The Three Secrets

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“I’m gonna love ya — and treat ya right,

I’m gonna love ya — every day and every night.”

Like any self-respecting guy, I was standing at the beach bar, watching the girls gyrating to the band’s rendition of a number of reggae classics. Jake and Jenna were about the only couple dancing. Most of the other guys were watching the Superbowl final in the hotel’s lounge. I guess Jake would have been with them if he hadn’t married Jenna the day before, and he had to show that he was the loving husband. Me, I’ve never found football that compelling, and I was working on my own plan, involving me, one of Jenna’s girlfriends and maybe a hot tub. Or at least something else hot and wet.

But it seemed that Jenna had warned all of her friends about me. See, Jenna and me, we had this ‘thing’ going, a few years back. For reasons best not examined too closely, Jenna ended up with Jake. She still tolerates me because I’m Jake’s best buddy, but I guess she thinks of me as bad news, and on this occasion she seemed to have decided that her girlfriends needed to know and to be protected from me. I thought this was a little harsh. They could look after themselves – they were all big girls. Some were very big girls. But none of them showed any interest in anything beyond a little conversation.

So here I was, on the beach, watching a bunch of women dancing in the sand, feeling kinda horny but having to make do with drinking mojitos and just — well, just watching. As Jenna seemed to have declared all of her girlfriends off limits, I changed my focus to some girls who were with another group. They seemed to be having a good time, and I was having quite a good time watching them.

In the middle of the group there was this hot blonde. She was kinda cute, with long hair in pigtails, big eyes and a turned-up nose. She was wearing a tight halter top that showed off her nice tits and her slim waist, and a skirt that came half-way down her long thighs. She was dancing barefoot, and clearly enjoying herself, smiling and laughing, opening her generous mouth wide. She could certainly dance, and she was surrounded by a group of pretty girls of various shapes and sizes who were all laughing and dancing with her.

“¿Muy bonitas, no?” Miguel, the entertainment manager, was looking at the same group of girls, and at the blonde in particular. He and I had become drinking buddies since we met at one of the evening entertainment sessions and discussed the band — and the rather sexy lead singer. He was checking out the quality of the reggae group, in a professional capacity — and, from what I could see, also checking out the quality of the young women dancing to them, in a personal capacity.

“Si”, I replied. I thought the blonde was particularly ‘bonita’.

Perhaps she saw us looking at her, because she suddenly called to her buddies, and she and several of them came across to us. “Hey guys, come and dance with us!” she said in an excited voice. Miguel, who is a good dancer, looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders, said “¿si, como no?” and followed her onto the dancing area — hardly a dance floor as it was just part of the beach.

Miguel was soon dancing opposite a nicely-stacked brunette, while I focused on the blonde. I’m not sure if it’s against hotel rules for the staff to come on to the guests, but to be fair, the brunette was coming on pretty strong to Miguel, who seemed happy if a little unsure of how far this could go.

Meanwhile, I was making quite a lot of eye contact with the blonde – trying to avoid staring openly at her nice tits – and hoping for some other contact soon.

“Is this love, is this love, is this love, is this love that I’m feeling?”

I guess Bob Marley could have answered his own question. They say that love is something you feel above the waist. What I was feeling wasn’t so much love as a familiar hardening of something inside the pants as my new dance partner gyrated sexily to the music. The girls had dragged one or two other guys onto the dance area, so it wasn’t quite so obvious that I was trying to come on to the blonde — or maybe she was coming on to me. Either way, it was an interesting and pleasant experience.

Two more numbers on and she said “I need a drink!”

“I’ll buy you one,” I replied, which made her smile as it was an all-inclusive resort.

Over a couple of mojitos, and a sexy smile from her, we exchanged a little information.

“You with a wedding group?”

“Yeah!” I replied. “Jake and Jenna over there. They got married yesterday. We go back in two days. You?”

“Oh yeah. The wedding’s not until the day after tomorrow – sounds like the same day you’re going home – so we’re letting our hair down. All the guys are watching the Superbowl final and it’s a little boring. But girls just wanna have fun, eh? Where are you from?”

“Toronto. You?”

“Edmonton. It’s good to get away from the snow for a while, don’t you think?”

“Sure is.”

“You dance well.”

“Why thank you ma’am,” I replied. “You dance pretty well yourself. So what’s your name? And are you, like a bridesmaid Bostancı Escort or just a friend of the bride?”

