The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 24


The last days of the gangs

The wall approached at high speed, it had been a good move, I hadn’t seen it coming and I am still not sure how he managed to sweep my legs. It was by instinct not skill that I managed to throw up my arm to save my head as I crashed into the wall still my head hit my forearm at some speed pushing it along the rough brickwork ripping off chunks of skin. White stars exploded in front of my eyes and I felt dazed and slow. I felt the movement behind me and threw myself left, his fist stopped an inch from the wall as he pulled up short instead of breaking his knuckles. He was good, if this had been on the street he wouldn’t have lasted with me, but this was the school yard and that put in rules and he was very good inside the rules. I danced back, keeping my hands low, my body lose, opening up the distance to let him come to me watching for a weakness. The crowd swelled out of my way, the single word chanted over and over “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!”

It was like this every year, the fifth year finished their GCSE’s and left and then the school had to come up with a new cock so we ripped each other apart. I was a year younger than most of the other competitors, I really shouldn’t be fighting this year, and even so this was kids stuff and shouldn’t matter to me. It did, I told people I was fighting because it was making me money and it was, the betting was big and we would be making close to 100 quid if I won, but really I was doing this for the reputation. Being cock was important to me, being the hardest lad in the school mattered to me, so I was going to win.

Over the last month I had been in a dozen fights like this, and this was the finale. My opponent was a lad from the Waz big, strong, and into martial arts. If this had been a strait up tested of strength he would have beat me but it wasn’t, he thought too much, each move was a set up to the next, he planned what he was doing. Break the sequence and he was lost, you just had to do things unexpected, which meant doing things that were dumb.

His threw a big lazy round house kick, the smart thing to do was to step back and go in hard after it had past to get hit by it would hurt, but what I did was step in letting it crash into my ribs hoping like hell they did break and sent a short hook into his sternum then wrapped around his side and drove my knee into his kidney and danced back again smiling. A deep breath made sure that my ribs were intact. He threw a low hook, the smart thing to would be to drop my elbow into it and try and counter punch with my other hand, again I took the shot on the body as a drove the point of my elbow into his face and move away with a backhand cuff that smashed the metal studs on my wrist guard into his cheek ripping it open.

His face was a mess he was blinking rapidly to try and see so I move in fast, one hard overhand right put him down in a heap. The noise of the crowd died down, I took a deep breath and shouted “I AM RAVE!!!”

Less and Painy were pushing through the crowd towards Prophet and I move towards them, with the fight now over teachers had come to put the loser on detention. So we move off out of the way, I took my blazer and tie of Prophet and started to tidy myself up, and he took cash off the other two.

“How much did we make?” I ask.

“94 profit” he said after a moment to count.

“Give us 30 and split the rest” I could have taken it all but being generous was just as important as being feared and another 60 quid wouldn’t have done me much good but 20 meant a lot more to them. I headed for the nearest bathroom I check the damage.

There was swelling under my right eye, an old cut in my lip had ripped open again and was seeping blood, my body and face was covered in multi coloured bruises ranging from deep purple to pale yellows and browns of older ones. To put it bluntly I was a mess, half the time now I wonder how I ever stayed on my feet, but I felt bloody good right then.

“There is my… Cock” came a familiar voice from the door, Clair was a Burned Star girl who had a thing for me, well no she had a thing for violence, aggression and danger, and I had them all in spades wrapped in one package. It had took me a while to figure out who Clair was, her older brother had been the Boss of the Burned Stars until happy Johnny had ripped him down and took over. So she had no real rank, no position, but she was once much more and had gotten a lot of loyalty from her brothers old men. Happy Johnny was smart, while she was around the outsiders from his gang would have a place to gather that was no threat to him, so she got to do whatever she wanted so long as she stayed on side. I grunted in responses.

“Do you feel any different?” she asked.

“Why in hell should I feel any different, I knew I was the hardest fucker in this god forsaken hell hole yesterday, I know I am today.”

“Yes but now everyone knows, you are going to be fighting us off with a stick you know.” She said coyly.

“I have never had a problem getting girls” I said, suddenly feeling very tiered “all I have done is painted a big target on my back for anyone wanting a rep”

“No one would dare, you are the patchwork man, youngest crew chef on the estate, all round bad man, and you kill people” she always had this strange light behind her eyes when she talked like this.

“Really is that what I do, just out of interest how many people have I killed?”

“Eleven” no thought, no guessing, as far as she was concerned I had killed eleven people. My total was four but the rumours put me in double digits I have no idea who they said it was.

“I haven’t killed eleven people” I laughed darkly.

“I knew it had to be more” with such excitement and conviction that I didn’t see the point in arguing.

