The True Story of Snow White Ch. 1

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Once upon a time in a fairytale land, there lived a girl of such uncommon beauty that she was regaled throughout the kingdom as the most beautiful woman in the world. In her honor, stories were written of hair as black as night that fell to a slim waist and eyes as blue as a summer sky. Ballads were sung of her skin, white as freshly fallen snow and lips as red as blood. But in the end, it was her beauty that would be her downfall. You see Snow White had a rival.

At the age of fifteen her father, the King, remarried another woman of uncommon beauty, a woman of high intelligence, a strong sexual appetite, and a deep, dark secret. Poor Snow White was left to roam the massive castle alone and lonely for long periods of time while her father was preoccupied with his new bride.

Then, shortly after Snow White’s eighteenth birthday, the kings strained heart gave out and Snow White’s life became much worse. The Queen’s previous lovers entrenched themselves in the castle, sometimes staying for months at a time. Then others, hearing of the debauchery to be had, began arriving and staying. Kings and Princes, Lords and Dukes, and many widows and mistresses came to enjoy the carnality. The Queen loved it, for she had her pick of lovers and playmates. Her appetites never went unsatisfied.

Chapter 1

The mahogany door opened smoothly and silently despite its weight to allow the Queen to enter the darkened chamber.

“Lights.” She ordered with an imperious wave of her hand.

Candles all through the room, hanging from walls, and sitting on tables sparked and then grew in brightness to illuminate the room. The Queens massive bed dominated one wall, but it was the full-length mirror in the corner of the room that drew attention. It showed no reflection now. Instead swirls of black and gray twisted and turned fiercely inside the glass.

The Queen walked slowly until she stood directly in front of the mirror before speaking. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best fuck of all.”

The black and gray swirls twisted even more violently as the shape of a powerfully built man appeared in the mirror. Black eyes stared out of a chiseled face and a deep, husky voice reverberated through the room. “There is no doubt, of that I’m sure, you, my Queen, are more woman than men can endure.”

A satisfied smile crossed her face as the queen prepared to step through the mirror and into her inhuman lover’s arms.

A hand lifted in the mirror halting her momentum. “A warning I have to give, of

a rival that lives, Snow White will become better than you, unless another land she is sent to.”

“What!?” She screamed in outrage. “How can that prissy little bitch best me?” The Queen moved angrily through the mirror slapping away the hand that reached for her. “Not now, Malachi, answer my question how will that prude ever become a better fuck than I am?”

Malachi sighed as he settled into the plush cushions of his bed. He hadn’t wanted to tell her, but that damn spell forced him to speak truthfully. At least now with her in his domain he didn’t have to speak in that stupid rhyme. “Snow White is a very desired and beautiful woman now. It’s only a matter of time before she is caught by one of your rogues and initiated into the erotic arts. When that happens, it has been shown to me that she will embrace the carnal side of her nature and will soon be more desired than you.”

“No, I won’t allow it. I’ll have her killed first.”

“My queen,” Malachi began while slowly pulling her taut form down to lie next to him. “You know that’s to dangerous to your position in this kingdom.” Malachi slid his hand up underneath skirts found her clit and preceded to work it with his fingers. “Her death could very well cause a revolt against you. Why not marry her to a prince or a king in a far away kingdom. That way she is removed from your life?”

“I have already tried to marry her off, you dolt. There is no one who is willing to put up with her prudish ways.” She huffed in dismay.

“Well then, she’ll just have to be taught different ways.” He replied with a wicked grin. “I would be most willing to be of assistance in her lesson as well as finding her a husband. For a price.”

She stared at him haughtily. “I will not release you from the mirror, Malachi, so do not ask it.”

“No, my queen, I have given up on leaving this mirror. But my price is two-fold. For the first part, I want access to any wench that I desire at ALL times.”

“Fine, I’ll put a spell on the castle, all you need to do is speak the girls name and she’ll come right to you. What else?”

“I want Snow White’s virginity.”


“Wonderful.” Malachi smiled in delight, before he roughly pushed the Queens thighs apart and latched his mouth onto her delicious cunt.

