The Stranger

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Big Dicks

She awoke with a start, at 3:00 a.m., to find a man standing in her bedroom. “Don’t fear,” he said.”I mean you no harm.” Fully awake now, she was scared beyond belief. “How did you get here and what do you want.”

“I am here to bring you something,” he replied. “What.”

“Pleasure beyond measure,” he grinned.

He was naked, she saw. Tall, at least 6’, he was a strong, big man. She looked at his cock despite her fear, she couldn’t help it, limp and hanging it was at least 7.” This is insane she thought. This can’t be happening. Bad thoughts raced thought her mind; he’s a murderer, a rapist or just plain crazy. But despite her fear, she found the sight of his cock arousing.

“I do not know how I came to be here, but I know what to do now that I am,” said the man. “Do not fear me.” He knelt on her bed and reached for her. She drew back. “

Shhh,” he whispered, ” I’m here to please you.” He put is hand gently under her neck and pulled her face to his, and gently put his lips to hers. Despite herself she found her body responding to him. He probed her mouth with his tongue, trembling she accepted it and responded in kind. Mouth on mouth still, he rolled to her side and gently placed his hand on the soft of her belly. Swirling his hand around gently, he messaged her soft flat belly.

She had never felt such a soft touch from Maltepe Escort a man before. He worked his hand down to just above her soft, neatly trimmed pubic hair. She shivered as he played with the soft hair in his fingers. He put his mouth next to her ear and with his tongue he messaged her there. Tongue probing gently in it and then around to the outside and across the back. All across her neck and ear his tongue lovingly kissed her. Her back arched and she moaned, as she tried to make his fingers touch her clitorus. But, he would not. “Please,” she whispered to his ear. And as she did his fingers touched her hard sweet button. She thought she would explode right then. Never had she felt such heat. He rolled his hand, to put his thumb on the clit, and slowly, gently he put his index finger inside her. Thrusting it all the way in and she felt the little murmur of climax flow though her.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” she moaned as he worked his fingers faster. Then pulling out his finger from her hot wet slit, dripping with her juices, he slid it in her tight asshole. Slowly pushing it in, while she trembled with just the right mixture of pain and pleasure. Once his finger all the way in, he put his thumb in her pussy. She moaned as she started another rippling orgasm. By now all she thought of was the pressure in her sweet ass and the pleasure in Ümraniye Escort her pussy. She came hard now, wave after wave, as her pussy muscles clenched and released around his finger, over and over again. “Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhh,” she yelled, “Please… please don’t stop, yes, yes, yes, Oh god, god, god.” Faster and faster he drove his magic fingers. He bit down on one of her nipples, and she yelled, “harder, harder,” until he thought he might bite them off.

God, did she feel good. Wave after wave. Pulse after pulse.

Finally he pulled his fingers out.

She lay there gasping, not even really comprehending, the sensations running through her. But, she realized it was not even over, as she saw him on his knees between her legs, holding his cock. In the soft moonlight coming though the window, she could see him looking at her. He looked at her with such desire and longing and passion. It made her feel beautiful and loved, in a way she never had before.

Looking down at her, he thought god what a beautiful pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit, mixing his pre-cum with her juices. It felt so good to him. He messaged her clit with the head of his cock and then rubbed it up and down her slit again. Finally unable to contain himself, he pushed into her. As he did, he heard her moan and he felt her muscles contract İstanbul Escort around him, accepting it, loving it. She was so hot there, so wet. He lowered himself down to wrap his arms under her back. Kissing her nipples, one at a time, she started to cum again. He thrust deeper. Withdrawing almost all the way out, just leaving the head in, and then violently thrusting back in. Then slowly, gently withdrawing to the head, again, only to thrust back in savagely. In and out he went on like this. Gently out, violently in. She quivered. She trembled. She even clawed at him. She didn’t know what to do. She came, over and over, each one better than the one before. She thought she would die of orgasm overdose!

She looked up at him and said, “Cum sweetie, cum.”

“ I want u to fill me with it.” She grabbed her legs and pulled them high in the air, to accept him deeper. “Please lover I want you to shoot it into me, I want it to fill me.” Her cooing driving him on, he slammed into her savagely thinking only of his pleasure.

His cock twitching inside her, she felt another tremendous wave cumming. “AHHHHHHHHH,” they both yelled together as their mutual climax came crashing in on them.

Exhausted they collapsed in a love heap.

Later that night she awoke finding herself alone. She felt as if she had dreamed it. But, the pleasurable soreness she felt and her wet pussy told her, he had been there. Who was he? How did he get in? And, where had he come from? These things did not concern her as much, as when was he coming back? She smiled the smile of a lady in love and rolled back over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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