Twin Succubi Ch. 01


I’m fairly average. Non-athletic but pretty smart, not particularly attractive, mild acne problems. I’m kind of quirky, but I’ve been told that’s good, one of these quirks is something that most girls seem to like; my hair. It’s brown, right now it fades to almost a golden-brass color, from when I had dyed it blue then bleached it, and it’s long, down inbetween my shoulder blades.

There are these two girls in my grade, the Amer twins, technically identical. Alexis has shorter hair than Samantha, whose hair is down to the bottom of her ass and is a little taller. They’re maybe B cups, and from the quick little peeks I’ve gotten from them leaning over a table or something, both of both of their tits are amazing. They’re both kind of short and lean, a very attractive build. The twins and I lived within reasonable walking distance so we hung out a lot. It wasn’t before long that I started fantasizing about the two of them. I didn’t think that anything would actually happen with any of us, let alone all three of us at the same time.

One day over the summer they both came over to marathon Doctor Who, it was going to take about three days and I had gotten permission from my mom and her boyfriend for them to stay overnight so we could marathon. They brought snacks and drinks and bags of clothes. They walked over to my house, Alexis was wearing low-top converse, half-thigh length shorts, and a very tight t-shirt, I could very clearly see the outline of her push-up bra. Samantha wore slightly heeled sandals, a short skirt, with alternating black and light gray pleats, and a blue shirt. The left shoulder of her shirt kept slipping and I got a decent glimpse of her bra, a light blue, lacy thing.

After we shuffled around the house a bit, putting stuff where it belonged, I plopped down in the middle of the couch in my room and grabbed the remote to my smart TV. I navigated to Netflix and then Doctor Who, the twins just stood awkwardly in the doorway, looking at them I said “Well let’s get started, ‘ave a seat.” They came and sat on either side of me, Alexis on my right and Samantha on my left. We snacked and joked around about the bad CG and about how the characters really just need to fuck. After a few hours, Samantha looked like she was getting a bit tired and her head fell on my shoulder, not something that she normally let happen. Then Alexis turned her body and lay with her head against the arm of the couch and her legs and feet in my lap. She had folded her knees and this put her feet on my crotch. She kept bouncing her feet a little, just a little. I wasn’t sure she even knew she was doing it until I looked at her through the corner of my eye only to discover her gaze was switching between my face and the lump starting to grow at my groin. The title sequence for a new episode started and Samantha jerked a little, I think she had fallen asleep but she looked up at me and said “How long was I asleep?”

“What is the last thing you remember?”

“Hmmm… Something about Rose and her father?”

“Ah, well it’s the beginning of-” Alexis had stopped just bouncing and was definitely stroking my dick through my pants, I inhaled shakily and hissed a little before continuing, “the next episode.” Samantha looked over at Alexis briefly and saw what she was doing.

Samantha akkent escort caught Alexis’ eye and they both started giggling in unison, which from my perspective, was slightly eerie, as it was in stereo. When they finally stopped giggling, Samantha kissed my neck, placing her hand on the still growing lump in my pants. Alexis sat up, taking her feet off my lap and leaned forward, kissing my lips as her sister sucked on my neck and started to stroke my now hard cock through my pants.

I pulled away from Alexis’s lips and asked, ” What do you two-nnnnn-think you’re doing?”

Alexis smiled, “What does it feel like?” she put her hand on my chest and kissed me again, slipping her tongue into my mouth this time. Samantha stopped sucking on my neck and leaned over my crotch as she started unzipping my pants, a grin spreading across her face. She slipped off my pants, and gasped slightly as my dick pushed against my boxer-briefs. Alexis pulled away and looked down, she looked back up at me with a raised eyebrow and a grin.

“Well, what have we got here? Looks like about six inches,” Alexis grinned as she started stroking my cock through my boxer briefs. I groaned a little as she squeezed the head of my cock. While Alexis had me distracted, Samantha pulled off her shirt and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. She was squeezing her breast as she hiked up her skirt a little and started rubbing her pussy. Alexis got up and positioned herself between my legs as she started to pull down my boxer-briefs. Samantha bit my tongue and smiled a bit as I moaned.

Alexis gasped a little when she freed my cock from my underwear, then looked up at me with a devilish stare. She grabbed the base of my cock and gently licked the underside of my glans. I moaned loudly into Samantha’s mouth as she bit my lip. Samantha pulled away and stood, letting her skirt fall back down. She pulled down the skirt to reveal panties that matched her bra.

I sat there, fairly stunned but quite content. I closed my eyes for a moment as Alexis wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. I saw a flash of light from behind my eyelids and I snapped my eyes open, and what I saw was startling. Alexis looked a little agitated as she glared at Samantha who had transformed, she was now sporting slight horns, slight fangs, leathery wings, and a tail. I was stunned, and quite turned on.

“Samantha? Wha-?”

I was cut off by Alexis who seemed quite peeved, “I thought we were going to wait to transform?!” She stood as well, and in a blinding flash of light she too transformed.

“What the HELL is going on?!” I just then noticed another change, “And have your tits gotten bigger?” The twins grinned and nodded.

“In this form they’re double-D’s,” their tails were swaying a little behind them and Samantha who had always been a bit more forward and sexual used her tail to flick Alexis’ nipple. Alexis inhaled sharply and glared at her. Samantha just giggled and said, “You want to explain what’s going on Alexis?”

“Sure,” she turned to me and then her eyes widened, my cock had grown a little and was twitching. She gave her head a little shake and said to me, “we’re succubi.”

“I can see that…”

“Most guys seem a bit scared akkent escort bayan when they learn that,” Samantha looked at my cock, “you just seem turned on.”

“Yup well you know. So now what?”

