Uneducated 02

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Chapter 8

Harmony and Unity obviously did their homework; George came home to find Unity swiveling her perfect little ass to Doro’s Kiss Me like a Cobra, and unhooking her faux leather bra. She gave one wild swing to her hair, tousling it wildly, and then squatted, swaying her hips from side to side as ‘Swarmed’ by Sinergy began.

Harmony stood to the side, policeman’s cap on her head, light blue blouse straining at the buttons and short dark blue skirt barely covering her mound.

They both smiled when they saw George and he smiled back.

When the song ended, Unity was in thong, pasties, and thigh high faux leather boots.

George lightly slapped Unity’s butterfly tattoo and went into his office. Unity and Harmony nodded their heads at each other in unison and Harmony turned on her black patent leather pumps.

“Mr. Papillion, I ask you something?” Harmony asked, coming into his office.

“Sure, what’s up?” he asked, looking up from his Quicken work sheet.

“I was, um, you know, you’re always saying we’re pretty and…” Harmony faltered.

“Beautiful,” George corrected. “I tell you and your sister y’all are beautiful.”

“Beautiful,” harmony repeated. “But why you don’t, I mean, we’re right here and half the time we’re practically naked…”

“Half?” George snorted. “Uh, try ALL the time.”

“Why you don’t ever, you know why you don’t ever fuck us?” Harmony asked.

“Uni, get in here,” George said and Unity eased in from where she’d been listening.

“That. Right there,” George said. “That’s part of the reason.”

“What?” Unity asked.

“God damn, y’all got the bodies; y’all don’t think I want to? I mean, fuck! Y’all are beautiful; y’all are sexy as hell…”

“Then why you don’t…” Harmony pressed.

“But I’m twice your age and y’all got some serious growing up to do,” George said.

“What you mean?” Harmony challenged, face twisting into anger.

“See?” George said. “See? Right there. I make one little criticism and you’re already pouting.”

“But Mr. Papillion…” Unity interjected.

“And that,” George pointed to Unity. “Mister Papillion. My name is George, but just like two little kids y’all keep calling me Mr. Papillion. Hell, Papillion’s not even my name; it’s Papil.”

HE put his hand on Harmony’s hip and pulled her to him. He gave her a soft kiss on her lips, and then playfully pinched her rump through her skirt.

“Think I like giving my little Mr. George brush burns? I would love to just grab one of y’all and do some serious pounding,” he said.

He pulled Unity to him and gave her a kiss.

“But then I’d feel all guilty afterward and might even lose y’all as friends and it’s just not worth it,” he said, rubbing her smooth rump.

“We wouldn’t…” Harmony protested.

“Come on, Mony,” Unity interrupted, pulling her sister out of the office.

“What? Why’d you…” Harmony started to screech.

Unity put her hand over her sister’s mouth.

“Yelling and getting all pissed off’s just showing him he’s right; we’re just a couple of stupid kids,” Unity said, taking her hand off her sister’s mouth.

Harmony thought about it for a moment, and then solemnly nodded her head in agreement.

She went to the stereo, found her ‘Harmony—Police Outfit’ disc and put it into the CD player. Unity pulled the tab on her ‘Boots’ and the faux leather sleeves she’d fashioned came off, leaving her in just her four inch heels.

She got her next outfit, a very short ‘wedding dresses and white fishnet stockings, garter belt and strapless bra and waited for Harmony to finish.

“Oh, cool!” she laughed when Harmony took off the blue bra, revealing two ‘detective shields’ covering her nipples.

“Like that?” Harmony laughed.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm,” George sighed appreciatively as he walked through the living room to the door.

Harmony thrust her pubic mound forward, running her ‘police baton’ up and down her cloth covered crotch.

“Where you going?” Unity asked, finding her ‘Unity—White Wedding’ disc.

“Digging ditches; want to come?” George asked.

Both girls looked at each other; neither girl wanted to go.

“Yeah, give me a second,” Harmony finally said.

“Uh huh,” George smirked.

“Mist… George?” Unity called out.

“Yeah?” he asked, hand on the door.

“We got our checks other day; what we owe you for rent?” she asked.

Harmony shot her sister a glare, and then realized what her sister was doing.

“Yeah, George, what’s our half?” she asked.

“Let me think about it,” George said and left the house.

“And Momma said she wanted barbeque Sunday; you find out what’s open then,” Unity ordered her sister as Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding started.

Harmony found George’s white pages and looked through it, finally finding Back Yard BBQ. The quarter page ad showed that they were not open on Sundays. ‘World Famous’ however, was open.

“World Famous, on nineteen,” Harmony reported.