“I am not in the mood for your games right now, so tell you what you want or bugger off Clair”

“Well you see there is the problem, I want to get you in the mood for my games” she said as she slinked toward me. I had more than a foot in height on her so she had to pull my head and neck down at a near painful angle in order to kiss me. It was light, barely more than a peck, and then she pulled back ever so slightly making me move forward with her. Her lip gloss tasted faintly of apple.

She broke away and slapped me, I moved my head back forwards trying to repress a growl, and she did it again. I picked her up by the throat slamming her into the wall, my teeth bared, but I made sure she could still breathe. I could have crushed the life out of her with ease but that wasn’t the game we were playing. I had her pinned to the wall but her eyes showed no fear only excitement. Her hand moved down between us squeezing the growing bulge in my pants.

“Are now there is my Cock” she whispered and I kissed her hard this time. Her tongue probed my broken lip coursing a spark of pain and the tasted of blood in my mouth. I growled again but this time without restraint, a deep animalistic sound coming for my throat. Her legs moved up and wrapped around me letting me take her weight on my hips. I let go of her neck and moved my head down to nuzzle the hollow of her throat, she laughed like a maniac as I did. Her perfume was some new stuff that had become popular but really made it hard not to gag. You have to love that frantic, desperate, and in some ways very awkward rush to pull off enough of each other’s clothes in order to have sex.

I pushed her back up against the wall, one of her shoes was on the other side of the room, her pants and panties were hanging from her other ankle after pulling off that shoe had proved difficult, her blazer and shirt were still on her shoulders but had been pull open, her shirt still had most of its buttons, I had pushed her bra over the swell of her chest, her tie hung down between her breasts. My own shirt had not been so lucky on the button front and I would spend the rest of the showing off my chest, my pants around my ankles.

She moved back up to straggle my hips, her hands around the back of my head. I cupped her arse in one hand helping take her weight as my other moved down to a line up my cock. Watching men beat on each other was a major erotic show to Clair so there was no need for foreplay. Her hips moved forward to meet mine. Clair was always good for a fuck dirty, nasty, short, and sweet. She held eye contact when she could, her mouth twisted into a wicked grin, her breast jiggled as I pounded her. Her nails dug into the back of my neck.

Pulling her in close a shut my eyes and rested my forehead and the cold tiles behind her and thought of nothing. I know it was minutes, I know, but it could have been longer as time stopped having meaning and the only way I know that any pasted at all was the ragged breaths in my ear until I came. She didn’t cum, I don’t think I ever remember Clair ever cumming in these frantic fucks we kept have, she got plenty wet and came back for more so she must have enjoyed them, but I never made her climax.

I did my best to clean up but I was going to spend the rest of the day with ripped clothes smelling of sex. I was already thinking of the female teachers that I was going to make feel uncomfortable that afternoon. I couldn’t help but smile.

The term ended, the school year ended, I remember watching movies where all the kids in a school ran out excited at the end of the year, I had never seen that happen. Tomorrow was the most important day in the gangs’ year, truce day, and the tension it the air was running wild. So much had change in the last year, I hoped things were the same that it would go fine, but part of me was expecting an explosion of gang violence that had been building for months, I had no idea. I tried to forget about it as I worked my corner that evening, trying to get in the mood. Tonight was going to be a blow out, the biggest of the year before tomorrow, I had missed it last year because I needed to be in top shape but tonight was going to be something.

Friday night meant a large number of cars wanting coke, trade was brisk, but since most wanted to be in a club by 10 it dropped off sharply. By half passed I had closed up shop, paid out my crew, and we headed to the party. The must have been quite a ramp up, starting small and moving up, but by the time we got there it was in full flow. The Dead Heads had always been good at drunken debauchery and this was it at its best.

A naked girl was on her knees by the door, hands tied to the wall above her head, she may have been stoned, high, or just plain pissed but her eyes were glassy and she was barely responsive. A ring gag had been forced into her mouth, spit and cum dripped down her face, chin and chest. I moved pass her and most of my crew followed, but I lost Flea then and there for the rest of the night. Upon entering the main room my lads push into the sea of naked flesh, the ones with girlfriends went to find them, the ones without went to find someone else.

Lexi stayed at my shoulder, she really hated these parties but it was expected for people to attend “How long do I have to be here” she said clenching and unclenching her fists.

“You can leave right now if you like but there are already enough rumours going around about you, few people are dumb enough to say it to your face but you ever want to move higher than you are now you have to at least act like you don’t hate their breathing guts” I said.

