Three’s a Charm

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The drive is quiet and it passes quickly, and you arrive at our home around 10 o’clock under a clear sky and twinkling stars. He’s dressed in jeans and a blue tie-dye t-shirt and a soft blue denim long sleeve shirt, and he welcomes you at the gate with a small, very warm, cup of Irish breakfast tea, and he leads you inside. The house is lit with candles, so everything is cast in a warm glow and shadows. He takes your coat and kisses you softly on the neck as she appears from the hallway, wearing a thin sweater and a dark floral skirt.

“It’s so nice to see you again,” she says fondly, slipping her hands around your waist from the side as you turn your head to meet her calm, sensual lips in a sweet kiss, then she cups her hands around yours as you hold the mug, “Ooh, it’s cold outside.” A light scent of cinnamon reaches you from her warm skin as he leans up behind you and brushes your hair aside to kiss the back of your neck as you sip.

You sip again from the delicately sweetened liquid and lean your head slowly to one side to open your neck to him, “Mmm, thanks for the tea — so nice on a cold night.”

His voice is gentle behind your ear. “You’re quite welcome, we’ll find all sorts of ways to warm you up.”

“That’ll be fun,” you respond with a sexy grin as your eyes meet hers, “I like getting warmed up.” A little giggle bubbles from her, and she takes your coat from him and drapes it over her arm as she takes your free hand and leads you to you walk between us to the bedroom. That room too is lit with candles and the air is faintly moist and spicy. The burgundy bedspread is turned down to reveal the burnt red of the sheets and the four pillows, with a fifth pillow in fiery orange against the peacock wallpaper.

He closes the bedroom door behind him and turns the lock to ensure our private time together against any unexpected intrusion. You sit on the end of the bed and appreciatively drain the last of your tea. “Would you like more?” he asks, sitting beside you as she settles close on your other side.

A grin mischievously curls your lips, “No, thanks, that was really nice… but there are some other things I definitely would like more of.”

He takes the empty mug and sets it on the dresser, and we both lean in to kiss your neck and your shoulders. Her hand caresses up and down your thigh, and his fingertips trail from your throat downward, between and across your breasts, and he cups them each carefully and squeezes them in turn. You turn to meet her mouth with yours and your tongue slips onto hers as a fresh flutter of brightly colored butterflies dances in your tummy.

As she moves to kiss over your cheek and down your neck, he lifts your top and slips it over your head and unclasps your bra and sets them both aside as he lays you back on the bed and we both begin covering your tits in gentle kisses. You feel your breath deepen as her fingers wander beneath your skirt and discover that your sweet cleft is already naked. She strokes it softly as he suckles your hardening nipple, and then he shifts upward for a little tongue-play with you as she moves down a trail of kisses over your belly and between your thighs. As his tongue circles the tip of yours, you feel her hot breath against your spreading warmth, and you lift your legs and open them out as you arch your back and reach to pull him in for a deeper kiss.

He delves deeper and stronger with his tongue, and she licks a slow and heavy stroke from the bottom of your slickness up over your little button as he rolls your nipples between his fingers. You feel so naughty and luscious between us, and as Ankara Escort our tongues probe you a deep moan swells within you and then pours out as he moves from your mouth to lick and suck each of your tits, and your hands move over his shoulders and his back down to his stomach to work at his belt. He shifts and pulls it open with one hand, and then steps back to strip as she opens your folds with her fingers and sucks and licks more hungrily on your swollen clit. He lustfully takes in the scene as he sheds his clothes, and you lean up on your elbows to watch her head nodding slowly as she laps your seeping nectar. Her eyes meet yours, and your mouth drops open as her tongue flutters against your pink nub, and an impish fire burns behind her blue orbs, seeming to ask ‘do you like?’ and at the same time knowing full well what her sweet mouth on your wetness does to you. He kneels next to you on the bed as you lay back again, and his cock is full and hot against your fingers as you curl them around it and gently allow them to slide up and down over its stiffening length before cupping the head and rubbing your thumb slowly against its underside.

