The Trawlerman’s Ex.


First of all, the disclaimers. No small furry animals were harmed in the making of this story. All persons were over the age of 18 years and fucked each other with full consent. Please feel free to write a comment of any sort. If I fucked something up, I’d like to know. That’s how we learn… usually. And please vote. It gives me a bit of a buzz.


Once upon a time there was a fisherman… me. Back in my wild days I worked on fishing boats as a doryman. That meant I worked out of a smaller boat, usually an aluminium runabout, to get amongst the reef fish on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. These ‘tinny’s’ then made their way back to a mother-boat of any size, usually ranging from 28 feet to 60 feet in length where we processed and froze the catch and where we lived from two weeks to up to a month at a time. Not a glamorous or overly comfortable life but a shitload of fun and excitement and bloody hard work that kept me pretty fit. We’d come in to harbour from the Reef to unload our frozen product and tie the mother boat alongside the wharf, or ‘raft up’ against a vessel already at the wharf and unload across their deck to the wharf. Often we would be at the wharf the same time as Coral-K, a trawler that would only be out for a night or three before returning to unload. Not my kind of stuff, working all night and sewing patches in trawl nets. Give me a 60 or 80lb handline and a fight with a fish any day.

A bit about me. 6ft tall, deep and hairy chest, sun bleached blonde hair with darker hair underneath, a blonde beard around the moustache and mouth, blending into a darker auburn a bit further down. Yes, a long beard about nipple length but have you ever tried to shave in salt water? Fuck it, let it grow. I was lean and while not heavily muscled, I have plenty of muscle definition from hauling on ropes and chains and manhandling fish from the depths. I’ve been told i have a good torso and apparently I also have pretty good legs as well. And top that off with a dark/golden tan. My eyes are fucked, so I have to wear glasses to stop me from walking into stuff and I’m pretty gregarious with a ready smile. Yeah, I reckon I didn’t look too bad back then. (Don’t ask for a recent photo, you’ll not see the same bloke.)

Coral-K was owned by Rob and his missus, Tracy. He was a violent, drunken prick about thirty years old and she was a few years younger. Long blondish hair (usually in a pony tail), slim, long of limb with a great body, slim hips and about a large C cup breasts. She always wore a sheath type of t-shirt material dress that, I suppose, was easy to pull on and off and clean on a boat. I always spoke to Rob and only acknowledged Tracy with a smile and a nod as she was a bit reluctant to strike up a conversation with Rob around. That is, until Rob shot through with some bird he met at the pub. She had a ton of money, he divorced Tracy and left her the boat, the house and a mortgage. And of course Tracy blossomed into the beautiful woman she was before being downtrodden by a dickhead. And that’s how it sorta started.

Like I said, I used to acknowledge Tracy’s presence with a smile and a nod and often I would catch her looking at me in a sort of expressionless way. But then I reckon she caught me looking at her the same way before I smiled. After the breakup, I had a few conversations with her and although there was a mutual attraction, being at sea for a month at a time and in port for just a week or less didn’t allow our meetings to coincide with our differing schedules. But there was something sparking.

This story was at the end of one trip and it was coming close to summer in the tropics, so pretty warm. We tied up around 1:00 am with the tide and most of the crew went home to sleep. I stayed on board and woke up briefly as someone tied alongside us but rolled over and slept again. Just after sunrise I went up onto the deck to prepare for unloading the freezers and saw Tracy had tied up alongside us. I said a quick g’day and got busy. An hour later they’d already finished unloading and there was only Tracy and one deckie finishing the clean up. When she saw me she asked if I knew anything about diesels (yes) and could I give her some advice. Now, most people think that the first thing a seaman thinks of when they come in after a trip is sex. Wrong. Pub first. Then sex. Then pub. I gave it a seconds thought and decided climbing around an engine room on a bloody trawler was nowhere near top of the list.

But Tracy was. So the beer could wait.

