The Three-Wheel Bicycle


The figure beside her stirred slightly; Tessa’s hand slid down between her ass cheeks, and a softly murmured, “Mmmm,” floated out from under the covers as Tessa’s fingers searched out the magical places. Tessa felt her own body respond as her fingers slid past the curve of warm buttocks and directly between the legs of the sleeping figure.

Tessa pondered as to who was the wetter between them as the woman under the sheets stirred again, this time parting her legs providing Tessa greater access. Her fingers found their target, and Tessa, a little bolder now, slid two fingers into her partner’s moist opening, compelling the sleeping figure to rotate her pelvis upward which caused her ass to stick up slightly.

Tessa continued using her fingers in a slow, easy manner, making the girl in bed with her very slick in a short time. The girl moaned when Tessa removed her fingers to look at them. They were lustrous with the other’s juices. Tessa brought them to her mouth and licked them. She gave a satisfied sigh and sent them back into the girl’s pussy, spreading them on encountering the muscular ring inside. The girl exhaled and raised her hips higher.

“Are you awake, Loni?” Tessa whispered softly as she lowered the sheet down the girl’s tan back. Loni’s back was smooth, soft, unblemished and evenly tan. Tessa began kissing her back with a light, gentle touch. Loni sighed, and her pussy gripped the fingers inside her. Her body was responding on its own, beginning to writhe and undulate in time with Tessa’s motions. Tessa’s fingers moved around until one found Loni’s clit, massaging it just the way she liked it. Loni’s hips began bucking back against the probing fingers, and Tessa moved closer so that her breasts pressed more firmly against the tan girl’s back. Tessa began to smother her lover with kisses; on the neck, the cheek, the ear, and finally the lips. Their tongues met, and Loni moaned into Tessa’s mouth as she achieved her orgasm with trembling shudders while Tessa’s fingers continued making soft, wet squishing noises between her tanned, lean legs.

“I love it when you wake me up like that.” Loni said softly, looking into Tessa’s deep green eyes. Tessa looked into Loni’s expressive soft brown eyes then kissed her lover tenderly. Tessa let her slick fingers trail over one of Loni’s small breasts, making her cone-shaped nipple wet with her own cum. Tessa massaged the breast slowly, letting Loni feel the slickness on her nipple. The alarm-radio came on; rupturing what had been a wonderful start to the day. Tessa sat upright, glaring at the radio.

“C’mon, we gotta get to work.” Tessa said then ran her hand through Loni’s downy soft bush. “Thank God it’s Friday!”

The two of them showered together, soaping each other playfully. Tessa loved to soap Loni up and run her hands over her slippery body. For that matter, she loved having Loni do the same thing to her. The two young ladies that left the apartment thirty minutes later were already making plans for that evening.

They worked in the same building, but for different companies, and separated in the lobby. Tessa rode the elevator to her floor, thinking about how things had changed since she’d met Loni. That had been at one of those swingers clubs; Loni had fulfilled one of her erotic fantasies with Tessa’s help. Both had been literally covered with sperm from their many partners and had playfully cleaned each other with their respective tongues while a crowd gathered around them, hooting and hollering raucously.

Since that night, Tessa and Loni were almost always together. They had both changed jobs in the last eight months, and now lived together at Tessa’s apartment. They shared the men in their lives too. Together they had sampled sex with as many as six men at a time, but preferred to share one so they could watch him grow hard as one or the other teased him. They made certain to share the men in their bed, and always finished the lovemaking by going down on one another.


The day passed quickly, until about two in the afternoon when her co-worker Bert dropped by her desk. Tessa liked Bert even though, for some strange reason, he never made a direct pass at her. He seemed to prefer more subtle hints, double-entendres, and the like. His solid build and warm smile made Tessa forget he was 33 to her 22.

Bert was checking on another project, and after he was satisfied, he smiled at Tessa’s legs. She was wearing a short dress by office standards, but it was still modest compared to current trends, and hugged Tessa in all the right places.

“Nice dress,” he said stopping next to her desk and giving her a long, approving look.

Tessa smiled, and he followed up with an invitation to a party that night.

Well he finally asked me out, she thought. She took a deep breath before answering him. Tessa gave him her best smile and said, “That sounds so promising, Bert, but I owe my roomie dinner, I’m sorry but due to previous cancellations I can’t back out on her tonight.”

“Well then, bring Anadolu Yakası Escort her along. She’s invited too.”

“Um, let me check with her, okay?”

