The Social Experiment – D/D Pt. 01

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Female Ejaculation

The Social Experiment: Dads and Daughters Part I.

The following is a work of fiction. It contains graphic amounts of mother/son, mother/daughter and brother/sister incestuous sex. It also has man-on-man and woman-on-woman sex. If this is not your cup of tea, do not read further.

Keeping the above in mind, please, enjoy the story. If you were kind enough to vote and/or leave a constructive comment, positive or negative, I would be appreciative.


Hello again, readers. Xavier Johns here. I promised I wouldn’t do it, and I didn’t want to, but I finally did. I opened my experiment to dads and their daughters. I’ll disingenuously blame JoJo and Roxy, but it wasn’t truly their fault. Just my devious, perverted mind creating something out of an innocent but very erotic event that occurred.

Let me bring you up to date. Another year has passed since our journey together began. Mum and I are going from strength to strength, and adding JoJo to our ‘family’ only made things better.

JoJo and I got married late last year, then in a secret, family-only ceremony that had no legal basis, Mum ‘married’ JoJo and me. One of the few genuine Mother/Son couples I made a movie with is a marriage celebrant. She was ecstatic that JoJo, Mum and I asked her to ‘marry’ us and conducted the most breathtakingly beautiful ceremony you could imagine. As a result, mum, JoJo and I wear identical wedding rings.

As I write, JoJo’s first pregnancy has just been confirmed. JoJo went off the pill after our wedding and fell pregnant only a couple of months later. Mum is over the moon and is already hoping for a girl. I shudder to think what that means! JoJo and I don’t care. All we want is a happy, healthy baby.

True to his promise, Jacob completed his three-film trilogy for Peter Peterson Publishing and quit the porn industry. Jacob finished his University studies and became a Certified Accountant. Jacob works for my business, Xavier Recording and Movie Studios, running the books and ensuring we’re financially stable.

Jacob is a whiz on the stock market and has almost doubled our investments over the last year. The company we formed, RosboroughJohns Inc., is listed on the exchange, but Bella, JoJo, Jacob, Roxy, and I own and control 75% of the stock. When Charlie reaches twenty-one, assuming he shows his worth, we’ll all split our shares and welcome him as a full partner. Currently, the five of us contribute Charlie’s sixth share into a trust fund for him.

One of the first purchases RosboroughJohns made was the walled compound we all now live in. The compound is on the back road from Nimbin to Lismore and is practically invisible from the road. The compound stretches over ten hectares and currently only has the two houses. One for JoJo, Bella, and me. The other for Roxy, Jacob, and Charlie. There’s plenty of room for a third house. If Charlie marries or wants to have a permanent live-in partner, RosboroughJohns will build him a house.

The Johns and Rosborough families are still intimately involved with each other. Bella (mum) and I still live as husband, wife and wife with JoJo. Roxy, Jacob and Charlie live as wife, husband and husband. All six of us are sexually active with the other members of our ‘family’. Mum (Bella) regularly gets it on with Jacob and Charlie. Sometimes individually, sometimes together. Roxy, JoJo and I are regular sexual partners, as is JoJo, my mum and Roxy.

In addition, Jacob, JoJo, and Charlie fuck. Sometimes with me, sometimes with Bella, occasionally with Bella and me, and often all six of us romp together. No hole on anybody is sacrosanct, no couplings forbidden, and, most importantly, no judgement or jealousy is allowed. The only rule is that everything must be consensual. No, means no. No arguing. If the one you’ve chosen to couple with doesn’t want to, for whatever reason, find one of your other five choices to do it with.

Our family works well, but it’s not for everybody. We all know that. And if the general public found out, we would be swiftly sanctioned and ostracised. However, I doubt we’d face criminal charges. After all, everybody who lives in our compound is over the legal age of consent, and even though it’s incestuous, consenting incest amongst legally aged adults is rarely prosecuted.

In case you haven’t read books one and two, let me introduce you to my family.

Xavier Johns: Me, in other words. Child prodigy and almost genius. Owner and operator of Xavier Recording and Movie Studios, now Australia’s second-biggest porn studio. I’m twenty-four years old and have a PhD in Psychology. I stand a leanly muscled 6-ft. 2-in. (188 cm), weigh just 165 lbs (75 kg), and have a thick, almost 7-inch cock. I share my mother’s delicate features. Women often consider me beautiful instead of handsome, and men peg me as gay. My eyes are the same startling blue as my mother’s, and my hair is the same dark brown/black. Bella and I differ in sahibe escort only one respect. My skin colouring is so dark that I’m often mistaken as being Mediterranean, whereas mum’s complexion is porcelain white.