It took another couple of hours to get our boat sorted, unloaded, cleaned and haul the tinnies out of the water before I was free to jump cross to have a look at Tracy’s problem. We climbed down into the crowded engine room where she showed me where there was oil leaking from the cylinder head rocker cover. No issue. I tightened that up and then she told me there was a vibration in the prop shaft that was a concern to her as that could become a major issue if left too long. I checked a few things, tightened and greased the stern gland, then said, Maltepe Escort “Lets take her for a run and see what’s happening.” Tracy agreed and we slipped the ropes and headed down to the mouth of the river and out to sea. The vibration was not bad but I was worried it could get worse, so I suggested we beach the boat on Round Island, just off the mouth of the river, and let the tide go out. Then we could have a look around underneath without resorting to diving and looking between gasped breathes. Tracy was happy with that as we’d only be about four or five hours before we re-floated and could go back into town.

As Tracy expertly ran the boat onto the beach, I dropped an anchor off the stern to hold the boat steady and then jumped over the side while she let the main anchor go off the bow. I then dragged it up onto the beach to hold us when the tide came in. At that point Tracy shut the engine down and stepped out of the wheelhouse. She leaned over the rail and called out to me, “Cuppa?” I was gazing at the way her breast was squashed against the steel of the rail and decided I wanted some of that.

We still had about half an hour before the boat started to list with the tide going out. At this point I was covered in sand, rust off the anchor and sweat. I replied, “How ’bout a bath first?” and swam out into the deeper water off the stern. I swear it wasn’t even a minute when Tracy appeared off the back deck clad in a bright blue two piece and jumped in.

We laughed and joked and splashed (carefully) between small coral outcrops. I swam down and saw a small clown fish weaving in and out of it’s anemone home and surfaced to tell Tracy about it. As I finished wiping water from my eyes, she was there, right in front of me. She put her hands to the back my neck and I felt her legs wrap around my waist. Fuuuuck!

“Nice?” she asked.

“Bloody oath.’ I replied as I put my arms around her and kissed her lightly on the lips, then her cheek, nose, forehead and eyelids.

She moaned, pulled tight against me and said “God I love that. Why did I wait so long?”

All I could say was “Mmmmmm”

I’m not a man of few words, ask anyone that knows me, however that wasn’t the time for words. My heart was beating hard, my breathe was just short pants and my cock was bursting in my shorts. Most men in the trade go commando due to sweat, humidity and other stuff, so my cock swung up from under the leg opening of my shorts and was pushing against the underside of her thigh, only an inch from her pussy. I ran my hands up her back and undid the tie at the back of her top, then lifted the covering cloth from her breast and went straight for her turgid, puckered nipple. Tracy leaned back to give me free access to that beautifully tanned breast and ground her crotch into my groin as she cried with delight at the feeling coursing from her nipple to her belly. I sucked her nipple as far into my mouth as I could and almost felt her nipple at the back of my throat. Tracy groaned deep in her throat and ground herself more and more against my cock. Her bikini bottoms were a bit abrasive against my swollen knob and as I reached down to adjust things I felt her hand pull her bottoms aside and she moved my throbbing hard-on against her pussy. She rubbed me against her clit and along her lips and I slipped the head into her as she pulled my head into her breast.

I really couldn’t hold back any longer. I pulled her onto my cock and holding her hips, I thrust into Tracy’s pussy until I came with a grunting orgasm that stiffened every muscle in my body, clenched my arse cheeks and eyes. By the time I gathered myself, Tracy was panting, cooing and shuddering against me after an orgasm of her own that I missed in it’s entirety.

“Is it always like that?’ Tracy asked.

“Every time with you.” I replied.

Tracy grinned and said “Then we need to do THAT again!”

I smiled back and said “And again.”

We gathered ourselves and climbed back on board the boat. After a quick drink of water and a wipe with a towel, I took my shorts off and pushed Tracy against the galley table as I removed the rest of her bikini and put my mouth to her trimmed mons. She moaned a ‘yesss’ and held my head with one hand and leaned back on the table with the other as I licked her swollen labia and slipped my tongue along the length of her slit. I pulled a pussy lip into my mouth and swung my head up and down as I slid my lips along the length of her parted, elongated lip. I rubbed my nose against her clitoris and licked the bottom of her hole as Tracy started to make squeaky little gasps and pushed herself against me.

Letting go of my head, Tracy grabbed one of my hands off her bum and pulled it to her breast. Now, I may not be the sharpest pencil in the box but I had no problem following up on that. I kneaded her breast and pulled her nipple between thumb and forefinger, rolled it, tugged it and kneaded her breast some more, all the while sucking the sweet juices from her quivering cunt as she undulated her hips against Anadolu Yakası Escort me. But Tracy had other ideas.

