The Surprise

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I heard the familiar “whoosh” sound, telling me that someone was sending me a message. I figured at this hour, it would be Alex. And it was.

We greeted each other and I told him I was super horny because I’d been watching some videos. I found quite a few of them from one guy in particular. He was obviously into other guys. Most of them were similar with him restraining them in some way while he used his hands and some oil to edge them.

One in particular stood out in that the other guy was tied down to a bed so he couldn’t move much. His cock was being worked on by the hands of the other guy. You could occasionally see that guy’s shirt and his bare arms but nothing else of him. In fact some people thought that guy was a woman. They referred to him as “the woman” in their comments. His gender didn’t really matter. He was nothing more than a generic arm and hand.

The guy on the bed was being edged for at least a half an hour. I suspect it was longer because they kept taking breaks in the video. So many times he came close to orgasm. He would squirm and moan but the guy stimulating him would suddenly take his hand away then begin stroking his tummy and chest in a soothing fashion while telling him to shush.

When he finally let the poor guy cum, he used his hand to massage all the hot creamy cum back into his cock and he would not stop stimulating him. The poor guy was really squirming now. Bucking and crying out and trying to get away. But he couldn’t.

“Tell me about it”, said Alex. “What turned you on? How did it make you feel?”

I told him that while I wasn’t really into cock and ball torture, but that one act of continuing stimulation after orgasm has always been something I love to try to do. If the guy really balks or protests, I will stop. But it’s always fun for me to try. I also love edging, but most of the guys I have been with were not into that at all. In fact most of the men wanted the stimulation to be fast and hard so they would cum quickly.

I added that while I was watching the video, I was fantasizing that it was me on that bed. Tied down and teased until I was begging to cum. And then shushed and comforted instead of being allowed a release. Then when that release finally came, having the stimulation continued for a very long time, forcing me to cum again and again until I was exhausted and then some. Just thinking of that made me so wet that my computer chair was damp.

I also told him that I had been writing a story for a friend and that left me horny too. The story was just submitted for publication but I did show Alex a couple of paragraphs to see if he liked it. The guy I wrote that story for is Alexander. Similar names, yes. But they are two different people.

“I’d like you to write me a story too! A story about the fantasy you just told me of. Submit it for publication so we can all read it.”

I told him that I would write the story for him the following day as it was getting late. And we were both so turned on by then that sexting seemed like a better option than writing another story.

I drifted off to sleep after having so many orgasms that I lost track, and visions of that fantasy wafted through my dreams.

The next day, I was dancing. I often do that at night. Dance for a song or two then take a break. Answer a message or two, post in the Playground a bit, and go back to my dancing. People are used to me doing that. I had on my short black nightie. It’s a simple design. It comes slightly above my knees, no sleeves, V neck with a black flower embroidered at the upper left. Black ballet shoes adorned my feet. Even though the room was cold, I needed to wear something like that because I tend to overheat when I dance.

I also know that certain people sometimes watch me when I dance so I try to wear something nice. And this night was no exception.

The song ended and I could hear my gardener in the kitchen. He has new boots that are heavy and I could hear him clunking about on the black and white vinyl floor. I walked in to see if he needed anything from me. He lives on the property but we share the kitchen. He was packing some snacks and drinks to take with him. There’s not much call for a gardener during the winter. He does handyman type work as well but those jobs were few and far between so he was delivering food at night for a well known delivery company.

He gave a big, devilish grin, a quick hug and told me to have a really good night. Then he grinned at me again, his eyes sparkling as he headed out back door.

I wondered what that was all about. The only times I have seen him grin like that were when he caught me doing something like sexting or talking on the phone to some guy.

And then I heard that familiar sound of someone messaging me. It was Alex.

He greeted then reminded me that I was supposed to be working on his story. I giggled and looked around as if I thought he could see me. How silly. He didn’t live anywhere near me. He didn’t even live in the same İstanbul Escort country as me!

“Okay Alex. I was dancing. I’ll get to your story right now.”

I plopped back into my chair feeling energized from the dancing. Took a swig of my hot tea and began thinking.