“EW, Betturkey they suck; Back Yard’s not open?” Unity asked, now down to white bra and panties.

“Bet white shoes would d a lot better with that,” Harmony observed.

“We got any?” Unity asked, dropping bra to the floor.

“No,” Harmony admitted. “And, no, Back Yard’s not open.”

“What about in Elgee?” Unity asked, strutting around, and then dropping panties to the floor, leaving her in lacy thong, lacy pasties, and garter belt and stockings.

For her finishing flourish, she turned and shook her rear end, making her cheeks dance.

“Damn; you’re a lot better at that than I am,” Harmony admitted.

“Let me see what’s in Elgee; I mean, going to World Famous, Elgee’s like what? A couple more miles?” Unity said, gathering up her clothes.

“You think we’re going to be okay?” Harmony asked, letting her fears come out.

“Better be; Mr. Pap… George like loaned us a shit load of money make these,” Unity said, indicating their outfits.

Harmony put on a straw cowboy hat, gingham blouse knotted under her heavy breasts, and very short, frayed jean shorts.

“Boots would look…” Unity suggested.

“And we got them!” Harmony said, running to their bedroom.

Not finding a phone book for St. Ann (even though it was in the next drawer of the end table, Unity went into George’s office and turned on the computer.

“Yeah, y’all open Sunday?” Harmony heard her sister ask as Shania twain’s ‘Leave Me Breathless’ began to blare.

“Okay, Cowboy’s and Big Daddy’s are both open and they both open at eleven; that gives us plenty of time get there and get back,” Unity said as Harmony gyrated in just hat, boots, pasties and thong, legs spread wide. “What song is that?”

“Up Against the Wall, Red Neck; isn’t about stupid?” Harmony laughed.

“You right, it’s pretty stupid,” Unity agreed. “But Mist… George said it ain’t about what we like; it’s about what they like.”

“And….” Harmony said, turned and bent over, the top of her head nearly touching the floor.

She slapped her buttocks loudly, and then stood again just as the song ended.

“Hat didn’t…” Unity remarked.

“Pinned on there,” Harmony said, showing Unity the hair pins.

“Know what? I think we about ready,” Unity declared.

“Nurse, cow girl, cop, animal print…” Harmony went down the list of outfits she had.

“Don’t forget biker babe, bride…” Unity threw in.

“Yeah, I think we’re about ready,” Harmony agreed.

“All right; you hungry? Looking up them Barbeque places got me hungry,” Unity said.

“Clark’s?” Harmony asked hopefully.

George would have laughed; the two got dressed up to go to the drive-in diner.

Just before pulling into the diner, though, Harmony suddenly accelerated past the diner.

“Got them applications?” she asked before Unity could protest.

“Yeah, put them in here when we thought we were ready,” Unity said, popping opens the small console.

“George wants us to start acting grown up,” Harmony said. “Well, grownups wouldn’t wait for him to take us to the Dead End; they’d just go.”

“Wow, for one of them there dyslexics, you’re pretty smart,” Unity teased.

“Well, thank you!” Harmony replied, smirking at her ‘dyslexic’ sister.

Rosy smiled as the two girls entered and hopped up onto bar stools.

“Thought y’all gave up on us,” she remarked.

“No ma’am; we been practicing,” Harmony admitted.

“Really? Well, well!” Rosy said, skimming over their applications.

“Um…” she said when she saw that neither girl had written anything under ‘Employment History.’

“I know, I know, it looks bad,” Unity quickly said. “We’ve never worked anywhere before, but I swear, we’ll really try.”

“Hey, got to start somewhere, right?” Rosy said and nodded. “All right, how ’bout you two be here eleven o’clock, Monday morning?”

“You mean…?” Harmony said, smiling happily.

“Like I said, got to start somewhere, right?” Rosy said and shook Harmony’s offered hand.

“Oh thank you!” Unity gushed, shaking the large woman’s hand.

“Uh huh, see if you saying ‘thank you’ after seven hours of bouncing around,” Rosy smiled.

Angela Brandt, a petite red head smiled at the two sisters as she poured herself a diet coke.

“Y’all going to work here?” she asked pleasantly in a squeaky little voice.

“Start on Monday,” Harmony said proudly.

“Miss Rosy?” Angela asked.

“Yeah?” Rosy asked as she plopped the two meatloaf with red gravy platters down in front of the sisters.

“I work Monday day too?” Angela asked.

“Thought you wanted… Yeah, you know what? That’s not a bad idea,” Rosy agreed.

“This here’s Angela; she’s your new boss,” Rosy made the introductions.