“Fuck me. Right here. Stick it in me.” she said and turned herself around and bent over the galley table, waving her arse at me and pulling one of my hands onto her breast again. With her bare arse opened up before me, I pushed my cock between her legs and rubbed it between her open pussy lips. Her cunt was slippery and warm and I rubbed my knob from side to side and up to her clitoris and then back to her opening until Tracy pushed back with her hips and my cock popped inside her. It was so nice to feel her arse pressed against my loins and as I started stroking in and out of her I reached around to rub her clit, only to find her own hand in the way. That freed me up to hold her tits with both hands! Yeee haaa! I rolled her stiffened nipples and could feel the hard little bumps around the edge of her aureola. The stiffened and wrinkled tips giving way to soft smooth skin and I took a complete handful of breast in each hand and squeezed them as I leaned back and drove into her.

Tracy groaned something intelligible and pushed her buttocks back at me with every in-stroke. She put her hands against the edge of the galley table and thrust her bum even further out as I grabbed her hips and laid it on. Hard and fast. Tracy must have rolled her hips far enough that her clit was getting plenty of attention and her orgasm was coming to the boil. I wasn’t far off either, as I felt the rolling tingle deep in my loins and then the end of my cock was pushing deep against her insides. Tracy started to make some small noises that quickly escalated to very loud short screams with each thrust. As her screams rose to a crescendo, I let go with another pulsing orgasm, tensing my back muscles, my buttocks, thighs and stomach, all the way to my fingers that I had dug into Tracy’s hip bones.

We slowed our strokes as we came down from the peak and when I slipped out, Tracy turned around and held me. Leaning against the table edge she lifted one leg and wrapped it around my thigh to pull me harder against her. We were both puffing and blowing like racehorses and grinning like fools. I leaned my cheek against her forehead slid my hands up her sweat slicked back and down to her bum. “Far out.” I said.

“Mmmm” said Tracy. “Far out, alright. Lets lay down” and she took my hand and pulled me down into the forecastle where she had a double bed laid out with pillows around the outside of the mattress and against the bulkhead. A small shelf ran down one side with several books and what looked like a sarong was hanging on the far bulkhead over the porthole on that side that threw a blue tinge on the light coming through. She switched a small wall fan on and the breeze cooled us as we settled onto the mattress. Sitting up, she reach overhead and opened the deck hatch and more breeze came though, slowly drying the sweat on our bodies. “She’s starting to list a bit, now. But there’s no big hurry, is there?” she asked.

“No problem.” I said. “I’d give it another ten minutes and then we’ll have a look underneath. How about you lay down and let me explore your wonderful tits while we wait?” I grinned as I gently pushed her backwards. I’d felt the hull bump on the sand a couple of times while we were mucking around in the galley but I wasn’t concerned enough to break up the fun. I then leaned over Tracy and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked and then licked around her breast. I ran my tongue along her ribs and as much as she giggled with the tickle, it wasn’t enough to make her try to escape. My hand moved to her free breast and played with that as well while Tracy twisted a lock of my hair around and around and made the occasional cooing noise. I ran my tongue lower and licked her belly and navel, then slipped a finger into her wet slit. She opened her legs wider for me to have free access and as I licked my way up her body again, Tracy rolled me over and straddling my thigh, she rubbed her pussy, still slick with our combined juices, against my leg. She leaned back a little and I reached up to her breasts and played with them until she slid down so that her mouth wrapped around my cock and her pussy was then against the top of my foot. I lifted my foot enough to give her a rub and she moaned an ‘Oh yeah’ that made me push a little harder. This garnered more moans so I slipped my toes up to slip around her open snatch. Not just more moans, she was really digging it! Tracy had a foot fetish!

I tangled her hair in my fingers as she slowly licked my still exhausted member. Empty as it was, there was still a bit of thickness there and she seemed to enjoy the fat yet flaccid cock in her mouth and I just kept rolling my toes around her pussy, feeling her lips sliding over my toes and listening to her cock muffled moans. I couldn’t reach her tits but the feel of them either side of my legs was great and I decided to see what would happen if I straightened my big toe enough to slip it in her cunt.

