The Step Mom Pt. 03


“Holy fuck,” Nick thought cleaning up in the shared bathroom. “I can’t believe that just happened – twice!”

He got dressed and chatted with a few buds online and went downstairs when he heard his dad come home. “Oh boy,” he thought. “This will be awkward.”

“Hey Nicky,” his dad said when he saw him coming down the stairs. “How was your day?”

“Uh, fine,” Nick replied.

“Get up to anything exciting?” Steve asked.

“Hell yeah,” Nick thought, but said “No I just laid low. Had lunch with Julie by the pool and had a swim.”

“Sounds like my kinda day,” Steve replied. “And where is Julie?” he asked.

“Upstairs I think,” Nick answered, feeling that tingle in his groin again, thinking of the last time he saw her.

Steve disappeared up the stairs.

Within a few minutes Julie came downstairs alone and wandered into the kitchen. She saw Nick with his head in the fridge. “See anything interesting?” she said, startling him.

“Huh, what?!” he stammered. “No, I was just watching… I mean, looking.”

“Nothing exciting in there,” she said, smiling to herself.

Nick stood there, mouth agape.

“Dinner is marinating in the fridge outside,” Julie added. “By the pool, that’s where the excitement is.”

“Damn straight,” Nick thought.

Julie has changed into a light summer yellow dress that accentuated her tan. Nick found himself watching her walking towards the patio doors, straining to see if there were any panty lines visible.

“Grab me a beer will ya buddy?” Steve called as he entered the kitchen, startling Nick.

“Sure,” Nick said, breaking his focus from Julie’s ass.

He and his dad joined Julie gaziantep escort ilanları on the patio.

“Anything exciting today babe?” Steve asked Julie.

“Not really,” she replied. “Quiet day at home. Laid by the pool, had lunch with Nick, took a shower and read in our room until you came home.”

“No lies there,” Nick thought.

“That sounds relaxing,” Steve said.

“Very,” she replied.

The three of them ate dinner and afterwards, Steve announced he had some work to do and he disappeared into his office. Nick helped Julie clear the table and clean up.

“I’ll wash and you can dry,” she said to Nick.

“Sure thing,” Nick said.

They chatted very casually through it all and Julie announced she was going up to finish her book. “Unless there’s something you want to do?” she asked Nick.

“Where do I start?!?” he thought to himself. Or at least he hoped he thought it to himself and didn’t blurt it out loud. “No, I’m good,” he answered. “Enjoy your, um… book.”

Julie walked through the kitchen into the hall that lead to the stairs. She couldn’t look back over her shoulder to be sure, but she knew he was watching. She lifted the hem of her dress up, sliding it back and forth over her ass, exposing her skimpy yellow thong beneath it.

Nick went up to his room and shut the door. He replayed the day in his head and had to masturbate one more time before going to sleep.


Nick slept in the next morning, waking up just as his dad was leaving foe work.

He showered and shaved and was toweling off when he heard the noise. He cracked open the bathroom gaziantep escort bayan ilanları door and heard it, louder now. A faint buzzing sound.

He peered down the hall and saw Julie’s door half open. “Oh my God. Please tells me she’s not using a toy,” he thought. He stepped out of the bathroom, towel around his waist, and moved towards the sound.

As he neared the half open door, he saw Julie’s feet on the bed to the right of the door. Two more steps and he saw her knees, up in the air and spread partially. He dropped his towel as his cock started to grow.

He could now hear Julie moaning softly, and taking little gasps of air as a tingle rose to that level where you just can’t help but gasp.

Julie was getting dressed when she heard the shower running down the hall, and that turned her thoughts elsewhere. Having just shed her PJs, she was naked. She strolled down the hall and listened at the bathroom door. No evidence of Nick playing in the shower. All she heard was the water falling. Regardless, she leaned back against the bathroom door and stroked her dampness for a few minutes. When the water stopped, she ran back to the bedroom and got into position. Setting the bait, as it were.

She was always turned on by playing outdoors. She and Steve actually had quite a bit of outdoor fun when dating. She had put on a show or two for passing semis on the highway while Steve was driving her around in various stages of undress in the passenger seat beside him. It was then she discovered her exhibitionistic desires were much stronger than she ever realized – and often hard to supress.

She escort bayan gaziantep ilanları left the door ajar purposefully of course. She saw his shadow on the wall and knew he was there, watching her again. It was the sight of his shadow that caused the gasp just now, which she was certain he heard. “Come closer,” she willed, gasping again.

Nick crept closer to the door. He could see her knees in the air as before, but he could now see her naked hips and tummy. One hand between her legs, rubbing her clit and the other working a small tubular, lipstick sized toy in and out of her pussy. He shifted slightly to his left to see if he could see more of her, which is when he felt the sensation.

He looked down and saw a long string of clear pre-cum oozing from his cock and now dribbling down the inside of his left thigh. “Oh fuck,” he gasped, wrapping his fist around the dripping wet head.

He looked back into the room and shifted further still. He could see all of her now. Her tits with the hard nipples, her face, her head turned away, eyes closed in arousal. He watched her rock her hips, meeting the mini thrusts of her little toy sliding into her wet fold. Her hand on her clit was now essentially grabbing her pussy and her middle two fingers pushed inside along the toy.

“Oh my God,” she whimpered, over and over.

Nick stepped forward, almost entering the room in fact he was about three paces from the foot of her bed.

Her head rolled back and forth as her climax drew closer.

Nick leaned back agains the door frame, stroking his rock hard cock as he watched her near yet another orgasm.

She couldn’t stop it – again. She rolled her head to the right and half opened one eye. She saw Nick standing in her doorway, his gaze fixed on her hands working her wetness – and she came. It was as explosive as if not more so than at the pool yesterday when she first came for him. She cried out.

Again he had to let go of his cock to avoid spewing into her open door. He watched her cum. He listened to her cum. And then, he watched her watching him, watch her cum.

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