* * *

Carnal moans and cries of ecstasy surrounded Snow White as she hurried through the castle corridors. She did not walk, but ran, for to be caught now would end in the loss of her virtue. tecavüz porno When she reached the big wooden door to her stepmother’s rooms she did not stop but used her momentum to force the heavy door open. Once inside she pushed the door closed and leaned against it to catch her breath.

“Snow White,” the Queen spoke sharply, “What in the world have you been doing? Your cheeks are flushed, your hair is wild and you’re out of breath.”

“I’m sorry, stepmother, I was running.” Snow White replied in an unrepentant tone.

“Yes, I can see you are. Get yourself over to my mirror and fix your appearance.” She ordered.

Snow White did as she was told; it was easier that way. She noted that her cheeks were flushed and while there was nothing she could do about that she could straighten her hair. Her fingers began combing through the waist length black tresses.

“You are of marriageable age now,” the Queen began, “so I have called you here to inform you that I will begin looking for a suitable husband.”

Snow White continued to comb her hair hoping that her relief would not show on her face. A husband meant that she could leave this sinful place. Never to hear another cry of ecstasy or see naked bodies writhing and thrusting at each other. Never to feel the shuddering tug of longing in her loins, her inner voice whispered.

The Queen was suddenly behind her, smirking, as if she could read Snow White’s thoughts. “Of course, before you’re married you’ll have to be properly trained. So I have engaged seven tutors for you. You’ll begin your lessons the day after tomorrow.”

Something was happening inside the mirror, something strange that captured her attention so that she barely heard her stepmother’s words. It was turning foggy and had dark gray swirls spinning around and around.

“But your first lesson begins now.” And with those words the Queen pushed Snow White into the mirror and into the hard, binding arms of the awaiting genie.

“My thanks, my Queen.” Malachi said, as he held his prize tightly against his body.

“Just see that you do not fail me in finding her a suitable husband.”

“I shall not fail, my Queen.” He turned away from the mirror and carried Snow White deeper into the mist. “I have been waiting to have you in my arms for a very long time, sweetling.” His thick, husky voice purred in her ear.

Instinct took over as his words broke through her confusion. She struggled in useless earnest, unable to break from his embrace.

“Shh.” His voice whispered and his hand caressed her hair. “It will do you no good to struggle. Now be still.” The last was said in a hard, unbending voice.

Her body froze as the genie’s power overcame her will. His hands speared through her hair, fingering the soft texture before gripping it and tilting her head backwards. The body in front of her stepped back and she was finally able to look her captor in the face. Smooth tanned skin stretched over high cheekbones accentuated amber eyes that seemed to glow with a savage inner fire. His thick tawny-gold hair brushed across the magnificent outlines of his shoulders. The dark purple fabric of his shirt strained against his muscled chest and threatened to burst its seems at any minute. Loose fitting pants the same color, as his shirt did nothing to hide the thick muscles rippling beneath the material as he circled her.

“You may call me Malachi, my pet. And now, I find myself in a quandary. You see being locked in this mirror I have never actually received a present. Oh sure, the Queen sends wenches through the mirror all the time, but they have no true value, not like you.” He raised some of her silky black hair and brushed them gently across his cheek. “Now comes the difficult part, do I unwrap my present slowly, or rip everything off at once? What do you think, sweetling.”
Snow white found her voice and said in a demanding voice, “I order you to release me this instance or I will scream for the palace guards and have you arrested.”

“Malachi threw his head back and laughed. “Oh my pet, you have such spirit. I like that. Your palace guards will not come to your calls, indeed no sound will leave this prison of mine, so you see you have no choice but to surrender to me and stop this foolish talk.”

He looked deep into her eyes and she could practically see the sensual promise radiating from him. It seemed to burn through her very essence.

“I grow weary of waiting.” He stated and reached for the collar of her dress. With one swift tug her blue silk dress was ripped from collar to hem, hanging from her in tatters.

“Bastard.” Snow White cried out.

Anger flickered across Malachi’s face and his jaw clenched when he spoke. “That’s enough. If you can spew nothing but obscenities then you will be silent.” He waved his hand in front of her face and mumbled some incomprehensible words.

This couldn’t be happening, thought Snow White, as Malachi pushed her dress off to fall at her feet travesti porno with a hiss of fabric. First her stepmother pushes her into this damned mirror, then she could not move or speak, and now this barbarian was looking upon her nakedness. She had to get out of here. She had to think of a way.