Bella Johns: My mother, wife and rock. Mum is rightly proud of her looks. The figures from her modelling portfolio state that mum measures as follows: Height: 5 feet 9 (175 cm). Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg). Measurements: 38-24-34. Her breast size is 38C. At forty-two years old, she looks like a ripely matured Bella Hadid. Her hair is naturally blonde, but she typically dyes it dark brown/black with blood-red highlights. Mum is a medically retired ex-model. A bout of rheumatoid arthritis cruelled her modelling in her early thirties. The arthritis is in remission, and she now lives a full, pain-free life.

Joanne (JoJo) Johns (nee Rosborough): Twenty years old. My legal wife, Bella’s officially unrecognised wife, and Roxy’s daughter. Jacob and Charlie’s sister. If you were to look up a definition of ‘lush’ in the Urban Street Directory, you wouldn’t get a definition. Instead, you’d see a picture of my wife and her mother. Full-breasted and wide-hipped, with a rounded tummy, JoJo really fills out a dress, if you get my drift. Of course, JoJo runs the risk of running to fat with her pregnancy and as she ages. But her mum is the same age as mine and holds her figure well, so I doubt that will happen.

JoJo studies nursing at QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus and will graduate this year. It will be a close run between our baby’s arrival and the end of her studies. JoJo plans to work, and Bella will look after our child when JoJo and I are at work.

Roxanne (Roxy) Rosborough: Forty-two years old. My mother-in-law, lover, business partner, and porn film co-star. Bella’s closest and longest-time friend, co-conspirator and lover. Jacob’s, JoJo’s, and Charlie’s mother, as well as their lover and occasional porn film co-star.

Other than the age difference causing some sag in Roxy’s magnificent mammary set, she and JoJo could be sisters. Almost twin sisters, at that. Both have dark red, practically brown hair worn long below their shoulders in beautiful bouncy curves. They share a light complexion with smatterings of freckles across their noses, cheekbones and breasts. Both have wide-set, dark brown eyes, small noses and full kissable lips. JoJo and Roxy are both 44-28-40 with big Double-D tits. A riper, more luscious pair, I cannot imagine ever meeting.

Jacob Rosborough: 24 Years old. Roxy’s eldest son, JoJo and Charlie’s older brother. My best friend, occasional lover and business partner. Bella, JoJo and Roxy’s lover and occasional porn film co-star. Jacob was once the highest-paid male porn star in Peter Peterson Publishing’s stable. He now heads up RosboroughJohns Inc. as its chief executive and handles the finances for Xavier Recording and Movie Studios.

Jacob is slightly shorter than me at 6-ft. 1-in. (185 cm) and leaner at 161 lbs (73 kg). With a cock as thick and long as mine, if not slightly longer. He has long, curvy, honey-blonde hair over a deep olive-brown complexion. With his sparkling, bright-blue eyes and calm, self-assured, laid-back demeanour, no few women and many men almost throw themselves at him. Jacob is 100% bisexual. He pitches to women and catches for men.

Charles (Charlie, Chaz) Rosborough: Nineteen years old. Roxy’s youngest son and lover. Jacob’s and JoJo’s younger brother, lover, and occasional porn film co-star. First-year University student studying teaching. Charlie is shorter and heavier than Jacob at 6-ft (183 cm) and 176 lbs (80 kg), but has the same calm assuredness Jacob has. Charlie’s cock is only around the 5-in. mark long, but it has an enormous mushroom head. What he lacks in length, he more than makes up for in girth. His looks and complexion closely resemble his mother and sister’s.

With the confidence being initiated into sex by his sister, mother, and Bella gave him, Charlie is cutting a broad swathe through the female students in his course. But he says he hasn’t found anyone who can hold a candle to his mother or sister.

“They’re good for friendship and company, mum,” he informed Roxy. “But none of them are as good in bed as your or sis. Rest assured, though. As soon as I find one I can be with like JoJo is with Xav, I’ll ask her to marry me.”

“Less talking, more licking,” Roxy moaned as she held Charlie’s head to her clitoris.

Now that’s out of the way, let me explain how I finally agreed to do the daddy/daughter experiment.

Jacob and I returned from a meeting with Peter Peterson. Peter was happy with my studio’s output but felt I should expand my films into the more traditional porn genres. I explained that I had used my experiments as studies and investigations into my PhD thesis and wanted to continue to investigate consensual incest with the aim of reducing the stigma attached to it.

