The Trust

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“All right . . . let’s give it up for The Trust!”

Finally . . . my three hours of enduring the musical likings of various bands that generally sucked to had finally paid off . . . The Trust was taking the stage.

Although I had seen them live more times that I care to say, at the risk of sounding like a groupie . . . which I suppose in essence I am, the thrill of seeing them take the stage was breathtaking.

Breathtaking isn’t even the word to describe the next feeling as Jude Matthews stepped up to the microphone and filled my ears with lyrics, melodies, and a general sensuality. Although he never opened his eyes while singing, I knew his almost pitch eyes were filled with the passion of the songs he was singing, the soul he was baring. His black, unkept hair fell over his face he put his all into each note, the intensity breaking through in his voice.

I sighed deeply, watching him with contentment. Never one to be loose with my morals, I was surprised to find myself wishing more than anything to be that guitar he was skillfully running his fingers over. I shook the image that ensued out of my head, and letting myself get lost in Jude’s world.

An hour later I was being shaken away from my utopia by the silence of The Trust leaving the stage. The warm happy feeling of being surrounded by music that spoke to my soul was fading as I realized it was over. I sighed deeply and reached into my pocket for my car keys.

All feelings other than panic left me at the moment as my hand came out empty. I was two hours from home, and being unable to convince anyone to come see The Trust with me again, I was all by my lonesome this night. I frantically began looking around my surrounding area for sight of my car keys. I found nothing, but I continued looking, looking anywhere I had walked that night.

I was retracing my steps from the restroom when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around quickly, jumping slightly. I was so lost in my thoughts of finding my keys and how I would get home if I could not find them that the simple tap scared me.

My initial panic was ungrounded, of course, but my next wave of shock was well needed.

Jude Matthews’ black eyes were looking directly into mine as I fumbled for the words to say. A word, a group of words . . . anything! My mind went into over drive . . . Say something, dammit!

“Hullo,” Jude spoke through a thick English accent, “Looking for something? Might I help?”

With a quick look around, I realized that I was one of the few patrons left in the open air park stadium we were in. I fought for words, feeling them rise in my throat, then pushing them back down in fear that I would say something horribly stupid.

Jude looked intently at me, his dark eyes sparkling. He waited for me to say something, and I waited for something to say.

He looked down at my hands, then back up to my face.

“Your purse? Your keys? Your boyfriend? Help me out here, I need to know what I’m helping you look for.”

“My keys . . . ” I quietly said, still afraid of saying something horribly stupid.

“Okay, “Jude said, smiling, obviously happy he was getting somewhere, “Well first, I’m Jude. And you are . . .?”

“Evelyn . . . Evie.” Dammit! Why couldn’t I just Anadolu Yakası Escort be the clever, eloquent, poised woman I normally am? Why did he have this effect on me?

“Well, Evelyn . . . Evie . . . ”he began, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth, “Please tell me these are your keys and therefore am your hero.”

He offered his hand out to me, my keys resting in his palm. Without thinking I blurted out, “Oh thank God! Yes! Those are my keys! Even if they weren’t, though, you’d still be my hero.”

I blushed deeply upon saying that, not knowing where it came from. You’d still be my hero? What a way to say I’m madly in love with you.

Jude laughed out loud as he took my hand and placed my keys in my palm, closing my fingers over them.

“Well Evelyn . . . Evie . . . ”he said, still laughing softly, “That’s always good to hear.”

“No . . . what’s always good to hear is you.”

The damn burst.

“Words cannot express how much I adore you and The Trust! Your way with words . . .”

I sighed, realizing there was no stopping myself from gushing, “With every song you write, it seems like you reveal an emotion I didn’t know others felt.”

I was shocked at the fact that Jude began to blush at my praise. Although The Trust was largely an underground group, I assumed he was used to this sort of praise.

“Well,” he began shyly, “I’m . . . I’m glad I’ve touched you.”

I felt myself thinking I wish to his last statement, feeling deeply embarrassed, as if I had said it out loud.

“Well…”he said, clearly uncomfortable with the praise just lavished upon him. I felt horrible. All I wanted to convey how much his work meant to me…how much he meant to me, and I went and created an awkward silence.

So I pushed forth.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Please take it as nothing more than your work means something to someone.”

He seemed to perk up, smiling warmly, the red flush leaving his cheeks.

“Well,”his amazing accent tickled my ears, “Then I can quit this music biz. My goal has been accomplished.”

I laughed politely, realized that I had fixed the awkwardness, but we now had nowhere else to go. I would leave and that would be the end of this. The end of my dream.

“I suppose I better get going, “I said sadly, “I’ve got a two hour drive ahead of me.”

Jude suddenly looked concerned.

“Two hours? But it’s almost 1 as it is! Have you had some coffee?”

Shocked by his concern, I shook my head, “No, no, but I should be fine. I’ve made longer journey’s later at night than this before. I should be fine.”

“No,”he said, strongly,”Come have a cup of coffee at the place I’m staying at before you head out. No use driving this late without caffeine.”

Amazed that my wildest dreams were coming true, that Jude Matthews wanted to have coffee with me, it seemed that whatever happened next was a complete blur to me. Somehow, someway we arrived at his hotel and he was brewing a cup of coffee in the hotel coffee pot while I flipped through the channels on the tv.

“How do you like it?”

Not realizing what I was being asked, I looked up at Jude puzzled until I saw the cup in his hand.

“Oh…”I said, “My coffee…”

“Yes,” Kurtköy Escort he said, smiling wickedly, “What did you think I meant?”

I shook my head and said, “Light, one sugar.”

