The Trip Pt. 02

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The restaurant in the hotel truly was a gem. They enjoyed a marvelous meal together with an opportunity to catch up on the events and mundane experiences of the prior week. His travel schedule had kept him on the road for the last ten days. They were a very communicative couple and not being able to talk constantly was a big sacrifice.

She had paid special attention to her outfit. Her dress hugged her figure and accentuated her curves. Underneath she wore lingerie that she purchased specially for this occasion. Her heels made her slender legs appear even longer.

He decided to wear his elegant suit, a European design that was form fitting on his tall frame. She loved it when he wore suits and dressed up. Actually, it created a visceral response in her to tear his suit off and make love to him right on the spot.

After dinner they enjoyed another drink at the hotel bar. They laughed, they kissed, they talked … nervously contemplating what was waiting for them in their hotel room.

“It is nearly 9pm. Time to go, babe.”

They strolled towards the elevator bank and went upstairs to their room. They walked down the empty hall and paused in front of the door to their room.

“Are you still up for this?” she asked.

“Oh, yes. I am excited about it.”

She grabbed his cock through his pants. He was hard and pulsating with his heart beat. Indeed, he was ready!

They entered the room and she started to give instructions.

“Babe, sit over there in this chair. When our guest is here, I want you to be watching us until I signal you to join in. You can stroke yourself but don’t come.”

He nodded, sat down and Ataşehir Escort loosened his tie.

There was a knock on the door. She opened the door and let in their guest. The man that she had been with at the pool in the afternoon looked so different in a shirt and slacks.

There was no need to pretend that they knew each other or that there was any interest in getting to know each other. He was here to fuck her and nothing else. She approached him and started to unbutton his shirt. She kissed him and then stated the rules.

“I want you to ignore my husband for now. He will watch us and may join us later. You are here to perform and pleasure me. Take your pants off now.”

He opened his belt and let his pants drop to the ground. His boxers were already tented from his erection. He stepped behind her, opened her dress and slid it off her body. She looked stunning in her thigh high stockings, garter belt and push-up bra.

His hands explored her body deliberately, pausing long enough in certain areas to produce a response. She gasped as he let his fingers graze over her ass.

“Lick me know!”

He watched eagerly as his wife and her young lover climbed onto the bed. He had always fantasized about watching her with other men. Whenever she had told him about her prior sexual experiences, he had wanted to know all the details and gotten so aroused by her narrative that he climaxed almost immediately. Now, it had become a reality, but he could tell that despite his jealousy and depredations, he was into it. His cock was rock hard in his pants!

She lay back and spread her legs, eagerly awaiting the young man’s Acıbadem Escort tongue. He started exploring her pussy, his tongue working itself into her folds, penetrating her and seeking her most sensitive spot. If she was an expert at giving handjobs, then he had incredible skills at using his tongue.

She looked over to her husband who had taken out his cock and was slowly stroking himself.

“Oh babe, he is so good. He will make me come. Ahhhh … yes .,. right there…”

He started stroking faster. Locking eyes with his wife created an immense lust in him. And jealousy. And rage. He was so turned on by watching her being eaten out.

“Yes, don’t come, babe … aahhhh … don’t you dare come … ohhhh … yes … that’s it … I am coming … “

She arched her back, squeezed her thighs around her lover’s head and climax violently. After briefly catching her breath, she turned around and got on all fours.

“Now, fuck me. Show my husband how to do it!”

The young man ripped off his shirt, undid his belt buckle and when his plants fell to the ground, his cock popped up into view. He was large, long and thick.

She is going to have a lot of fun with that, the husband thought. And the thought caused his own cock to stiffen further. He groaned when he nearly shot his load in his pants.

She felt the tip of the man’s cock slowly enter her, split her open and then move in and out of her pussy. Every inch of him created delicious friction and she loved how much he was filling her. Much more than the man who was watching her from across the room.

Her young lover started to pick up the pace, now İstanbul Escort deeply grinding into her with every thrust. His swollen cock head massaged her insides and she could barely breath when he was fully inside her.

She felt her arousal build again. Every thrust pushed her higher and higher. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her as hard as he could. She could feel him swelling and twitching.

“Oh, babe, he is fucking me so well. Thank you … oh … ohhh … ohhhhhh … I am coming!” She looked directly at her husband as she came and as her pussy received a big load at the same time.

After a few moments, the young man’s penis softened and fell out of her pussy. She felt empty and wanting more.

“I hope he has more stamina than that”, she thought.

She signaled her husband to come over and lie next to her on the bed. He had taken off his suit and she felt his hardon poking at her while they kissed. In between kisses, she looked at the young man kneeling at their feet desperately stroking himself to get hard again.

“Let me help you with that!”

She flipped around and engulfed the semi hard cock with her mouth. Within minutes, he was ready to go again and impaled her with her legs placed on his shoulders.

And there she was in heaven, making out with her husband while being fucked by this young stud at the same time. She could not remember how many times she came that night or how many different ways she had been taken.

But she woke up next to her husband the next morning. The bed was a mess and the entire room smilled like sex. Her young lover was gone. She felt her pussy, sore and swollen.

She reached over and grabbed her husband’s cock. He was asleep but hardened almost immediately when she held him. Had she not let him come at all last night? She could not remember, but now she needed a bit more before they would have to go back to their normal lives.

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