To be clear here, I’m not talking sahibe escort bayan about forced incest with someone unable to give informed consent. But if mature adults choose to explore a physical relationship with their biological siblings, parents or other relatives, I couldn’t see the big deal. Surely rational people, making informed decisions, can choose to love whomever they wish? My life, and the lives of my extended family, have all been richly enhanced by our incestuous relationships. And I knew, for a fact, ours weren’t the only ones.

Peter pointed out that I had received my PhD and no longer needed to keep researching. I answered that I still wanted to research and present papers on consensual incest, hoping to allow loving people in sexual relationships with their relatives the freedom to express their love publicly.

Mr Peterson agreed I should continue making my actually biologically related incest films because it was a highly popular genre. Still, he felt my studio needed to widen its range of films to remain viable. Peter Peterson has become more than a mentor to me and is more like the father I’ve never had, so I’m not going to anger or disagree with him. Hence, I accepted his advice and planned on expanding into other genres.

However, I liked that my studio had cornered a niche market almost all to itself, and I thought perhaps, I could discover another untapped niche market.

When Jacob and I arrived home, our women were side by side in the garden, on hands and knees, facing away from us, picking strawberries. All three wore big sunhats, the skimpiest black thong bikini bottoms you’ve ever seen, and nothing else!

“Wow!” I said. “Have you seen a sexier site, ever?”

“Not even in my dreams, Xav,” Jacob replied, already handling his growing cock.

“But which one is which?” I mused.

“That’s easy,” Jacob answered. “Bella’s on the left, JoJo centre, and mum’s on the right.”

“I think you’re right that Bella’s on the left, but I think your mum’s in the middle and JoJo on the right.”

Fishing his hardened cock out of his pants and stroking it, Jacob said, “Want to make a bet?”

“Sure, what’s the bet?”

“If I’m right, I get to fuck your mother. If I’m wrong, you get to fuck mine.”

“We get to fuck them, anyway,” I pointed out.

“Okay, then, if I’m right, you have to prepare your mother to take me anally, including sucking me off to make me wet. If you are, I have to prepare my mother and suck you off. And, the winner gets to keep the other’s mother for themselves for the whole night.”

Laughing, I agreed, assuming our mothers were up for it. I didn’t care either way. I knew Jacob was in love with my mother, and if not for me, Bella would most likely have had a more committed relationship with him. I loved Roxy, and the sex with her was amazing, but neither of us wanted more than some fun together.

“So, who is going over there to find out?” I questioned

“I am, of course. I made the bet.”

“Off you go. To be clear, you think JoJo’s in the middle, right?”


“How are you going to check?” I teased.

“I’m going to stick my cock in the woman in the middle. Your wife, in other words.”

“Have fun fucking your mother,” I shot back. “Cos, I’m sure going to have fun doing her ass later.”

As it turned out, we were both wrong. When Jacob squatted, pulled the thong down on his guess, and shoved his rampantly erect dick into her, it was Bella who straightened and stretched her hand back to caress Jacob’s head, moaning a soft, “Oh Gawd, yes, baby. Fuck your little slut.”

Because the two asses on the right appeared bigger than the one on the left, Jacob and I assumed they belonged to Roxy and JoJo. But neither of us took into account that JoJo had begun swimming two miles (3 km) with me every morning to ensure she kept her figure during her pregnancy. The swimming hadn’t reduced my wife’s bust, but JoJo had lost a lot of weight off her generous bottom.

As well as making me incredibly horny, that mistake got me thinking. How well did we know our lover’s bodies? How well did we know our sibling’s bodies? Carefully storing that thought to examine later, I joined the action in the garden.

Knowing that because Jacob was nuts deep in my mother, JoJo expected me to fuck her, I roughly flipped Roxy onto her back in the dirt and pounced on her. Ripping her thong off, tearing the ties as I did, I pushed her chubby thighs apart and shoved my whole length into her already dripping cunt.

As I fucked my mother-in-law, I became vaguely aware of a car pulling up in the driveway.

A few seconds later, I heard Charlie drawl, “Looks like you’re missing out, sis. Want me to help you out?”

“Fuck, yes, Chaz,” my wife gasped. “No need to get me ready. Just bend me over and plough me as hard as you can.”

However, as I was doing with his mother, Charlie thought a good, dirty roll in the garden escort sahibe seemed fun, so he flipped JoJo onto her back and speared into her wetness.

“Fuck!” JoJo grunted. “That monster-headed dong of yours takes some getting used to!

Holding still, Charlie replied, “You wanted it hard and rough, sis. You okay?”

“Did I tell you to stop?” my wife gasped.

“I guess you didn’t,” Charlie agreed and thrust firmly into her.

“Jacob, my love,” Bella groaned. “I want to be dirty fucked, too.”