Rosie’s grandfather, the real owner of the Dead End, had been telling her that she needed a manager to help with the girls; now that they had over twenty girls working; seven waitresses and fifteen; now seventeen dancers with Harmony and Unity on board, Rosy needed an extra Betturkey Giriş set of eyes and hands. At thirty four, Angela Brandt was the oldest and the most experienced. Angela had also worked there before the fire destroyed the old bar, back when it had been a biker bar.

But Angela had kicked both heroin habit and old boyfriend to the curb and had come back to work for the Dead End. Even though Rosy didn’t ask for it, Angela showed her the quarterly drug screenings her probation officer demanded.

“Really think the mother fucker just gets off on watching me piss in the cup,” Angela laughed. “But Miss Rosy, I’m clean, see?”

Rosy made the snap decision; Angela would manage the dancers and she would manage the waitresses.

“All right, when I say ‘jump,’ you say ‘how high?'” Angela barked in her squeaky voice.

Harmony and Unity looked at each other, not sure what to do. Angela burst into merry laughter and patted their hands.

“Just kidding,” she giggled, and then looked over at the stage where Shelly, a pudgy Latin woman was down to bra and thong. “Shit! I’m up next, see you!”

She hurriedly drank her diet cola down, and then scampered away.

“She’s got the most experience; she knows what to do and not to do,” Rosy explained and put the charge slips in front of them for their meals.

“She’s got… How old is she?” Unity asked looking at the door that Angela had disappeared through.

“Older than she looks and younger than she acts,” Rosy laughed.

Angela had been the one dancer that both Unity and Harmony agreed; she could dance. And they had both admired her outfits. George had pointed out, while most of the girls came out in the same outfits over and over, Angela seemed to have on something different each time she came out.

She also had that ‘Ho’ smile that George had told them about.

The two sisters ate their lunches and watched Angela in the mirror over the bar. As if she sensed their eyes on her, she looked over and gave them a full mouthed smile, then dropped her upper lip to smile at a man as he dropped a bill into her tip jar.

“Uh huh,” Harmony nodded as Angela dropped her top to the ground, still giving the ho smile to the customer.

Harmony jerked slightly as her cell phone rang. She dug it out of her purse and looked at the text message.

“George says the po-po are at the house asking for us,” she told Unity, showing her sister the text message.

“You u think they found See?” Unity asked hopefully.

“God I hope so,” Harmony said.

Harmony sent George a text, letting him know where they were and put the phone on the bar as she scraped the last of the green beans onto her fork.

She looked at the cell phone expectantly as she finished her soda.

She and Unity had owned two shoddy cell phones with exorbitant plans when they’d moved in with George. He’d taken one look at their phones and at their bills and shook his head in disgust.

“How long you got on them phones?” he asked.

“Johnson’s is month to month,” Unity said.

“Well, this is your last month with them, hear?” George had said.

He’d taken them to PC Nation, added them to his plan and given them two sleek Android cell phones.

“Unlimited text, unlimited local and long distance,” he said

The few friends they talked with and swapped texts with had wondered why they suddenly had new phone numbers; George refused to pay the ridiculous fees Johnson’s and PC Nation wanted to charge to transfer the old phone numbers. The friends had been impressed with the new phones, and had been shocked to find out how much money they were saving by switching.

“But y’all don’t have no credit, huh?” they’d asked.

“I love him,” Harmony suddenly said, looking at her sister.

“What? Who?” Unity asked, looking around the darkened bar to see who Harmony might be talking about.

“Mister, I mean George,” Harmony admitted.

“Me too!” Unity snapped.

Unfortunately, the two police officers, Officers Mike Stevens and Becky Yuma, did not have any new leads; they just wanted to question the girls again to see they might have thought of anything new.

“You find her, please let her know we miss her,” Unity sobbed out.

George smiled sadly; he’d had to remind the two to look through Serenity’s things when Ryan told them to take what they wanted out of the house. Now, a few months later, they were realizing how much they did love their baby sister.

After the two police officers left, Harmony looked up at George.

“We um, we went to the Dead End and put in our applications,” she said.

“Oh yeah?” George asked, already tapping out the phone number for his next client.

“Yeah; we start on Monday,” Unity admitted.

“Oh, um, well,” George said, waiting for his client to answer.

He verified her address, verified the nature of service needed, and ended the call.

“Monday, huh?” he asked. “Hmm, might have to stop by for some red beans and rice,” he agreed.

“You think we’re ready?” Harmony blurted out, earning a disapproving look from Unity.

“Think y’all are definitely ready to at least try,” George agreed.

“Think we’re ready?” Unity mocked under her breath as George walked to the front door.