“Here,” he says, “lay across the bed with your head at the edge of this side. I want to fuck that sweet mouth of yours while she licks you.”

Eagerly, you mover to comply, and she kneels between your thighs again as he holds his cock out above your lips. You reach up behind him to caress his ass cheeks as he holds his cock just within reach of your tongue, so you have to fully extend it to touch the tip against his underside, and you lick naughtily against the little folds just behind the head, and then as you feel her two fingers slipping up into your slick heat and her mouth suckling and licking at your hardened clit he slides his rigid cockhead against your tongue and into the warmth of your wet mouth. She’s finger-fucking that luscious little hole of yours as you suck greedily on his prick and he bends to feel your tits up and then kiss and nibble over your sides as he moves almost all the way out from between your lips and then slowly all the way in to press against the back of your throat, and it feels so delicious to have his cock in your mouth as she works and devours your musky sex. Your breathing quickens and you feel that fire being stoked to a raging furnace in your belly as your hips undulate to her rhythm and he slips his fingers into the hair at the back of your neck and holds your head back as he alternately plunges in and out of your throat and hold his prickhead just inside your lips so you can lick and suck it like a tootsie-pop.

He pulls out and reaches under you to lift your shoulders and pull you diagonally with your head at the lower corner of the bed, and he moves quickly behind her and shifts her to kneel on the end of the bed and lean over your body with her face between your legs again and her ass and pussy presented for him to slip inside. He puts his cock back in your mouth and starts stroking her slit and diddling her swollen button, getting her ready to fuck his engorged shaft. She pulls you around a little and slips her fingers back into you, pressing upward into your sweetspot as she sucks against your clit.

“D’you wanna watch me fuck her? Hmm? D’you wanna taste her sweet juices on my cock?”

She moans in anticipation and her voice vibrates against your mound as you respond. “Fuck yes, I wanna watch you slip that cock up in her and let me lick it off.”

“Get it all nice and wet for her hot little tunnel — that’s a good girl, yes, get that cock all slippery wet,” then he slips out and Çankaya Escort moves behind her and rubs the head over the length of her slit and then enters her little by little, then back out a little bit, then deeper in, then back out a little again, and then very slowly in all the way. “Wanna feel me fucking her? Take your hand and feel my prick slipping in and out of her wet little cunt. C’mon, do it — feel her slippery folds and my glossy shaft as I slide in and out of her.”

Reaching around the back of her thigh your, fingertips find where he enters her and his wet cockshaft moves unhurriedly into her depths and then out again to allow you to feel the slick head and slip your finger into her opening before he slips it back in again, “Mmm, honey, your so wet around his cock — I wanna taste your pussy on it.” You look teasingly into his eyes and wantonly lick the air in a sensual ‘come hither’ gesture toward his cock, and then your eyes roll and close and you start to pant as she bends your thighs upward and pins them beneath her to pull your pussy up and then works her fingers deeply into your core as she flicks her tongue up and down from one side to the other against your clit. His cock slips between your breathless lips and you taste her flowing blossom as you suck and lick his purplish head. You feel him grip your calf and then his mouth on the top of your foot and then his teeth gnawing lightly against your ankle, and his prick sinks back against your throat and you gasp and whine in pleasure on the very edge of cumming as he pumps into your eager throat. Then after a moment your mouth is empty and you turn to watch as he moves to plunge wetly into her depths, and you reach her button with your fingers and rub it soft and fast as he penetrates her again.

As you gaze at his tensed and thrusting body and he buries his length into her belly, you feel his balls against the backs of your fingers as you hotly tease her nub, and he leans firmly against her and wriggles slowly side to side, pressing the base of his cock hard against her folds first on one side and then the other. Then he establishes a steady slow pace and maintains it, slipping all the way up in her and then almost all the way back out again. You can hear and feel her crying out against your splayed pussy and you feel a delicious wave of bliss as it builds and fills you, and then your body takes over and goes rigid for a moment before heaving and writhing as devastating convulsions of ecstasy wash through you. Then she slips over the edge along with you and groans deeply as her body shudders and then squirms backward onto his cock as you keep working her wet clit.