But thinking became next to impossible when Malachi moved behind her and fitted his muscular body against hers. The bulge of his rigid cock nestled against her ass. And it was at that moment that she realized she would not be leaving this place with her virginity in tact.

Long, lean fingers traced up her arms, leaving goose bumps in their wake. Over her shoulders and down her sides his hands moved until they were gripping her hips. Slowly he rocked her from side to side, brushing his silk covered hardness against her, letting her feel the strength that would soon be fucking her. His hands left her hips and once again trailed upwards. Only this time they attacked her breasts.

What he was doing was unthinkable and if she could have, she would have shrieked in outrage.

A thumb and fingertip pinched lightly at each nipple, while Malachi rested his head on her shoulder to watch his handiwork. “You have delightful breasts, my pet. Look how your nipples are pouting at me. Do you think they want more of my touch? Would they perhaps like kisses? Ah, but alas, the little darlings will just have to wait. I haven’t finished looking at my present. Now, you are being such a good little girl, I think you deserve a reward so, you may speak again, but only words of delight and moans of pleasure.”

The hands released her breasts and returned to her shoulders. Nails gently raked down her back causing a shiver to rack her body. They slid past her waist and finally came to rest on her ass where they each cupped a rounded globe.

She tensed upon feeling fingertips dipping into the crease, vainly trying to prevent their invasion.

“You don’t like this, my dear? Do you really think your puny efforts can prevent me from touching your body? Spread your legs.” He ordered.

Snow White’s legs moved upon his command, spreading widely to allow access to her pussy.

A shriek of unexpected pleasure and surprise was torn from her as Malachi nipped the back of her neck. More love bites rained down the length of her back until he was kneeling behind her. She could feel his warm breath fanning across her backside.

Malachi started at the top of her ass, his hand caressing downward, past the rounded slop and in between her legs.

Snow White held her breath as his fingers reached her virginal opening and stopped.

“I have watched you, my pet. Long, countless hours, my eyes have beheld your beauty. I have seen the way candlelight has touched your skin and wished that I were that light caressing you. I have looked my fill while you bathed-“

She tensed in shock.

“This distresses you. It should not. You’re beauty is such that men would kill to keep you naked in their beds for all eternity. Now, I am fairly sure that you are still untouched, but I won’t deny myself the pleasure of finding out for sure.”

Snow White tried to fight, to move, anything to prevent what would happen next. But when a single, thick, masculine finger slowly began to invade her pussy, all that escaped was one tiny whimper of pleasure.

All too soon he had reached the proof of her innocence, and then withdrawing with the same aching slowness.

“Excellent. I would not have been happy to find out that I was cheated.” He walked around to stand in front of her. “You can now begin to undress me.” He ordered.

Snow Whites hands trembled as they struggled with the first button on his shirt. It came undone with a light pop. Her fingers brushed the silk of his shirt. Her hands moved from button to button and she noticed the hard warmth of his body emanating from beneath the shirt. Soon, it was completely undone, revealing chiseled, bronzed skin.

Snow White licked her dry lips and slowly smoothed her hands up and over Malachi’s chest to push the shirt off. She was so entranced by his body and the feel of him; she didn’t realize that he was no longer controlling her movements.

Shyness tried to overcome her when she tugged at the button of his pants, but she thrust the irritating emotion aside. She had to see him, all of him, naked and bare to her gaze.

More buttons held his pants together. Snow White no sooner had them all undone, than his cock broke free of its restraint.

She gasped. This wasn’t the first time she had seen a man’s shaft before, but it was certainly the first time she had been this close to one.

“Touch it. Run your sweet hands along my cock. Squeeze it, my pet.” He urged hoarsely.

Her eyes stared into the burning depths of his while her fingers gently cupped around his cock.

A shudder swept through Malachi at the feel of her hand. “Mmm, that feels incredible, my sweet. But I’m greedy. I want more. xhamster porno Get down on your knees.”

Snow White was confused, but his tone suggested she not argue. Down on her knees brought his huge erection at face level. She saw the veins and ridges that ran the length of his cock.

“Hold it in your hand again, Snow White, but this time I want to feel that sexy tongue of yours licking my cock.”

