The Tube–How I became a Sextoy

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The truth of the matter is that I have always wanted to be gang-fucked by a roomful of women. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t like pain, or shame, or humiliation, and I don’t like being outed or laughed at. And the fact that I’m a priest sort of puts a damper on the whole “How would you ladies like to cluster around me, strip and control me, and use my naked body repeatedly, at will?” thing. Even if I knew a group of women who’d be into that, who I love and trust enough to blurt out something like that, I could never actually *do* that.

Let’s face it: secrets always get out, and even if they promised to never tell, someone would. And then the Bishop would find out, and I’d be screwed, and not in a good way.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the Bishop is a somewhat… Oh, ok, he’s a completely ugly guy; not my thing at all.

Anyway, I figured that my desire to be gang-fucked would have to remain an unfulfilled erotic daydream. It probably would have been if I hadn’t met Sara.

Sara was new in town, nearly twenty, single, and a cute 5’2″ redhead with a short almost-buzz-cut hairstyle that actually made my balls throb the first time I met her. She came into the church one Tuesday afternoon looking to volunteer in the daycare “…or join the choir or something.” She said that she figured that volunteering at Church would be a great way to meet people since she’d lived in town for all of three days so far, and didn’t know a soul.

I’ve gotten a lot of practice at checking out sexy women without giving myself away, and let me tell you, I checked Sara a lot that first day! She bursa suriyeli escort escort was slender without being skinny, leggy without being tall, and muscular without being akin to Schwarzenegger. Her ass was tight and delightfully rounded and her boobs were firm and feminine. To me, guessing at cup size is about as interesting as measuring sifted flour, so I wouldn’t know where to start–I can honestly say that her low-cut shirt mastered my complete attention right away, and that I had to concentrate to keep from Freudian-slipping the word “cleavage” into our conversation.

Also, there was something so hot and youthfully tender about her face, that I repeatedly found myself daydreaming about resting my throbbing cock and balls on her cheek, her chin, her forehead and eyes, and about running my erection through her hair!

Her clear, strong voice–like crystalline bells–haunted my nights, and I couldn’t keep my hands out of my pants every time I heard her speaking in my mind! I imagined her holding her choir robes and saying things like “Is there somewhere I should undress?”

I knew her voice so completely that I knew it was her immediately when she stepped into the confessional and said “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.”

She told me that she had uncontrollable carnal thoughts. She found herself inventing scenarios in which she stripped boys naked and gave them to her friends. She developed intricate devices which would allow a boy to be completely exposed “down there,” but also to remain completely unknown bursa ucuz escort to the girls she shared him with. She admitted that she had even built a contraption she called “The Tube” for that purpose. “The guy steps into two leg-holsters that conceal his legs from the thighs down and keep his, um, lap totally exposed. And then he clasps his hands behind his back, and The Tube engulfs his whole upper body and conceals his identity, and everything from the bellybutton up,” she explained.

She told me that she was in trouble. She had promised a bunch of her new girlfriends that she would give them a man in The Tube that evening, but come to find out, the guy was married, and she “couldn’t see doing that to his wife.”

As she talked, I was getting harder and harder, and as much as I tried to conceal it, I know she was becoming aware of how turned on I was. I knew that I should stop her, that I should tell her something–anything–that would convince her to end her sinful desires, but I couldn’t. I imagined myself naked in her Tube, imagined that she was checking me out, that she was one of the women in the room holding my cock, caressing my living balls. I imagined that she was sucking me while her topless girlfriends watched. I imagined that she was lubing my ass with her finger and pressing her vibe into my horny flesh while her girlfriends took turns impaling their pussies on my stone hard erection.

My hands involuntarily slid into my lap, and as she continued to tell me about the degenerate ways she would have her friends fuck the man bursa üniversiteli escort in The Tube, I massaged myself until I was impossibly erect. As she spoke in that pure-sex voice, I eased my zipper open and pulled myself out. I couldn’t control myself! I had to stroke off!

Sara told me how desperate she was not to be humiliated by being unable to procure a man for her friends. She told me that she needed a guy who needed to be thrust into The Tube and fondled by a crowd of women who would never know who he was. The thought of being that man was getting me so hot that she heard me stroking myself! She heard me moaning as I imagined her bent at the waist and fucking herself up the ass with my fully anonymous cock! She heard me coming while she confessed to me!

My God! I was so busted!

“Father!” she said. “I can’t believe it!”

“I’m so sorry! Please forgive me!”

“You were–” she gasped. “You just had an–“

“Oh my God!” I gasped. “Please don’t tell anyone!”

“But you–!”

“Please, Sara! I’ll do anything!”

“Oh my God! You know who I am!”

“Please Sara! Don’t tell!”

She stopped talking, stopped breathing, stopped everything. She didn’t say a word, but I could hear the thought drop into her mind as plain as banging pots and pans. “Father,” she said. “Do you mean you’ll do *anything*?”

“Put me in The Tube!” I begged. “Just don’t tell anyone!”

“You want me to put *you* in “The Tube?” I couldn’t speak. I was terrified of what I’d just said, terrified of what would happen if she told anyone! And I was completely hard again in my hand!

“Yes!” I whispered. I started stroking again. “Put me in The Tube! I’m so horny!”

“Oh, Father!” she laughed. The smile in her voice was contagious, and I knew. Without a doubt, I knew that she would Tube me for her friends. And for herself. She wouldn’t tell anyone! She would keep me a secret, and she would share me with every slut in town!

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