She İstanbul Escort came. Tracy spat my cock out and slid down as hard as she could onto my foot and it was a struggle to keep my toe pulled up in her pussy. She thrust against me and spasm after spasm wracked her body. Her hand pulled one of my hands up to balance her and her other hand was gripping the sheet in a scrunched mess. As she panted and shook, she looked into my eyes and grinned like a little girl. “I’ve always had a thing about toes and that was the first time I ever tried it. Oh fuck! Am I weird? That was great!”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, you’re weird.” And pulled her back up to me to lay beside me on the rumpled sheet. “That’s the first time I’ve every done it too but if it’s good for you, it’s good for me.”

“It’s still a bit weird, though” I said and we both laughed.

After a while I decided it was time to climb over the side and find out what was going on with the vibration in the prop shaft. Not bothering to dress, both Tracy and I climbed over the side and walked down to the stern of the trawler to have a look underneath the fantail to look for issues. It only took a moment to notice a tip of one of the blades on the prop had been bent out of shape from a blow of some sort and I reckon the cavitation caused by the uneven thrust would have an effect similar to what we had felt. I sent Tracy to get a hammer and dolly and I enjoyed the rear view as she waded out of sight in the shallow water. What a lovely arse. I tried to concentrate as I checked the shaft and stern gland without finding anything amiss and shortly Tracy splashed back to me carrying a copper headed hammer as well as a lump hammer and an old rag of sorts. I watched as her hips swayed and her tits swung from side to side with each step and she grinned as she noticed my attention.

“I couldn’t find a dolly but if we wrap this rag over the lump hammer we ought to be ok. Do you think?” she asked as she held them out to me for inspection.

“Perfect” I said. “You’ve got it sorted. Just wrap the head of the lump hammer and hold it behind the prop and I’ll give it a tap with the soft hammer.” Which we did and although we managed to take a bit of the misshapen look out, I wasn’t satisfied. I filed a bit of the burr away from where something had impacted and a few other small deformities and said “If this doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to get a shipwright to have a look. Now we just need to wait for the tide.” I grinned and looked her up and down. She really was beautiful with her tanned skin and long legs. Her hair was blowing in the breeze and she had her girlish grin again. We both turned to wade back to the tyre buffer I’d lowered as a step and I smacked her lightly on the arse cheek. That got me another smile and then I took the hammer from her as Tracy started to climb up onto the buffer and then the deck. I looked up at her winking arse hole and a bit of cum drooled out of her pussy as she strained to climb aboard.

“Oooh! You’re still dripping out of me!” she said. “I’ll need another rinse.” she grinned again and reached for the tools I passed to her. She put them on the deck and seeing that I made no move to climb up, she climbed back down into my waiting arms. “Shall we swim?” she asked with a raised eyebrow and taking my hand Tracy led me to a clear patch of deep water where we hugged and washed each other with plenty of caressing in the mix. We then made our way to the beach and leaned against a large log that had fallen and been bleached by sun, wind and water. We chatted about alternative options for the repairs and finding a shipwright if needed and I asked Tracy if she’d like to turn around and bend over again because I really needed to stick my dick in her again.

“Thought you’d never ask.” she replied with a grin and presented her bum to me. I ran my hands up and down her flanks and Tracy rubbed my cock with one hand turned her head to kiss me. I reached around and grabbed a breast in each hand nuzzled my cock between her spread thighs until I could feel her cunt lips pried open by my knob. I slid back and forth between her lips and Tracy rolled her hips down each time I contacted with her clitoris until she rolled far enough for me to slide inside her warm pussy. “Oh yeah. That’s sooo nice. Just keep it like that.” she said and I obeyed by keeping the same pace and pressure for a while. We were in no hurry and she was right. It did feel so good. Tracy’s pussy was tight enough to grip me but not so tight that I had to struggle with the extra pressure on my knob reducing my endurance. I looked down at her hips in my hands and how our body’s touched down there with each slow thrust. I still had a while to go, so I wasn’t in any hurry but Tracy started to squirm again. I reached around and squeezed her clit between my fingers in time with our movements and she increased her pace, licking her lips and muttering until she came again with that same rear end pushing and at that point I started ramming into her. Hard. I held her by the hips again and pounded into her from behind as she gripped the fallen tree and pushed back at me. She cried out again and again as I felt her pussy tightening around my engorged cock with each spasm that flowed through her. I felt that if I kept that up, I’d blow another load but I had other ideas.

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