” she said to my teacher. “You are a very attractive woman. I’m sure all the boys must check you out in class.”

I was relieved when Mom let go of my dick. But, I was shocked when she slid the hand under my waistband and took hold of my throbbing rod yet again. I did not have a clue as to what was going on in her mind. It was so obvious Ms. Walker couldn’t help but realize what was going on right in front of her.

Again the fricken djinn laughed in my head. Asshole genie.

“Well,” began the teacher.

Mom interrupted her.

“Stand up and let me see what my son is so focused on,” she commanded.

Much to my surprise, my teacher stood up in front of us. She was wearing the same outfit as in class earlier. She had obviously come directly from school. I think she must have changed shoes though as I did not recall her wearing red four inch stilettoes.

“Let me see the back,” ordered Mom. “Turn around.”

As my teacher spun around to show us her body from the rear, Mom let go of my dick in order, with her other hand helping, to pull my sweats down.

By this time, the almost hysterical laughing in my head clued me in that this was all the brainchild of my demented djinn. I loved that guy.

Ms. Walker was still standing with her back to us. The skirt she was wearing did a simply amazing job hugging her ass and showing off its perfection. She glanced over her shoulder at us to be greeted by the sight of a mother jerking off her son very slowly.

“Very, very, nice, Ms. Walker. I certainly see what all the boys like about your class.” Slowly, almost as a tease, Mom continued to rub up and down my cock.

“Rick, what do you like best? Her ass or her tits?”

Ms. Walker placed a hand on her bum before looking to me for my response.

“I’m not sure, Mom,” I replied sincerely. “It’s a tough choice.”

Ms. Walker placed both hands on her ass grabbing fistfuls. I was certainly enjoying the thoughts of my hands replacing hers on that hard muscled ass. Without anyone saying a word, my sexpot of a teacher began twerking. I’ve seen better online but this was my first exposure to it in person.

Mom seemed to offer her very definitive approval of my teacher’s rear end. Leaving my cock alone, she took to her feet approaching the woman. Ms. Walker stopped her twerking once Mom put her hand on the sexy, heart shaped ass wrapped up by the tight skirt.

Gripping the hem with both her hands, Mom pulled the skirt upwards until Ms. Walker’s panties were in my view. She kept trying to pull it up further but the skirt was too tight. Mom tugged and pulled on it until the zipper gave out. With a wriggle, Ms. Walker’s now loosened skirt slid down to the floor showing off the teacher’s tiny crimson panties and garter belt.

“That’s better,” said Mom, “we can get a better look now. Rick, what do you think of her ass now?”

“Mom, her ass is wonderful.”

Ms. Walker, standing there with legs spread, both hands on her cheeks, looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. Mom took her place on the couch beside me again. With no hesitation, she had her hand on my dick again.

“Ms. Walker,” began Mom, “I think Rick should see your tits now.”

Her smile widened further as Ms. Walker spun around on one heel to face me. Shimmying and shaking, legs widespread, my teacher teased Mom and I both by unbuttoning the top one by one. In a moment, I was looking into her cleavage.

Ms. Walker leaned in our direction to show off the view. Putting both hands on her tits, she pushed and pulled her tits, teasing us even more. Mom’s grip tightened on my dick yet she still jerked me off slowly. With the visual and manual stimulation, I am not sure how long it would be until I would cum.

Back to undoing her buttons, Ms. Walker’s blouse was soon hanging wide open. The woman was such a tease! She allowed her top to slide off her shoulders and to the floor. She cupped her hands around her large, firm tits somewhat obscuring my view.

I knew I would be discharging my fluids shortly. I could feel the sperm churning in my balls. Pre-cum was oozing out of the tip. Mom leaned down to lick it up.

Mom knew her son was getting set to blast off. She tightened her grip as much as she could in order to choke off the flow. Mom really knew how to handle a guy’s cock. I didn’t know she had that ability in her.

“Ms. Walker, please join us over here,” Mom directed the sexy teacher until she was sitting sideways on my lap with one arm around me leaning on the couch arm. Mom was still sitting so close to me that she was able to take Ms. Walker’s other hand placing it on her own shoulder.

“Rick, I think you should kiss Ms. Walker, welcoming her to our home.”

Welcoming her? Hell, yeah. I leaned forward into Ms. Walker’s body only to get nervous at the last moment. Instead of a deep, lingering kiss, it was really just a peck on her lips.

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