“Fine, fine”

“Come on lets go get shit faced”

I had found out the best way to deal with these parties was to get as drunk as possible as fast as possible Sex hikayeleri and pass out in a corner, because as a young man watching the sex may be fun but I never really got the exhibitionist thing. I pushed my way through the near naked bodies, smiling as I looked over my shoulder at Lexi trying to take up as little space as possible. Gibby had found the girl he had been dating of the past few months, Jade, his hand was already up under her skirt. Tank was doing something with a girl that I doubt his Gran would have approved of. Dee always seemed to home in on the youngest looking girl in the room, something I would have to talk to him about at some point. Mike was sat down clearly trying hard to resist the urge to steal something, he never did but who knows what I might pick up from around here. Aaron seemed to have gotten distracted and was staring intently at nothing. Prophet was whispering sweet nothings in a naked girl’s ear until she turned around and slapped him.

Taz and Amy were sat down, Dale fucking some bit nearby while Taz tried to keep his eyes off him, Amy always got turned on by these events and if I was lucky we would be spending some time together soon to work out her frustration. One of my big regrets is I never got to call her girlfriend, I loved her, she loved me, we slept together, in any sane world I would have dated her but this was a far from sane world.

I broke out of the mass into the back room, I picked up one of the better bottles of spirits, I think it was Bells, and took a long pull then held it out to Lexi. She put it to her lips and took a few gulps dropping the level in the bottle some way.

“Feeling better?”

“Aye sure” she answered. We sat down and demolished the bottle, passing it back and forth, starting to feel better. Watching as people came and went for bottles and the other heavy drinker tried to put themselves into comas. The peace ended when to lads dragged a girl into the back. She looked young compared to the guys, very young, she was wearing nothing but an open school shirt and panties, and I doubted she would have been standing if not of the guys ‘helping’ her stay on her feet.

One of the lads took a bottle from the table as the other pulled the girls head back. Her mouth gaped open and the alcohol was poured pass her lips from a height. Some of it made it into her mouth but most splashed off her chin and ran down her throat between the tiny swell of her prepubescent breasts. One of them leaned down and began to lick it off, the other slipped his hand into her panties. She made an ineffectual attempt to shrug them off until one of them grabbed her hands roughly and forced them behind her back and the other began to mall her crouch. She shook her head but they didn’t stop.

I was uncomfortable about her age, I very much doubted she was old enough to have rolled, but then again I had been hanging with the gang more than a year before I took my beating. It was not uncommon for girls as young as eleven to start sleeping around a gang, to have a boyfriend in the gang before they rolled, they were going to have to sleep with at least two members of the gang to join anyway, and even then most of them were just in for more of the same after they had joined. I wasn’t going to do anything, when a girl like that comes to a party like this they know what they are in for.

I might not have been going to do something but Lexi was a different matter. “I think she has had enough” she said stepping towards them and putting her hand on a lads shoulder. He spun, grabbing her wrist hard and trying to hurt her.

“What is it to you bitch” he said. I could feel the hate pouring off her and I knew this was going to be good. Most girl fights are all hair pulling and screaming but not Lexi. You have to hope that he had no idea it was Lexi. She moved so fast striking him three times, he went down fast, hands flying to his face, his nose broken and his lip split. His friend let go of the girl, who quietly crumpled to the ground, and moved towards he his face full of anger. She lashed out driving her knee high into his ribs forcing the air from his lungs, the point of her elbow crashing into the side of his skull. He went down but tried to get up, she pinned him down pressing her foot on his throat.

“Now” she said panting slightly “Now I feel better.” The guy on the floor started to choke, everyone around was watching open mouthed, I started to clap.

“And that is why I pay you” I laughed. She looked down at the drunken girl in a heap on the floor and leaned down to pick her up. As she did she took her foot of the guys throat, he started choking and rolled into a ball.

“I am going to have to take this little thing home before she gets herself in more trouble” Lexi she “have I stayed long enough or do I have to hit someone else.”

“Fine, go, leave me, everybody does, I am sure I can find some other way to entertain myself” and I did. She left with the girl under one arm and I went to go see the shows upstairs. I was quite pissed at this point and this bit is a little hazy.

The first room I went to had a woman in her late forties was being screwed by a gang member, someone had wrote ‘MUM’ in black marker across the woman’s chest. Her sagging breasts bounced a lot as she was pounded, her face somewhere between misery and ecstasy. Lads stood around jeering and hooting, I didn’t get it, Littler was standing against one of the wall.

“Wasss the joke big man” I slurred.

“Punishment detail” he replied in a matter of fact tone “the old bit is the kids mother, he has to keep it up for an hour, he stops we get her”


“Nay, he was caught selling Yaba” I nodded along Yaba, that fucking virus. We had decided, and by we I mean the corner crews, that he Dead Heads would not be selling the drug but it was a good way of making quick money. Plenty of lads from the other crews had started to trade in it behind the gang’s back and made quick profits but if we caught them a statement was made. It wasn’t just going against the gang in selling it but because they were doing it without our say so the gang wasn’t taking a cut of what they were making. To use the gangs name for protection and to not pay your way was unforgiveable. I stayed and watched for a while, he came and then tried desperately to get hard again before another lad moved to take his place.