The mental picture his words brought blocked out her shock and sent jolts of lightning through her nerves to collect in her pussy. Snow White did as she was bid, tentatively running her tongue against the tip, delighting in Malachi’s groan.

Suddenly rough fingers gripped the sides of her head. “Take me in your mouth. Suck on my cock like it’s your favorite lollipop.” Malachi commanded.

The smooth tip slid into her awaiting mouth. Her hand was grabbed and placed back around the shaft. Snow White gave a hesitant suck, unsure of what she was doing. The resulting growl told her she did it right. She tried again and again, sliding her tongue around him at the same time.

Malachi’s hands returned to her head and showed her the forward and backward rhythm he wanted. Harsh, gasping breaths escaped him as he gradually increased the tempo until he was furiously fucking her face.

“Enough!” He yelled, ripping away from the erotic torment. A swift wave of his hand and a bed appeared behind Snow White. Malachi lifted and threw her backwards onto it. He followed her down, his hard, naked body forcing her deep into the mattress. Voraciously, he kissed her, his tongue thrusting deep into the hot depths of her mouth.

Snow White’s arms were raised above her head, and held by an invisible force. The movement raised her breasts as if in supplication.

Love bites rained down her neck, the pain letting her know there would be marks there later. His mouth drew closer and closer to her awaiting breasts. Her eyes grew heavy with anticipation and were lowering shut when he spoke up, “Eyes open, my pet. I want you to watch, it adds to the excitement.”

A hot, wet tongue flicked out and lashed across her nipple. Snow White’s spellbound gaze followed the path of Malachi’s tongue as it circled her breast. He teased her, just barely touching the aching bud with the tip of his tongue. She cried out sharply as his mouth enveloped her. His tongue flicked over and around it, shooting tendrils of erotic voltage through her, bowing her spine upwards.

Malachi released the wet tip reluctantly. Gently, he blew cool air across it, watching as it puckered to an even harder kernel. With a sigh of regret he switched his attention to the other awaiting morsel.

“Tell me which one you like more, my sweet, my kisses on your lovely nipple or this?” He leaned down and gently grasped the nipple between his teeth.

She breathed deeply at the slight pain, which wasn’t really pain but more of a pleasure/pain. More nips followed, circling the outer area of her breast.

“Oh, yesss.” She hissed as the tip was sucked deep into the hot depths of his mouth.

Snow White lost track of reality. She was buffeted with sensation after sensation. It was only when Malachi paused in his attack that some sense was restored. She saw him through slotted eyes there between her legs.

“You’ve seen the harlots in this castle, their legs splayed widely, heads thrown back in ecstasy as their lover of the night licks their pussies. You’ve heard them urging their partners to fuck their cunts and suck on their slutty clits. I know that you secretly wanted to be one of them, to feel a man’s tongue slowly lick your pussy, to suck on your clit, haven’t you, my dear?”

She looked away, denying him an answer.

“Answer me!” He said between gritted teeth.

“Yes.” She whispered in shame.

“I want to hear you ask me to eat your pussy, to suck your delicious taste from deep inside you. Tell me to do whatever I want to you. Now.” His hard determined eyes told her he would have those words from her, or she would suffer the consequences. There was no way out for her. She was unsure if there had been one if she would have taken it. She had only been able to speculate on the rapture that shook through the harlots in the castle, and now, more than anything, she wanted to feel that passion, that ecstasy, if only once before her stepmother no doubt found her the most awful man in the world for her to marry.

The words came slowly to her, gaining in speed as her surrender overcame her. “I want you to lick my pussy. Fuck me as those other women were fucked. Do anything you want if you will only give me what they have felt.”

“Beautifully said, my sweet one. But, I can’t quite reach you. Why don’t you raise your hips for me, put that hot, sexy pussy against my mouth. Show me that you want me to eat you.” His words shuddered through her. He was making her ruination her choice by forcing her to give him what he wanted of her own free will.

She raised her hips, stopping within inches of his lips.

“Higher” he whispered darkly.

The last few inches seemed to disappear in just seconds. Her skin barely touched his hard, firm lips when his hands gripped her ass tightly, holding her firmly in place. Malachi took a deep breath, inhaling her womanly scent.

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