“Sure, I’ve seen the two of you together. She’s almost as pretty as you. She’s more than welcome.”

On the phone, Tessa described Bert to Loni. At 20, Loni thought he sounded a little too old, but she agreed after Tessa said that they needn’t bed him. Tessa made her call to Bert and he said that he’d meet them in the garage after work.

In the garage, they all climbed into Bert’s car, with Tessa introducing Loni and Bert to each other. The drive to the party wasn’t long; just long enough for them to begin to relax. Bert pulled the car up a long narrow driveway and parked in front of a sprawling ranch-style house that was set back from the road.

“Whose place is this?” Tessa asked.

“Mal Content’s,” Bert said. “You know the new guy in advertising.”

Tessa nodded and then whispered something to Loni who gigged inanely while Bert frowned.

They rang the bell and a lovely woman answered and greeted Bert warmly by giving him a kiss that lingered longer than strict protocol dictated. Loni nudged Tessa and got nudged back before the kiss ended. Bert introduced the girls to their hostess, a thirtyish woman named Evelyn, and she led them all inside.

Tessa’s eyes took in the scene; a large living room with many people talking in small groups or milling about; a table held a generous buffet, and scattered around there seemed to be lots of people laughing. They were given drinks, and a young woman about Loni’s age came over.

“Hi, I’m Samantha.” She said, looking at Loni with what Tessa thought were very hungry blue eyes.

The two began to talk about a movie that had just opened the day before and Tessa wandered over to look at the buffet. When she turned around, Bert had moved off to talk to someone at the far end of the room. Loni was still in her animated conversation with Samantha, a slim, blonde-haired beauty with hints of Oriental blood dressed in an acid-washed style denim jumpsuit.

As a matter of course, Tessa compared Samantha’s figure to Loni’s and noted that Samantha’s breasts were much larger, larger than even her own.

“Excuse me.” A man said, and Tessa moved aside, glancing over at him. He looked back at her and something about his penetrating dark eyes made her horny. He reached over and picked up an hor d’ourve then looked back to Tessa. “I don’t think we’ve met.” He said in a voice that was deep, yet soft. “My name’s Charlie.”

Tessa smiled nervously, she was excited by him, but hesitant to show it too quickly. “Tessa,” she said. “That’s Loni talking to Samantha over there.” she added, pointing out Loni.

“Ah!” Charlie smiled. His smile seemed to make his eyes warmer somehow. “I wondered who she was. Sam has a way of making friends quickly.”

“Your wife?” Tessa asked, glancing at Samantha again.

“Oh, no, no!” Charlie laughed. “I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you, but I’m about twice her age.”

Tessa looked him over. Charlie was in his late thirties, average height, not incredibly handsome, but intelligent and built pretty well. That put Samantha right around Loni’s age, and that made Tessa’s mind think of possibilities.

Loni came over with Samantha, and introductions were made. That’s when Tessa noticed that Samantha had green eyes too. Samantha noticed Tessa’s eyes as well.

“Oh now I’m really jealous.” Samantha said. “You got the dark hair I always wanted.”

Tessa laughed. “It’s not that great.”

“Oh, yeah?” Samantha said, “Try living as a dumb blonde for a while.”

“I know,” Tessa replied. “I spent a summer as a blonde a couple years ago. I really surprised some guys when I had to figure out the size of the tip for them at dinner.”

“And you dumped them afterward?” Samantha asked hopefully.

“No, I picked one and fucked his brains out. But that’s what being a blonde is all about, isn’t it?”

Tessa’s remark didn’t sit well with Samantha, and Tessa realized it and prompted set out to make amends.

“However there are always exceptions, and I can see that you’re one of them, Samantha. Anyway, any friend of Loni’s is a friend of mine.”

“And I understand you are a very good friend of Loni’s aren’t you?” Samantha shot back.

“Yes, I am,” Tessa said, bristling at this revelation of her and Loni’s relationship. How could Loni tell her about us so quickly?

Samantha laughed. “I know that Loni and I are going to be very good friends too. Maybe the three of us will become good friends.”

“That would be nice,” Tessa replied. Over my dead body, Tessa thought, but kept the smile on her face.

Loni wandered over to them balancing three drinks, and made a production of handing them out. “Isn’t Samantha something, Tessa?”

“She certainly is,” Tessa replied and took a deep gulp of her drink.

“Were you born in the States, Samantha?” Tessa asked, wondering about the oriental Avrupa Yakası Escort features she wore so well.