I had no interest in sleeping with the woman so I didn’t hang around when the other started to close in. The next room had a woman who was clearly heavily pregnant on all four, her bump hanging down, being spit roasted by two guys. The guy that was fucking her mouth grabbed and squeezed her swollen breasts painfully. There were fresh track marks on her arms and I pitied the poor kid she was carrying. The lad in her cunt tensed up then pulled out of her leaving his cum dripping from her hole. He swapped placing with the other one making her lick him clean as she started to get fucked again. I was feeling sick so I took another swig from the near empty bottle I was carrying.

I don’t remember the next room, there is the impression of black leather, but little else. In the room after someone had wrote ‘Rape A Paki’ on the wall in vivid pink spray paint on the wall. Three Islamic females were tied to beds, since Cain the racism on the estate had reached new heights, the isolation and corruption of girls had become Bex’s way of punching back over the loss of her friend. It wasn’t rape, the girls begged and pleaded as if it was but it wasn’t, they had been coached to this. The girls’ bodies moved more than willingly to meet their “rapist” thrusts, truth is they got treated quite well as gang girls go outside these little evening’s entertainment.

My fingers were numb and my face was going the same way, I chuckled to myself and carried on down the hall. The next room was quite the show. A large cage had been set up in the middle of the floor, three naked girls where in it but the wasn’t enough room, they had to climb over each other and push past each other to move, their young flesh squeezing together. Sam was tied to the top of the cage, spread eagle, her arse pressed into the mesh of the cage, tiny squares of fat sticking down. Her back was arched and her eyes shut. Helen was between her legs a magic wand in one hand pressed on top of her clit, her arm moved back and forward. Her whole hand was inside of Sam, her cunt stretched to its limit around Helen’s forearm.

Sam was making a low whining noise as she was being worked. One of the girls in the cage lifted herself up and began to kiss and lick Sam’s arse through the mesh. Helen ripped her fist out of Sam with a sucking sound and an audible pop making her scream. She began to slap her between her legs and Sam began to buck against the restraints, the girl under her moved to the edge of the cage, her head between Sam’s legs. Sam’s whole body seemed to vibrate as she squirted, the liquid went through the mesh of the cage and hit the waiting girl in the face, the first surge caught her by surprise just soaking her face and hair but she opened her mouth in time for the second catching some of it. She swallowed quickly, pressing her face up against the top of the cage so that the less powerful gushes still hit her in the face. Her hair was now wet, rivets of liquid flowed down her chest, making a tiny river between her breasts, and on to her abdomen where she rubbed the moisture into her own cunt.

Sam lay spent on top of the cage but Helen was not going to lie. She was staring hate at me and I wondered when she had noticed me, she gave me a little snarling smile and pushed her hand back into Sam’s abused cunt pressing the vibrator down hard forcing Sam’s exhausted body back to life. It was then I noticed that the other girls in the cage all had wet hair which meant Sam had came at least twice already, and with how much I knew it took out of her I had no idea how much more she could take. I would have stayed and watched but at that point I heard screams of pleasure from the other side of the corridor, Bex’s room. I knocked and waited, I tried to take another swig from the bottle and found it empty, and then Bex’s opened the door.

“Hay pretty lady, any chances I can come in, it sounds” I inhaled deeply taking in the stink of sex pouring out of the room “and smells like you are having fun in there.”

“Sorry Rave, this is a privet party” she smiled at me “I am not in the mood to fight for my toys”

“Awww come on sexy, I am sssso drunk, I am almost begging for someone to take advantage of me.” I pushed right up close to her “I bet you could do almost anything to me and I wouldn’t remember it in the morning” I purred at her.

“Anything?” she asked biting her bottom lip as I nodded “well some of my play things have already started to wilt, these young men just aren’t as tuff as they used to be” I followed her into the room. One of her young lad was handcuffed to the metal chair in the middle of the room, he was clearly unconscious, blood dripped from his nose and mouth. Bex ran her hand through his “you see what I mean, I barely touched him, just no stamina”. Another boy was on the bed who seemed to be at least awake.

It was then I noticed the girls, Stacie was straggling one of Bex’s Sybains in nothing but a dog collar, a low hum was coming from the machine. Alyssa was stood against the wall behind her with an look of almost complete uninterested on her face, wax had been dribbled all down her ample chest, now cold and hard, bits of it had broken off showing patches of Sikiş hikayeleri pale skin underneath the bright red wax. She held Stacie leash and the control to the toy.