“How’s your Spanish? Tengo tres secretos,” she replied mysteriously. “You need to find them out.”

The band started up another number.

“I wanna have sex on the beach. Everybody move your body”.

“Hey — let’s dance some more!” she said, taking my drink from me, putting both our glasses on the bar, grabbing my hand and dragging me back out into the area in front of the stage. She danced very suggestively, moving her hips in a sexy way as she sang along with the words of the song – all the while making eye contact. It seemed to me that she was giving me some very obvious signals — but then Jenna might have had other views.

I watched the blonde swaying and twisting; watched her nice, full titties moving enticingly in front of me; watched her play with the hem of her short skirt, lifting it higher on her thighs, showing me more of those long, tanned legs. The pressure in my pants was growing by the moment.

At the end of the song, we stumbled off the dance area. My new-found friend looked around, then took my hand again and led me behind the beach bar. A couple of guys were still dancing with the other girls, but I noticed that Miguel had disappeared, and so had the stacked brunette. Then the blonde pulled me into the shadows and kissed me. I responded with all the pent-up hunger she’d aroused in me.

“Would you like to eat?” she asked me as we both came up for air.

We were at an all-inclusive hotel, where food was available 24-7. When I looked a little puzzled, she laughed and said “I’m sure I can fix you something you’ll like. I promise it’ll be nice and juicy”. I got the message – or at least I hoped I had.

We continued around the back of the beach bar so we wouldn’t be seen, and headed off, hand in hand, past rows of sun-loungers and beach umbrellas. Maybe a hundred yards from the music there was a line of beach cabanas where you could relax during the day — palapa roofs, curtains on three sides, and a big, plastic-coated mattress inside; you know the sort of thing. She looked up and down the beach, then slipped into one. “C’mon,” she giggled. “Hey — I’ll show you my first secret!”

I followed her, and we were soon kissing again. The halter top unfastened real easily, and I soon had two new toys to play with — and they looked and felt real. Her nipples were pink, small, hard, quite long and apparently nicely sensitive, as a little manual and oral stimulation showed. Between kisses and nipple sucks she managed to pull my t-shirt over my head. Then she shimmied back on the mattress with her long legs stretched out towards me. With a sly smile on her face, she lifted the hem of her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties. “Secret number one. And I can assure you that everything you see is really tasty. Why don’t you try some?”

Her smile, as well as the long vertical smile between her legs, was very inviting. We kissed a while longer while my fingers made some tentative forays around the deforested and partially-flooded cleft. Then I headed in the direction she was indicating. Everything was smooth and soft — freshly waxed, I guessed — with some quite chewy inner lips, and it was all covered in a spicy coating of woman-juice. I went to work.

Even Jenna would admit — though not to Jake – that I’m a skilled pussy eater. While each little pink valley has its own particular terrain and features, the basic geography is the same. Once your lips and tongue have been around a few of these moist little dells, and you can read the directions — a little gasp, a widening of the legs, a hand grasping your hair — then orienteering is no problem and a lot of fun. I could tell that my mystery friend was enjoying the way my tongue trailed around the cave entrance, and especially when I slid lower and teased at the other puckered hole with its tip. I took my time nibbling along her quite fleshy inner ridges, taking my time, savouring the taste. By the time I reached the head of the valley, she was ready for something more direct.

Her clit was quite large, and I spent a while exploring all of its surfaces, just gently probing with the tip of my tongue, sometimes lapping with the flat, or closing my lips around it, sucking gently as I strummed the head. The effect seemed to be broadly positive, judging by the moans and gasps that came from the darkness somewhere above my head, and the way her body started to writhe and buck around. I switched technique, not wanting her to come too soon, revisiting some earlier territory, slipping my tongue as far inside her as it would go, rimming her tight puckered asshole – she giggled and wriggled a bit at first, but then really seemed to get into it – and taking long, wet strokes from ass to clit and back again.

When she grabbed my hair with both hands and guided my mouth back to focus on her clitoris, I didn’t need any verbal signals. Sure, I got quite a few — moans, gasps, little squeals, cries of ‘ohmygod!’ and ‘ohfuckohfuck!’ — but these were occasionally muffled Ümraniye Escort as she alternately squeezed my head between her strong thighs, and then spread them wide so she could try to push her clit down my throat. As she finally got where she wanted to be, I had to hold her thighs almost flat to the mattress with my forearms to prevent her breaking my neck as her body bucked underneath me. Quite a clever trick, I thought, as I was finger-fucking both holes at the same time.