“Yes,” she smiled, “but I do have some Tahitian bloodlines. My mother was born there. I’m half Tahitian, half Caucasian. So, where are your people from, Tessa, Russia perhaps?”

“I’m afraid I don’t match up with your exotic background, Samantha.

My … people are from Texas. San Antonio, to put a place to it, and no, none of my ancestors fought at the Alamo.”

“I think all you lovelies have an exotic if not downright erotic glow to you,” Charlie said with a big loveable grin.

The conversation continued with both Tessa and Samantha maintaining an unspoken truce, fearing that to fight over Loni would most likely send her off with their enemy for the night at least, if not for good.

They laughed and talked a bit, with Loni mumbling about always wanting a bigger chest. “You’re beautiful the way you are.” Tessa said.

“Yes.” Samantha added with a smile. “Big boobs draw big jerks sometimes, you know.”

Tessa refrained from saying, ‘And you would know.’ And contented herself with nodding.

“I think you’re all very sensual looking.” Charlie added, “Breast sizes notwithstanding. I mean, all three of you have enough to delight any man,” he paused and seeing he had the attention of all three women, added, “or woman.” He looked at each of them, cleared his throat and smiled weakly. “Sorry. But that’s what I think.”

“Why do you say that?” Loni asked naively.

“Well, bold as this might be, I can picture the sensual way you’d move around in bed.” Charlie said.

Samantha clapped her hands and laughed. “Charlie, you’re clearly a man with imagination!” “How come you’ve never said things like that to me?”

“Because you’re a tawdry little flirt and besides,” Charlie grinned, “You get too noisy.”

Samantha stuck her tongue out at him.

“Is Samantha a screamer?” Tessa asked, laughing.

“No.” Samantha said sharply.

“No, she’s a moaner.” Charlie grinned. Samantha poked him in the ribs.

“Well, Loni does move nicely in bed.” Tessa blurted out, causing both Charlie and Samantha to snap their heads towards Tessa.

“First hand knowledge?” Samantha grinned mischievously.

Tessa blushed warmly. So did Loni.

“Oh ho!” Charlie snickered. “I think we embarrassed them.”

Samantha leaned forward and whispered into Loni’s ear. Charlie and Tessa watched as Loni smiled and then her eyes opened wide. Loni’s mouth opened as if she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. At last, when Samantha finished, Loni looked at her and nodded, giggling.

“Gee.” Charlie said. “I feel left out.”

Tessa looked from Samantha to Loni. Both were smiling coyly. “Well, so do I.” Tessa said, staring directly at Loni.

“We don’t have to put up with this you know.” Charlie said, mocking a snobbish attitude. Getting no response, he offered his arm to Tessa. “At least allow me to buy you a drink and we’ll let these two have their secrets.”

Tessa laughed then winked at Loni. Charlie took Tessa by the arm and moved off to the bar, leaving Samantha and Loni giggling. At the bar, Tessa kept one eye on Loni across the room while she and Charlie talked. He was murmuring something about Samantha getting herself into mischief again, and that they had best get ready for some good laughs.

“How so?” Tessa asked.

“Well, the last time she was at a party with me,” Charlie started, “She ended up getting tipsy, then starting a skinny-dipping party in the host’s pool.”

“You don’t say,” Tessa shook her head, glancing over at Samantha.

“The host didn’t mind too much.” Charlie said. “It got very friendly in that pool.”

“I’ll bet!” Tessa laughed.

“Yeah, it took two days to get everyone’s undies out of the filter.” He said, looking at Tessa over his glass.

“Your pool?” Tessa asked, looking directly at him. He nodded. “Well, did you get something for your troubles?” She added. Charlie grinned broadly and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Tessa laughed.

Samantha and Loni had disappeared, and Tessa scanned the room, but didn’t see them.

“They probably went to the powder room.” Charlie said off-handedly when he saw Tessa looking for them. “I’d better check.” Tessa said, putting her drink down.

“Whoa girl,” Charlie said, gently holding her arm. “Let them gossip and giggle.” He looked at Tessa’s worried expression. “Why, you’re jealous!”

Tessa blushed, and shook her head in denial.

“Samantha’s a little wild, but she’s not stupid.” Charlie said. “Don’t worry about it. They’ll be okay.”

Something in the way he soothed her feelings made Tessa relax a little. This was the first time she’d even thought about Loni going off alone with another woman. And of all things, Tessa was maddest at herself for feeling jealousy.

Charlie and Tessa moved around the room, and after about twenty minutes, even he was getting curious about the absence of the two girls.