“Please Bex” Stacie begged “please let me up, please Bex for pities sake let me up.” Bex nodded at Alyssa who started to play with the control, the low hum went up to a high buzz and Stacie’s body went ridged her breasts pointing up into the air. “Oh no! God no! Please Bex let me up, don’t make me cum agAIIINNNN!!! Oh fuck please fuck” Bex smiled to herself, the thing was the Stacie wasn’t tied down, she wasn’t forced onto the toy, she was held there by nothing other than her strong belief in Bex’s will. Stacie’s pleas had now become more and more incoherent as the force pleasure began to take over.

Bex picked up a bottle and took a swig then pulled me into her kissing me. She push the alcohol into my mouth and I swallowed it, she pulled smiling sweetly at me and then drove her forearm into my face. My hand went to my mouth coming away red with blood from my reopened lip.

“Is that the best you got babies, I thought you wanted to play” I mocked.

“Oh I am just getting started” she moved towards me, her powerful body gliding, and pushing me back to the wall kissing me hungrily. Her hand wrapped around my throat with a surprising feeling of familiarity that I hadn’t expected. She smashed my head into the wall making me growl, my hands groped her small breast on her muscular chest clumsily.

“Gods I have missed this” I breathed. She laughed and the world faded to black.

I could make something up but I don’t remember the rest of that night, you know when you get so drunk you can’t remember what happened. It is not all black, there are bits a pieces, more alcohol for one thing, the feel of cold metal and hot bodies, being unable to move my hands and really wanting to, screams of pleasure or pain, the sting of a cigarette marking my skin, but to be honest I can’t tell you what was real or what order it came in. But I know I had fun.

I woke up the next morning, warm skin pushed up next to mine, and I didn’t feel that bad that is until I opened my eyes. Fuck my head hurt, the pounding deep in my skull, and I fought down the urge to vomit. Alyssa was push up against me, Stacie curled into a ball on the other side, I was naked other than my wrist guards and blue beads. Bex was standing over me, she grabbed a handful of my hair and shook my head violently, the pain exploded and my stomach lurched.

“Gods damn you woman” I moaned.

“What you think you get a night of fun and I don’t hurt you” she said down to me with a sweat little smile.

“How much did I drink last night” I groaned and pushed the girls off me as I tried to stand up with the room spinning.

“You drunk quite a bit but I would have stopped you if I had started to impede your performance” She said “and I did so ever enjoy your performance.” Her fingers brushed against the fresh set of burns in the centre of my chest.

“You know I would love to flirt with you Bex but I have to find my clothes” I moaned as my stomach lurched “and a corner to throw up in before I can kind find I nice quiet place to curl up and die” she laughed loud enough to increase the pain inside my skull.

“you have to put yourself back together quickly the is a party this afternoon it starts in about 3 hours and you just have to be there”

“Fuck, where the hell are my pants…”

I was majorly hungover, now it would take me at least a day to get over it and I would still be feeling ropy the day after, but I was young then. Once I had thrown up, drunk my weight in water, thrown up again, drunk more water, had a fist full of painkillers, slept for an hour or so and then drunk still more water it only took me about half the day to be feeling much better. So with only I mild head ach and only 2 hours after it started I head down to the park for truce day.

I had missed all the fun and it was mostly people drinking and dancing to any music that was being played. It had never been a good party, it wasn’t meant to be at a proper party the truce would have lasted all of five minutes, but it was fun in a childish way. A gang of kids had found a football and where chasing it around, somewhere just out of sight someone had started a barbeque and the smell made my mouth water. People laughed and joked and talked as if they hadn’t been actively trying to kill each other the day before. It was nice.

I was tempted to start drinking again but I knew better than to trust the happy atmosphere. One scuffle that wasn’t broken up fast could be a spark that set fire to the whole place. I pulled some of my people aside and told them to stay sober and to keep watch for trouble. Taz was doing the same with his people and I noticed some faces from the other gangs doing the same. If thing did go tits up I made sure to mark those sober so I could take them out first.

I stood next to Taz along one of the blocks around the park and tried to eye ball the faces in my own gang as we talked about nothing. “Where is Eddy?” I asked half to myself.

“Bastard cried off, said he wasn’t feeling good and went home” He said. I laughed, that just about made my day, not having to deal with Eddy was great. The rest of that day was good, that is until the sun started to go down.

The first thing that didn’t fit was watching Bex argue with one of Eddy’s crew, I was too far away to hear what it was about. In the end she and Stacie ended up following him out. It was then that I noticed that I couldn’t see any of Eddy’s crew anywhere. I didn’t think much of it, it was odd but hardly massive. Then the sun was behind the buildings and the street lights where on and then the blue flashing lights and the sirens hit.