“Shut up!” Harmony shrilled.

“Way to show him we’re grown up; asking him if he thinks we’re ready,” Unity snapped at her the minute the door closed behind George.

Harmony didn’t answer, just stomped away.

Each day that brought them closer to Monday, Unity and Harmony grew more nervous. They beamed with pride when George complimented them on finding out that Cowboy’s BBQ was open on Sunday and drove them out there, got the five pulled pork sandwiches and refused their offers to pay for the meals.

“Five?” Harmony asked when she counted the Styrofoam boxes.

“Y’all said Bubba wanted one, right?” George asked.

“Thank you, George,” Unity said from the rear seat of the car and patted his arm in gratitude.

Again, even though he could have gone inside, even though both Harmony and Unity asked him to come inside, George sat out in his car and played Scrabble on his phone and listened to the Saints football game on the radio while waiting for the girls.

“What?” he yelled at his phone. “That is not a real word, bitch! You’re making that shit up! A fish native to Rumania, my fucking ass, cheater!”

“You do know it can’t hear you, right?” Harmony asked as she got into the car.

“It can hear me,” George grumbled. “It just don’t fucking care; now, come on, the Taints are finally looking like they care whether or not they win.”

Bubba said to tell you thank you,” Unity said as she slithered into the rear seat.

“Yeah, Momma said thank you too,” Harmony agreed.

Whether the Saints cared about winning or not, they lost and George ranted and screamed at the television until Harmony put a small hand on his chest.

She smiled up at him then kissed him on his lips softly.

“They play again next week,” she said, toyed with a button on his shirt, and then walked away.

“Now, come on; the Griefs are playing the Dead Batteries,” Unity said, handing him another can of beer as the announcers talked about the upcoming game between the San Diego Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Y’all have been living with me too long,” he laughed.

“No,” Unity corrected, giving him a quick peck on his lips.

“We just pay attention, Mr. George,” she said, walking away, putting a little sway in her hips.

Unity found Harmony lying on their bed, watching a movie on the Lifetime Movie Channel.

“They didn’t even ask about Jack,” she said in a monotone voice. “Or See.”

“Think if we’d known anything, we’d have said something,” Unity said, flopping down on the bed next to her sister.

“Yeah, but they didn’t even ask,” Harmony said.

Unity didn’t say anything, just scooted close to her sister, putting an arm over her sister’s waist.

“I mean, yeah, if we knew something, we’d have said something, but Momma and Bubba didn’t even ask,” Harmony said and squeezed her sister’s hand.

She twisted around and looked at Unity.

“I mean, shit! It’s like see was never even there!” she spat bitterly.

And Unity had lied when she told George that Bubba had thanked them for the meal. Bubba had not; instead he demanded to know why he had not gotten one the previous week.

“Know what, Mother Fucker? You ain’t getting one next week neither,” Harmony finally yelled.

Bubba reared back to slug the impertinent little bitch but Sherriff Dick Davis was on his feet; hand on Bubba’s arm within a millisecond.

Chapter 9

Harmony’s first dance was nearly over before it even began; Harmony was petrified when Angela smiled, slapped her on her ass and said “You’re up.”

A man approached and dropped some money into the tip jar and Harmony nearly ran off the stage.

Somehow, she managed to finish the set and collapsed in tears afterward. Her sister and Angela both hugged her; both assured her she did fine.

“You ready?” Angela asked Unity when Tita, a rough looking Latin girl finished.

Unity set her jaw firmly, nodded her head ‘Yes’ and slipped her ‘Unity-School Girl’ CD into the player.

“Holy shit; look at that!” Kirsten, one of Rosie’s cooks, said as Unity did a handstand, displaying full cotton briefs as her pleated skirt slid down.

One man peeled a ten dollar bill off, walked up to the edge of the stage and dropped it into the tip jar.

“Thankth, mither,” Unity playfully lisped, noticing the lump in the man’s dirty jeans.

“Uh yeah, yeah, sweet heart,” he croaked as she slowly, seductively undid the buttons on her blouse.

He peeled off another twenty as she displayed virginal white bra.

“Ooh, Mither, thankth,” she cooed and shook her ass at him, then did another handstand.

“Sit down, Virgil,” one of the man’s companions called out and Virgil slowly made his way back to the table.

“Ow, hurts just looking at that,” Rosy said as Unity slid into a leg split, now dressed in just bra and full cotton briefs.

“Thankth, she again lisped as two men dropped a few bills into her jar.

“Aw fuck yeah,” Mike Stevens, a black police officer said as Unity peeled down the full cotton briefs, displaying a lacy white thong underneath.

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