“Ah yes, lay down,” that was Samantha, when she said it her tail twitched excitedly and her she stretched her wings a little.

“What if I don’t?”

“Then we’ll make you.”


“Like this,” when she said it, Alexis started staring into my eyes, then I felt a sudden urge to lay down.

“That’s cheating…” as I said it I started to lean to one side then stopped myself. “Why do you want me to lay down anyway?”

“How are you- how can you- what?” Alexis was baffled.

“Everything ok?” Samantha looked worried and flashed a glance at me.

“He resisted my influence…” Samantha looked over at me, then back at Alexis.

“Well you haven’t had a good meal in a while, the last few guys you got haven’t been very good.”

“True, you try.”

“Hang on ladies, why do you want me to lay down anyway?:

“You’ll see,” as she said it I heard Samantha’s voice in my head and the urge to lay down, I couldn’t fight it this time, so I lied down. “Good boy,” Alexis pulled off her shirt, revealing that her bra was a deep purple and pulled off her shorts, revealing matching panties. In unison they bent down, slipping off their panties. They stood back up, neither had pubic hair. As Alexis started to step closer to the couch her sister’s tail snuck between her legs and started pressing against her pussy, causing her step to falter. Alexis moaned slightly and Samantha smirked. To Samantha’s great surprise, she was slapped by her sister’s tail and pulled her tail back. Alexis straddled my hips and started pressing her pussy against the underside of my cock, Samantha licked the tip of her tail then moved closer to the couch. Alexis had scooted up so she was now sitting with my cock pinned between me and her pussy, she was wiggling her hips a little, and moaning. She started bouncing a little, showing off her bigger tits. I reached up to grab them but Samantha swatted at my hands with her tail and Alexis grinned down at me as she started squeezing her tits.

Alexis had started to slide forward when I remembered something. “Hang on a second, couldn’t you end up killing me??”

They both giggled a little and then in unison, “We’ll be careful, we’ve decided we want to milk you for all you’ve got to offer. For as long as we can. A little known fact about: succubi, if they don’t kill you, they add to your lifespan, so the more we milk you, the longer you’ll live and the longer we can milk you.”

“I see… So basically without my permission you’re giving me a longer life and great sex in exchange for my cum?”


“But wait, don’t you take life energy when I cum?”

“Yes, but when you refill your life energy by eating and whatnot, there seems to be some sort of momentum and it overflows you.”

“I think I understand…?”

“Good, so I can stop just sliding back and forth along your shaft and actually start fucking you now?”

“Su-” I was cut off by Alexis slipping forward further and letting my cock slip into her tight pussy. “Nnngh,” I moaned as escort akkent she slid back again, the head of my cock sliding against the front wall of her pussy, about halfway down my shaft, she threw her head back and squeeked a little as she clenched her fists around the couch cushions, her pussy convulsing and squeezing my now throbbing cock. She slid the rest of my cock into her pussy and had started to pant. Her hands were back at her sides but her bra fell and then her tail appeared from over her shoulder and was rubbing against her nipples. I looked over at Samantha, she also was braless. She was pinching her nipples and the tip of her tail was starting to enter her pussy.

Alexis was now sliding my cock in and out of her tight pussy, panting and moaning as my cock pressed against the walls of her pussy. Alexis looked over at her twin for a moment and Samantha’s eyes widened and then she grinned. She slipped her tail out of her pussy, whimpering a little as she did so. She straddled my chest and leaned down, she started kissing me, her tongue snaking into my mouth. She bit my lip with just her fangs, and continued to run her tongue along the back of my teeth. I inhaled when she bit me and stole a little air from her lungs. She smiled and released my lip. I lifted my hands to her tits and started squeezing her nipples, twisting them a little. She gasped and crumpled a little, I smirked and was about to squeeze her nipples a little harder when Alexis angled her hips, rubbing the head of my cock against the wall of her pussy. I moaned and let my hands fall. Samantha sat back up and then slid forward, placing her pussy over my mouth.

“Well what are you waiti-” I cut her off when I started to lick her pussy, starting by pressing on her clit with my tongue, then letting the underside of my tongue slip down her pussy. When I reached the bottom of her slit I started back up, pausing to swirl around the entrance to her pussy. I slipped back up to her clit and started swirling around it as I pushed a finger against the hole of her pussy. She threw her head back and moaned, her sister changed angle again, eliciting a moan from the two of us. I slipped my finger into her snatch and pressed against the front wall of her pussy. Samantha moaned loudly and I put my hand over her mouth.

“Quiet or they’ll hear you,” I hissed as I slipped my finger out of her pussy. Samantha gave a disgruntled humph and glared at me. Alexis stopped moving when Samantha looked back at her, then they looked at the door.

In unison they muttered “slawl olcense fumfeld scepa.”

“Was that even English?”

Alexis started rocking back and forth on my cock again, her speed increasing and with it the sound of her moaning. Samantha looked back down at me, ” We muffled all the sounds coming from the room, they won’t hear a thing.”

“You can – do that?”

“Of course we can, now get back to work.”

I obliged, slipping my finger back into her pussy. Alexis’ pussy started to grab my cock, throbbing and pulsing around it.

“I’m gonna cum…”

“Good… Give me all your thick cum…” Alexis started rocking faster and faster, moaning louder and louder until her moans were punctuated by little squeaking noises and as I came her pussy convulsed and she screamed. Her pussy continued to rhythmically squeeze my cock for all its cum until her orgasm subsided. I lay there with my finger in Samantha’s pussy down to the second knuckle as Alexis fell into a crumpled heap.

“I think I’ll need to get some of that…”

Samantha got up off my face and tapped Alexis on the shoulder “My turn sister.”

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