Finally, when the main ‘quake was over and she’d quietened down from the aftershocks, I lifted up from my position of worship at that fountain of girl juices and smiled up at her. She had this faraway look in her eyes.

“Wow! Thank you, mister! I know when I’m licked.” She giggled.

“My pleasure, ma’am. I enjoyed the buffet. Do you think there’s some room in there for a little tube steak?”

“Oh, I would expect so. How little are we talking?”

“See for yourself, ma’am. You may like a taste first.”

“Sure. Bring it up here where I can see it.”

I slipped out of my shorts and quickly brought my crotch to head level — if you see what I mean. I was, of course, upstanding, as any gentleman should be in the presence of a lady – or a hot babe like this one.

“Oooh,” she said as she took hold of my cock and stroked it gently up and down. “Not so little. Ni-ice!” She dipped her head and sucked gently on its head. The evening was getting better and better. Her mouth slid up and down, wetting me up nicely. Then, after only about a minute, she stopped.

“Sorry my friend, but I’ve eaten and drunk too much. If I take you any deeper I’m gonna puke. Anyway, the guys say that I’m not so good with my mouth, but I fuck really well. Would you like some more pussy?”

“Sure,” I said. I went for the rubber I always keep in my shorts pocket for ’emergencies’ like this.

As I pulled it out and tore open the wrapper, she pulled off her skirt and the halter top that were both around her waist. Naked, she was exceptionally good-looking. Her tits were big but not at all saggy and were definitely natural. Her waist was slim — she had a small navel piercing — and her legs were long, smooth and nicely shaped.

I applied the rubber and looked at her. “So how would you like it?”

“Let’s do it doggy. I come best like that. And you can find out my second secret.”

She smiled, turned around and got up on her knees. Her ass looked hot. There was a tattoo on her back of three Chinese characters. I’m not really a fan of the tramp-stamp, but this one looked reasonably tasteful.

“What do you think it says?” she asked.

“It says ‘give it to me hard up the ass, big boy’ in Cantonese,” I replied.

She laughed. “No, silly. It’s my name in Mandarin. It says ‘Angel of the Snows’.”

“That’s like what you do with your arms in your front yard, right? Or is that the thing with the pee?”

She laughed again. “Look, you rude boy, my name is Angel and I come from Edmonton where it snows a lot. It was my boyfriend’s idea.”

“I still think it says ‘give it to me hard up the ass, big boy’.”

“Well it doesn’t. But if you’d like to start gently, I may encourage you to give it to me a little harder in my pussy — big boy.”

Looking forward to experiencing that form of encouragement in the not-too-distant future, I lined up with the hole on offer. Entry was smooth, although she seemed remarkably tight for a girl who had just come, and she gasped a little. OK, so I’m not exactly Mr Pencil Dick, but neither am I Mandingo. This girl was nicely tight, and she seemed to be enjoying the girth I was offering her.

“So is this secret number three; that you have a tight little pussy?”

She giggled a little, then gasped as I seemed to stretch her tight hole. “You like? Not – not one of my – my secrets. Just an extra little – surprise.”

I placed my hands on her hips and began a slow, easy rhythm, alternating shallow and deeper thrusts to test what would go down well. For her part, Angel wiggled her hips in a very enjoyable way, giving me some great sensations and apparently enjoying my action. I worked out pretty quickly that riding higher in the saddle and pointing my dick down and against the front of her love tunnel seemed to get the most enthusiastic response. A few gasps of “Oh yeah! Right there, right there!” reinforced this view.

In a condom, I can keep this up – and I do mean up – for quite a while. If I’d been fucking Angel bareback, I doubt I could have lasted five minutes. After what I judged to be around ten minutes of Chris’s Patent Reciprocating Action, it felt like Angel was ready for the grand finale. I reached around and started to tease those pert little nipples. This seemed to go down quite well, but I sensed that my cock-angle had changed as a result, and was now moving in a sub-optimal range. So I knelt upright again and corrected the angle of thrust. Like an experienced pilot, I didn’t need instruments to show me when I was flying straight and level; I could do that by feel, and of course guided by Angel’s Kartal Escort little gasps and moans.

Now it was time for in-flight adjustment number two. Right arm moves around, between the lady’s very open thighs, and middle finger homes in on that over-sized clitoris. Immediate feedback – Angel’s moans get louder and she arches her back a little to increase contact.