It’s far easier for me to write a story about myself when it’s a true one or at least partially true. Or even to write a story about other people. I can make up the details of their personality, how they look, stuff like that. But when I put myself in a fantasy, unless it’s a fantasy involving another known person, I have trouble. The guy or guys are always generic in my mind. They may have eye and hair color but beyond that, they could be anyone. I wasn’t sure if I should put Alex into this fantasy or my generic guy.

I heard a noise on the deck. It was the gardener. Apparently he hadn’t left yet. I turned to see him waving at me through the drapes on the sliding glass door. There was that grin again! And then he was gone.

I felt an eerie sensation creeping up my spine. I looked up at the skylight as if it held all the answers. And I felt something brush past my right leg. I thought I saw something dark snake by me. Huh. I have a black cat but she never goes under my computer desk. My white Tortie does but she’s one of those big poofy cats. I can always tell that it’s her because she bumps me with her soft body. I could also see out of the corner of my eye that she was asleep on her perch.

I knew I had felt something. It felt almost like fabric. I glanced down at the hem of my gown. It was hiked up a bit in a haphazard fashion so it couldn’t have been that touching my leg. I shook my head to clear myself of the eerie sensation and began to write the story.

I had typed out several sentences, backing over them each time and changing the details. How did I get into the bed? Was it my bed? How was I restrained? Who was the guy?

Suddenly I felt a hand on my knee. My heart seemed to clench in fear. I looked down. Sure enough there was a hand on my knee. But the hand looked oddly familiar. Where had I seen it before? A picture, yes! I had seen it in a picture. That very same hand was now resting softly on my knee. Alex? But it couldn’t be. He had just messaged me. And he had messaged me last night too. But then, one can message from pretty much anywhere, can’t they?

It couldn’t be Alex. Could it? My heart was pounding. I started to open my mouth. I wanted to scream. But no sound came out.

Then I felt something else at my left leg. It was paper. A Post It Note from a pad I thought I no longer had. Heart shaped with a kitten on the paper. He had written the words, “Shush. Keep writing.” It was signed “Alex”.

But how did this happen? My mind was reeling. He and the gardener know about each other. The gardener must have let him in. And why was he hiding under my desk?

“Lift up!”

I heard his sexy British accent and felt his hand tugging upwards behind my thigh. I stood up slightly and he shoved a small, somewhat hard pillow under my butt. He had taken it from the couch. This brought my knees up slightly. I felt something soft being wrapped around my legs. He spread my legs and used my leg warmers to secure my ankles to the base of my computer chair.

“Keep writing!”

I placed my hands back on the keyboard and felt his hand between my legs, spreading my lips, spreading my wetness. I began to type, as if by rote. The man in my fantasy was Alex and he had tied me to my own bed. Not with my leg warmers but some of my scarves. I was naked, exposed and at his mercy. This was going to be a fun story!

I envisioned myself being tormented by him as I tried to type. But typing was getting hard to do because he was actually tormenting me! The wetness between my legs was drenching the chair beneath me as his fingers kept working their way inside of me and across my clit.

Another Post It note grazed my leg. It told me to keep writing and not cum. As I was reading his words, I felt his lips and tongue take the place of his fingers.

I have said before that getting oral isn’t really my thing, but only because so many of the men in my past thought it meant dabbing lightly at my clit with their tongue and that does nothing for me. Oh but Alex knew what he was doing. He was using his lips, tongue and even his teeth to bring me to orgasm. I leaned forward, my belly tightening and moaning. I was right on the brink of orgasm.

His mouth pulled away and I could feel his hand giving my clit a quick swat. He shushed me and began stroking my thighs with his hand and telling me to keep writing. I tried. I really did. But writing was the last thing on my mind. All I wanted, all I needed was an orgasm. And he wasn’t letting me have that. My hands pecked helplessly at the keyboard, spewing out gibberish. I backed over it and tried again.

When my breathing finally slowed, he put his mouth back at my crotch, working me towards orgasm Escort Bayan again.

I lost track of how many times we repeated this scenario. All I knew was that I hadn’t been able to form a sentence that made sense and my computer chair was sopping wet. My pussy ached way up inside with the need to cum. I was a mess.