“Anything for you, Bella,” Jacob replied and quickly flipped my mother onto her back before roughly shoving back into her.

“I love being your dirty girl,” Bella cooed.

I didn’t think Jacob had picked up the reference, but Bella was referring to being fucked anally. I was pretty sure mum wanted Jacob to fuck her ass in the dirt.

JoJo caught the innuendo, though, “What do you reckon, Chaz? Wanna dirty fuck me, too?”

Distracted, Charlie grunted, “Aren’t we already doing that?”

“Geez, you two are dense,” I crowed. “They mean like this.”

With that, I flipped Roxy onto her stomach, pushed my left hand firmly down on her back, mashing her huge tits into the freshly hoed dirt, spat on her ring, spat on my fingers so I could rub it over my cock’s head, positioned myself and thrust ruthlessly into Roxy’s ass.

‘Oh, Xavier,” Roxy sighed. “You know just what I need. Now, fuck me, baby. Give me an anal orgasm!”

Squeezing my hand between Roxy’s pelvis and the dirt, I reached down to find her clit. The jump, as she gave a satisfied sigh, indicated I’d found the right spot. Playing with Roxy’s clit and slowly pumping into her tight rear fuck hole. I turned to watch Jacob with my mother and Charlie with my wife.

To date, JoJo had refused to take Charlie in her ass, “That huge head scares me to death, Xavier,” she told me. “I’m worried my poor ass will never close up again.”

But here she was, offering her younger brother her ass. Would he take it? I had no qualms that Jacob would be inside Bella’s ass. She and he loved having anal sex together almost as much as she and I did.

Charlie still didn’t get the hint until he saw his brother slowly forcing his thick cock through my mother’s knot. Bella shuddered and moaned as Jacob thrust into her, her fingers flying across her clitoris and into her pussy.

Surprised, Charlie got off his sister, “JoJo, you don’t mean what they’re doing, do you? You said I was too big!”

Pushing back at me, Roxy said, “Let me up, Xavier. I need to look after my babies.”

I’m not sure what Roxy did next is in any parenting manuals, but it was beautiful, rewarding for JoJo and Charlie, and so damned sexy! Roxy pushed Charlie aside before saying, “Just watch, Chaz. Then you can try, okay?”

“Yes, mum.”

Gathering up all of the spit in her mouth with her tongue, Roxy pushed her tongue out and lightly touched it to her daughter’s ring. Then parting her teeth and pushing back and forth with her tongue, Roxy allowed the spittle to slide onto JoJo’s starfish. Next, gathering more saliva, Roxy continued to work her tongue deeper into her daughter’s ass, eliciting soft moans from JoJo as JoJo’s fingers stretched back between her legs and onto her clit.

“Do the same thing, Charlie,” Roxy instructed.

Charlie eagerly tongued his sister’s ring.

“Lean back a little, Chaz,” his mother requested. Then she held her middle finger out, “Wet my finger.”

Charlie took Roxy’s finger into his mouth and sucked on it, letting his saliva soak over it.

“Now, use your tongue on your sister’s ass again.”

Charlie swirled his tongue over and around JoJo’s rosebud.

“Watch, Charlie.”

Charlie moved his head back, and Roxy slid her finger into JoJo’s ass. Then, working gently, Roxy twirled her finger around, slowly widening JoJo’s gape.

“More lube, Chaz,” Roxy demanded.

Charlie’s tongue swirled over his sister’s starfish again, eliciting a loud groan from my wife.

“Wet my finger.”

Charlie sucked on his mother’s finger. Once she was satisfied her finger was wet enough, Roxy slipped it back inside JoJo. This time, after a couple of slow rotations, Roxy added a second finger.

“Wet my fingers.”

Despite now having seen two of his mother’s fingers in his sister’s ass, Charlie still sucked them into his mouth, smearing saliva across them. Roxy drove those two fingers into her daughter’s now gaping ring. Straining against JoJo’s sphincter muscles, Roxy forced her two fingers apart until she could insert a third.

Removing them, Roxy said, “Almost, Charlie. Get your tongue back into her ass. Get as much spit as you can as far into JoJo as possible.”

Bella and Jacob joined me, watching Roxy preparing her daughter’s ass to take her son’s thick, mushroom-headed cock. My mother moved to sit between us, and her hands took hold of our cocks.

Still kneeling, Charlie tongued his sister’s rosebud, pushing his tongue as far into her as possible. Gathering spit, Charlie transferred it to his sister’s ass.

“Let me suck you,” Roxy demanded.

Charlie lifted himself up so his mother could take his hugely-headed dick in her mouth.

Rosy sucked her son whilst smearing as much saliva around his head and along his shaft as she could.

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