He hovers over you both and covers each of your now languid bodies in alternating kisses for a few moments, while you both catch your breath, and then he grabs the orange pillow and a thick towel, and he places the pillow in the middle of the bed and drapes the towel, folded, over the edge of the pillow. He guides her to lay on her back with the pillow under her butt, and then guides you onto your hands and knees facing her spread thighs and her puffy wet sex with your ass presented over the edge of the bed. He bends to whisper in your ear as he grazes his fingertips over your arched ass cheeks, “Wanna make her squirt as I fuck you?” Then he continues in response to your eager nod, “Lick her real soft and slow until she’s all hot again, and then slowly start working the bottom of her tunnel with your fingertips as you lick her. Then when she starts cumming, pull downward a little keeping your fingers deep inside her, and she’ll soak the towel for you.” Etlik Escort Then he slicks her pussy with a little coconut oil and slips vinyl gloves over your hands as he whispers again, “she likes how the gloves feels on your fingers inside her.”

You bend down and rest your weight on your elbows, cross your arms at the wrists and part her petals with your pinkies tucked in her outer folds, and then you begin to tenderly lick her cleft. The oil is sweet and a little fragrant and combines pleasingly with her scent. Behind you, the sound of a small packet being torn open makes you keenly aware that you are about to have his hard cock plunging into you as you dine on her sweet little pussy. Then, as she begins to writhe beneath you, he teases the head of his sheathed and oiled prick against your freshly engorged clit, and then rouses your opening as he slips in a little ways and then out and back down over your swollen little button. You press just a little firmer with your lapping tongue and then shift your weight to one side and slip your index and middle fingers slowly into her and press lightly downward as you tease her clit with quick little licks from your tongue.

He grips your waist and gradually buries his whole shaft in you up to the hilt, and his cock feels so scrumptiously hard and slippery as it slides up all the way inside, and as you lick and finger her into a renewed glow he builds a rhythm very gradually, just a little faster, then just a little more, as he draws the backs of his fingernails over the skin of your ass and your lower back. She starts to voice her passion again and you can feel her tightening a little bit and then relaxing and then tightening again, getting ready to cum, and you delicately increase the pressure and the pace as you sink your fingers in and rub your two fingertips against the broad ridge inside the bottom of her tunnel, licking faster and a little harder over her button as it momentarily recedes just the slightest bit. He starts heavily thrusting as she heats up under you and he matches your fingering pace with sharp plunging deep up into you, and you feel his balls bumping against your clit as his belly slaps against your arched ass. Sensuality floods your senses and you feel that dulcet tension building in your belly with every plunge of his cock as you feel his body tensing and you hear his breath shake and you can hear in her voice that she’s right on the brink, too. The three of us slip over the edge at the same moment, and you struggle to keep yourself in position and somehow remember to pull slightly downward, and as you feel your body clenching down against his flexing and cumming cock, she gushes out beneath your tongue and over your hand and your wrist and she sprays little droplets clear up your forearm. He growls like a beast and convulses fiercely into your hotly pulsing cunt as you arch back wantonly against his jerking thrusts, feeling your body shake and quiver as that lustful pleasure courses through us, and another wave takes her over as she pours out a fresh warm flood over your hand and into the towel.

He slowly and hesitantly slips out of you, and then slips the condom off and ties it in a knot before dropping it and moving to fall backward on the bed next to her. He motions for you to move up and join us, and you slip your gloves off and drop them, and then nestle between us with your shoulder in the crook of his arm and your arm across her beneath her breasts and your head resting on his shoulder. We each give a contented sigh and lay in a shared afterglow for a long while, and her breathing slows and grows deep and heavy. He turns to you and whispers, “She likes to nap a little after she comes hard — that means you did really well with her, me too, by the way…”

A shy smile graces your lips, “Mmm, that was so hot — I loved it.” Then you snuggle in deeper between us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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