I could feel him untying my legs. At least that was a relief! I stretched to ease my stiff muscles.

He crawled out from under the desk and moved a padded, folding chair into the middle of the room, instructing me to put my belly on the seat of the chair.

“What a naughty girl you are! I told you not to cum and you almost did! I shall have to do something about that.”

He lifted my nightie up, exposing my bare butt cheeks and brought his hand down swiftly on one cheek, then the other. Time and again he soundly spanked me. I could feel the heat blistering across my butt and he confirmed this by telling me how red and puffy I was getting.

He finally let up. Told me to get naked and resume my position on the chair. The room was still chilly and I shivered in stark contrast to the heat building across my bottom.

He returned with some cold water. We both took a drink. Then he dropped his pants to the floor and stepped out of them. His stiff cock was facing my mouth.

“You want this, don’t you? I know how much you love sucking this!” He kept his cock just out of my reach. I stuck out my tongue but it didn’t help. I still couldn’t reach it.

My breasts were dangling off of the chair, pointed towards the floor. He reached down, pulling on my nipples as if he were milking them. I cried out, needing once again to cum. He shushed me and reminded me not to cum.

He had to contort himself a bit but he managed to get his cock between my breasts, squeezing them together around it, using them to massage his shaft. He moaned and I could feel his hot pre-cum dribbling all over my breasts.

“Okay baby. You’ve suffered enough. I’ll let you have a little cock. But only a little bit for now.”

He lifted my chin upward and pressed the tip of his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth to accept it but he backed away, soothing me by stroking my hair and allowing me just a taste of his pre-cum on my tongue. Guttural sounds came from my mouth as I strained forward to get his cock in my mouth. But it was not to be. He stood back far enough that I could only lash my tongue back and forth across the head. I knew that he liked me to do that, but I needed more.

“Stand up!” He indicated with his hand as he took the chair away and put it in the place where my computer chair usually stood.

“Straddle it and lean forward.”

He placed the chair with the back facing the computer. He secured my ankles to legs of the chair behind me. My chest was leaning into the back of the chair but I had to reach around it to type. He instructed me to continue writing the story. I could only type with one hand as I really needed the other to help maintain my balance. It was an uncomfortable position and my brain still wasn’t functioning well enough to write. All I could think about was having an orgasm. I pressed my clit into the pad of the chair and tried to wiggle.

“Ah! No.” I felt him give me another smack on my already sore bottom.

He instructed me to keep on writing. By now, all I could do was tap randomly on the keys but he noticed and told me to erase all the gibberish and try again. I did try but it wasn’t going so well for me. I couldn’t concentrate.

I felt his lips trail down my back, kissing me gently. All the way down until he reached my bottom, He parted my butt cheeks and placed his tongue there, licking me gently until I moaned. Then he shushed me and ran his hands over my breasts and nipples before taking his mouth back to my ass.

I could feel his tongue in me now, reaming out my tight little ass. I threw my head back, tensed, and began to cum.

“No baby. No. Not time to cum yet. Be a good girl and hold off for me. Keep everything soft and relaxed. Don’t tense up.”

His lips were all over my body now. Kissing and soothing me.

I sighed and turned back to my story. My fingers pecked out something about wanting to feel his cock inside of me.

I felt my butt cheeks being parted again. I smelled coconut oil. Felt the tip of his finger pressing against my opening and heard him telling me how tight my ass was. Oh sweet torture! He kept telling me that his cock was as big as three fingers and he wasn’t going to let me have that until he could in fact get three fingers deep inside, stretching me.

Typing was truly impossible now but he kept kissing my neck and whispering in my ear how I needed to keep writing,

I felt him stretching my ass open, slowly, deliberately and gently. And each time I moaned, he pulled his fingers out, shushing me and reminding me not to cum but to keep typing.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, he was satisfied with how much he had stretched Eskort me. He somehow untied my ankles and walked me to the rocking chair, keeping all three fingers in my ass.