It was a party, it was truce day, we hadn’t had spotters out, and everyone was here so they had gotten very close before announcing their presences. Then it was chaos, the must have been almost every police officer in town, cars and vans covered the exits to the park, pigs pushed their way into the park. Most people were pretty drunk and with the sudden shock there was little resistance as they started to push us together. Anyone that put up a fight was taken down and handcuffed. Then I noticed the second group moving around the others, lead by plain clothes they were looking for people, picking them out of the crowd and arresting them. All of the ones getting nick where faces, chiefs, Lts, high up muscle, and bosses. One of them made eye contact with me and started moving my way.

“We need to get the fuck out of here” I yelled at Taz. We started to push our way out, gathering up Flea and PayDay on the way, I move in front as we headed towards one of the exits. I saw someone else trying to push their way out, a police man got in his way, one hand out in front of him the other with his night stick resting lightly on his shoulder. The lad start to push up against his hand and then clasped in a ball of pain as lighting fast the weapon crashing into his knee. I started to run, I jumped tucking my knees up and smashed into the centre of his chest knocking him down. Another move forward to stop me and Taz slammed into his side. He looked up at me.

“Run” he suggested. I jumped the police cars as if they weren’t there with the three of them close on my heels, the police were following and I looked over at Taz as we got close to the end of the street.

“You two take left, we got the right, see you back at the YM” I split right at the end of the street with Flea close behind, dancing around a pig that was waiting with a van. I jumped on to a stair rail took a big step and then threw myself over a hand rail onto the overhead walkway. I laughed as I left the police far behind as I scrabbled up a set of balconies, I was forced to slow down a little to let Flea catch up, he was getting better at running but would never love it. I sped across the roof tops leaving the sirens behind, I nicked my arm on some glass that someone had cemented to one of the walls around a roof, but I didn’t notice.

We came down once I was sure no one could have followed me. I felt pretty good, I always did after running and I would have kept on going, but I had no idea what the police where doing on the estate. They left us alone, they had always left us alone, and now I had no idea what the hell was going on. The world had rules and for months they had slowly been stripped away and I guess I knew there would have to be a reaction but my head was spinning. I pulled my t-shirt off and used it to stop my arm bleeding.

The estate was dead as we cut back across it, people knew that something was up, more and more noise was coming from the middle of the estate, the gangs had started to respond. Another police car screamed across the road in front of me bathing me in pulsing blue light. With how hyped things had been recently things were going to go bad fast.

I reached the YMCA expecting there to be no one their but I was wrong. There was one of Eddy’s crew, a young lad barely joined, handcuffed to the banister at the bottom of the stairs, he went white as he saw me. I doubt that there were many member of Eddy’s crew I hadn’t found a reason to hurt over the years but I don’t remember hitting him so I had no idea why he was so scared of me.

“You aren’t supposed to be here” he babbled “I didn’t do anything I swear, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t, that is why they left me here. Please, Oh God please don’t hurt me. Please…” I lost interest in his ramblings when I heard a cry for help from upstairs.

“Flea watch him, don’t hurt him, yet” I shouted over my shoulder taking the steps two at a time. I smashed into Bex’s room.

“Help!… Help!…” Stacie was shouting as I can in “Rave, please you have got to help her” I didn’t notice her, I noticed Bex. She was cuffed to the bed naked, her face was a real mess, she had been worked over good. I rushed over and cradled her head, I pulled what I thought was a make sift gag from her mouth but turned out to be her panties. My head was really starting to hurt again, blood pounding in my temples as I felt the rage building in my chest.

“What happened? Who did this?” I hissed.

“It was Eddy she said no but he didn’t stop, is she ok, tell me she is ok” said Stacie, I turned and looked at her, she was on the ground, naked to, her hands cuff to a pipe above her head, she wasn’t as beat up as Bex but she had been given a few slaps. She hadn’t asked me to help her, she had only worried about Bex.

“What happened to you?”

“Well Eddy didn’t want to share her with his crew, but he didn’t mind them having a go on…” she didn’t finish as she broke down into sobs. I knelt down pulling a small piece of metal from my pocket, it took me about 5 seconds to pop her cuffs. I stood and was doing the same for Bex when Taz walked in.

“What happened here?” he asked, mouth open wide.

“Eddy” I growled back then turned to Stacie “she will be fine, she is breathing, I need you to look after her. I have got to go.” I could feel the monster that lives in the core of me pacing around bouncing off the walls of its cage desperate to get out.

“Where are you going?” Taz grabbed my arm as I tried to push past him “we need to help her, what are you going to do?” I almost lashed out at him but forced the urge down.

“I am going to go kill Eddy what do you think I am going to do” I was vibrating trying to stop myself from losing it.

“Now this is bad but Bob will deal with it, like it or not Eddy is still Erotik hikaye a chief in this gang and you aren’t going to kill him without the bosses say so.” He said slowly, keeping his hands low.