Step two. Left thumb into mouth, nice and wet, and then slid between our bodies to tease the back of Angel’s slit and her perineum. A soft ‘oooh!’ from Angel. There’s a lot of girl-juice around, so everything’s nice and slippery.

Finally, step three. Nicely-slick thumb circles Angel’s little pink asshole, teasing where my tongue got some positive feedback earlier, getting naughtier. Angel gasps and wriggles. Ready for final approach. Cock still at optimum angle? Check! Finger pressure on clit in ideal range – not too soft, not too hard? Angel’s moans and thrusting movements confirm. So now, lift the left hand slightly, change the angle of the thumb and press. Contact! In it slides, to the first knuckle. Angel gives a little shriek, and I do a little wiggle with my thumb, out a little to pick up more pussy juice, tease the inner surfaces with a little swirl, then all the way in.

So there was sweet Angel; my dick was rubbing her up the right way, her clit was getting circled and stroked by my finger, and she had all of my thumb up her ass, swirling and stimulating naughty places that I guessed she wasn’t used to having stimulated. What was the poor girl to do? She really had no option; she came.

Both my hands were occupied, or I would have slapped one over her mouth. She let out a loud “Oh – OOOOH” followed by several “Ahs” and a stream of “Ohmygods”. Quite apart from the noise, I could tell she was coming by the squeezing. Her nice, tight pussy was rippling around my dick – I love it when a girl is tight enough for me to feel that – and her ultra-tight ass was repeatedly throbbing around my thumb. Of course, being the filthy bastard that I am, I would have preferred those sensations the other way round, but hey – this was a very acceptable result.

I let Angel take what she needed from me, continuing Chris’s infallible triple-action until she begged me to stop, and only then went for my own finale. By this stage I was close but out of cigar range, if you understand me, so I pushed the throttles forward and increased my pace and power.

Whether she meant it or not, Angel encouraged me. “Yeah! Ohmygod! Harder! Yeah, yeah. Fuck me harder! Yeah. Shove it in deep. On yeah. Fuck me baby. Fuck me. Gimme that beautiful cock. Oh yeah, harder, harder!”

There’s not a great deal of that kind of talk that a guy can take, especially when it’s coming from a hot babe like Angel, so after barely another minute I obligingly filled the condom. I’d stopped rubbing her clit, but I kept my thumb up her ass, and I could feel it through the thin wall between her ass and her pussy. I made a mental note to find a willing girl and a friend so I could see what a full double-penetration felt like. In the meantime, this improvised mini-DP was pretty damn good, and I had to bite my lip to prevent me from making similar noises to those that Angel had recently made – just in a lower register.

The plastic surface of the sun-lounger mattress was a little cool and sticky against my perspiration-covered skin, but I enjoyed the feeling of Angel’s tits against my chest.

“I don’t even know your name,” she said after we’d kissed again and she’d draped her soft loveliness along my body.

“Perhaps that should be my secret,” I replied.

“Aw c’mon! I’ve told you mine. And you’ve fucked me. It’s only fair to let me know whose cock I’ve had in my pussy. Especially as it was such a nice cock, and so skilfully used.” She kissed me again, then smiled at me coyly.

“I’ll tell you if you suck it.” Well, it was worth a try.

“Baby, I’d love to, but my friends will be looking for me. Maybe another time? But you must give me your name. If you do, I’ll give you my phone number.”

“OK. My name’s Chris.”

“That’s nice. And what do you do, Chris?”

“I’m an airline pilot.”

“Wow! That’s glamorous.”

“Not really. Most of the time it’s like driving a bus.”

“Did you fly down here?”

“If you mean did I come here by plane, then yes. But no, I wasn’t flying it. I’m here for my buddy’s wedding, so it’s purely a vacation. And what do you do? Or is that another secret?”

“No, but it’s quite boring. I’m an accountant. And I’m here for a wedding too. Which reminds me, I’d better get back to my buddies or they could start asking awkward questions.”

“What about the phone number?” I asked.

“Sure. Do you have your phone with you?” I reached into the pocket of my discarded shorts and handed the phone to her. She pressed a few buttons, and then the flash went off. She giggled and pressed a few more buttons. “I wanted a picture of you as a souvenir. I’ve sent it to my phone, so now you have my number.” She smiled again. Her expression was a bit like a girl-scout who has just managed to make fire through rubbing two pieces of wood together. I idly wondered about that DP, and the future possibility of rubbing two pieces of wood together through the membrane separating her ass and her pussy. Well, I could dream, couldn’t I?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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