The chair is a Dutalier, made in Canada to last a lifetime. It had seen several sets of pads but it now housed some plush ones with a leopard print. He settled me in on my knees with me grasping the back of the chair. This was precarious because I knew the chair had toppled over in the past if it leaned back too far. He sensed this too and had me reach behind myself to hold onto him. I grabbed at whatever I could reach and hoped that the chair and I didn’t faceplant.

I gasped as his fingers slipped out of me and the head of his cock replaced them.

“I’m going to have to fuck you very hard now, all the way to my balls. I won’t be able to restrain myself!”

I cried out as the first orgasm ripped through me. His words alone caused that but as I felt his cock thrust up inside of me, I cried out again.

His hands were on the back of the chair now, yanking it back as he thrust up into me. I had never been fucked this hard in my life! I reached behind him, grabbing his ass and forcing him even harder inside of me until I thought I could take no more. I was beyond moaning now. I was screaming, crying out and digging my fingers into his ass cheeks, tears streaming down my face. Not tears of pain or sadness. I was just so overcome with the sensations of holding off for so long and now cumming so very hard! He was crying out too.

He took one hand from the chair and began working it over my red, swollen pussy and clit, increasing my pleasure even more!

Time stood still as intense pleasure washed over the two of us until I felt my insides being flooded with his hot cum. So much cum that some of it dripped back out of me. He pulled his cock out slowly. I could feel more cum dribbling.

He leaned into me then, sweaty and panting, his hand still working over my pussy, pulling at my lips, rubbing my clit, and thrusting up inside of me, driving me to even more orgasms.

As soon as he caught his breath, he kissed his way down my back, placing his tongue against my ass, lapping and cleaning up his cum from me. His hands held the arms of the chair now to keep me from tipping over. I heard him making soft, pleasing sounds.

I was working hard to breathe. My heart was pounding like crazy. My throat was dry. He pulled a bottle of water from the table beside the chair and pressed it to my lips before replacing it with his own lips, allowing his cum to swirl through my mouth. I shuddered.

It was cold and we were both naked. The couch was just a few feet away. He grabbed a blanket, wrapped me in it and walked me to the couch, depositing me so my legs were spread wide. The blanket was pulled back to expose that part of me.

“Show me how much you love that pussy! Make yourself cum for me!”

I protested, saying that I was too sore. He just looked deeply into my eyes and said he knew I would do it for him because I was such a good girl. I was shaking now. Parts of me still cold and still in recovery mode from all the orgasms.

I lightly placed my fingers against my clit and began rubbing. I was sore. But it sort of felt good. I hesitated. He smiled at me, took my hand away, gave me a few sharp smacks between my legs then took my hand and began using it to rub my slickness down there. I tried to move my pussy away but he persisted until I brought myself to another orgasm.

He then turned me so I was on my back. He positioned one leg up over the back of the couch and the other pulled back on the floor. He used a scarf to tie that leg to the table beside me and tied my wrists together overhead.

“Close your eyes and hold still”.

I heard a buzzing sound. It was my Hitachi vibrator. I always keep it plugged in and on my bed. How did it get in here? Maybe he had the gardener move it there before he left?

He pressed the vibrator between my legs. I tried to bolt. My flesh was far too tender for this now. He shushed me and told me to lie still and keep cumming. He kept changing the speed from low to high, running it back and forth between my legs while his hand restrained my leg that was thrown over the back of the couch. My attempts to get away only caused my pelvis to thrust upwards, forcing me into the vibrations. He switched from pressing it tightly at the opening to my pussy, to rubbing it back and forth, driving me from one painful orgasm to the next.

All I could do was to shout, “Fuck! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!” I felt like I was chanting it over and over again. He only shut off the vibrator when it began overheating. I was a mess now. Panting and groaning. My pussy had never been this sore before.

He put my hand on his cock so I could feel its hardness. Then he straddled my face, contorting himself over me so he could push his cock into my mouth. He pushed it deep down my throat then extracted it. He knew I wanted more. I loved sucking his cock.

He hopped off of the couch, untied me and had me get down on my knees, teasing me with his cock as he backed into the bedroom. Letting me touch it with my tongue then backing up so I had to scoot forward to get at it. We were both laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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