“Don’t you get it Taz” I ranted “Eddy’s crew cleared out before the pigs came, Eddy was never there, he was fucking sick. Do you think he got better in time to fuck Bex, I don’t think so. He miss the whole thing and then he does that” I pointed back into the room “Do you think he is dumb enough to fuck her if he thinks for one second that you or I or Fucking Bob is going to be around to do anything about. This is Fast Eddy, Eddy the fucking coward, he wouldn’t risk himself unless he knew Bob wasn’t going to be able to do fuck all about it. So Eddy knew, he fucking knew, that the Pigs where coming to crash the party. Which makes him a psychic or a blood grass, which do you think I am going for here.” Saying what I was thinking made easier, the red rage clawing at my soul slipped away and was replaced with something cold that I didn’t yet have a name for.

“Bloody Hell Fire Rave. Do you really think that?” I saw the anger flare up behind Taz’s eyes, he could seem so calm sometimes it was hard to remember that inside he was fighting the same battles as me.

“I kind of do don’t you? So I asked you what are we going to do now?”

“We are going to kill Eddy” we stormed down the stair toward the boy handcuffed to the bottom. I broke his little finger before I asked him anything, just to make sure he understood that I would hurt him.

“Now I am going to remove the cuffs, we can do it two ways, I can pop them or I can break every bone in your hand and slide them off it is totally up to you” I said with a smile.

“Please I didn’t do anything”

“Where did Eddy go?”

“Please he will kill me” he begged, I felt cold white flame inside me swell.

“And what do you think I will do to you, you little fuck, I am The Patchwork Man and I have killed more people than you have met” I said with a snarl breaking his next finger to make the point, he was crying now.

“He went up to Heaven, said it was the only place that was safe. Please let me go”

“Now I am very angry so if he isn’t there, I am going to come back and do… very… bad things to you” I stormed out with Taz on my heels, I didn’t ask PayDay or Flea to follow but new that they would. They were my crew and if I walked them into hell they would have followed. Now there were groups of kids on the street, some gang members but others younger, and they were mad as hell. Still the pigs kept trying to break them up or move them on but it wasn’t working and they got bigger and bigger. We ran into Mike and Lexi as we got close to Heaven and they joined our little group.

I sent Lexi away as we got there, I told her to go back and look after Bex, I didn’t know why I did that she was a better fighter than PayDay or Mike. I think I wanted to protect her from what I was about to, she wasn’t happy about it, but she followed my orders. The was a lad stood in the entrance hall by the pay phone whose job was to ring up to the flat if the was any trouble. That was a surprise, it was truce day he should have been at the party, the flat should be empty. This meant that Eddy had ordered something put there out of the way.

I smashed into him wrapping my hand around his throat “Where?” I breathed.

“He is on the roof” he coughed and sputtered. I let go of him and he almost fell to the floor.

“RUN” I commanded and he sprinted for the door. I walked into the lift and the others moved passed me to stand at my back. I reached for the button and found that my hand wasn’t shaking, with how angry I was, with how hard the thing inside was trying to get out, I had expected to be trembling and shaking all over but I wasn’t. I felt so different, it wasn’t the dirty red heat of rage that was pumping through my veins, the flame was white hot and freezing cold at same time. My soul was burning but my body was chilled, this was past the storm of rage into the calm on the other side. It was a fury that would burn the world to ash but it wasn’t an animal instinct or a base impulse there was something good, something pure about it.

The bell dinged as we reach the top floor and I stepped out. Two lads stood at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the roof. I felt weightless as I glided down the corridor towards them as they charged at us as we came on. I hit the first one, my fist hooking into his stomach doubling him over, and then I smashed my knee into the side of his head crushing it against the wall. He went down on the floor vomiting and I lost interest. Taz had got the other one, laying face down on the floor it a pool of blood spreading from his nose and mouth.

I pulled my knife clicking the blade into place as I walked towards the stairs hearing similar clicks behind me. I kicked the door onto the roof, I didn’t mean to hit it that hard but its hinges broke sending it a few feet onto the roof before it crashed down flat. Eddy was the far side of the roof, the rest of his crew were between me and him, 9 lads in our way and they didn’t stand a chance. I roared as they moved to put their bodies between me and the man I was there to kill and I went for him.

I ducked the fist of the first one a came too and stab my blade down low. It slammed into his leg just above his knee as I rolled over him, he went down with a whimper pulling the handle from my hand. I didn’t bother to grab for it but came up fists ready with them on all sides of me. Then Taz and Flea hit the roof, Taz howling like a wolf, Flea laughing like a maniac. Taz’s man went down under a flurry of blows, Flea’s put up his arm to try and defend himself and Flea sunk his teeth into the exposed skin. The PayDay and Mike hit and it descended into an open melee.

