The Secret Lagoon

Female Ejaculation

My legs are jelly, and my knuckles whiten, clutching the doorframe. The rush of white noise and the swirling hot blood fades. In the distance, I can hear the crashing of the sea. The patter of feet, slow and methodical, cool on the oak floor and plod towards the dining table. Slumped into the wooden chair, bubbles rise in the glass, and the ice cubes are long gone, but it is cold enough to slake my thirst.Peering back, he is still there, a slain beast… for now. His head lolled with lank, messy hair, and his eyes closed. I am burnished with fatigue, but my mind wants to devour him some more. So taut and defined, from his broad shoulders, chiselled abdomen, and snake hips, it rests across his oblique, sleeping. No longer fully engorged but still fat with blood, the echoes of its rigidity ache inside me.I took his second climax astride him, writhing with slithering hips, grinding my juicy cunt against him. Working hard, I exorcised a more powerful orgasm to add to the others. Showing him how it took me, how I convulsed for him, clenching on his shaft, spitting words demanding his seed. Panting and flushed, I lifted my hips and let him pound away to sate his addiction. Purring with my incessant demand to fill me up, he arched, groaned, and blasted his essence into my married cunt.The humidity threatened this response all day, a flash of lightning briefly illuminates the unlit lounge, and a distant roll of thunder ripples away. Absent-minded fingers reach down and find what he put in there. The satin texture invites me to play with it, slipping it between my fingers and tasting the mixture of our passion.The slashing rain against the tall window panes forces the spark of an idea. To be naked outside, its tepid warmth soothing the hot glow within, and my loins tingle with a fresh heat. I would stake out my lover on the lawn as an offering to the thunder gods. Lashed by rain, symbolic of the lifeblood of our verdant Sex hikayeleri surroundings, I would ride him as a sacrifice. Squeezing on his shaft, goading his aching balls until the storm demands he places his seed into my belly. A fantasy of fecundity, and I cannot suppress its power. What has he done to me, this virile stud?Indulging my freewheeling mind, inspired by the vision before me, it must be placated as I ease my fingers inside, skidding my thumb over my sensitive clit.-=-Was I coy? No. Was it an accident? No. A lioness might feign disinterest and pretend to ignore her prey. That might accurately describe what happened, but it would be a lie. I am not so vain and arrogant to think he was helpless to my wiles. He is a handsome, tall man, easily capable of attracting someone his own age. I have nearly thirty years on him; he is a mere eighteen.He is our neighbour’s son, my voyeur, and this was a very silent seduction. We live on this headland, an impractical perch for two houses joined to civilisation by a narrow track road. As our bedroom overlooks their house, I have goaded him at twilight for weeks. With the lights on, I have paraded through my bedroom in lingerie or naked from the bathroom; I know he has seen me.I was no angel on that unloved shingle beach. In the high humidity under a baking sun, the discreet lagoon presents itself for only a few hours each day. The ebb and flow of the tide perfectly timed for the mid-afternoon sun.Oh, I wanted him to follow me here. I caught him spying on me the day before, peering over a boulder. Laid out, my bikini top removed, yearning to be admired, ogled, and the inspiration for his arousal. I ached to be his forbidden fruit, his secret passion, the woman that pushed the envelope of his desires. The married woman with her breasts exposed and no tan lines, pretending to be unaware of her lusty voyeur.Today, I am naked. From behind my Sikiş hikayeleri sunglasses, he peers over the same boulder with his avaricious eyes on my body. With a curled lip and a simple ‘Hello’, my hand patted the pebbles as my invitation to join me.This was an opportunistic crime of passion. I am here alone, and so is he. It is not loneliness that spurred us on but the absolute improbability that made it exciting. Here, of all the places on this island. Between us, of all the people here. The student and the wife, the plotline to a predictable porn flick perhaps, but say that when you watch me slurping on his cock under the fierce sun.What a treat it was too. I did not kiss him, and from the first touch of his reclined body, he was fully hard as soon as my hand squeezed it through his shorts. He spat out some rushed words about my husband, and my gaze did not waver. Such dirty words would shame anyone else; they were my badge of honour. I doubt he ever heard them before except on the internet. From me? Old enough to know better, breathlessly vowelled, my French accent softening the filth that poured out from my maw? It was my instruction manual for this afternoon; everything I wanted in the most pornographic detail I could manage.Paralysed into obeyance, he eased down his shorts, revealing the black void of his mouth when I wrapped my hand around it. Large pebbles clattered as I eased down his prone body. It was heavy and warm in my grasp, and plump veins meandered over his curved shaft. The fully drawn-back velveteen skin stretched over his thick girth. Completely rigid, licking it up and down, it was a long red-hot poker capable of satisfying my craven demands.I would not kiss his mouth, but I kissed its corpulent head. Glancing into his eyes, mine burned into his soul as I captured its heft. Wrapping my lips around it, my hand worked in unison and stole his breath. The corkscrew Erotik hikaye grip and sunken cheeks provided plenty of slippery friction as my wanton eyes refused to waver.He complained about a lack of endurance. I did not care, and from the size of those chunky balls, he would not miss his first ejaculation. Besides, I wanted to know how much he had and how much he could produce. Young men are capable of such a fine inundation, and I was being selfish. Gasping, snatching air, he was helpless to halt the inevitable. My ranging hand sampled his trembling portents, a plucked nipple vibrated his stiffening body like a long piano string. My moan thrummed along his shaft, a symptom of my pleasure, as I fingered my cunt while he swelled.There I was, providing an exhibition, a gift to remember in the years to come. Perhaps at the epiphany of climax with another woman, this memory would be there instead. At the denouement of this tawdry act, my open mouth waited for his seed. Watching, he twitched with a groan, and now, he would understand. The first rope shot into my mouth, the pleasure clear in my gaze upon him. I took his entire length as deep as I could manage, pressing my nose into his sparse thatch of pubic hair. He hollered amidst the cries of seagulls, spasming hard, holding my head with his hand as I swallowed it all.Panting, “Oh fuck,” as his mantra, I savoured its bittersweet taste.Cleaning up his twitching shaft, I grinned at his incredulity, “Good boy. Now… come back to mine,” and squeezed his tight balls, “I’m Ines.”“Jake,” he gasped.With a single raised eyebrow and a tilt of my head, I stroked his cock.There was still plenty of life in it, “Mmm, you recover quickly. I want you in my cunt next.”I grinned as he jolted at my frank admission.“O… Okay.”In his lust-drunk state, he was my prey, and now, he succumbed to my wiles.-=-In my lair of dark woods and linen-coloured walls adorned with erotic art, Jake will keep his word. In our guest bathroom, my body glows in a refractory state, and I ease the chromed plug into my slicken ass. It pushes the remnants of his essence from my sex. Bent over, peering back, a flash and the synthetic shutter captures the moment.

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