He turned away and shook a sugar packed into my coffee as I turned back to the tv. Moments later, the bed I was sitting on shifted as he sat next to me. I turned to him, hand out to take the cup of coffee. I was surprised that my hand met his instead of the coffee.

I looked up and locked eyes with him has he gently stroked my hand. I looked at the counter where my coffee remained, and then back to his eyes. I was surprised to see deep into the pitch darkness there was a want, a need…

Immediately I felt the desires I had been suppressing since the moment we first locked eyes rise to the surface. I reached up and brushed a strand of dark hair out of Jude’s face and leaned forward. I put a light kiss on his brow and raised his hand to my cheek.

Jude’s eyes quickly trailed hungrily up and down my small frame. His gaze returned to my eyes as he tilted my chin up and met my lips with his.

A passion I only knew only through his lyrics was suddenly pulsating through my body as our tongues intertwined. Jude brought his hands up and began running his fingers through my deep auburn hair, moaning lightly into my mouth.

I pulled away from him momentarily, taking the sides of his deep blue t-shirt into my hands and lifting it slowly over his head, revealing a detailed torso and strong arms that I wanted to hold me.

Content to just look at him all night, Jude brought me out of my haze by pushing me down upon the bed and kissing me deeply. He pulled away as he cocked his eyebrow.

“Your turn then.”

His fingers began to quickly unlace my black tank top to reveal I had worn nothing underneath. I began to feel flushed and embarrassed that my chest was so small that I didn’t need a bra half the time. My embarrassment continued as Jude quickly slid me out of my jeans and panties and laid me back down on the bed, exposed to him.

Feeling very self conscious, I looked up at him, expecting disappointment to be written upon his face. Instead I found a look of awe etched there, as if I was the most beautiful piece of work he had ever seen.

He caught my eye and leaned down and lightly kissed my neck, working his way to my ear. Once there, he whispered, “Evie…”

He stopped there as I heard the words catch in his throat. Every thought I had about all my flaws flew out the window…all that mattered was at this moment, Jude thought I was beautiful.

He began to kiss his way back down my body, trailing his tongue down my neck, reaching my slight chest. Exhaling deeply as I anticipated his next move, I felt his lips gently moving over my left nipple, and then this tongue running to my right nipple, his lips softly pressing upon my flesh.

I moaned slightly, feeling warmth spread throughout my entire frame as our flesh touched, my pussy become increasingly more aroused. Jude looked up and caught my eye as he continued to run his tongue down my body, stopping upon reaching my sex. He lightly ran his hands up my thighs, parting my legs as he lowered his face to my pussy.

“Hmmmm,” I shuddered has his lips made Pendik Escort first contact with my clit.

“Shh,” Jude quietly said as he spread my legs further, pulsing his tongue deep into the folds of my lust. I was left with nothing to do but throw my head back in shear delight as he selflessly pleasured me…more so than anyone had ever done before. I let myself get lost in the feeling of his mouth upon my pussy until I began to feel myself shiver with an overpowering orgasm.

“Oh Jude…!” I screamed loudly, shocked at myself at my lack on inhibitions, but too happy to care.

Jude pulled his mouth from my sex, a broad smile upon his face. He again began to kiss his way back up my body, liberally using that skilled tongue of his around my chest and neck. He continued to kiss my neck passionately while he undid his jeans and slid them down and off. He climbed on top of me as I hooked my hands into the waist of his boxers. I began to slide them down until he stopped my hands. I looked up at him quizzically.

“I want this, “he said softly, gazing deeply into my eyes, “But are you sure you do?”

I remained locked in his gaze as I said nothing. In response, I kissed him deeply and continued to slide his boxers down his body. Jude moaned lightly into my mouth as my hand made contact with his ample cock. I began to lightly stroke him as he remained locked to my lips, running his hands once again in my hair.

A few moments of this seemed to be all he could take as he parted my legs with his free hand and positioned himself for entry.

I felt his hot breathe on my ear as he whispered, “Ready?”

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply as I nodded to him. All the breath I had just taken left me in a rush as the thrill of becoming one with Jude became a reality.

“Oh God…”Jude moaned, wrapping his arms tight around me as he pushed himself deeper still into me, filling me as no one else had.

“Please, Jude,”I whispered throatily as he began to slowly thrust himself into me, “Please make me cum again…”

Jude immediately began to quicken his pace, sending shockwaves of ecstacy throughout my entire body. I heard myself moaning loudly with each thrust, with each full contact.

“Oh yes, Evie, oh God yes…”

Lost in what seemed to be an endless time of flesh and lust, I felt my body tense as another earth shattering orgasm overtook me, screaming out Jude’s name in passion.

Expecting Jude to finish up, I was shocked to see he was obviously holding back, thrusting quickly in and out.

“Cum…..again….Evie,” Jude gasped through ragged breathes,”God, Evie…cum again.”

He quickened pace again, desperate to bring me to climax again. I began to moan his name over and over as I felt the familiar warmth of an oncoming orgasm overtook my body once again.

“Jude….I’m cumm…cumming…again..!,”panting deeply between breathes and words, I struggled to say what I wanted, “Cum…wi…with me…”

As he began to pound harder than I thought possible, I let myself go into another amazing climax. I fought to see through my pleasure to the look of ecstacy upon Jude’s face as he let himself go and I felt him as he came deep within me.

I let my head fall upon Jude’s shoulder as we came down from the high of pleasure that we had just experience, still one and tangled in each others arms.

I looked up, and Jude was looking softly into my eyes. With a smile he gently said, “Maybe that two hour drive can wait until morning.”

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