The next guy had managed to pull his and I let it crash into my wrist guard as I drove the point of my elbow into his throat making him choke. I swept his legs from under him as he staggered back and kicked him in the head to make sure he wasn’t getting up. I got smashed in the face and staggered back blood pouring from my nose.

The lad came at me again, swinging wild. I rolled my shoulder back a little letting his punch glance off it and move past me. I pressed my hand up under his armpit and swung around dropping to my knees. He flew through the air with easies as I dragged him over me onto the roof. A small amount of pressure in the right place and a twist got then wet cracking pop as I ripped his elbow apart. I stood leaving his screams behind me. There was no one between me and Eddy, he had a switch blade held out in front of him, the tip quivered a little.

There are two story about what happened next, what happened and what people said happened later. I am going to give you both and let you pick how you want to remember Eddy’s death.

The myth is that I calmly walked up to him, the violence behind me dying down as people turned to watch, he stepped back again and again until the back of his legs were pressed against the wall around the edge of the roof but I kept coming until the tip of his blade pressed against my naked chest making a dimple from the pressure. He begged me to spare him, confessed all his sins, that he sold out the estate and how he planned to rise from the ashes and claim it all for himself. He promised me money, he told me I could sit on his right hand, he told me he had done that to Bex just to prove he was in power, he promised me Bex to myself, promised me power that together we would bring King himself to his knees. All this he said while I begged for him to kill me, told him to just push his blade forward and end my existence, asked him to prove that he was a man, and that he was strong enough to lead. Then I inch forward, his blade piercing my skin and blood trickled down my chest.

I moved my hand up reaching for his throat and fast Eddy, Eddy the coward, Eddy the worm, stepped back to avoid my wrath. His body pitched back over the edge of the roof and fell into darkness. I turned to the men on the roof and gave some kind of speech, I have heard to many version of it to give you one here, but I talked about kings of old, about power and glory and then I told Eddy’s crew that they were banished from my kingdom and they fled from me and I looked out over the world I now saw as my own and laughed. I have no idea who first told the story, or how much it changed from its beginnings but it is a lie, still it would have been nice for it to happen that way.

I threw myself across the roof head first towards Eddy my eyes fixed on his throat while behind the fight still raged. He lunged at me as I got close, his face twisting into a nasty grin, I slapped the blade away but not fast enough as it dug a hole in my chest as I knocked it out of the way. It had been well aimed and if I had been I second slowed I would have bleed out on the roof. The look on his face changed to shock as his knife was sent spinning away and I smashed into him. My finger locked around his throat as I pushed him towards the edge of the roof his feet dragged to try and stop me. He kicked out at me and I pulled back one hand and smashed him in the face just before we reached the edge.

I pulled him back a little and then pushed with everything I had in me and he sailed over the side. Heaven had lights on the outside of it and I leaned over the edge to watch him fall, it seemed to take much longer than I expected. He was facing upwards seeming to glide slowly down his face looked oddly happy. They had stuck this green netting up about halfway down the building, it was meant to catch anything that fell or was dropped off the building so people below wouldn’t be hit. It was not designed for something thrown by 13 stone of muscle. The very bottom of Eddy’s legs and feet just clipped the net, it didn’t stop him, it didn’t slow him down, what it did do was pitch him over. He pin-wheeled, flipping through one and a quarter turns before he hit the ground head first. His head popped splattering blood and brains all over the pavement.

I turned back to the roof in time to see PayDay put down the last of Eddy’s crew while the other watched. I looked at the downed lads and felt nothing but hate and then I looked at my own men. Flea had blood running down his chin and he smiled at me with red teeth until his head ticked to the side as it tended to after a fight, I know that if it had just been me and him up there I would have left behind a gave yard. PayDay was panting like a dog, he looked like he wanted to be sick and was favouring his left side, he was a good Lt, but not a monster like us. Taz looked alive and vibrant as the adrenalin flowed through his body but soon it would be spent, if I had put it to a vote he would have come down on the side of killing them all but I knew he didn’t have a body to his name and he had plans, I didn’t want him walking around with this on his soul. It was Mike who was their real saviour, little Mike, he was a thief not a fighter and had a deep cut under his left eye, he was grey, scared out of his tiny mind, he was also my oldest friend if I did what I wanted to he would never look at me without fear.

“I am Rave” I said after taking a deep breath “and all this is mine, if I see any of you again I will kill you.” I looked around the estate, blue flashing light could be seen between the buildings, somewhere in the distance there was the red glow of a fire. The months of tension had been unleashed and everyone and everything was a target, it was a riot but it never got call that later. I didn’t know it yet but the gangs as I had known them were dead and would never be coming back. I walked of the roof down into a whole new world filled with the symphony of sirens.

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