Tessa İstanbul Escort had pretty good idea of what they were doing, and when she spied a couple coming down the hallway from one of the rooms in the back of the large house adjusting their clothes.

“Still worried about Loni and Samantha?” Charlie asked as the couple passed by. Tessa nodded. He took Tessa’s hand and whispered in her ear. “Let’s go see.”

Tessa felt her heart jump, then pound in her chest. She liked Charlie, he was her kind of man, but she was also fighting jealousy over Loni. She really didn’t want her suspicions confirmed. But she still let Charlie lead her down the hall and around the corner.

There were several open doors, and peeking inside each revealed either nothing, or more party goers chatting. They listened at a few doors, and then heard moaning from one near the end of the hallway. It was that special moaning that a woman makes in the throes of orgasm, and was being punctuated with small cries.

“Hmm, I think we found them.” Charlie said quietly. Tessa gritted her teeth then mentally slapped herself for being so jealous. It took her a minute to realize that it wasn’t just the fact that Loni was with woman, but that she was with another woman that she wanted too!

The door was locked, and Charlie made a face. Tessa touched his arm for them to retreat back to the party. Just as Charlie was about to turn away, the door across the hall began to unlock. Tessa was about to run away, but Charlie pulled her close to him and embraced her. As the door opened, so did Tessa’s mouth and Charlie’s swirling tongue entered hers, igniting her passions. They continued their kiss, letting the other couple move past them, thus saving the couple embarrassment, and themselves from appearing to be snoops. As the other couple moved off, and they continued kissing, both of them realized they wanted more, much more.

“No room at the inn,” Charlie said. “But let’s give the garage a look. You never know. And holding Tessa’s hand they made their way to the garage and opened the door. It was pitch black inside.

Charlie felt along the wall, found the light switch and flipped the lights on.

It was a three-car garage, with one-third devoted to exercise equipment, like treadmills, weights and exercise bicycles.

But it was the old-fashioned three-wheeled bicycle that caught both their eyes.

“I haven’t seen one like that in years,” Charlie said, moving closer to it.

“I can’t recall ever seeing one like it,” Tessa said.

“We’re going to fuck, aren’t we, Tessa?”

She was taken aback by his directness. Yes, she had expected to screw him, but his bluntness had shaken her to the point of being unable to respond.

“Lost your tongue, eh?” Charlie laughed, and removed his sports jacket.

“It doesn’t matter, get naked, your clothing might get messed up in here,” Charlie never paused in his undressing, he was stepping out of his neatly pressed slacks before Tessa’s fingers found the zipper at the back of her dress.

Less than a minute later they faced each other, naked, examining one another’s bodies.

“You’re beautiful,” Charlie told her, and she knew he meant it.

“You too,” she said a few heartbeats later. He was hung like a horse, she thought, but didn’t voice the words.

“Like what you see?” he laughed and made his erection jump in the air.

Tessa flinched at the sudden movement then laughed delightedly.

“Can you do that again?”

“Of course, I can,” he said, and made it leap again, amusing her no end.

“It’s ten inches,” he said anticipating her question. I’ve seen a couple bigger, but not that many.”

“It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” Tessa said in awe.

“Tell you what,” he said, “Let’s make this a memorable fuck.”

She started at him as if he’d lost his mind.

“I’m serious. What do you think about getting it on while on this bicycle?”

“The . . . the three-wheeler?”

“Yeah,” and he put his arm around her waist and steered her to the bicycle.

“How?” Tessa started to say, but he shushed her and lifted her up on the bicycle then maneuvered her so that she was supporting herself by leaning back against the wire basket at the rear of the bicycle while sitting on the seat and holding on to the large tires.

“Here,” Charlie said, “put your feet against the handlebars.”

Tessa found that this positioning afforded her a support she hadn’t imagined possible. Charlie stood, feet apart facing her. He kept the bicycle balanced with his hands. “Ready for me?” he asked gently.

“I’m excited, but with the size of your thing and my precarious position on this contraption, I don’t know.”

“Close your eyes,” he said calmly.

Tessa closed her eyes. She realized that she was extremely wet, and momentarily worried about sliding off the leather seat and falling onto the floor.

As if reading her mind, Charlie said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.”

Quickly he moved against her. “Christ, he’s in me!’ she thought. I didn’t feel him going in and . . . how could that be with his size?

She felt his next thrust, however. And with the following thrust he had penetrated her farther than any man ever had. He’s deeper than that gigantic dildo I bought last year, Tessa gulped.

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